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  1. So got there... Not my best work but a nice addition - need to get it in the cabinet and then finish off the Canberra and Tonka to go in there with the Lanc and the 1/144 Vulcan...
  2. Some info on ED887 More done Decided to simulate the removal of the turret mount and put some simulated 'red oxide' paint in that area. Started on the decals...
  3. Moved on a bit... The way the man gear fits I decided I needed to paint the lower wings first - combi of blacks Paint uppers dark green then used a masking set... on with the dark earth masked up various blacks AJ-A was pivotal in the raid but ended up being shot down on the way home, sadly with the loss of all then crew... Lots of ref pics show the 617 Lancs with the remover upper turret mount area with some sort of paint covering - I am going for a logical approach with red oxide primer, similar to reports and the captured Upkeep Mine... Masked off using the kit piece: Need to get the decals on then seal in - move onto some weathering...I have post shaded a bit as the Lancs were well thrashed from new before the raid The cable for arming the mine caused some 'scratching' of paint after of the cockpit on the Starboard side... Exhaust grey around exhausts
  4. Have decided to build the 3rd 617 Sqn new tool Lanc, wheels down for my cabinet… Not posted for a bit, v busy with work, not many of the group builds have grabbed my attention or fit my current stash that I need to start converting to models as I get older ! Some of the parts are a bit warped so there’s some challenges on the main fuse etc … One of the spar ends broke but I think I’ve managed to effect a repair Decided to do the mine as a red oxide primer - used a WW1 red wood paint May add a drop of red to make it slightly ‘redder’ Who said pegs are for washing lines 🤣 starting to look like a Lanc - right battle with Seams due to the 2 halves being slightly warped - leaving a massive step to deal with…still a ghost seam or 2, I may try 1 more Surfacer 500 pass and sand then just accept it …
  5. Great stuff. Is the first one from the Warren ? I need to get home and over for a day ! All the FB pages show some great flying - there was some Aviano F16s there a few weeks back ….
  6. Different rumours -either a batch of contaminated paint, or a replacement as the SEA Brown was running low stock wise … there’s a few ref pics of some Lakenheath airframes around …
  7. So I did the F-15E during the 50th anniversary F-15 STGB... ref pics Next - not sure, I have a couple of RAF Lightning II's, in `1/72 and 1/48...plus the Tamiya F-35A is out....with LN markings....
  8. Kit: 1/48 Academy/Model Hobby Kits Boeing F-15E 'Seymour Johnson' Subject: Boeing F-15E 97-0219 - 492nd FS, 48th FW, RAF Lakenheath - wearing the Heritage Scheme applied in June 2019 to honor the wings part in the D Day Landings of 1944 - in tribute to P-47 Thunderbolt 'Nellie B' Details: Modelled as per reference pics from interweb - towards the end of its time in the scheme Misc: Mr Paint paints, Mr Color paints, Vallejo paints, Floreys Dark Dirt Wash, Tamiya Panel Line accenter Furball 48-071 Heritage Eagles Decal set, scratch built AIM 9 TACTS pod Build Thread:
  9. Pushing on with a week left, starting to get the finishing touches.... Got the pod built and painted - will do for Gov work! with decals on and sealed in, weathering done, time for the flat cote... used some burnt umber oils and mix, along with Tamiya panel line accenter and some dark dirt floreys wash...aim to get it as it was at the end of the time wearing the scheme using ref pics... Note the chipping away from the A2A refuelling hatch (or attempt of!) Some muck on the wings/invasion stripes and along the upper fuselage Muck and dirt underneath, especially around the metal areas... Some useful ref pics from YouTube Used Mr Color GX114 Flat First Undercarriage for a long long long long time.....antennas and pitots too Could not find the second crew member - that said I looked through my build pics and can only see 1 - so maybe I have one on the sprue and had to sort the other - so I have 1 now primed ready to paint...the glass for the Sniper pod was missing and my Micro Klear had solidified so am waiting on a new pot to try to create the glazed part before adding the pod... Canopy onto the rail Thats it for now....hope to get in the gallery early next week.
  10. I’m hoping to do an area search tomorrow - likely he’s at s bar somewhere knowing what the airforce is like at the weekend …if you ever want to pass your pilots on let me know as I like to build with them - happy to cover the postage costs !
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