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  1. There are "whatifs" on other fora(hyperscale, modeling madness), using a wartime Luftwaffe aircraft with the swastika. I agree with many others and say go ahead. If someone can make a German carrier jet aircraft "whatif"; yours should be fine. Joe
  2. JPuente54

    Best RLM 02?

    @Otakar Linden Hill Imports has a large selection of AKAN paints in their Acrylic and Acrylic lacquer range. check their website for what is in stock.
  3. If Elvis was "The King of Rock and roll"; Little Richard was definitely a "High Prince of Rock and Roll". He will be missed. RIP
  4. A Tea clipper might be faster.
  5. This is a great topic here. I believe that even Zvezda in Russia has to pay a licensing fee for its kits. If you read the box on its "Su-33" and some others the company thanks Sukhoi and other companies for their help and that they have a license for the kit.
  6. "I Robot" by The Alan Parsons Project, the expanded tracks version.
  7. Actually, decals/transfers of the camouflage scheme may be better to use than paint in 1/72nd and smaller scales. In 1/48th and larger, it is more of a debate for either. The problem may be the ability of the company to print the 'correct" color(s). Still as @Nigel Bunker asked it would be nice if IPMS/Russia, or anyone could print a good and accurate camo. scheme of the Su-57.
  8. JPuente54

    Sir Tom Moore

    His story was told and celebrated here in the USA on the news. My complements to him and his achievement. And, he seems to be in good health.
  9. While "The Buggles(apologize if misspelled)" only had the one hit; one of their members has had a great career as a movie composer. He is Hans Zimmer who has composed the music for "The Gladiator", the three "Batman" movies directed by Christopher Nolan; a couple(or more) of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies; and, a great many more.
  10. I am stuck on classics for some reason. I was playing ""Eldorado A Symphony by The Electric Light Orchestra", on my new compact disc player. The player is made by Onkyo, a 6 disc unit. The music sounded great and the opening with the great drumming is still absolutely fantastic. Oh, this is the CD with the bonus tracks added. Not sure if it belongs here or in the "acquisition" column. I recently received the above mentioned CD player to replace my old one. The old CD player was an Aiwa unit bought in 1999. It was a 5 disc player and was quite good until sometime in 1999 when it started to not play CDs properly. I then ordered a new CD player from Crutchfield in Jan. of this year. It was on a delay; they had an April 1, 2020 delivery date. Then they sent an email for May 1, 2020. However, it was delivered on April 15. I opened the box and plugged all the cords into the player and receiver. The old audio cord had to be replaced(Crutchfield packed a new one in the player's box). I haven't tried several CDs in it yet; will do so tomorrow. The player is an Onkyo DX-C390 CD player which can hold 6 discs. I bought it because of the brand(I have an Onkyo HTIB system. It has provided great sound and service for over 10 years); and it was the lowest price for the type. At $180(USD), it wasnt' cheap; but, the next player is around $300(USD).
  11. JPuente54

    Stirling V

    @72modeler show us a photo of your furry little grandchild. On a serious level, a transport version would be a type to be built. Airfix needs to produce a new Stirling to replace the old one. And should offer several Marks off the new molds. Joe
  12. @Tokyo Raider, welcome to Britmodeller! This is a great site; and the members have a lot of information to share. @Graham Boak,and @dogsbody, are always willing to help as am I and hundreds of others. You have received some good help from them already, you will receive more if you need it. Good luck on your project, let us know how it looks as and when it is built.
  13. This looks just as bad as my old kits built when I was 13 years old. I wouldn't change anything other than cleaning the dust and dirt(gently, please) off the old model. Otherwise,@John T, @canberra kid, @Vesa Jussila, and the others advise; use it to bring back great memories. @John T's idea get a new Valiant from Airfix is a very good one.
  14. @Markh-75, I do too; on both vinyl and CDs. I might have a couple of the most recent on CD only, "December" which was released in the late '90s, early in the 2000s(not sure), is only on a CD in my collection. I never saw it in a store, found and ordered it from Amazon. My sister was a big fan of The Beatles. I do have a great appreciation for their work. They did a lot of work to become the group they were and are.
  15. George Lucas did view a lot of war footage from WW1 and WW2 aircraft to get a very good idea of how the aircraft made their attacks on ground targets. It's very possible he saw this or a part of this film in his viewing.
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