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  1. Bit more work... masking the gun area will be a challenge! starting to look at some of the tanks etc... Exhausts started with iron/burnt metal... Now I have started building wheels down...enough weight in the nose?? some interesting weathering - so I may model towards the end of the airframe wearing the scheme... Also need to change the intake ramps to the FS36118 Gunship Gray...
  2. Have come down with Covid so excommunicated to the conservatory - meaning in between bits of work I have got some building done... Started on the intakes and pylons - some injection in marks to sort before I primed... got the red on the tail fins...then masked up Working on the office interestingly some ref pics show gun area fully red, others just outer metal area? Something I need to sort... Getting there on the main body...just need to decide wether to do the metal areas before the wings/CFTs etc...net bit is the butt join of the main body and nose - once I have built it! Need to put some weight into the nose, may just use some old nuts/bolts...
  3. Started on some bits, looking back at my 2017. C build this kit has some challenges so thought I’d go for a quick win ….invasion stripes Have primed some other parts …anyone know how much weight in grammes I’d need in the nose for the gear ?
  4. Some more done and paint paint on... masking the black walkways Ready to go with the main colour - plan to use the NATO IR Green, but lightened to try to get the faded effect - then a few 'new' panels using the full colour....eventually the sand weather kit should help...then its some detail painting around the engines, DAS systems etc... getting there!
  5. I'm in with this kit from my stash...gotta love invasion stripes! Based outa my home village of Lakenheath. May need some bits like a AN/AAQ-33 Sniper Pod and an AAQ-13 LANTIRN pod as I may have robbed those in the kit for my last build...need to check! The airframe was 1 of 3 that was painted in a heritage scheme in 2019 to honour the wings involvement in the D-Day operation at the75 years commemoration. 97-0219 was built to reflect a P-47 Thunderbolt, 'Nelli B'.... https://www.lakenheath.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1744647/liberty-wing-unveils-heritage-jet/ Looks like it carried some CATM units for AIM-9M and AIM-120C so will probably create something along those lines as well... I got the decals via a swap, the C model had been used and I have the Red paint in the collection so decision made... Ive a couple of other things on the go and really want to get my Merlin off the bench, but want to get going early on this...if I find some ref pics showing it a little more worn paint job wise I will try to reflect that, but likely kept nice and shiny...best go look at the box and see what's missing!
  6. Moving forward - some gaps to fill and sand.... Some crew ref Need to detail paint the 2 front crew and get the glass in....a few more fits and some filling and sanding and I am getting close to paint...need to tape up the open gaps/doors etc!
  7. I thought I'd join in the fun as I have an Airfix kit on the shelf - I think I messed the last one up so bad it got binned....hey-ho, can but try! Nothing aftermarket, just out of the box..it comes with the Humbrol Acrylic paints that I will not use... Any of you Aggressor experts know of the FS paint numbers of the 2 tone browns? I have used paint matcher at it mentions Hum 148 Radome Tan citing Mr Color C318 97% match and Mr Paint MRP-324 (not so sure!) 96% match as close matches? Most of the pics I can find are of a 3 colour scheme.... For the darker brown 186 Brown, is says MRP-166 at 98%.... Box and Sprue pics... VMFT-04 website - 'hoo - ah'.... https://www.marforres.marines.mil/Major-Subordinate-Commands/4th-Marine-Aircraft-Wing/Marine-Aircraft-Group-41/Marine-Fighter-Training-Squadron-401/ First bits of work...fill in the pylon holes.. Quite a bit of flash to sort with a stanley blade...
  8. Looks great - was tempted by the GWH kit but have an Academy on the shelf so couldn't really justify it!....But I may still! I build '00-3003' for the last STGB but as per 2006...those Caracal decals are hard to get now! Will watch along.
  9. Did a C and E in the last STGB back in 2017... I may go with a wheels down (now I have a cabinet!) Academy 1/48 F15E in a special Lakenheath scheme... WIP Link:
  10. Got going again… quite complex. Starting building up some sub assemblies and got the main fuselage halves together - one was warped slightly so not a prefect fuse but will do the job… Used the masking kit which helps ! Crew primed some areas to fill due to the slight Miss-alignment due to the warped side (probably my limited building skilz as well!!) plus some bits and pieces to add on… helicopters are hard ! some more references Some debate on colours but I’m going with the MRP NATO green, but will lighten it slightly and then mask out some panels to spray with pure colour, may throw in a door or panel in RAF DG …with some Tamiya sand brushed on it should break it all up…
  11. And the 2 Lancs off the bench https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/y456/Tim_Moff/IMG_2656(1).HEIC https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/y456/Tim_Moff/IMG_2655(1).HEIC https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/y456/Tim_Moff/IMG_2654(1).HEIC
  12. Vulcan done Need to get the 2 Lancs off the bench and then look at getting the later Airfix tool started, wheels down to put it in my cabinet along with the Vulcan, maybe squeeze in a 1/72 Canberra and even a F-35B Lightning II - I’m reading the Hasegawa option is good, with some aftermarket decals. It seems there are no actual Sqn markings on the F-35B’s at the moment, apparently they operate as a pool. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-01576-f-35-lightning-ii-b-version--1122322 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/KW172212
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