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  1. Hi Neal, Hope all good - I am away in Russia working at the word cup - be good to pick up on this again when I am back, Lancs mostly done just the last decals, glass, bit of weathering and matt cote to do. Great shout ref the decals - had not seen them, thanks very much! Will probably stick to the Airfix box I have, not sure how much difference between a B2 and B (I) 6, I think it has a cannon pack on the bottom, if not moulded will just omit it! Or may may pay for the same kit as you with some money I save being here! The Mossie goes together great, like most Tamiya kits - I can't remember any issues, lots of masking to get the invasion stripes correct etc. Need to do a bit of a reset on here as the whole photo bucket fiasco ruins things!
  2. Im going to have to park this now as I am away on Sunday and will not have time to complete....Im not sure on the rules, it could be transferred over to the RAF 100 years GB if Admins agree and I would try to finish in July on my return - if not I will continue and complete on this thread once the BG is complete for anyone interested !
  3. Not too much, think one half of the fuselage is slightly warped - lots of tape and glue. Realised I was pushing the wrong Hawk along as priority as this finishes the day I leave ....gulp....and Im away a few days this week....some latish work I think!
  4. Will have to put on hold now til 16 July post WC18 - think I messed up a bit and should have been pushing the Reds Hawk thats in the HS build that finishes in the 3rd!!! Not much left, repairs, AEs, Matt cote, lights, canopy sealed etc....not much weathering as its a new paint job!
  5. The glas is going to be a pain, something is slightly off or warped....just do the best I can! Not too much bleed into the pit area....decals on the Stbd side.... Last decals to go on, then a gloss coat and finish off...
  6. Tail masked up - white on to get rid of the blue overspray! Blue overspray gone .....decals going on...quite nice as it goes... Getting there!!!
  7. Got on with the masks. Pretty good, had to put a bit of additional tape on in some areas, they need to really sealed down with a Q Tip each time to stop bleeds. Blue paint on...top tip tape up the area below the tail before spaying the blue....doh....bit of overspray would not go away when the red went on....remedial will be to touch up the tail, mask off, respray white over the red, hopefully giving me a blank canvas again for the red..... Red goes on - Mr Paint does spray nicely, used my Neo as it has a 0.3 tip and the ares so large, only need about 8 PSI! Blue clearly visible through the red..... Tail unmasked ....pretty good me thinks.....small bleeds into the white, a cocktail stick to get the worst off and same again to spot on some white drops should do it hopefully.... Both of the Hawks together!! Now sorting the canopy/Windshield, masking and the rails painted first, initially in black, then white to get the red on. I will then get the MDC decals on, before re-Klearing.
  8. Masked with white tac worms, then the Dark Green on. As always there seems to be a shadow line from the black primer, so out comes the Sotar to lightly trace some DK or DE over the areas where the colours meet. Seems the Pros freehanded as well!!! Mr paint sprayed lovely as normal. Post Freehand camo line touch up. Lost the wing fence thingie when the tape came off, will glue back on. Next up some masking, tape for a hard line, and the Aluminium underside.
  9. Not that it can be seen, but got some Mr Paint White over the white primer....next phase is the tail masks and paint job! Looks straightforward (ish!!!)
  10. Primer on - tried the Mr Paint via an airbrush, just wasn't cutting it so out came the rattle can!! Now, which Signal Red? I have Hataka and Mr Paint. Mr Paint sprays nicer from the bottle, Hataka needed some thinning, did spray ok in the end but not as nice. Colour wise, not much between them to be fair? Any opinions on colour?
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