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  1. Some years ago, Xtracolour did offer a dozen or so colors covering the modern French Air Force. These included several greys, blues, and a green for the Mirages in service(to include the Mirage IV). They were sold for some years before the line was stopped. I don't know how accurate they were; but, I presume they had a reference available. I believe that I sent a message to @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies asking him to offer some. That and the colors needed for the French helicopters used by the French Army and the French Air Force. Joe
  2. JPuente54

    Luftwaffe Tires

    @Ed Russell, thank you, Standard Oil did own the American Oil Company for a long time; well into the '80s IIRC. They may have at the time of the refineries being built; that is why their name came to my mind. But, I am happy for the correction. And if they didn't; well, I'm wrong. Thank you again. Joe
  3. JPuente54

    Luftwaffe Tires

    I believe, but not sure, that the American Oil Company(may have the name wrong) was the original builder and owner of the oil refineries in Romania. However, that didn't stop the USAAF from launching several bombing attacks on the refineries. If memory is correct, Opel was denied any military contracts for trucks and/or cars due to their ownership by GM. The Germans were afraid that the US government would be able to get intelligence on German vehicle production from GM in the USA. Some time early in the war, the Germans needed to get as many trucks as possible; and, changed their minds. I am not sure of the year.
  4. JPuente54

    Nice Jugs!

    I get the distinct feeling that a WW2 USAAF vet would have a second definition to go with that title. But, it is a great supply of P-47s. Thanks again, Mike.
  5. I wish him success in finding the aircraft and any remains of the pilot and/or crewman found in them. As @stevehnz wrote they should be honored for their defending their homeland. My father fought in the Pacific theater; he would have said the same.
  6. @72modeler, Mike, I won't argue; this would make me look stupider than I am. I was just going by the book. And, yes, I do know the Armenians; in Lake County, Ill. and Kenosha and Racine Counties in Wis.; there are a lot here. There are two Churches in Waukegan, Ill.; that are Armenian. And my step-daughter is Armenian; with a last name of Ovasapyan. Yes, a "yan" not an "ian". Her father's family was from Iran; they tended to spell with the "y" not the "i". Oh and an "Armenian Fest" is held in the Racine and Kenosha every year.
  7. JPuente54

    Luftwaffe Tires

    I was trying to remember the name of this company and its spelling. Their 20mm cannon was sold to every country in the war save the Soviet Union and Japan. And, they may have some ships, ground locations, etc. that used them.
  8. @72modeler, Yossarian was Assyrian; not Armenian. It has been some time(long time) since I read the book; but, do remember that bit. My old friend, Mike, a former Marine(door gunner and crew chief) and participant in the SE Asian War Games(1969-1972); was a big fan of the book. He was a big fan of "Major Major Major Major", etc. He lent me his copy to read. It is a funny; and very good book.
  9. Not sure what Canada name's theirs; but it sounds right. Two things came from the A-t-A schools. Guns were re-installed on fighter and ground attack aircraft; and fighters were designed for air maneuvering to fight other fighters. Joe
  10. @busnproplinerfan, this is a long story; and has better explainers than I. The USAF/USN/USMC weren't really training for Air-to-Air combat. This lead to losses to the North Vietnamese Air Force. The services realized that they had to return to air combat training. This lead to the US Navy's "Top Gun" school and not sure what the air Force called theirs(the USMC used the "Top Gun" school). This lead to much greater returns on the US side. An "A" designation may have been a better choice. But "F" is sexier to the AF pilots. Yeah, sometimes the internal politics of a service(as a retired US Army soldier; all have loads of them) can be more important than a type designation. Joe
  11. @Dana Bell is probably the best man to ask this. He knows the markings and the colors of the USN/USMC aircraft. Joe
  12. Really good music, I remember staying up until 1:00AM-2:00AM watching the landing on the moon. Our(me , sister, and brother) grandfather insisted we watch. He was amazed by the fact that we had landed and walked on the moon. 50 years have passed. Where did the time go? Joe
  13. When I started the video; a local Chicago area radio station started playing the great Ozzy Osborne's "Crazy Train". It was perfect background music for the video. Joe
  14. You make a good point; unfortunately, I have not the ability to do this kind of research due to lack of mobility(no car at present) and illness. That's why I mentioned about others. I can get the AK Interactive line here in the USA; Kitlinx in offers it here(USA), I saw it offered when I searched for their(AK Interactive) sets of WW2 Japanese paints for the IJN and the IJAAAF(which I found). RLM 83 was offered as a single color, and as part of a set for the Med. Acrylic paints are fine; but I do prefer enamels. So, would love a tin or two from Jamie. But, I do understand why he isn't about to offer it. Joe
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