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  1. It's actually a great joke(based of names). I read his biography a year or two ago(maybe over 3); and learned that he had a very different point of view. My good friend Walt stated that he definitely walked to a different drummer. He had a sense of humor; and was famous for pranks that got him into serious trouble. More than a few commanders were ready to court-martial him. His great ability to fly(and many of his companions and commanders could never explain how he flew the 109 variants) was why they didn't court-martial him. He was also known for his many girl friends. As I wrote; it's not that bad. Could have been better; but it worked. And, I agree with @Sturmovik's statement.
  2. I just ordered two sets of paints from AK Interactive. One set is for the IJNAAF. I know from Nick Millman that this set(my apology for any mistakes in the title) is quite good in its colors for IJN aircraft. However, AK Interactive released a set of paints for the IJAAF in the last few months. Nick also consulted AK Interactive for these as well; but, as far as I know; has commented on them as to their accuracy. Has he done so in his blog? If some one could direct me to this; I would appreciate this. I have emailed Nick; but, I am aware that he is busy; and don't expect him to answer right away. TIA Joe
  3. A memorable character, May the Force be with him.
  4. You could write Italeri for a set of the props; I believe that they did a C-130 kit with those types. I don't remember the kit number or C-130 model(C-130J maybe). Or you could ask in the "Buy and sell" forum(I know they use a different name in BM) on this site. Good luck Joe Further addition, offer to pay for the parts and shipping, the company may be more willing to send the props. Joe
  5. I have to agree with @stever219; it is priceless! Joe
  6. My first entry here in several months(I have a thread about that in "Chat". I have detailed my health problems in it.) I have a plasma TV bought in 2010(Dec) that is showing that it is coming to its end(a colored band; boxing lines etc,; then it has a fine picture). My boss has agreed to a new one. She has been pointing to a 4K rather than a a standard HD TV. Because we(SE Wis.-NE ILL area of USA) don't have 4K being wired to us; I have been reluctant. However, after looking at a "Membership Dealer(I can supply the name if interested)" outlet; I had to admit that they had some great ones available. And, they were all half the price of my old old Panasonic. They had a 47 inch Samsung at $300.00(USD). I paid $650.00 USD for the old one. So, still waiting a couple of weeks on that. However, I realized that I would need to buy a new receiver for the TV, a 4K Blu-ray player, etc.. I checked one of the best overall online dealers in the USA(will give name if interested). First, a bit about old system, it is an Onkyo "Home Theater System". It had the receiver, the speakers(7 of them), and a powered subwoofer. It is also a "THX" qualified/certified system(receiver and speakers). And, it has provided great sound. But, I did need a new one with a 4K, the ability to use Dolby "Atmos" and DTS "X" soundfields. So I ordered a new receiver. It matches my speakers in power(140 watts); so don't have to buy new ones. It has Dolby "Atmos", DTS "X", etc. I am reading the manual(had to do that with the old receiver; you can't just throw them together anymore). Am figuring to wait for the new to install. I would still have to buy the new speakers for the "Atmos ahd dts'X'" speakers, the 'banana speaker' inputs, etc. I am not an audio expert(I knew one in my company back in 1981; he had his stuff wired in all sorts of ways that worked perfectly. And, he had 2 or 3 VHS players(when these were the big deal.) wired in as well. So, is this the best way? Your answers are welcome. Joe
  7. JPuente54

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to everyone. Joe
  8. A horrible to hear and see thing, but as Giorgio N. wrote; no life was lost. also, the "Crown of Thorns" was saved. And the Great Cross still is with us. My friend Walter worked in London Europe for over a decade and would see the Cathedral when in Paris. His father was a in the German military in the 40's(yes, one of those guys); but, was always a devout Catholic. Walt was happy to see the reports of singing in the streets of Paris of songs such as "Ave Maria" and others. The money being pledged is indeed a great thing. Joe
  9. Thanks, met my new personal doctor yesterday, she has recommended me for therapy. Don't know when it will be started; but, I look forward to any help. Your comments are always most welcome and helping.
  10. Just a note about me so far. I am still on "LoA" with my employer. The biggest change I have noticed is in my vision. I require more light in darker areas than before. I do have trouble seeing smaller objects at shorter distances; if I concentrate on the spot it does show. So, am working on that. Online and reading help 'work the brain" and just reading here at BM and other sites(other subjects). Don't get me wrong; I can see the small stuff; just takes more to see them. The more I use them; the better it improves. It's a small thing; but, I knew that. And, the great guys here are always available for help and knowledge. Joe
  11. Wonderful to return here and see improvements and the like. Thanks! Joe
  12. He makes a good point. As an American with a great interest in RAF/FAA aircraft; this would provide a nice guide. Joe
  13. Jamie, I am very thankful for her actions. A medical doctor can be very handy at times! I remembered you and Stew; but, not much else. Now I do. Thank you for your comments and concerns. This is truly a great place to be. Joe
  14. Thank you all for your comments and complements, you are helpful and truly the best. I forgot to mention that "The mods" blocked me three times when I when I came back on to prevent a possible crasher. That is fine; I am thankful for that protection. And, thank you Stew; I had forgotten your company's name(Jamie forgive me) but yours and Jamie's I remember. His last name, though, can't remember, but now I can find. Now I can remember "Sovereign Hobbies"! Maybe wrong spelling, but I can remember it. Steve ,thank you, Eric, correct ,and thanks. Mr. T, thanks for your encouragement, and letting me know that regaining these things can happen. CC thank you for your words, bzn20, thanks and I work toward it. bentwaters, thank you. You are all the best, and very, very helpful. Joe
  15. I have been separate from BM and everything else because of illness. It is great to be back here! First, what happened with and to me. On Feb. 3, 2019, I started having having 'nervous problems(as in my nervous system)'. Talking on the phone to my stepdaughter alarmed her greatly. She got else the hospital at the same time(I didn't know you could do that.); relayed my problems; and ordered an Uber for me. My stepdaughter is a psychiatrist and knew that I had a serious problem. The hospital doctors eventually determined that I had been suffering from(for lack of better phrasing) "small series of small white strokes". My high blood pressure was also a factor. After 3 weeks in the hospital, I was released and returned home. There are some things that have changed. My vision is a bit different from the strokes. I do have to concentrate on "details" looking at matters. I see them; but really must pay attention. My duties away from home are limited. I am not allowed to drive until the doctors say so. No, I don't know when that is. And, I am not working until the doctors say. For the last several weeks, I haven't had much to do. My Russian brother-in law was bored because I could do nothing until she(me ex wife actually) suggested I show my model kits(aircraft). He actually did have an interest in that it was what I was interested. It helped that a lot of the models were Russian. The Airfix He 111H-6 didn't interest him. I understood that. The Zvezda Su-33did; and he so were a few other kits. After he and his wife left for Russia; I didn't have a lot to do.But I remembered that I had a great book that could occupy me. That was @Nick Millman's superb book on the Zero color of WW2. The reading for me to concentrate on the type faces, really small types, numbers, etc. did a great job of working my eyes, brain, and the rest. Not your intent, but, it did a great job of doing that; and my stepdaughter was glad that I had something to work my brain. And, guys,it is filled with good information. Until tonight, my computor was closed. She figured how to open it and unlock it. New passwords, but it opens and works. And, you guys are available to chat.It's late must go. Later guys, thanks for listening.
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