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  1. A few more bits and bobs fitted. The observant amongst you will have noticed that there are only 3 flare housings at the rear of the inner pylons. I was cleaning up the missing one when it just went ping and disappeared without a sound or any hint of the direction that it took. Luckily I have a few more of these kits in the stash that do not require this part, so I will be borrowing this from them.
  2. Decal now added, but not without trouble. The first decal that I tried to fit did not want to move and so ended up destroyed. The second one sort of did the same and also broke, but I did manage to get it to move slightly and fit. It is not quite in the right place, but for the sake of not wantng to buy another sheet I will live with it. I do not know why the decal on this fuel tank has given me so much hassle as I have done everything that I normally do, plus when fitting it this time I even added a drop or 2 of washing up liquid. Still the trials and tribulations of modelling.
  3. Thank you both. I have now got this one sitting on its own U/C. I have also applied a stain varnish to the purple shashs and the top of the tail. The replacement decals arrived today thanks to Royal Mail in an envelope that does say "Do Not Bend" on the front of it. With this I have started to repaint the fuel tank with the Hasegawa decal on it. I will hopefully start fitting the U/C doors and other parts during this week.
  4. A few more parts added and starting to look Phantom shaped. The intakes were not as bad I thought that they were going to be, but still had to use a touch of superglue to get the front part to stay. It maybe that I used the kit ones this time rather than the aftermarket ones. I have also added the upper wings and the last photo show that worst of the gaps that have appeared. Looking a bit into the future I have been looking (or trying) to see what configuration the aircraft flew in for the flypast. From the photos that I have found it definitely had the outer fuel tanks, nothing on the centre line and the inner wing pylons. From what I can make out here only 1 sidewinder rail with no missile was fitted and this was the the outer position on the Port inner wing pylon. I also cannot see anything fitted to the Fwd Sparrow bays, where usually something is fitted even if it just drill rounds (the blue missile shaped things). I am hoping that someone else might be able to confirm this.
  5. I have now fitted the lower wing part to the fuselage, having to super glue the front part as it would have been difficult to have held it whilst ordinary glue dried. I did remember to fit the exhausts before doing so, but I have just noticed that I need to cut the slot out in the lower wing for the outer fuel tanks. The next job to do is to fit the outer parts of the intakes, which if I remember from the FG1 that I built a couple of years ago were a bit of a pain. I have also prepped the wing parts so that they can be fitted after. I really do not like how Airfix have done the outer wing panel, I think that it could have been done a lot better. Before I fit the fin I will remove the ILS aerials as they do not look right and borrow some from a Revelll Tornado as a template.
  6. That really looks good. As for the OA-4M is this what you are looking for as it is the fujimi kit in disguise:-https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/hobby-2000-1-72-douglas-a4-skyhawk-oa-4m-samurai-h2k72018/
  7. According to the "Double Ugly" British Phantom Pt2 which has some words about the aircraft on the Falklands 3 aircraft were painted with white tails. This is due to the 50th anniversary of 1435Ft and that 19 and 92 Sqns were flying about with coloured tails that the white paint was applied. The aircraft painted were XV466 (D), XV461 (C) and XV421 (F).
  8. Fuselage fitted together and engine fronts fitted. I have done a trial with the spine part and the lower wings. They seem to fit alright, but may require a litte work and pressure when fitting.
  9. I have sprayed this with Matt varnish after making it a bit on the grubby side. There are a couple of clearer patches close to the fuselage roundel, which is where a badge was painted out which I did slightly in reverse in that I amde the clear patch by removing some of the grubbiness that I had added.
  10. The book that I mentioned that aircraft chosen did not have the slats, again so that they were close to the same standard of the British cousins.
  11. I am not doubting your word. I have just looked at the "DoubleUgly" book on British Phantoms part 2 which includes a section on the F-4Js and it says that none of the aircraft picked for conversion had been converted to S standard as the J version was closest to the British Phantoms already in service. So some J aircraft must have had the slime lights as these were not added during the conversion.
  12. The RAF ones kept the slime lights. The painters at St Athan got a right telling off when the first one went ther for its major servicing and they included these in their removal of the paint with scrubbing material (can't remember what it was though).
