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  1. Jamie, two things, your showing how you paint the lids is interesting. i learned a lot. The second is that I haven't heard that song in a couple of decades if not longer. Joe
  2. @72modeler, I just looked at your links. My response is: "Gaaaaahh!!" 24 carat gold is cheaper. And, the prices will only go up.
  3. A friend of mine from Great Britain told me about Britmodeller some years ago and recommended it. It was the best thing I have done in a long time. Lots of information to be learned here; and, great guys to talk to and to learn from them. They are always ready to help. Glad that you joined @Tokyo Raider. And ladies as well with great information. Joe
  4. @Chuck1945, thanks for your comments, it sounds as if their color matches are very good. The little differences that you see are normal. Jamie of Sovereign Hobbies would say that it is fine. Now he does(along with Stew) try to ensure that his line tries to be as close to the BS colors as possible. But, Hataka does seem to be offering a quality line of paints. Thanks for your comments.
  5. Still on the Alan Parsons Project, listening to "I Robot"(again), with "Pyramid" and "Eve" following, with "Eye in the Sky" as well.
  6. Olive drab and yellow, @Selwyn has the correct FS595 number, you can modify it from there. I don't know the FS595 number for the yellow(yes, it does exist); but, someone does. This is the standard color(s) for all high explosive munitions from mortar rounds(I was a 4.2 inch'107mm mortar crewman in my early days) to the 16 inch rounds fired by the battleships to the bombs carried by the USAF, USN, and USMC.
  7. @Dana Bell should get him to post his thoughts on this matter.
  8. I suggest that you watch the bonus/special features on "casino Royale". Producers Barbara Broccoli, and Michael G. Wilson(her step-brother I believe), talked about how the Bonds had become a sort of "uber fantasy", and wanted to do a change. They decided to go to a "Bond from the beginning" after Pierce Brosnan left the series. They discussed the reasons it took so many decades to get the rights to "Casino Royale"(it was bought by a different producer when the book was published), and, so on. It is a fascinating watch and worth the time. In "Spectre" they gave us "Blofeld" for the his first ti
  9. With Testors now gone for the most part, I have been looking at other brands to use. I have heard that Hataka is very good, and works well. I knew that they have three "Lines", @sinnerboy's post gives a good description of them. My question is how accurate are their paints? Do their RAF/FAA colors match? Their WW2/Modern Luftwaffe, and soviet/Russian, and other air forces good matches? Thanks for your help in advance. Joe
  10. Last Sunday I listened to "Ocean Rain" by Echo and the Bunnymen. I have now decided to an all "APP(Alan Parsons Project, and his separate CDs)" playlist on my CD player. It has 6 slots for CDs, so, I am starting with the "tales of Mystery and Imagination" Deluxe Edition with 2 discs. These are all CDs with the bonus tracks; so, a lot of extra music. "I Robot" is next.
  11. JPuente54

    Heron Visit.....

    We have had herons in our area(SE Wisconsin-NE Illinois) for a couple of decades. They are not here now; but, will be back in the warmer spring and summer months.
  12. This is a very large job to attempt. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies's is a good one for us. @Phantome's list of RAF and FAA is a great one of WW2 and the Post War aircraft list is a great one. But, both will state that there are variants that will always occur; and in the latter's list, will be noted in updates. Jamie's is new to here; it appears to be something just set up by him and Stew. These can help all of of us in our research and general knowledge.
  13. I have the Airwaves mottle mask mentioned by @fishplanebeer. I bought it a number of years ago and see that it is a great idea for the small mottles used on Luftwaffe aircraft. My suggestion is to buy or use an old kit/model to practice the spray pressure, etc.. As these were sometimes two colors(RLM Grau 02, Schwartzgruen 70, etc.) putting small pieces of tape or paper over some of the mottle holes might be a good practice.
  14. @Tokyo Raider, Graham has given excellent advice. Check Linden hills imports, https://www.lindenhillsimports.com at the Main Shop title look for AKAN. This line of paint has a large selection of Soviet/Russian aircraft paint in acrylics and acrylic lacquers. @Learstang also has information that can help. HTH Joe
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