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  1. JPuente54

    Zero Wheel Well colour?

    Have to second @Toryu's recommendation; I just got this recently. Just dipping into it reveals a wealth of information about this iconic aircraft.
  2. It has been a great and magical ride. Thanks! Joe
  3. JPuente54


    Annnnnnnnnd: Rimshot!
  4. JPuente54

    Livarno Display Cabinets at LIDL.. 'Heads Up' requested

    Those are very nice looking and useful pieces. Joe
  5. JPuente54

    We will remember them

  6. JPuente54

    Obituary of John MacDonald DFC

    RIP Brave Sir
  7. JPuente54

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    @MrT,I can't disagree about the ants; the first time my stepdaughter watched the movie with me; she burst out in laughter when the ants appeared. I just grinned. But, considering that special effects still had to be physical/real; it was a good effort. You are correct about how they still build up the story. Did you notice that the scientist and his daughter arrive in New Mexico in a B-25?
  8. JPuente54

    When the Wehrmacht and US Army Fought the SS

    Both JohnT and upnorth are correct about the film having been made; I remember going to see went it was released back in 1963! It was also shown on television here in the USA a couple of times; but, I haven't seen it in several decades. upnorth's remarks about the film could be correct. I had heard of the incident that prompted this thread; but, no real details. I agree that a film about this battle is overdue; and a remake of the the rescue of the Lippizzaner horses. Incidentally, there is a farm within 10-15 miles of me where they are raised, trained, and shown. It's located in Lake County, Illinois. Joe
  9. JPuente54

    Blenheim IV's glas"chin" turett

    @dogsbody, Chris, I just read your post, and checked my kit; they are there. I believe that part D7 is the "base" for the single gun fairing. Joe
  10. JPuente54

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    On CD: "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" the expanded version(yeah, I'm a sucker for this sort of thing) On Blu-ray: "M-Is 1-4", and two classics: "Forbidden Planet" and "Them!" At the market: for the benefit of @Darby, bread, as some do demand details, sliced whole wheat, for the making of sandwiches. Also bought some sliced roast beef to put on the aforementioned bread. I plan to also combine them with a slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese and, wait for it, a condiment as well. Catsup or mustard for those interested. Also, a bag of onion bagels, for breakfast, a small frozen pizza, a bag of packaged salad, some small bags of salted peanuts(for snacking), a bag of shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese, a bag of "baby' carrots, to have with the salad, a bottle of calcium supplement(I have had both arms broken in falls in the last decade; I figured that was nature's way of telling me I needed more calcium in my diet.), and a bag of croutons(cheese and garlic) to top my salads.
  11. JPuente54

    Hi from Spain!!

    Hello and to Britmodeller, it is a great place to be. My name is Joe; my interests are 1/72nd scale aircraft, any era. I look forward to your builds, comments, and questions. Joe
  12. JPuente54

    Um, hello? The door was open...

    Hello and to Britmodeller, it's a great place to be. I look forward to your builds, comments, and questions. Joe
  13. JPuente54

    May I introduce myself

    Hello and , Stefan to Britmodeller, it is a great place to be. Your Gremlin looks fantastic! I am Joe, live in the SE corner of Wisconsin, USA. I look forward to more of your builds. Joe
  14. JPuente54

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    "A Christmas Carol(Alastair Sim version)" "McQ" Both on Blu-ray, I have never seen Mr. Sim's version; my understanding is that it is considered to be the best adaptation of Mr. Dickens' classic book. I have the George C. Scott-David Warner version of the mid-80s; it is quite close to the book as well. I look forward to seeing how they fare against and with each other.