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  1. Thanks, the Hasegawa box also has the Kazakhstan Air Force markings as well. Again thanks.
  2. I just got an email from Kitlinx stating that the Hasegawa MiG-31B is available; I have not found any release data. Has anyone else been able to see/check it, or heard about how it looks? I have the Zvezda kit from a few years ago; still in the box.
  3. A slight apology here, the set is under AKAN's Lacquer line; not the "Acrylics" line. But, they may be offering them under that line soon.
  4. Linden Hills Imports has a new set of paint colors from AKAN. It is a set of six paints with 4 grays/greys a white and a metallic(burnt metal color) paint. Two greens are listed as individual colors as well. The set states "Mirage" for its use. Don't know how accurate; but, AKAN does have a pretty good record here. HTH Joe
  5. Doctor? Doctor? Exterminate! Exterminate! (Heard from a Dalek wandering by)
  6. AKAN/Akan offers two sets of the Su-33 colors. One is intended for when they entered service with the Russian Navy; and the second is for the new colors being used now. And, yes, they can be purchased individually in the USA.
  7. Here in the Midwest of the USA, we are having weekend scenes as described @Biggles87. Hunting season is here or will be starting soon. The lake across my street is popular with Canadian geese and mallard ducks. The south can be hunted by the shotgunners soon. The woods and farm fields have everything from turkeys(wild ones, I have seen them in the farm fields looking for food, and along the road), and other birds hunted. And, the deer will be hunted in the area soon. And, yes, I have seen deer in the neighborhood as well.
  8. His death was early; and, his music will be missed. I wasn't a big fan; but, I always enjoyed hearing "Van Halen' when it was being played on the radio. RIP.
  9. Try @Tom Cooper to get his help. HTH
  10. Howard Shore's CDs of the soundtracks to the "The Hobbit" movies and "The Lord of the Rings".
  11. It's being shown on "Regular", "Live", "Cable"(however, you might call it), tonight on the CBS network in the USA. it was on their "CBS All Access" streamlining service since its premier. I intend to give it a watch to see how it is. I watched the episode; not bad; will watch it for the next few episodes. Normally, the TV networks are showing new series and new episodes of returning shows; but, neither new shows, or returning shows have happened. So, this may get more attention than usual. I actually read the opening credits(producers, writers, etc.) and saw that Eugene Roddenberry was on
  12. Hey! Wait a minute! Wasn't there a thread about ugly medium bombers being built by the RAF and the Luftwaffe some months back? This actually had some good questions and some good humor(humour for all our good UK members). Joe
  13. JPuente54

    Bill Koster RIP

    I knew nothing about him; but, it is clear that he had a great influence on many modellers in the world. We are all in his debt; and we have lost a great modeller and designer.
  14. So sad to lose this great lady, she was a very good actress; and, by many account, a great person. RIP
  15. JPuente54

    Haze Paint?

    @Corsairfoxfouruncle, thank you, as i wrote, my computer didn't want to do it for @72modeler, but, now it does, go figure. Mike, I know that you have mentioned the "Haze paint" a couple of times. but, @Dana Bell is the one who knows the subject best. Now if @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies, Xtracolour, and Tru Paint could develop these paints correctly(and other companies)........ Joe
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