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  1. A lot of good work to get the differences between the Prototype and production models correct. I cheated and used the Matchbox kit.
  2. Nice work on the seats. As for books if you can have a look at John Nichols book Tornado. It gives a very good insight to the operations during the Gulf War.
  3. I took the masking off the tailplanes and that was fine. I then started to remove it from the nose of the aircraft and noticed that the Black stripes were too thin. I applied some more Blu Tac and tape and at the moment I am in the middle of re=spraying the model. I am not sure what happened, but I think that I misread the instructions and rather than doing the edge of the Yellow paint i did the edging of the Black paint therefore making the Blck stripe smaller. I am now hoing that I read the instructions correctly on the rest of the aircaft or I am into a lot of remasking.
  4. Black now sprayed on. Before I did this I gave the taped areas a coat of Copydex type stuff (the same product that I use to mask my windows before painting) to seal them a little in case of paint creep through some of the tape that had not stuck down properly. Hopefully all will be well when the tape and Blu-Tac is removed.
  5. The best (in fact I think the only one) 1/48th kit of the Lynx is the Airfix one.
  6. I have spent most of the last week adding Blu-Tac sausages to the airframe and filling in the yellow ares with tape. I did try and fited the tailplanes, but they did not want to fit without a lot of plastic being removed from the mounting tab. Then when I tried to add the Blu-Tac they either fell off or the sausage would not stick so I decided to do the seperately. I hope that I have got ths right as I have never attepted to do this before, it is only that the instructions said that there was a soft demarcation line and I bought a rattle can of Matt Black the other week for something else so I thought that I would put it to good (I hope) use.
  7. Are these what you are looking for Martin? :- https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ED672104?result-token=VgMUE
  8. @Greg B I managed to find this which has all that I require:- https://www.misterkit.com/product/16869768/f-a-18-hornets-raaf-75-77-sqn Hopefully this will arrive in the next week or so.
  9. Thanks for that info Greg, having looked in certain areas I thought that might be the case. I did contact Ronin Decals earlier this year as I went to Oz in Oct this year and was hoping that a decal sheet could be posted to where I was staying. Unluckily they did not have anything that would do. I have found that the kit that I am using has a 3 sqn aircraft as one of the marking options, but the Ser No is not correct for an aircraft from this Op. I will keep looking around to see what I can find.
  10. It might be something to do with this:- https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234948024-airlinersnet-and-copyright-issues/
  11. I am planning in the not too distant future to make a F/A-18A Hornet from Op Falconer in 2003 (Austrailian part in OIF). I have the Academy kit plus a certain amount of info, but unfortunately I do not have the correct markings. I do know that Hawkeye decals do a sheet for all 3 Sqns in standard markings that used to Hornet from that time period, but these are out of print and everywhere that look does not have them for sale. I am hoping that some of our Antipodian brethern (or anyone else) might able to shed some light on where I may be able to get some decals. Thanks in advance for any information.
  12. Having had alook at the kit today under natural light rather than a light bulb, it did look a lot better. So as you say I will leave it as it is, although it does require another coat.
  13. Jabba

    Asia GB

    Having been into the stash to look for something today, I did find a number of kits with Japanese markings. Please count me in.
  14. I have given the model 2 coats of the paint I posted about earlier, but it looks a little too bright compared to photos that I have found of the actual aircraft. I do know that lighting conditions can play with these photographs. What do others think? https://www.airhistory.net/photo/400744/156 https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/airshow/Greenham Common - IAT - 1977 https://pbase.com/usnavypatchman/image/170991539
  15. Thank you all. Primer now applied and the last picture shows the Yellow paint that I am going to use. I have looked at many photos of this aircraft from IAT 1977 and each time the Yellow seems to be different (well to me it does). So I am going with this and see what happens.
  16. Not much to show in this update, but all seams have now been sanded down and some white paint applied, with all looking good. I have also fitted the Fwd windscreen which will be masked off so that I can apply some white primer before the yellow paint.
  17. Thanks. I have been doing some research in the background for quite a while during this buld and found a fair few photos of the aircraft at the show. It nust have been my memory playing tricks on me as I was only 15 at the time of the show and only the 2nd IAT that I had attended. Mind you I do not know why a brightly coloured aircraft flying about the sky did not either attract my attention, or stay in my memory unless my dad and I had left by the time it flew.
  18. I have a few RAF two engined aircraft of this time period around, so add my name to the list please.
  19. Jabba

    SMW 2023 entrance fee

    I would rather pay as a member and have a show, than not pay and not have one.
  20. Have a look at the F-15C section here:- https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/other/decals.html
  21. Are they not on this sprue as the upper ones are moulded onto the Fwd upper fuselage part?
  22. Scarely it is going together a lot better than I expected. Some more done last night with the wings, tail and intake fitted with no dramas.
  23. Fuselage stuck together last night. A little clamping here and there, but has gone together well.
  24. For me to make an Iraqi version of this would I just require the nose, or would I also require a tail part as well? I am looking at doing this with the Modelsvit Su-20 kit:- https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MSVIT72020?result-token=CYKVT
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