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  1. hello ! @ Drake the SH Viggen is not a SH molds, it's a Tarangus one, a short run product. I think the next SH Mirage III will look like their Mirage F1, easy to build...
  2. Why i have to choose ? I can build the KP but i can also wait a new kit ! As you say, the quality for this kit is more and less as the 90', now, most of french modellers have the Heller kit and the resin improvement...not sure that they want to buy this new kit yes, engraved but difficult to build. Yes, for new modellers who don't have a kit of this plane, it's a good deal to build a Alphajet... For Heller, we have wait the project, designed, but never made after, with the sale of the company...sadly
  3. oh yes, thanks !!! My Aeroclub Kit sleep since several years...
  4. Thanks for your excellent job, Diego ! I hope 2022 is better than last year for you...Happy new year !
  5. hello ! I hope also the "Goumhouria" ! https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archivo:Gomhouria_Mk6_-_230213_-_fotoflugkurs-cux-by-RalfR-014.jpg
  6. they said me: "Super Frelon and Su-25 are on progress and will be available by the end of the year"
  7. Spécial Hobby don't make resin kit, i think it will be a plastic kit based of the planet model kit...
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