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  1. Good old UKDF https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/first-look-at-a-painted-british-p-8-poseidon-maritime-patrol-aircraft/
  2. Some interesting pics here, along with the appearance of a Centurion. https://www.quora.com/Were-tanks-used-in-the-Falklands-War-If-so-what-were-they Cheers, Ian
  3. You wouldn`t think De Niro kneaded the dough.
  4. So that`s the four: Dreadnought Valiant Warspite KG VI At least that should keep Barrow in business after the Astutes.
  5. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/uk-purchases-five-boeing-e-7-early-warning-aircraft/
  6. I think the recent events surrounding the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day showed just how many have a personal connection to those who died in that war and, tragically, so many other conflicts. That, and the fact that we owe our current liberty to both the fallen, and those who returned, is fittingly marked by national remembrance and thanksgiving, is DIRECTLY relevant to those giving thanks, and is as far removed from remote virtue signalling grief tourism as it is possible to get. I`m not entirely sure how a bit more empathy in The World is a bad thing, but agree that people who virtue signal for their own ends should think why they are doing what they do: is it really to support others, or just to project an image of caring. I`d hope most engage through a genuine sense of empathy. We`re not, after all, as bad a species as you may hear on tv.
  7. That`s a pity. However, this company makes large scale RC subs including a Valiant and Trafalgar in 72nd scale, and a Vanguard in 96th. Maybe he has info on plans that could be helpful to Sergey. http://www.otwdesigns.com/products/british-nuclear-and-diesel-electric-subs/ HTH, Ian
  8. I`m looking for 1/350 HMS Conqueror and am I amazed to find there isn`t one. Is this correct? I would have thought it`s Falklands/Cold War exploits would make it a popular subject, especially as those missions are still routinely revisited in tv history documentaries, books, etc. Ian
  9. 4scourge7


    The new museum is definitely worth a visit and is award-winning. However, there is debate as to whether the Clyde Room better displayed the ship models or if the new arrangement does. Having missed the opportunity to visit the Clyde Room, I am not in a position to say. Plus, they are not collected in one part of the new museum, there are three main displays in various places, as well as major showcase models such as the `Queen` liners, and HMS Hood. Cheers,Ian
  10. 4scourge7


    Museum of Transport has moved and is now the Riverside Museum. Details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riverside_Museum No more Clyde room I`m afraid, but there are extensive displays of model ships etc. dotted around the museum. Some builder`s models have to be seen to be believed, including a KGV class battleship in 48th scale! Free entry, well worth the visit.
  11. Cultural vandalism, nothing less. If a torch-carrying, pitchfork-wielding mob had passed my door at that moment, I would have signed-up. Best wishes to the `new` old regime, and good luck for the future. Nice programme. Ian
  12. Red faces and apologies all round from Forces TV, the repeat on Saturday will be fixed, they promise on their facebook page. They are giving away some Space1999 Mk IX Hawk kits from MPC if you can tell them that Martin Landau played Commander Koenig. I do like Forces TV, their news is produced on a slim budget, yet is often more informative and impartial than some well-funded tv news broadcasters in the UK.
  13. I have an awful lot of time for Forces TV, but in tonight`s showing of episode one of Space 1999, they edited out the actual explosion of Moonbase Alpha that is the whole premise of the show, presumably by mistake There was a cliffhanger add break leading up to the explosion, then after five minutes of loft insulation and ppi we came back to find it was all over! GUTTED! (sad face) Here is the actual scene- tonight`s show missed the vital section between 25 secs and 2min35secs, it`s the end of the world as we know it- and I feel slightly baffled.
  14. BBC red button is quoting `vitriolic` public criticism of the flying display as part of the justification. And here is more... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-47463443
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