  13. I have fitted to decals to the fuel tanks. For some reason the one on the R/H tank decided not to play ball. One part of it would move freely whilst the other side stuck like muck to a blanket and when it did eventually move it tore. At the moment I have fitted the decal from the kit, but as you can see it is not a match for the DXM one. So I may have to bite the bullet and order a new sheet. I do know a place in the UK that sells them. I am also making the aircraft a bit on the grubby side as most photos that I have of this aircraft show it to be quite dirty.
  14. I have done some work on this one wit the cockpit being built up. I have done a trial fit to the fuselage and one side fits perfectly, whilst the other is slightly off. Having had a look at the cockpit it seems that the bulkhead at the fron is not quite sitting flush on the affected side. I will do a bit of trimming to get it to fit. I have also built up the lower wing structure and the intakes. A bit of filler on the joints of the under wing parts, it may look a lot but it is nothing too drastic.
  15. Don't forget the Phantom FG1. Either Fujimi (Italeri) or Airfix for that one.
  16. I can agrre with tha having built their F-1. Yours looks very good and I like the Orange that you have painted.
  17. The majority of the stencil are now fitted, still a few to fit around the tail, pylons and fuel tanks.
  18. These arrived today. I thought that some newer decals for some of the bigger markings and the crown might be a bit better for bedding down. Unfortunately the checks around the fuselage roundel are the wrong colour in that the flying and reserve aircraft for the flypast had the darker blue checks there. The aircraft that was at Finningley had the newer lighter blue checks. I think that I have found to answer to the strap question in a thread in the Cold War Aircraft section, in that it was too early for this mod to have been done. So a strapless aircraft will be built.
  19. I have a few things that would go with this GB, so please add my name to the list.
  20. I have made a start one this one with the cockpit, but not enough to show yet. I do have to make a decision very early though and that is the under fuselage/wing part that either has or does not have the strap (right hand part) across it. It does look like I will be building XV439 (A), as this aircraft has the RWR topped aicraft. I did look at the aircraft that were at RAF Finningley, but none of these aircraft carrried the crownmarking on the nose. The pictures these aircraft being fully armed including the gun on the centre line. I know that the strap under the wing is something to do with the fitment of the gun, but I am not sure. If someone can confirm either way I will be very grateful. Unfortunately the aircraft in the flypast only had fuel tanks and pylons fitted.
  21. Thank you all. I have been applyimng the stencils and have done most of the fuselage, wings and am about to start on the underneath. I still have to fit a few that are required around that tailplane area. Luckily most of the kit stencils come in blocks rather than individual decals and I have found that there is a sequence between how they are on the decal sheet and where they are fitted on the aircraft. This makes life very much easier, but still time consuming. I have had to take a few stencils from some of the bigger decals that were not on the DXM sheet (or I can't find them on that sheet) especially around the nose area. Only about 30 decals to go.
  22. For this GB I am going to build one of the Phantom FGR2s that flew in the 1977 revew at RAF Finningley. The aircraft come from either 19 or 92 Sqn normally based at RAF Wildenrath, but flew from RAF Wittering for the flypast. Both of these aircraft flew with a crown on their Port nose, but to some quirk of fate this was not seen during the flypast as all aircraft flew from the left hand side of the airfield therefore showing their Stbd side. I will be using the AIrfix kit with markings from Modeldecal at the moment (Xtradecal do a set too). I am not decided on which of the aircraft to do yet, but as I already have a Blue 92 Sqn aircraft the 19 Sqn might be built. The 92 Sqn did get zapped, but neither of the decal sheets mentioned show these. I also have some Aerocraft bits, but I may just use the exhausts for this build. The Kit. Some spare bits from a FG1 build. Aerocraft bits. Modeldecal markings. Some info.
  23. The last lot of photos above were taken when my computer was being fixed. Here now are the most up to date pictures. Over the last couple of days I have fitted the majority of the bigger decals from the DXM sheet. These have fitted superbly especially the ones that form the sharkmouth around the nose camera area. I still have a few from this sheet to fit so that the stencils go with the ones fitted as part of a big decal before I start to add the stancils from the Hasegawa sheet.
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