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  1. Still a nice kit, even though the core gubbins are marked 1985. Tamiya built them to last. Still got crisp detail. I`ll be following this with enjoyment. Cheers, Ian
  2. Excellent, invaluable assistance again, thank you Dads203!!! Cheers, Ian
  3. Thank you very much gents, that is exactly what I needed, thank you. Cheers, Ian
  4. Thank you Dads203, some excellent assistance! I have sought out Wogga`s build and it is just the ticket, as well as being an exceptional bit of work. Very much appreciate being steered in the right direction! Cheers, Ian
  5. Thanks for the replies. I have no idea about this subject matter, but it was the radio relay FV439 vehicle with the masts etc stowed on the roof, that I was going to model. Ptarmigan Triffid/Radio Relay FV439 - Military Scale Models - HMVF - Historic Military Vehicles Forum I understood, possibly wrongly, that the Wavell system was fitted to a separate vehicle designated FV435, with a large box structure to the rear of the hull, so started a separate thread for that. I was looking to do both, but I know next to nothing about either. Thanks again,
  6. Hi all Info on this vehicle seems very hard to come by. Internet pics all seem to be from distance and all the wibbly bits seem to be covered in tarps. Any source out there for more on this vehicle? TIA Ian
  7. Hi all I`ve Googled the FV439 and got back some helpful pics. I still think I need an education and better pics if I`m to model one. Is there a go-to site for info? Am I correct in saying there were two main types with the difference being the generator housing on the roof? TIA Ian
  8. I have been informed that Academy still catalogues the Warrior as available and delivery is expected at some point in the future, out of model shop`s control. Which is fair enough in the current climate. When they turn-up-they turn-up; I can wait, got plenty to be going on with.
  9. You should visit, it is an excellent show. A big loss, but entirely understandable and wise decision.
  10. You`re spot-on; I`m wanting a basic Warrior from late eighties/nineties and that seems a whole lot easier/economical with the Academy kit. Academy still list the kit on their website which is why I asked the question. I shall wait and see....got plenty time on my hands and a long build queue. Thanks for the assists. Ian
  11. Hi Is this kit just out of stock, or is it out of production altogether? Warrior MCV, Academy 13201 (2004) (scalemates.com) TIA Ian
  12. Dads203 post is why, they`ve been hooked by Takom..... and doesn`t Cromwell Models do a Bulldog in 72nd? On The Way models has a listing for 72nd scale Bulldogs. The standard 35th scale FV432 has been removed from sale but the Bulldog is still available. I was hoping to backdate but Mr Dads says not possible. Thank you sir, saved me wasting fifty quid that has. Cheers, Ian
  13. Hi Does the Takom1/35th FV432 Bulldog have the necessary parts to build a standard FV432 of 1980s vintage? Thank you Ian
  14. And one can imagine how much further delayed the T31/T32 would be if it wasn`t already using a proven design as a basis, namely the Danish Iver Huitfeldt.
  15. As I understand it, the five T31 are `constabulary` ships that could be upgraded in a crisis, whereas the T32 will be built from the get-go as a high-end frigate. There still is a multi-billion hole in the MoD budget, even with this new money, so something has to give somewhere.
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