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  1. Decals are on bar the W on the front gear door - mercifully few due to the wartime approach with the paint job! False canopy done using the ref pics kindly sent by Rob! Have painted up the BL755 so will decal with the BBU-97s and AIM-9L's can keep em as spares Ready for decals... Not my jet as far as I know, but the war load of Centreline tank, Phimat and ALQ plus 2 x CBU-87s - but a great ref pic!
  2. Thanks Rob, Yes saw that somewhere, the refs for mine show the fins on so probably stay as is - I have built up 2 though so may remove one set... No ladder required on this one, its airborne!
  3. Hi Rob, That would be really helpful..I have masked an area that I feel works but any evidences/references would be really useful! Thanks for helping.
  4. Bit more done ... got the paint on tried to put it on in thin layers so there’s still some of the original colours showing through...pics I’ve seen of them leaving Coltishall show them really well painted - clearly the time spent on the exposed conditions so saw the paint wear and fade ... blending in my old desert parachute kit bag ! trying to chip back MR Paint even just an hour after spraying is a challenge ... used some water, couple of stuff
  5. Moving on I put some DG On the tanks and brushed on some hairspray. tried the bombs again using Mr Color but pretty much the same colour ! also put the desert pink on the Phimat /ALQ/inner pylons ... so tomorrow hopefully I will get the desert pink on the tanks, leave it an hour, decal the bombs, then try a bit of tooth pick / tooth brush on some areas to get the worn look through mr paint lacquer paint ! not strictly needed but I will then put a gloss cote on before I get the decals on ...
  6. Some more done today Started on the bossy shields Aden cannon ports as you can see I couldn’t resist getting the desert pink out to give it a try ... Got the white on the panel of the ALQ as per the reference Engine exhausts abs pitot painted Windshield and canopy on - took a bit of fettling Got some NATO black, DSG and DG on in areas I may try to
  7. Thanks @Jabba - logic I used as well. I remember as an FAC getting the Have Quick radios to allow a coalition air net... Another great reference book Decals arrived care of @sailorboy61 - thanks very much some reports say the model alliance mission markings are too small scale wise so will use the kits works decal for that .... will need to use the kit danger arrows and paint on the false canopy ... Plastic card out and a look at references came up with this ...
  8. Got the razor saw out for the CBU87/pylon combination Sized Em up ! decided to prime black in the end - will put some DG and DSG in areas I plan to chip back using the references and a bit of artistic licence.... i have some US desert paint, with some other browns I may use on top of the primer, but it may be a matter of just building the paint up slowly to give the faded look ... or I may just give it a light but full camo wrap for realism before putting the ARTF Desert Pin
  9. Im doing XZ358 ‘Diplomatic Service’ typically can’t see the antenna! pictured below is it marked FL post Op Granby probably on Op Provide Comfort - it’s the only pic of it with the T HaveQuick antenna I can find - so I’m tempted to keep my twin VHF antennas as there are pics of jets on Granby still with them and mission markings ... or I may remove the port one and add the T on the port one! there’s some great pics of 41 Sqn on this link showing jets with twin blade AEs as I mentioned above. https://www.seekanddestroy.info/
  10. Would everyone agree this pair have a pair of CBU-87s direct to inner pylons?
  11. Thanks - yes in this thread it says 1 per inner pylon.... Looks like the razor saw will come out for an encore and remove the dual rail from the pylon!
  12. Finishing off the build phase - booted back into the garage now spring has arrived ..... got the trusty razor saw out and completed another ‘Pappy’ mod with the pylons - removed the Phimat and ALQ from their moulded pylons and connected them to the inner pylons. Will re - prime and start work in painting them along with the tank. Will use a bit of hairspray to try a bit of subtle chipping - seems the airframe I’m building has a reference pic showing a panel of the ALQ white so will attempt that. have sanded around the flush intake d
  13. Got the pitot drilled out and prepped - will fix once I need to otherwise I will break it off or stab the dog/cat.... Now the whole pylon thing - @Pappy - could you look at the pics? In my view the inner pylons look the same size as the twin bomb pylons - both horizontally and vertically? Now the Phimat/ALQ pylons are higher by the looks of it? Do you feel the incorrect item is the Phimat/ALQ pylon? If so, in theory I should remove and use the fuel tank pylons f
  14. So I have spent a couple of hours this morning doing the ‘Pappy’ mod with the intakes - just need to put some filler in the gaps and sand it a bit smooth - will do for government work ! Drilled out the pitot and aoa holes and placed the over wing pylons on. Looked at my other kit and it has the same actuator issue as mentioned before .... oh and cut the tank from the sprue for @Pappy need to finish off the intakes, get some antennas on etc ...will also
  15. Yes sure - I’m looking at pics and they do look like different sizes but it’s no doubt an optical illusion .... sounds like you know your Jaguar stuff! im planning a centreline tank with twin CBU-87 Inner pylons and ALQ/Phimat outer pylons .... ive built up the spare tank - but I do have a second kit in the stash and I’m happy to send you the parts for one tank still on the spruce.... if you message me with your details and I will box them up into the post ....
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