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  1. JPuente54

    Our best friends

    Lost our little Yorkie, Sonny back in March 2009; he was killed by a neighbor's dog. He was always cheerful, full of life, and unafraid. Oh, and the squirrels, chipmunks, and mice were not welcome in the least in his sight. I miss him every day still. Our new little guy, Charlie, doesn't have some of those qualities; but, is a great little dog for all that. My sympathies for all of you above. Joe
  2. JPuente54

    new-tool F3H-2's!

    Just saw this about that long ago, too. I look forward to seeing and buying them. Joe
  3. JPuente54

    And we lose another one

    Good ceilings and a good landing.
  4. JPuente54

    Remember Pearl Harbour!

    I have to agree with you in toto; my father and uncle had enlisted(not drafted) in the US Army before this happened; I believe. Let us remember!
  5. JPuente54

    Put a Face to your Name Mk.II

    And, no pre- or post shading has been done either! You'll be expelled by "The Spanish School", and have points docked at the Nationals. Joe
  6. JPuente54

    Put a Face to your Name Mk.II

    You look like Jeff Goldblum's cousin or younger brother. Joe
  7. JPuente54

    Zero Wheel Well colour?

    Have to second @Toryu's recommendation; I just got this recently. Just dipping into it reveals a wealth of information about this iconic aircraft.
  8. It has been a great and magical ride. Thanks! Joe
  9. JPuente54


    Annnnnnnnnd: Rimshot!
  10. JPuente54

    Livarno Display Cabinets at LIDL..Now Sorted, thanks.

    Those are very nice looking and useful pieces. Joe
  11. JPuente54

    We will remember them

  12. JPuente54

    Obituary of John MacDonald DFC

    RIP Brave Sir
  13. JPuente54

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    @MrT,I can't disagree about the ants; the first time my stepdaughter watched the movie with me; she burst out in laughter when the ants appeared. I just grinned. But, considering that special effects still had to be physical/real; it was a good effort. You are correct about how they still build up the story. Did you notice that the scientist and his daughter arrive in New Mexico in a B-25?