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  1. JPuente54

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    Here is Part 6 of the Compucolor line; these are all Railway Colours. Again, many have a BS381C/4800 listing. Great Western Railway London North Eastern RR London South Western RR Great Eastern Railway General Finishes Transport Colours CR31 Loco Green Post 1945 CR51 Darlington Loco Green CR71 Adams Pea Green CR101 Loco Blue CRS1 Loco Black CT1 London Transport Red CR32 Loco Green Post 1928 CR52 Doncaster Loco Green CR72 Drummond Green CR102 Loco Blue(Undercoat) CRS2 Lining Gold CT2 NBC Red CR33 Coach Brown CR53 Loco Garter Blue CR73 Coach Salmon CRS3 Lining Orange CT3 NBC Green CR34 Coach Cream CR54 Freight Grey CR74 Coach Purple Pullman CRS4 Lining Yellow CT4 NBC White CR35 Freight Grey CR55 Freight Red Oxide CR75 Purple Brown CR105 Pullman Cream CRS5 Signal Red CT5 Brighton, Hove & Dis. Pollen CR36 Loco Indian Red CR56 Coach Teak CR106 Pullman Umber CRS6 Signal Yellow CT6 Brighton, Hove & Dis. Ayres Red CR37 Roof White London North Western RR CRS7 Buffer Beam Vermillion CT7 Southdown Ivory CR81 Chocolate Lake South Eastern & Chatham RR CRS8 Smoke Box Black CT8 Southdown Lt. Green London Midland Scotish Southern Railway CR82 Coach White CR110 Brunswick Green CRS9 Underframe Dirt CT9 Southdown Dk. Green CR41 Crimson Lake CR 61 Dark Olive CR83 Blackberry Black CRS10 Sleeper Brown CT10 East Kent Grey CR42 Maroon CR62 Light Olive Somerset & Dorset Joint RR CRS11 Track Brown CT11 East Kent Red CR43 Freight Light Grey CR63 Malachite(Pre-War) Caledonian Railway CR120 Prussian Blue CRS12 New Sleeper Grey CT12 East Kent Cream CR44 Freight Dark Grey CR64 Freight Brown CR91 Deep Lake CRS13 Worn Loco Black CT13 Tilling Red(Pre 1970, cur. W. York.) CR45 Freight Bauxite CR65 Freight Stone CR92 Coach White CT14 Tilling Cream " ' CR66 Malachite(Post-War) CR93 Loco Blue(Deep) CR94 Loco Blue(Pale) That is all that is on the two(2) listings. There may be other listings that have colours not on my lists still out there. Compucolor was around long enough to offer more than what is here. @lasermonkey, good luck in discovering the ones not here. Dave, here are a few more to add. HTH Joe
  2. JPuente54

    White paints go cloudy and don't cover

    Elliott, as Mike just wrote above, you are in the right place. White is possibly the most frustrating color to paint. It doesn't matter whether you're using enamels, acrylics, lacquer, etc.. It just does NOT want to cover properly. As a young paratrooper at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina in the late '70s, I bought a basic Badger(single action) airbrush and some canned air(couldn't afford a compressor, and I doubt that my company's first sergeant would have tolerated the noise) to use on my aircraft models. Here in the USA, enamels are the predominate paint used. The first time I sprayed white on a plane; I was amazed at how well it covered, the appearance, everything. It made a world of difference. Since then(except a small part or piece, such as a pilot's helmet(I model in 1/72nd), or similar), I always airbrush white. I use a "big hairy stick(regular paint brush)" for everything else, but, an airbrush for white. As I use enamels; primer is not always needed. But, a very large number of the members here agree that acrylics should be painted over a primer. I'd go with that. Mike and Stephan have given you some very good recommendations as to what you can use. Some of the primers can also 'stand-in' for white as well. Good luck in your modelling! Joe
  3. JPuente54

    Gloy Paints range

    @lasermonkey, here is what little I know of the Gloy/Compucolor story. I remember reading of the travails of these range of paints in the early '90s; just not the venue where I saw it. So, I may have some things incorrect. I remember seeing ads for the Gloy range when I started a subscription to the late Alan W. Hall's fine magazine, Scale Aircraft Modelling(I have Vol.1, No. 1 to sometime in the early 2000s). They almost always had a back cover ad keyed to whatever the issue's profile aircraft was: Spitfire, Me109, Phantom 2s in RAF/USAF/USN etc., Ju-88, etc.. The ad would show several profiles of the plane, and then the paints(and their code) to reproduce the scheme. Sometime in the early 80's, they stopped advertising in SAM; sometime a bit later I saw ads for the Compucolor line. I never saw the Gloy range here is the USA; they may or may not have been imported here; I don't know. I did encounter the Compucolor line here when I found a good selection of their paints at a hobby shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado; when I was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. The shop had both the tins and jars of the Compucolor paints. Then in the late 80's, I vaguely remember reading about Compucolor going out of business. The article IIRC, mentioned that many of the people who had worked at Gloy went on to found/work at Compucolor/DBI. When Compucolor/DBI went under; Hannants made the decision to form the Xtracolor line. Don't know if they employed any of the Compucolor people. Perhaps someone else can fill in the gaps here. HTH Joe
  4. JPuente54

