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  1. Only some of Halfords finest will be used.
  2. Almost there so that this can be painted, a few bits and bobs to be fitted and I think I will be there. The wing pylons although fitted are not glued at the moment, I am not sure about the outer ones the inner ones will have fuel tanks. I had to drill the holes for all the pylons and went a bit too far on the R/H outer one as you can see a blob of filler in the slat housing area. I am also not sure whether to fit the refueling probe at this moment, for fear of knocking it off.
  3. Is that not a Sikorsky S-92 in the article?
  4. Strange thing is that Andy Donovan in the article is a modeller.
  5. Jabba

    Canberra T17

    I have got the cockpit area and the nose U/C fitted. I have also fitted a few small bits of plasti card as there are no location spigots. I had to take a few bits of plastic off the pilots instrument panel and some of the surrounding area so that the fwd part of the fuselage would fit together better. Now I have got to fit some weight in and around the cockpit. Not shown is the filing down that I have done to the wings so that the trailing edges now fit a lot better.
  6. Here is a bit about the 40th anniversary of the RAF operating the Chinook, with the very good paint scheme. https://www.raf.mod.uk/news/articles/raf-chinook-helicopter-celebrates-40th-anniversary-with-new-colour-scheme/
  7. Looking very nice with the decals on, they seem to be holding up well considering their age. I am sure that I also have this sheet in my decal stash.
  8. Looking very good with the decals on. I think that there were a lot of complaints when Airfix first released this about the state of the decals.
  9. A lot of good work has gone on to get the weaponry right.
  10. I know that British Phantoms would be metal as they had the hot air ducts under there, but I am not sure of F-4Cs.
  11. I had a look through most of my Nimrod/Gulf books last night and unfortunately I could not find any showing the undersides fully. The main concentrate on of the photos seemed to be of the nose art. I will carry on looking though.
  12. Have you tried this:- https://dstorm.eu/pages/loadout/f-16.html
  13. This entry is of a Mig-25PD of the Iraqi Air Force which shot down a F/A-18C on the first night of the conflict. It is depicted as when it landed and the build thread is here:-
  14. A very lovely paint job, especially with a paint new to you.
  15. I have found a picture of a 51 Sqn aircraft showing the undersides. I know it is not the aircraft that you are making, but it might give a bit if a clue. It does not have any Serial Nos and has the smaller type of roundel on both wings. I will look through other books that I have to see if I can find anything else.
  16. Jabba

    Canberra T17

    I have got a bit more done on this one. The cockpit area has been painted up. I did in the end add the etch stuff as it maybe seen through the bubble canopy. I have also added the Fwd fuselage to their respective rear portions. All the wheel bays have ben built up. I did at the start follow the kit instructions when building the main bays, but when parts did not match up I went my own way and made then up with the ribbing on the upper part of the bay. I may have misread where the parts are on the diagram, but they are built up and do fit into their respective wing. Talking of the wings I have
  17. A quick build indeed. Do not rush too much as a 2 week extension has been granted by Enzo.
  18. Just to let everyone know that a 2 week extension has been granted by our Lord Enzo. Hopefully he will update the date at the top of the thread.
  19. The wings are now joined to the fuselage. I have filled and sanded down the fuselage before fitting it to the wings, but still have a little work to do around the intakes.
  20. I have asked our Lord Enzo if we could have an extension to this GB.
  21. I have had a look through all the books that I have on Gulf War nose art and can find nothing about the "Meldrew". All the photos in these books only show the girlie side, but do not mention the "Meldrew" at all, even if it was painted on after the war.
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