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  1. I am doing lots to the house, once finished I am having one of those oak framed timber car ports... I quite like the idea of a giant Lancaster hanging from the rafters with a suitably British GT car underneath. As the shopping list for the next 18 months includes a new kitchen, timber bi-fold doors, a garage and a DB9 I think I can sneak the HK Lancaster in as part of the renovation budget... I may have to invoke the 25% rule and get some sub assembly out the way in advance!
  2. Always fancied having a Dutch F-16A in my collection, so yes please!
  3. Yes! I am toying with the idea of the 1/32 HK Lancaster... Which is both!
  4. Yes please. 1/48 Rafale and hopefully Syhart get around to doing the full tiger stripe decals for the Rafale M as displayed at the last few years airshows!
  5. Yes please, Falklands era in 1/72 for me. Love a bit of grey green camo!
  6. I'm in! Scratch built 1/48 B-36 Aerial Atomic Research Lab... Just kidding. Defiantly in, but either a V-Bomber or maybe a 1/35 Davy Crockett Jeep.
  7. FM have quite reputation! Hopefully this one is kind, but in any case I'm sure it'll be instructive to watch.
  8. Yes it's almost like re-learning how to do it! So much of my job is mental, very little physical outlet and the time spent quietly working away on kits is very calming.
  9. Your prep looks pretty impressive TBF, test fit the wing, I had to relieve a bit of plastic on the wing section to fit,, where it meets the forward under fuselage section I think. They certainly work well.
  10. Before you fit the alley cat intakes give them a very good wash. Mine resisted the usual dip in soapy water and a rinse and needed a long soak in cold soapy water to remove all of the oils. Fabulous work so far! Love it!
  11. Bookmarked this. Excellent how to on a difficult scheme!
  12. They'd be most welcome in my cabinet! I have the FRS.1 in my stash, the above images have tempted me to move it further up the pecking order! I actually like Airfix's panel lines at 1/72, it prevents the need to use techniques like panel shading as the lines capture the light well enough. At 1/48 then the fine line and rivet detail is great but it is too often too busy at 1/72 when a representation of the aircraft is the best you'll hope for unless you are an 'Ace' modeller.
  13. I should add that this marvellous kit was purchased from @Duncan B at Black Mike Models.
  14. Got some yellow paint from Setchfields in Poole when we were there on Friday so got to give Wing Commander Owen & his Nav some lifejackets and some yellow stripes on their bang seats! Now it is carefully packed in bubble wrap and a box to await repatriation whilst the Harrier continues apace!
  15. Thanks, the rivet detail really impressed me. Sorry. Humbrol, not Halfords. Humbrol 163 Dark Green Humbrol 27 Sea Grey Humbrol 165 Medium Sea Grey Halfords Satin laquer.
  16. Thanks, MicroSol, but the roundels are Airfix and the codes are Xtradecal.
  17. Correct. My plan is to build XZ499 as she would have looked en route back to Hermes after combat. So a single Sidewinder on the Stbd wing and a empty rail on Port.
  18. Hi there, cobbled this one together completely OOB. Finished with Humbro & Halfords Aerosols. The kit decals were good apart from the roundels which looked a bit odd in colour so I used Airfix ones from my spares box. I used Mig Ammo oil brusher silver to do the engine panels and black eyeshadow for exhaust staining, a very restrained wash and then Halfords Satin laquer. All in all a great fun kit to build, and I have another couple in the stash!
  19. If my FRS.1 comes out looking half as good as that I'll consider it a roaring success!
  20. Revell 1/48 Tornado F3 built as 36-10 of the Aeronautica Militaire for the Tornado Warning Group Build. Master Pitot, Pavla resin seats, Mark1 dozen set Decals plus some Italian stencils from the Revell Typhoon kit. Build thread here:
  21. Nice work on a well know incident.
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