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  1. Thanks, I hope that Airfix does it in 1/72nd.
  2. I finally got the CD for Dire Straits first album "Dire Straits". I have the vinyl for it, and their other albums; but, never got the CDs. As my receiver cannot operate a turntable(still have that, getting a new receiver when I finally get a 4K Blu-ray, that can operate a turntable), It's CDs now. This is still sounding as fresh and exciting as in 1978.
  3. In which scale is the Hunter F4 molded? 1/72nd or 1/48th?
  4. Send a couple of notes to "Noy's Miniatures" to print a couple of them. They just printed an Israeli HAS in 1/72nd, I believe. Their quality is quite good; it is on paper/card; but, look very real.
  5. A Beaufort! I remember FROG's effort from so many decades ago; yes, I actually built that one. Am happy that Airfix is offering one. Now for the Hampton, and all the versions of it. Joe Hampden! Thanks for the spelling correction!
  6. A great effort, while there are probably some errors in your work(show any one who has researched a subject who doesn't have an error big-or-small in it) you have also set it up to correct any such without problems. Your listing of the paints that match the colors is an excellent thing. Thank you for your work; these are great quick references. I look forward to your Soviet/Russian colors in the future. Again, thanks! Joe
  7. Day-O! Daaaay-O! Daylight come and we want to go home. Sorry, couldn't help it. The news is interesting, though.
  8. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and other traditions celebrated in this time. Enjoy the food ,drinks, and as @hairystick says to watch a "Die Hard" movie. Remember two of them are good for Christmas.
  9. Wasn't a "B.2 version" of the Valiant offered as a resin set(I believe) using the Airfix kit? It was shown on a thread in the "Cold War" forum some months back. I don't remember who made it.
  10. JPuente54

    WWII VVS Colours

    AKAN does have a UK importer, I believe it is Coastal Command; not sure. They may have a listing/ad on the BM site IIRC. Or, someone may have mentioned them on a posting. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies has been working to correct the WW2 Japanese colors, and is doing the same for WW2 and Cold War and Modern Soviet?Russian aircraft.
  11. @StephenMG I believe that is it. And, yes, sad it is not still here. Joe
  12. I do understand and respect @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies to not make a line of these paints. They have to be good sellers to a lot of modellers; not just to a few enthusiasts such as myself. I'd still like it; but, I shall live with it. Hannants does have its "recipes" for modern French colors; greater sales of French Air Force(modern) could prod them to bring them back.
  13. No, it was different; but, IIRC it was called "seatejectionsite.com". I believe it was created by an Italian modeller; but, I might be wrong. This one looks pretty good, though.
  14. Xtracolor offered a line of Cold War/Modern line of French Air Force colors about 5 or so years ago. There were about a dozen or so greys, blues, green(one I believe) listed. I bought a tin of each one from Roll Hobbies IIRC. They aren't being offered now; but, tins may still lurk about their(Kitlynx bought the Roll Hobbies line and products, Hannants might have a few still a back shelf) storerooms/ware house. Most likely you'll find them at an IPMS/USA(or local branch) vendor floor. Hannants may bring them back for sale; not likely, but who knows? I have have suggested to @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies that he start offering a line of Cold War/Modern French Air Force and French Army aircraft(helos) paints.
  15. JPuente54

    Tora Tora Tora

    @oldgit you could ask the studio, 20th Century fox whether they still have the paint detail(s) used in the movie. While studios are infamous/famous for tossing out that sort of thing; many times it is stored away. One never knows. There are also some fan sites that may be able to help or possibly point to people or companies that may know. AMC and/or TCM cable stations may be able to mention who might have the information needed. Joe
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