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  1. @theplasticsurgeon Not sure why but I can't see any of your pics on my Mac, tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari...anyone else have the same problem? Be good to see so I can keep mine on track when I get home!
  2. Thanks for the advice - I reckon I am just gonna go with the Gloss White! Just boxed this up until post Tokyo 20 - so mid Aug... Got some more done. A few gaps to fill and its a very old mould so this will be a bit of fun rather than anything more detailed...
  3. Kit: 1/48 Airfix English Electric Canberra PR9 Subject: English Electric - Shorts Conversion Canberra SC9, XH132, Royal Aircraft Establishment, modelled as was in 1984 visiting an air show at RAF Wyton, U.K. Airframe used to do various types of missile testing through its service. http://www.bywat.co.uk/xh132.html https://aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=146926 Details: Modelled as per reference pics from interweb Misc: Alley Cat Shorts SC9 Conversion kit, Mr Paint paints, Mr Color paints, Vallejo paints, Oils, Model alliance Stencils (kindly gifted from @DaveJL , filler, sense of humour.... Build Thread: Thanks for looking and all the help along the way!
  4. Final assembly time!!! Done and dusted.... Sorry to bombard with pics - not sure which background works best for the gallery pics... Blue background does weird stuff with the red so tried a beige background....
  5. I’ve used the 3 Tamiya panel line washes - will clean up and see how it looks … home straight, satin coat, lights and antenna then get the wings on
  6. Mr Paint is normally great but I’m not too sure they’ve got the colour right with this one …. here compared with the standard white from mr paint . more like an Ivory ? I may try the mr Color as well… or revert to standard white !
  7. Got the minimal amount of stencils on - it seems the black coloured ones are not available even on the MA sheet kindly passed onto me by @DaveJL so I used yellow where it looked ok… more work in areas and got the gloss is on Gonna try the grey wash on the white, brown on red and black on the blue … maybe in some inconspicuous areas first … then it’s time to join it all up and maybe make up a satin topcote from a mix of gloss and flat - the pics don’t look properly gloss ?
  8. Made a bit of a start the insignia white is a bit different - have primed the area around where the intake and lower fuselage join and will add the white before I join them as it’s an area hard to get to. Canberra pilot having a makeover to become a passable F16A pilot that’s probably it before August unless I get the pit finished…
  9. Cheers Rich - yep I’ve been doing the lacquers and occasional Tamiya acrylic mixed with lacquer thinners for a while as well. good point on the grey - I reckon I will use the Mr Paint white primer I have with a couple of drops of black mr paint primer to give me an off white / grey base to put the insignia white over. Tokyo 20 will no doubt be a bit weird and restrictive olympics but I shall have to roll with it - if i get a chance I may look for a few Tamiya/Zoukei-Mura bargain prices compared to U.K. !
  10. More of a placeholder as I’m finishing off my Canberra SC9 over at the unarmed GB as I’m off to Tokyo 8 July - 10 Aug so need to get that over the line… Thought I’d have a bash with this - have a couple of Hasegawa line kits in the stash but felt like doing something different … This is a really old tool reboxed down the line … Challenges will be white paint, raised panel lines and of course the large decals …. Will pop a Canberra pilot in (unless anyone has any modern USAF pilots sat in the spares box never to be used !) and see how it goes…Kit has loads of ejection pins and flash to sort but seems quite a basic build parts wise … Have some Mr Paint in all 3 colours for where the insignia red and blue are needed … How do you guys prime for white ? I just used a white rattle can on the Canberra - is it better with black over the white plastic or maybe Halfords grey ? or stick with the white?
  11. Start on the decals had to slice a strip out of the wing roundels so I could avoid the wing vortex’s which I will hand paint blue Not sure the mr paint blue sprayed so well as I’ve got a bit of slivering …don’t normally need to gloss with Mr Paint so I didn’t … starting to look like a Frankenstein Canberra ! what do people use for panel washing over white ? I have Grey Tamiya panel accent - would that work ? Same with red/blue -use brown ? or just leave it clean ?
  12. Lots of painting, masking, taping, swearing and touch ups etc !! You get the gist ! Next is decals … @DaveJL is kindly sending me some model alliance spare stencils as many of the kit ones are the wrong colour so hopefully will be able to correct some …
  13. Looks great - all the extra bits finish it off. Id never used EZline until the BoB builds where I did it no less than 5 times - my advice is to just be patient, tweezers, CA and some degassed or liquid CA activator are your friends …. Do have some CA de-bonder handy as well . I always joined the tail area first and left for a longish period before then connecting to the antenna mount …. lots of you tube tutorials out there - good luck !
  14. Grand painting plan underway ! white and masking anti glare and red on Blue Unmasked - some areas to touch up but not too much bleed the issue with these type of schemes is you do what I used to do when I used to zero my rifle on the range when I was serving in the Parachute Regiment - start chasing the small errors ! I will try to sort out each little bit individually then put it down and re asses … need to get the wings done now and I think I may in with a chance to finish before I get on the plane to Tokyo 20….
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