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  1. JPuente54

    Flat Coats

    True North Precision Paints also has a clear flat as well as a satin and gloss coat. You can find them at https://www.truenorthpaints.com. Yes, they have other paints to check as well. HTH Joe
  2. The name looked familiar when I read the title; then, I remembered after reading @John Tapsell's post. It has been years now; but, I remember Tailpiece, Grumpy Old Modeller, and other bits and pieces that he wrote over the years. I am in complete agreement with all that he shall be missed. RIP
  3. Whichever paint you get; don't forget to get the paint line's thinner. All paint companies, enamel, acrylic, and lacquer offer a or several thinners for their paints(Testors offered a general thinner as well as an airbrush thinner as an example). Acrylics usually require a primer as well. I know that Mission Models does require it; they do sell it as well. AK Interactive has a set of paints for the Imp. Japanese Navy that are very accurate. Again, a primer and thinner are needed for them. Good luck in your choices. HTH Joe
  4. I have used a card table as well. As long as it is steady; it should be fine. I now have the old dining table as my workspace for modelling. The card table is folded and stored next to the furnace.
  5. @busnproplinerfan check Micro-Mark's website, https://www.micromark.com. They offer parts and supplies for resin casting. They may not be able to send the chemicals for the resin; but, can mail everything else needed to include measuring cups/beakers for the resin ingredients and the mold release chemicals. HTH Joe
  6. Count me as a supporter of a Luftwaffe ground transport set. Airfix has 3 new medium bombers and there are a large number of other kits of Luftwaffe bombers to make such a set a great addition to anyone's collection. And, Airfix will probably add several new Luftwaffe bombers to its line.
  7. The Dubai Airshow this year showed the new Su-75 "Checkmate" at the show recently. Has anyone else heard or read anything about this new aircraft? "Checkmate" is the name the Russians have given it. National Defense Magazine has a small article and photo in their email I receive. It is being presented as a Russian alternative to possible F-35 buyers.
  8. Last Sunday I listened to "Point of Know Return" and "Leftoverture" from Kansas. Now I have "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" from Elton John(Now Sir Elton). Only the classics today. Joe
  9. Kitlinx in the USA also sells Dspiae tools and some, if not all the blade types needed. HTH Joe
  10. Interesting thread, I had not known that the RAF was considering a purchase of the F-111. All the posts here are showing me something new. well, that is something that everyone needs everyday. Thanks much! Joe
  11. I used RLM 70 Schwartzgrun(Black Green) for the 50kg bombs on the Airfix Do-17Z. I believe that the 250kg bombs on the sprues would be the same color. @dov's question of the actual paint color is an excellent one. This will do until we can find the document(s) stating what was to be used. and, yes, RLM 02Grau could have been used in place ofr RLM 70.
  12. Will need a large amount of paint for it. Maybe Jamie @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies, and Stew @Stew Dapple can fill pint/quart pans/tins of their great Colourcoats for you to paint it?
  13. For US modellers, Micro-Mark does have 2-3 vacuum forming machines in stock for doing your own vac-forming. They can sell overseas; I believe that they can adjust the voltage to work on UK and/or European electrical lines. You can write them to ask. There is/are a couple of dealers on BM's "Dealers" section who can sell or let you know who does sell these devices. HTH Joe
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