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  1. Looks good ! I take I you mean putting some paint in a dish to allow the carrier and ‘pigment’ to separate, then brush painting on the pigment ? getting on with the main joins intakes look ok, apparently they can be troublesome if left til after the main fuse, so got em on early. need to get out and try the canopy tint on the spare hurricane cockpit and want to look at the 2 paint job options - but will need the freezing conditions to warm up before I can use the airbrush ... have a couple o
  2. Onto the spine/air brake/canopy rail stage.... bit of work to be done fettling to get it all to fit otherwise the canopy and windscreen won’t fit... Had to cut off some of the detail on the rear bulkhead to allow the canopy to sit closed as the bit that sits at the rear of the canopy would clearly foul the area... have taken the seam off the canopy so need to get it cleaned up and polished With the Tamiya polish stuff - never used before. Will paint up the rear bit and glue it in using the micro glue - it take it that it sits just above and insid
  3. Clamped and pegged into submission whilst being restrained by masking tape ....
  4. Start with an action shot...why not! Intakes and bits, panels etc fitted. Lots of tape and pegs and some clamps getting the fuse together. Will need to fill the gap behind the IP Not too far away from paint, I know I have the airbrake to sort which is apparently a pain....once together will get the filler and sander out, then get the nose cone on! If the 9 (B) Sqn all black decals are not forthcoming, I may have to use the kit decals and see what the serials look like now or
  5. Its tempting but quite hard to achieve I expect....I may try to some areas where the panel lines are darker, maybe the cheek area etc... Starting to get close to paint, got the main nose join and nose to fuselage join and intakes in place,,, Lots of test fitting first... Intakes on...and test fit the upper piece. Will be a small gap to fill I feel. Will need to try and line up the panel lines, glue. clam and then fill/sand and if needed re-scribe a bit.
  6. Some more work done some dry fitting - seems ok but the intake pointy bit at the front looks like it won’t sit flush with the upper area that fits to the horizontal splitter .., will see if i need to use some plasticard etc to fill the small area. have read I will need to look at the side intake bits fit as well... also had to sheer a lot of the detail off the piece that sits behind the seat as when the canopy has its bulkhead thing fi
  7. But more done in the pit area and back end lost the stick somehow - no throttle quadrant - so made a couple using bits from the undercarriage ! plan to leave seat and pilot out and just add them and the tinted canopy at the end. I primed the frame and painted it FS36375 - same colour to be used on the leading and trailing edges - apparently they carry radio antennas nd other sensors etc so they don’t poke out to disrupt the stealth effect... Have since masked the frame and put and joined the lowe
  8. Great stuff - getting along with my Typhoon - can I ask what colour you painted the AIM-132s? Are they light aircraft grey ? I’ve fine both my Meteors and AIM-132s in FS36375 but suspect I need to redo the AIM-132s looking at yours !
  9. Oh - breaking great news that @exdraken has managed to get the decals into the post so hopefully they will arrive just at the right time ! Thanks again Werner - this forum really helps each other out, however difficult it may be... will need to get my spare F111 wing paint mules re - primed to look at the Mr Paint mix and the MrColor option to see which metallic/paint mix works best ...
  10. a bit of filling and sanding - not my best or favourite skill but plenty needed if you want this kit closed up and in flight! Test fit of the canopy before I try to tint it orange .... I’ve been told to use the Gunze Aqueous mixed with X22A Tamiya acrylic thinner and X22 clear ? Through the airbrush slowly building up layers... Any advice /views? Do I spray the inside or outside of the canopy, or both ? Some gaps in the frame filled pilot on the way
  11. Bit more work done - lots of cleaning up to do .... still a bit too cold to be airbrushing with lacquer paint so concentrating on prep work and building up bits and pieces undercarriage doors a bit of a better fit than the Raptor ! Started on the Meteor missiles - need to dig out the extra AIM-132 ASRAAMs from my Airfix F3 kit ... seems the new Striker II helmet is now green rather then the old grey looking at recent pics of aircraft and info on the euro fighter website ...
  12. Got started after the Xmas break - kit is full of flash, ejector pin marks etc so have got the sanding stick out .... once the temps rise I can get out to the garage and prime the cockpit parts and start on that... The pit decals look quite good but numbers in the instructions don’t tally up to those on the decals !? Can probably work it out but most likely I will get the paint brush and acrylics out ! I watched @DaveJL build with interest and gathered some useful hints so have also started on the periphery areas as well.. seems the PJ Pilot has
  13. Im Still beavering away putting all the doors and hatches on before all the main joins ... That way I can fill and sand a little bit easier - and there will be a lot of that to do once I’ve got to that stage .... Concurrently I’ve got the needed Mr Paint and Mr Color paints ready for when the temperature rises slightly to allow me to airbrush the engine areas etc that needs to be done before I can close it up and to do some test mixes of the grey/metallic paint I plan to use. I also need to get on with the hand painting of the basic pit, seat and PJ Pilot... not mu
  14. Great stuff - one thing the Tonka GBs has shown is that there are not any good ‘fit’ Tonka kits out there as far as I can see ...
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