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  1. "Bet Lynch" was the nickname given to it by the 6 Sqn groundcrew when it was being painted BTW, so the term is not original. I could tell you everything about the flight how to get it painted ans the design send into Strike Command was mine. Need to get a lawyer on the manufacturers on copyright. LOL
  2. I know its draging up an old thread, but I can answer the question on what the yellow paint is for on the tailplanes of the jag pictured in LFA7 (I would assume) is for. It's PR143 primer and its there because the paint around the rib to lower skin attachment fasteners has been removed (in Colt AMF I would wager) to see/remove/replace the pulled fasteners in these locations! In the military world, you cannot do the job and then recover the surface finish like the civilian MROs do! You had to get the painters in to do it! If they were unavailable, well prime it up and let it go flying, hopefully with a husbandry entry in the F700 to remind somebody that it needs painting! Sorry chaps, the lines mean nothing more than somebody not finishing off a job!
  3. Looking good Wardy. Top effort if you're building the intake internals... For total accuracy remember they do start to change fron rectangular to circular section by widening the rectangluar section from the box to a sq section and fairings until it got to the dustbin at frame 25 (Diffussion Duct being the technical term!!) Depends how far you are going back...
  4. The name in question on the port ventral fin is the deputy editor of Aircraft Illustrated (Rich C*****) The right hand side had a plaque style transfer with the name of the painters of the aircraft..... Hi, jag mates.. I couldn't hold back from this forum after seeing the fabulous efforts of the good Dr.. The build thread amazingly follows the ACTUAL painting of XX119 (read an article in AI perhaps....) Myself and Joe (of Jag Cars) designed the thing (with a lot of input from a certain Sqn Cdr!!!) I do have a lot of referance photos (+ some other Jag stuff that could help in super detailing) I will however be out of town from January (deserts???) hi Wardy, hope things are OK. Marham is rubbish.. I cannot believe that "Merrick" has been used on that decal sheet. I am not a John Hurt look alike and it ain't my name either!!
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