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  1. Customary slow start, some bits off sprues to be primed/painted, also filled in a few what I believe to be ejection pin holes with Mr Surfacer 1500. Decals have arrived - choices, choices... Does seem that the Italeri tails fit the decals for the main CAG Bird option.... Great ref book for my collection....wheel bays look like a whole lotta work that I am not used to - also lack skilz for!! Onwards!!
  2. I built another Monogram F-4D, in a bid to show how things have improved since my first build for many years, the F-4D Revell/Monogram! Both in Heath schemes, but hopefully I have improved a bit... Another F-15 GB coming up, along with an F-5 GB....plus we are now seeing F-35's at the Heath and kits being produced....just need the aftermarket decals... Meng kit: and review: https://www.scalespot.com/reviews/kits/f35a-meng/review.htm Kitty Hawk: Just need to wait for LN Decals....
  3. OK - so unknown territory for me here - wheels down builds - my garage ceiling is kinda congested so I am getting a display cabinet from Ikea...so I will have to start selectively build and paint those wheel thingies.... Anyone know if this Italeri/Academy 1/48 F/A-18F needs nose weight...if so what to people use? Fishing lead shot? How much? Super glued in? The instructions have the nose weight symbol in the icon descriptions but it does not have the symbol used in the actual build instructions....this indicates to me not needed? I really don't want a tail sitter for my first 1/48 wheels down build!!! Any advice/tips most welcome - thanks in advance!
  4. Apparently there are some F/A-18Fs now in Aggressor/Adversary roles …. Just no 1/48 decal releases as yet ?! Hint hint ! some stunning schemes seen here : https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/37634/these-are-the-proposed-paint-schemes-for-the-navys-new-adversary-super-hornets And here https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/41187/u-s-navy-adversary-unit-reveals-super-hornet-masquerading-as-russias-top-fighter
  5. Interesting loadout - you mounting the GBU-38s on a twin mount or singularly on each pylon? Theres a good link below showing how USAF/USN versions are slightly different if interested http://thecombatworkshop.blogspot.com/2018/04/gbu-38-500-lb-jdam.html
  6. After the Tomcat build piqued interest in US Naval aviation I have decided to jump into this STGB... I have this just arrived: Decals look ok, but I have bought some aftermarket Furball ... couple of PJ pilots with JHMCS helmets masks also with it - but are Hase so may or may not work... https://www.furballaero-design.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=48-067 Am thinking about a resin Buddy Refuel tank for something different.... Its actually shown fitted on the box art... I am also running out space on the garage rafters so contemplating an Ikea display cabinet and the new challenge of building wheels down....
  7. Looks great - our tastes just keep colliding ! I have ordered the same decals to go with an Academy/Italeri kit....as ever I will watch along, I have yet to decide which airframe to build but note you are going low profile! Some great pics on this site: https://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VFA/Strike-Fighter-Squadron-103.htm I was thinking about the Quinta 3D decals for mine, not sure if they will fit the Italeri moulds - will need to check...my kit did come with the Hase masks so hopefully they will...
  8. Thanks John - yes can be a bit confusing as the wording is not so clear - it mentions the central badge, but not the flashes (of which both sets are included on the decal sheet) - I had a similar conundrum with min, but I could not find any ref pics that had 1 side with and the other without the flash, so went with both sides for my timeframe...
  9. Apparently its Academy/Italeri - but will watch along to compare!
  10. will watch along as I have the Academy kit which I think is a Revell rebox?
  11. Cracking build, especially in that scale!! Great job on the camo - 1 question - should the p[ort side also have the NSAWC flash on BORT 10? Not being critical, just checking as the same decal sets show 2 different markings frm different periods but only one pic of each tail (same on my set) showing pre NSAWC and NSAWC...
  12. Kit: 1/48 Academy/Minicraft Model Kits Grumman F-14A Tomcat Subject: Modelled as BUNO 160913/13 of the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Centre (NSAWC) - 'TOPGUN' - US Navy, NAS Fallon, USA, circa 2000 Details: Modelled as per reference pics from interweb - I have taken various pics with external fuel tanks, CATM rounds, Phoenix pallets etc to build a representative of the airframe Misc: Mr Paint paints, Mr Color paints, Vallejo paints, Floreys Dark Dirt Wash, Tamiya Panel Accenter Dark Brown/Gray, Hi-Decal decals set HDL 48021 Build Thread: Thanks for all the support along the way, the 2 week extension and @Col. / @Enzo Matrix for their work...
  13. All done with this one...fun and a new interest for me, US Navy Aviation! Will choose the pics the gallery.... Thanks for following along and all the help and advice especially from @Giorgio N!
  14. last bits tails on, canopy masking off, exhausts and TPS on - stores, antennas and pitots to go …
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