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  1. Thanks Jack really helpful. Just to clarify (as you can tell I’m no expert!) with regards the size and xtradecal 24’’ and 30’’ do they refer to the width or height as per your diagrams? in this example I’d use the xtradecal 24”? or if it’s height need to find sone 35” letters ? apologies if it seems a bone question !
  2. Just looking at decals and Sqn Code sizes - I managed to get the Xtradecal set of MSG codes, 24'' and 30'' - comparing them to the Hurricane and Spitfire 1 box decals, looks like 30'' for Hurricanes and 24'' for Spitfires are generally the best? I know its a can of worms so do not want to open one, research shows that each aircraft was different...am looking at 66 Sqn and 609 Sqn for Spits - any advice welcome and 249 Sqn for the Hurricane! Managed to get a copy of Bombsites over England for my 110. Will be using @Stew Dapple 's great 1/72 build as a hand rail for my build as I have the same decals in 1/48 - may be some PMs on the way! Just realised that my Eduard 109 does not have a pilot - if anyone has any 1/48 WW2 German pilots sitting in a scraps box furloughed, I could put one to use! Tempted by another 109, the Tamiya looks good, as does the new Airfix offering - any views on the best one?
  3. Getting on with the pesky 1/72 stencils that are white so even harder to see and cut off the backing! Looking forward to washes, these are generally kept clean, but Gloss black can look a bit unrealistic....any advice on what colour wash to use on Gloss Black? Probably just in the panel lines rather than the old dark dirt all over? Have seen this stuff advertised - any comments/views?
  4. Decalling .....Done! Thankfully for some reason none of those pesky stencils normally found on F-4's! Decals seemed to have behaved and gone down well over the raised panel lines...maybe they are actually Italeri rather than Tamiya! Next up a gloss coat to seal it all and a bit of weathering....no decals for the missiles so may get some bands masked off and painted.
  5. So I relented and paint the stbd rear area the beige colour as per most pictures, sorted the lights and any small detail painting, got a Mr Paint Gloss coat on: decals next...
  6. Got the masking off - fairly happy with he outcome..... 3 some areas that needed sorting oot....so got the Sotor out and sorted them... There is an argument to paint the rest of the aft Stbd side the beige colour as some references show this, other rarer shots show it the lightest grey as do most painting guides.... actual images of the airframe in VF-301 markings 153904 hard to find, obviously it went over to the Marine Corps at some point... choices, what to do! A bit of detail painting next. lights. etc and ready for the gloss coat. Colours look good, seemed to have got the worn look I was after, hopefully the gloss and matt coats won't impact on that too much. Tamiya decals are famously thick, also the raised panel lines won't help...not much in the way of aftermarket either.
  7. Driving on, patching and painting ! hopefully the unmasking will be easier and there will be no paint runs !
  8. Paint on, glossed for decals... Stencils arrived, plenty of the little buggers!
  9. Cracked on with the build: Primed with Mr Paint Painting and masking in stages.... Mottle with a lighter coat to try to add some tonal variation, will serve me well for the upcoming BoB GB! Actually quite technical getting the lines right with the curves on the fuselage body...Stuck some burnt Iron on the stabs Going from rear to front, lighter to darker, lots of masking! Dug around for some references, but not the actual aircraft...gonna go with the STBD nose pattern as per '104' in the below pics... Hopefully get it masked and the last colour on over the weekend....
  10. Thanks guys - will probably stick with the old stock angle and white rounds - have always done the aim9 with the steel guidance head. Will check out some Aim 7 references, as you say heads seem to be various colours .
  11. Thanks thats really helpful - trying to find references has not been the easiest!
  12. Thanks - that’s really helpful. May have the older spit but can try to get the newer one before the build starts! will have to look out for the book. ive seen different names for the 210 unit, the decals I’ve ordered are as below : Authentic Decals 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf110D Luftwaffe # 4840 S9+HH 1/Eng.210 Battle of Britain 1940; Also includes below - looking online ZG76 were also involved in the BoB? can’t really find a reference to ZG 32 as a BF110 unit...think it means ZG52... MB+AB Stab /ZG76 Norway 1940 A2-BL 6./ZG32 France 1940 - this is likely a typo and should be ZG52 until June 40 then ZG 2 - will see what the decals indicate! Messerschmitt Bf 110D Zerstorer 6.ZG2 (A2+BL) WNr 3312 ex3.ZG52 France 1940-0A MS+DB Stab ZG76 Norway 1940 Thanks again
  13. Thanks @Troy Smith - that’s really helpful. as you say I’ve the Tamiya old tool Spit, noted ref the accuracy - I’m fairly intermediate when it comes to building so will likely build as is with some aftermarket decals. I’m looking at another Airfix kit, earlier boxing of the current tool, to build for a friend who has a family story.... if I’m correct that newest Spitfire Mk1 tool dates back to 2007 with some new parts and decals etc since? im looking at the A05115 boxing with the 19Sqn box art? Be interesting to compare as you say with the old Tamiya tool....the new tool is a bit pricey still. Hurricane looks a no brainier with Airfix - will save the pennies I got an Edward BF109E-4 so happy with that..... do you all use a sponge for the tight mottling with Luftwaffe aircraft ? Going to have to practice ! I bagged the Fujumi BF110D online, it’s not got the C option decals but expect the basic model is the same...I’ve located some BoB D decals though....the link will be useful - thanks ! Now the next question is RLM colours - I like Mr Paint, also use Mr Color and on occasion Hataka. any views on the accuracy of the Mr Paint and Mr Color finishes?
  14. Moving on with this build, quite complex in that it needs to go together in an order, with some paint down before the intakes go on etc... Got the nose on, paints arrived, put a few drops on to look at the colours, albeit on wood. I then added the numbers in the order I will paint, its confusing me just looking (the whole aim of the cam apparently!) so will take it slow... Want to try to weather the paint job, so will use black basing, using lighter colours to mottle and preshade in areas, mist with a slightly lighter colour, then post shade highlight some areas with the actual colour etc...not sure the effect will work so well at 1/72...not many colour references of the aircraft at sea or with worn paint jobs, which seems strange? I handbrushed blast areas behind the exhausts with Humbrol 27004, couple of coats and buffed - a fellow modeller on here (can't remember who!) told me it looked right, he'd worked on UK Tooms in the past...I then masked, then sprayed some Mr Color Chrome Silver in the area above. I will gloss that area and mask up for the main paint job...I will work on the rear area once the main paint is all on, again in 1/72 not too much ! Masked the canopies and glued into place with micro glue. Painted the missile tips off black.....now can I ask any AIM experts out there to tell me what marks they are? What colour should they be in 1984, white as per the instructions of the light Grey FS colour now used? I believe they may be AIM-7M and AIM-9L ? Any advice appreciated!
  15. Getting on with the final part of the build and Mr Paint Black primer... Will be using the Hataka paint from the RAF Trainers set. The real plane looks to be gloss in finish, but I may well add a few drops of matt to the gloss sealing coat to make it a satin finish? Not much in the way of weathering on a shiny black jet that looks to be well kept! Just waiting for those stencils...
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