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  1. Not carried on Buccs, only on Tornados. It was Pave Spike on Buccs.
  2. @JamesPsorry what I forgot to mention, it was a very loose trial fit. I have now got the back end all put together now. A few areas were clamped together, but all in all it went well. I also enclose a photo of the cut back gun muzzle that said I would earlier. I am still slowly building up the instrument panels. @Rabbit LeaderI thought that what you said was the case for aftermarket and other kit parts but I thought that I had better ask as I was not sure.
  3. Have now started to make some progress with this build. I have made up the wings and sanded them down. I have also been doing a trial fit of the wings and the fuselage parts. As you can see I have also got the wing glove vanes to work, although I will be cutting the links off so that theu do not as on the real aircraft they were only deployed at high speed and then later disabled. In the cockpit I have used some Hasegawa kit decals for the side instruments, and I am slowly building up the front and back panels from individual decals. I am not sure how this will go and it may take a few attempts to get it rightish. I have cut down the gun muzzle but forgot to take a photo of this, will do soon. I am also looking at getting some tubing for the exhausts, so that I can also add some petals from the GWH kit (if that is allowed), so that they are much more realistic. I have done some measurements and they look roughly the same diameter. I shall see. I have also raided a Hasegawa "D" kit for an "A" ejection seat rather spending money on an aftermarket one.
  4. And a lot of the tme that detail is in the fuselage which is not seen when the model is fully built, so in fact wasted.
  5. But Hannants themselves were closed for most of the time period that you state.
  6. And do not forget the Red and White stripes on the undersides.
  7. Freightmodels do one:- https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/product/freightdog-1-72-harrier-gr-3-blue-eric-ecm-pod-new-airfix-kit/ . Also do not forget that Airfix got the height of the fin fitted with the RWR too small. Again Freightdogmodels do a replacement:-https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/product/freightdog-1-72-harrier-gr-3-corrected-fin-for-new-airfix-kit/ .
  8. As mentioned later this is the staining from the starter cartridge. Having looked at photos and having been based at RAF Wyton (but on 51 Sqn), I have noticed that it is mainly on this side. That one was mainly built for SWMBO as she has a love of cows. Only just, but just is good enough.
  9. This is my year of modelling. J-STARs (Heller 707 converted). The Komet and Cow (Heller kit and CMK extras). Tu-128 Fiddler (Trumpeter). MiG-23ML (RV). MiG-25PD (ICM). Abrams (Tamiya). Canberra T17 (Mikro Mir). Beaufighter (Airfix). F-16A (Revell). Sikorsky SH-3G (Dragon). Mirage F1EDA (Special Hobby). Mirage 2000EAD (Modelsvit). F-14A Tomcat (GWH). RF-4EJ (Fine Mold).
  10. Thanks for the info about the gun. What is the difference between the two and how may it be corrected?
  11. Got a few things in the stash that fit this subject, so count me in.
  12. Thanks for your kind words and your advice @stevehnz. Unfortunately the lighting problem is due to where I take my photos, especially of the finished article. This is done in mine and SWMBO bedroom on a chest of draws as this is the largest open space that I have in our house. Unfortunately I do not have room for the light that you suggest, I turn the lightning in that room up to its maximum and hope for the best. When taking photos of my progress this is done on the floor of our spare room, again because of space limitations of our house, so the lighting for this is from the light overhead. I too am a bit worried that my photos do not turn out as good as other modellers, but I have to live with the limitations of the house that I live in. As for the varnish I have always used Klear as a gloss base, but I have found that since I am now using Acrylic paints more it takes more of the Klear to get a truer overall Gloss covering. Whether this is hampering the matting process I am not sure. I have tries several products in the past which when I first started to use them worked well, but then for some reason did not, even though I had not changed anything in the building and painting beforehand. As fro the Humbrol spray I have noticed the effect that I got before, but not to the way it occurred this time. I shall try the newer W&N stuff on my next model and see what happens. Thanks again for your interest.
  13. For this GB I will be using the PK-406 F-14A Tomcat kit along with Caracal decals to hopefully make one of the many prototype aircraft. The decal sheet gives many options including the first aircraft which only lasted 2 flights. I know that this kit is not the best Tomcat, but it does have many features that the early aircraft had that the better kits do not have. I am not sure where I got this kit, but seeing the price I am sure that it was from under a table at a model show. The box and kit. Caracal decal sheet and some of the instructions.
  14. This was my entry for the Phantom GB that got a little lost in the build and I have only just finished. It portrays an aircraft from 501 Sqn of the JASDF in their final schemes of 2020. This is the Fine Molds RF-4EJ kit with the main markings coming from DXM decals, whilst the stencils were from the kit. The kit is a very good build as others who have build other version will also say. The main problems that I had were with a new type to me, plus some varnish ones towards the end. The build thread for this which tells all the tales is here :-
  15. Tah Dah!! All finished now. The final parts were added over the weekend, with one of the easiest fitting of the canopies I have had with a Phantom. I would like to thank the following with their help, advice and encouragement throughout this build. @Red Dot @trickyrich @Alan P and @Motty.
  16. I know that the RAF ones weren't and it would have been a lot of work if we had to put one down into the hangar deck when on a carrier (removal of 5 blades). As far as I know no other Chinooks are marinised either.
  17. Looking very good with the decals on. I know what you mean with the cross refs between different decal instructions. I have just done this with the stencilling of a Japanese Phantom. Oh such fun.
  18. Almost a similar one is a story that I have heard when serving on Nimrod R1s from an Air Eng who came to us from the Kipper Fleet. Whilst on detachment at Gib a Kipper Fleet Nimrod was happily flying around at lowish level when one of the pilots said 2 Buccs off our STBD side, when the other pilot said 1 Bucc on our Port side. The first pilot then said don't Buccs usually fly around in 4s, to which a reply came 4th one just flown underneath us. Whether this story is true or not I am not sure, but seeing that first film and how low the aircraft are when they fly close to the ship, I can quite believe it.
  19. I have applied a coat of Satin Varnish to the banner decals and the fuel tanks. Not quite right, but better and I will apply another coat tonight. It is fun painting around some of the decals that should not have the varnish applied, especially around the nose band. I have also applied the sealant decals to the windows that were supplied with the kit decal sheet, the ejection seats and the under fuselage sensor pod have also been fitted. I have also started to paint the actuators for the canopies. When I started I noticed some thing odd about them (from when I used to work on RAF Phantoms at St Athan) in that the lock so that the canopy does not drop is moulded within the part. They must have been fitted (as they should) when Fine Molds went to do their survey of the aircraft.
  20. This is my entry for this GB. It is the GWH 1/72nd kit along with Wolfpak decals to make an aircraft with one of the shortest time operators of the Tomcat, in a one off colour scheme. The build thread is here:-
  21. I know that the box says Su-22M4, but is the general colour scheme any good? https://www.hataka-hobby.com/HTK-BS47-Polish-Air-Force-Su-22M4-paint-set
  22. Thank you both for your answers. @MottyI had been looking at the special markings in the boks that I have and wondering as to whether to redo them with some Klear as a glossyish varnish. Having seen your pictures above I think this may actually be the way to go.
  23. Another update of one step forward two back. I carried out a test of the new varnish on this Harrier fuselage and it certainly worked with just one coat. So I applied it to the fuel tanks and after several coats (applied after 24 Hr wait), they are still not fully of a matt varnish. I do not think that the photos show this up well, but there are some areas of gloss, a sort of satin and matt. This was done with it watered down 50% or actually straight from the bottle. Does anyone have any advise.
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