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  1. Thanks both. I had heard that the RV/KP kit was a tricky build, and the Zvezda one does look a touch basic. Shall wait for the Clearprop one, not as if i don't have other projects first. Appreciated Simon
  2. Hello, I'd ideally like to add a model of the MiG-23 in 1/72 (any variant but preferably one used by smaller air forces) to my collection. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best available kit? By best i mean, reasonably accurate and also not a pain to stick together! Cheers Simon
  3. No problem! I wont be checking here that often, but so glad people are excited about the brand. We can never please all the people with one new tool a year, but i hope we can do stuff that gets people excited all the same. Hornby are investing in the brand, in fact Thursday next week im scanning the follow up to the Lotus, so expect some big things Simon
  4. Hey guys, I actually work for Pocher as the brand manager. Please look at our Facebook for updates but this is a 100% new tool. Made from scans of the real car at Classic Team Lotus. It bears no common parts nor lineage from the old Entex tooling at all. And certainly not related to any part work! We choose it because we wanted to start a range of beautiful, iconic famous racing and road cars. This may not be your first choice, but we can always get to those in the future I'm afraid the 300sl was before my time so unsure why it was cancelled! Th
  5. And i remember serving you in the much missed Hythe shop! Still got the dark blue beetle? Other excellent places in Kent are: The hobby shop - Faversham Excellent shop with a wide range of choice. Aviation Bookshop - Tunbridge Wells. Obviously just aircraft, but a great selection of aircraft kits and then a truly amazing selection of books! Obviously. Good prices too Simon
  6. i finished my boxing of the F-6 over the weekend. A lovely kit! Thanks KP! i'll be ordering some of the Arab ones too Simon
  7. Nice to have somone else from Kent. If you go to Brands regularly i really recommend the MSV season pass, £200 and you get into every car event all year works really well! It is my favourite place on earth to while away a sunny sunday. As soon as all this gets sorted out i shall be there on south bank. Simon
  8. for those in Kent the hobby shop in Faversham is still open and doing both local deliveries and mail order. though at a reduced slower rate due to having to do some home schooling too!
  9. called into my local hobby shop in Faversham yesterday. Poor chap looked pretty miserable. This is going to hit local businesses like a tidal wave. So it may be worth, if you can, just grabbing some extra essentials and stash items just in case. I picked up the new Italeri (Fujimi) Sabre, every little helps in times like this. Simon
  10. It says it above the pictures mate. KP one is a new tooling with injected canopy
  11. Just be careful on that last day. The M25 round from Brooklands area to Heathrow can be very, very snarled up. It would be easy to spend too long at Brooklands to then be able to make Heathrow for 2:30!
  12. Troy, I've tried messaging you here but to no avail! can you please drop me an email at simon.owen@hornby.com - or PM me on here. We have Airfix matters we would like to discuss with you.



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