    Hello from Thessaloniki Greece

    Nikos, to Britmodeller, it is a great place to be. My name is Joe, live in the SE corner of Wisconsin, USA. My interests are 1/72nd scale aircraft, any era. It seems that at least one member here is familiar with your work. I look forward to your builds, comments, and questions. Joe
  5. JPuente54

    Dutchy checks in

    Hello, and to Britmodeller, Antoni, it is a great place to be. My name is Joe, live in the SE corner of Wisconsin, USA. My interests are 1/72nd scale aircraft, any era. I look forward to your builds, comments, and questions. Joe
  6. JPuente54

    Lifecolor paints?

    sapperastro, try www.astromodel.it, you should find them there. HTH Joe
  7. JPuente54

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    Mark, there is no BS381c/169 equivalent listed I'm afraid. Dave, I have no way to scan at this time; my ex has a printer that may(emphasize may) have that capability; but, don't know right now. Will ask her tomorrow. Joe
  8. JPuente54

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    Compucolor/DBI paints Part 5. The rest of the 12 page listing has one range of military paints(WW2 Italian AF), and a large range of Railroad colours. Italian Aircraft Colours British Rail/Railways CI1 Alluminio CI13 Verde Mimetico 53193 CR1 Rail Blue CR14 Roof Grey(Maroon Coaches) CR26 Scot Rail Lining Blue CI2 Grigio Mimetico CI14 Grigio Azzurro Chiaro 1 CR2 Rail Grey CR15 Roof Grey(Vans & Coaches) CR27 Rail Freight Grey CI3 Giallo Mimetico 1 CI15 Verde Oliva Scuro 2 CR3 Coach Cream CR16 Roof Grey(Diesels) CR28 No colour listed, but, CI4 Giallo Mimetico 2 CI16 Verde Oliva Scuro 3 CR4 Coach Crimson(Carmine) CR17 Lt. Grey(Diesel Stripes) the code is. CI5 Giallo Mimetico 3 CI17 Nocchiola Chiaro 4 CR5 Maroon CR18 Yellow Green(Diesel Skirts) CR29 Diesel Loco Green CI6 Giallo Mimetico 4 CI18 Bianco Avorio 5 CR6 M. U. Green CR19 Sherwood Green(Diesel Stripes) CI7 Marrone Mimetico 1 CI19 Bianco Neve 6 CR7 Steam Loco Green CR20 Freight Crimson CI8 Marrone Mimetico 2 CI20 Verde Anticorrosione CR9 Early Bauxite CR21 Warning Panel Yellow CI9 Marrone Mimetico 53193 CI21 Bruno Mimetico CR10 Late Bauxite CR22 Inter City/Scot Rail Dk. Grey CI10 Verde Mimetico 1 CR11 Early Freight Grey CR23 Inter City/Scot Rail Lt. Grey CI11 Verde Mimetico 2 CR12 Rail Red CR24 Inter City/Scot Rail Lining Red CI12 Verde Mimetico 3 CR13 Frame Brown CR25 Inter City/Scot Rail Lining White That is it for tonight; many of the British Rail colours also have a BS381C/2660/2600/4800 number as well. Again, will be happy to let you know what they are. Just ask. Joe
  9. JPuente54

    Rookie Airbrusher

    What spruecutter96 wrote above is the best advice around. A clean airbrush is the prime imperative. After that, the best advice is practice, practice, and, yes, more practice. You don't mention what brand and/or type of airbrush and air supply that you use. One thing that can be a good practice 'palette' is a large piece of cardboard(corrugated or just the sheet) that has one side white, and, the other the brown. Use this to practice everything from fine lines to broad swathes of color. This can help you determine such things as the best air pressure, brush settings, thinner/paint ratio(if any, some as Dennis mentioned can be sprayed straight from the bottle), etc.. There are some books and guides available, too. Osprey published one a couple of years ago. I'll dig it and post the title for you. Good luck in your builds. Joe Edit by me: Lee, the title of the book is: Airbrushing and Finishing Scale Models by Brett Green. It is part of the Osprey Masterclass series of books. It was published in 2008; I bought mine in 2009. Its recommended price(on the back cover) is/was $39.95USD. I believe that I paid less for it from Roll Models, Inc. here in the USA for a bit less. Your mileage will vary. HTH Joe
  10. JPuente54

