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  1. ELO's "Out of the Blue" with bonus/extra tracks.
  2. Look at the old John Wayne movie "El Dorado" with him, Robert Mitchum,, and James Caan. Johnny Crawford had a small role at the beginning of the movie.
  3. Johnny Crawford who was maybe best known as the actor playing Chuck Conners son on "The Rifleman" in the '50s has died at age 75.
  4. This series started about 11 years ago here in the USA and is still showing new episodes this year. @Beermonster1958's opinion is the same as mine. Excellent story telling, good acting, and interesting characters. It is worth watching.
  5. @Murph beat me to it by seconds, it is a very light grey. Joe
  6. This has played here in the USA and finished its first season. I enjoyed it and look forward to its second season. It definitely has fun with the concept; "Ancient Aliens" is even on the act in one episode.
  7. Hello! welcome to Britmodeller, it's a great site to read and comment. Suggest that you go to the "New Members" thread and introduce yourself there. You will discover that there is a wealth of information from the many members on here. Just ask and some one will provide an answer. Good luck and happy modelling! Joe
  8. Listened to "El Dorado, A Symphony by The Electric Light Orchestra", "Face the Music", and "A New World Record", these all have the bonus/extra tracks.
  9. @tmeyer and other BM members in the USA, https://www.kitlinx.com does sell Xtracolor paints. I just received a few tins a couple of days ago. HTH Joe
  10. Just mention any of the songs from "Bat out of Hell" and you can hear them in your memory. Steinman wrote them great; Meat Loaf sang them great. RIP
  11. This year arks the 77th anniversary of the The Great Escape. It was a great attempt; and, something that really upset the Germans. It also had a very sad result in the murders of so many of them. The movie is still a great story and accurate in many of its details. What many don't know is that a local Chicago TV celebrity was a prisoner at Stalag Luft 3. Ray Rayner was a prisoner there.I believe that @72modeler, @Corsairfoxfouruncle, @Procopius,and a couple of others will remember him as man who performed on WGN-TV, Channel 9 in Chicago. I do remember an interview where he said everyone in the
  12. As the tags indicate, I have bought True North Precision Paints and Mission Models to replace the Testors now discontinued. Does anyone have any tips that may help? I do know that Mission Models is an acrylic paint and will need a primer over the model(ordered with the other paints). What do you recommend for cleaning a regular/big hairy stick and/or airbrush? I did buy their thinner for their paints; I agree wholly with @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies that buying the brands recommended thinner is an excellent idea. I also have ordered from True North Precision Paints and ask the same for cleaning
  13. I remember watching some of his shows in the early '60s as a young boy. He and his wife(I believe) had an excellent imagination; and great puppetry skills(and their helpers). Another great loss. Joe
  14. @72modeler Darn those British why do they have to make life for all us modellers so difficult?
  15. Decal sheets with these type lights have been made for USAF/USN/USMC have been published. I have a set for F-15, F-16, F-18, etc. I think that I got mine from the IPMS/USA some years ago. They were/are available to modelers in general. I don't know if they are still available. Mine were in 1/72nd scale but other scales were made. @Dana Bell, @72modeler, and others may know better than I. HTH Joe
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