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  1. Troy, I've tried messaging you here but to no avail! can you please drop me an email at simon.owen@hornby.com - or PM me on here. We have Airfix matters we would like to discuss with you.



  2. snowen250

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    Great little show this, parking is a nightmare, but the show itself is good. Il be there for a wander round
  3. snowen250

    Things to do in England when you're Ed[ward]

    If you are at the Kent Battle of Britain museum and memorial it is but a short trip along to the Hornby Visitor centre, which has a nice group of displays about Airfix. May appeal, may not!
  4. snowen250

    Things to do in England when you're Ed[ward]

    Far south I know, but if you fancy a visit to a proper fairytale English castle then I heartily recommend Bodiam in East Sussex. Not far from Headcorn and also close to Tunbridge Wells, which has the superb Aviation Bookshop. A shop I know you will find both excellent and potentially expensive. and fear not my colonial visitors, they can post stuff back for you at very reasonable rates. They also sell second hand models. 1/72 stuff is always especially cheap.
  5. snowen250

    Exito Decals - Gustavs over the Balkans & Wulf Pack Vol I

    Fw190 set on the way for me. Well, I need something to put on that Zvezda Fw190 I bought at Telford that I don't need and had no plans to buy yet bought anyway because i'm easily distracted by a sticker that says '£3'
  6. Actually that is not correct. the F51-D boxing contains an extra sprue with the correct propeller + rockets.
  7. But all extra parts and tooling adds to the overall cost. Thus pushing the prices up. You may want a highback, and that is fair enough, but a business case for a low back was obviously deemed to be stronger. Oh and wouldn't a high back need new wings? As they are a C wing... Thus more parts as well. I'm sure somone will provide the kit you need soon enough. Just not in this instance.
  8. Or an attempt to keep costs down by not doing two fuselages plus different cockpit parts. Thus keeping costs down. Or you could be insulting.
  9. Not hairy enough to be the Airfix team.
  10. snowen250

    Ford GT-40 Daytona 1966 #98

    Nick is correct. Ford themselves get confused over this at times, but I would refer to as (and do in my 'day job' as a Ford GT MKII. the Chassis number begins GT40 - however this doesn't meal the body and final build was actually a GT40!
  11. snowen250

    Ford GT-40 Daytona 1966 #98

    That's lovely. But to be pedantic. Revell got the name wrong on the boxtop, its technically not a GT40. But rather a Ford MKII. These featured a larger engine (from a NASCAR Galaxie) and as you can see a completely different rear deck, plus wider track at the rear to accommodate the ZF gearbox and bigger V8 lump. This of course doesn't detract at all from what is a lovely model Simon
  12. snowen250

    Need a few tips from those with type 2 diabetes

    ok, so slightly different to the rest of you. I'm Type 1 Diabetic, diagnosed when 10, now 30. The first thing, and something not all GPs, DRs etc understand is that every diabetic experiences the condition and its effects differently. My blood sugars can go as low as a 1.5 reading and I feel pretty much ok. Certainly I can function fine at a 2.0 level. Which would have my diabetic father in the meat wagon. So tailor your level of insulin and food around what you WANT to eat. if you want to eat 3 mars bars in an afternoon. Do it. Just be prepared to inject yourself afterwards with some short acting insulin. My diabetes hasn't stopped me racing cars, jumping out of planes or hiking the grand canyon ridge - river - ridge in a day. So learn how it affects you and some foods will have a much bigger impact than you expect (looking at you Chinese take aways) and learn to manage your condition around this. If you can avoid going full on insulin dependant I would recommend it, and I have no experience of controlling mine with anything other than stabbing myself, but in terms of living an active life being diabetic is no barrier to this. But if anyone has any questions do drop me a note. With a father diabetic since 15 now 60 and myself with 20 years of experience i'm happy to try and help. Recent long term bloods was 6.1 as well. So i'm doing an ok job. And im on my original feet.... Simon
  13. snowen250

    Airfix 2019

    It was definitely the Wonder Woman plane. 100%. Though I think they have the drawings.
  14. snowen250

    Airfix 2019

    I suppose it all depends on what returns the better margin and profit? Something nobody on here knows...
  15. snowen250

    Airfix 2019

    Because once you add paints and glue etc the DD works out cheaper. While the Spitfire and 109E starter sets are indeed marginally cheaper individually, they make a nicer gift for a child at a birthday or Christmas in a single box complete with history and evocative artwork.