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    Compucolor/DBI Paints Part 4, the saga continues, this listing is from a 12 page booklet that I got either from DBI or Maintrack Models. I don't remember; and, I don't have the envelope of package in which it came. I won't re-list the paint codes and names in the ranges listed unless there is a difference, addition, and/or subtraction. I will state that the "Standard Colours" ranges(gloss, eggshell(satin), and matt) in this listing also have FS, RLM, RAL, and BS381C/4800 after a number of them. If you want me to list them; let me know and, I'll do it. Standard Colours Matt Special Finishes German Aircraft Colours 1936-45 USA Aircraft Colours Post 1946 Swedish Aircraft Colours CSM13 Stone(in the previous listing it is Ochre) CPR1 Grey Etch Primer CG28 RLM 05 Elfenbein No change, but ANA colour no. No change not listed, otherwise the same CG29 RLM21 Weiss listed for some Standard Colours Gloss British Aircraft Colours 1936-45 On the 1 sheet listing, CG28 is listed as Finnish Aircraft Colours USA Aircraft Colours WW2 No change No change RLM21 Weiss; CG 29 is not listed No change No change, but, FS no. listed for most Standard Colours Eggshell British Aircraft Colours Post 1946 German Aircraft Colours Post 1946 British Aircraft Colours 1914-35 British AFV Colours 1939-45 No change, other than stating No change No change No change No change eggshell rather than satin German AFV Colours 1939-45 Israeli AVF Colours French Aircraft Colours USA Modern AFV Colours No change No change No change CAA8 FS34151 Lt. Green CAA9 FS30099 Earth Brown Israeli Aircraft Colours The 1 sheet list did not list CAA8; and, CAA9 was listed as FS34151 Lt. Green No change, but, ANA no. listed for a couple All for tonight, will continue tomorrow(I hope). Joe
  11. JPuente54

    RLM Paint Chip Chart

    Graham, I call it the Merrick one as that is simply the name I re-called; I keep forgetting that the original Luftwaffe Colors second author was Hitchcock. Your thinking of it that way is as good as any. And, it may be the correct one. Joe
  12. JPuente54

    RLM Paint Chip Chart

    Starfighter, @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies uses the Kiroff chart for his matches; I don't know if it is the same as the Hikoki chart or not. There are at least 3, maybe 5 such charts available. The original Merrick/Monogram, the Kiroff, Eagle Editions(I have the Merrick/Monogram one in one of my infamous boxes in the garage; and, the Eagle Editions chart in the basement with my modelling stuff), and the Hikoki one(though it might actually be one of the ones just mentioned). I tried to order the chart here; but, the website wouldn't take my payment. Well, maybe later. Want a ? Talk about matching Olive Drab! Joe
  13. JPuente54


    Hello and to Britmodeller, from Wisconsin, USA, I am Joe, live in the SE corner of said state. You are very typical of the people here; you should fit in just fine. This is a great place to be. You will find it to be a goldmine of knowledge and help. My interests are 1/72nd scale aircraft, any era. I look forward to your builds, comments, and questions. Joe
  14. JPuente54

    B-34 Lexington Questions

    I found this kit at a local hardware sometime ago, and got it when it went on sale(original price was about $30.00USD). I am glad to hear that it has the correct turret; trying to find a B-P one here... eh, don't want to think about it. I started a thread over a year ago asking about it(the kit); and, in classic BM tradition, found all that I wanted to know about the kit; and, a lot of knowledge about the type's use by the USAAF, RNZAF, etc., all of it good. The idea of the paint companies supplying aircraft and vehicle manufacturers on a local basis makes sense. DuPont could ship, say, 6 boxcars of OD paint to Lockheed in Calif.; but, the shipping time could still take 7-10 days to get there. The train would have to make several stops to attach, and detach various other cars, etc.. The RR were very efficient; but, the USA, like Canada, is a vast country. Relying on local paint co. would/could cut down on the time for a shipment. That being said; Tim above could also be correct. @Roger Holden made an excellent point.
  15. JPuente54

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    First, I have NO idea how the double posting of Part 3 happened. I was trying to respond to your enquiry, Dave when it occurred. Mods, if you can/want to remove the second "Part 3" posting, feel free. I have words to describe computers; all of them would result in Mike deleting the post; and, "putting me on a 31 day holiday". And, he'd be correct to do so. Second, Dave, the listing has a photo-copy of a photograph of 3 jars of the paints(18ml), and a 30ml jar/bottle of thinners; they have "Compucolor(the USA spelling, no 'u') Authentic Color" on all the labels. It also has "Compucolor Authentic Color, De Bens Industries, Limited, Newtown, Powys" alongside the photo. The other listing in a 12 page booklet with a light yellow cover also shows 3 glass jars and a jar/bottle of thiners; but, "DBI Authentic Color" on the label instead. The interesting thing is that the photo is identical to the "Compucolor" one referenced above! Oh, and the brief address is the same. HTH Joe If you guys look; you'll find a couple of differences in the WW2 German aircraft colours, too. In @lasermonkey's list: CG28 is RLM 05 Elfenbein(Ivory); CG29 is RLM 21 Weiss. My list doesn't have CG29. I just checked the 12 page listing; it matches lasermonkey's list. Go figure.