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  1. I don`t see that size or expense alone would preclude a 1/350th QE. Not when kits in the £100 plus range are bringing Airfix such success. And this is the nation`s flagship that is going to be on our teleboxes for the next fifty years. If Airfix doesn`t do it, someone other company will, and it will be only half as good as if Airfix had done it first. Airfix! Airfix! Airfix!
  2. Fascinating to see models of both projected versions side-by-side at the FAA Museum, Yeovilton. Interesting how the design has changed in places on the STOVL carrier. C`mon Airfix, be a chum! When HMS QE made her first, night transit of the Forth Rail Bridge it was genuinely eerie the way her massive size blocked out the lights on the bridge as she passed by, and all that could be heard in the low light was a slight humming noise. It was otherworldly. It were great!
  3. Mail Sent! Can I get mine in time for Christmas?
  4. Heads up for this, BBC kept this quiet, another series from the excellent Chris Terrill, this time focusing on the F-35B flight trials on HMS Queen Elizabeth. Part two on BBC2 tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm, part one on i-player. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b08zfk Excellent stuff, incredible access, top banana! Ian
  5. Mines has two crew in it so I can do the Bucc in the ready to launch position without it looking wierd! Life is worth living again...joy unbounded!!!!!!!
  6. HMS Queen Elizabeth was in and out of Portsmouth during her sea trials, I`m afraid it`s pot luck if HMS PoW is there on the day. I can confirm high winds, and with the margins being as tight as they are in places (leaving the basin and under the bridges) maybe a delay would be seen as understandably prudent on behalf of the navy. Cheers, Ian
  7. Clicked on a couple stories that go: `REVEALED- HMS PoW Departure Time` only to then say `some time in the next month, maybe even next week yadda yadda.....` Well, `tis this weekend, apparently. Portsmouth is ready, newly cheered and happy Rosyth workers are ready (well done on the T31 nod, folks). Any pointers anyone?
  8. Shame, some of it was okay, but blighted by the BBC`s cross-output habit of treating talking head presenters as more important than the subject matter: the subject matter suffers. This wasn`t just dumbing down- it was simply inaccurate and false in parts. Interesting stuff from Duxford about the Victor. Nice interview with Martin Withers. Spectacular footage from the Mach Loop treated as an afterthought and badly edited. Overall, an opportunity missed. Maybe next time, treat the subject matter as the star and have proper experts in the core line-up. And I get to chime-in, I helped pay for that I did.
  9. Good old UKDF https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/first-look-at-a-painted-british-p-8-poseidon-maritime-patrol-aircraft/
  10. Some interesting pics here, along with the appearance of a Centurion. https://www.quora.com/Were-tanks-used-in-the-Falklands-War-If-so-what-were-they Cheers, Ian
  11. You wouldn`t think De Niro kneaded the dough.
  12. So that`s the four: Dreadnought Valiant Warspite KG VI At least that should keep Barrow in business after the Astutes.
  13. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/uk-purchases-five-boeing-e-7-early-warning-aircraft/
  14. I think the recent events surrounding the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day showed just how many have a personal connection to those who died in that war and, tragically, so many other conflicts. That, and the fact that we owe our current liberty to both the fallen, and those who returned, is fittingly marked by national remembrance and thanksgiving, is DIRECTLY relevant to those giving thanks, and is as far removed from remote virtue signalling grief tourism as it is possible to get. I`m not entirely sure how a bit more empathy in The World is a bad thing, but agree that people who virtue signal for their own ends should think why they are doing what they do: is it really to support others, or just to project an image of caring. I`d hope most engage through a genuine sense of empathy. We`re not, after all, as bad a species as you may hear on tv.
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