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  1. Eduard does make a 1/32nd scale set of seat belts for the Lancaster. It's for HKM kit; but, these should be a fit.
  2. I believe that Osprey's line of "Men at War(or Man at War< don't recall the correct title, apologies)" has several titles concerning the Luftwaffe in North Africa with some excellent photos and color drawings of the men and their uniforms and equipment. HTH
  3. I have seen a D3A1 being listed as a "Pre-Order" in the Kitlinx website. I don't know; and it isn't listed either way: if it is a "New Tool" or the old kit being offered. Joe
  4. JPuente54

    RAF Dark Green

    @wschurr Kitlinx does sell the Xtracolor line of paints here in the USA. Check their website to see if it is stock. Colourcoats is also a good brand; and can be ordered from two places here in the US. Again, check their sites to see if it is in stock. True North also has a line of RAF/FAA paints, you can also check them. HTH Joe
  5. The last few weekends I listened to The Moody Blues from "Days of Future Passed" to their last one, "December".
  6. Fine Scale Modeller had an article/mention in a recent issue(can't remember the month, but, it was published within the last 3-4 months) writing about WW2 Olive Drab. They had a list/show of 22-40(if not a few more) "shades of O. D.". You could use any of a number of paints of "Olive Drab" and be close if not correct. Jamie, @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies has two different shades of Olive Drab in his Colouroats line of paints. So, you do have some latitude here with your choice(s).
  7. A Brazilian infantry division was assigned to the US Fifth Army if IIRC; so, it makes sense that there would be several squadrons of the Brazilian air force as support to them and the Allied forces.
  8. My favorites: Perry Mason(the classic 50s-60s series) and the TV movies that Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale did in the '80s. The X-Files, the last two seasons did drag; but, Seasons 10 and 11 did give a nice re-boot. Star Trek(TOS), Star Trek voyager, Hawaii Five-0(the new series which just ended a year ago), Blue Bloods, Smallville, Nash Bridges. I do have a couple of non-fiction shows that are my favorites: Josh Gates Tonight, and his Expedition X. These are on The Discovery Channel.
  9. I had almost forgotten to mention that True North Precision Paints also has a line of RAF and FAA paints in their enamels. I would suggest that you order 2-3 of their paints; then compare with one of the others(Xtracolor and/or Colourcoats) to see how well they do or do not match. Their website is https://www.truenorthpaints.com . I have used their WW2 RLM paints with good results. I have compared True North's paints with the paint chip chart from Eagle edition's. Before anyone mentions the one used by @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies; I have tried to order it; but; the site in the UK won't accept my order. I have tried. Oh, their RLM 66 and RLM 02 colors were a good match. HTH Joe
  10. In the news this morning it was announced that actor William Shatner will be going on one of Mr. Jeff Bezos crafts into space later this year. At 90+ years old, he will be the oldest man to travel in space. Good on him, I say. Mods, move this to a different space if you think it should be.
  11. I have ordered from H&B Hobbies and from White Ensign Models; and, received Colourcoats Paints from them. It can take awhile for a resupply of some them(still waiting for a supply of the US equivalent of 'sky'), but do have the USN paints for my kits of WW2(SBDs,TBFs, etc.) and USAAF aircraft interiors and exteriors. A couple of general use paints 72were purchased as well.
  12. There is a Hind A available of very good quality. It is the Zvezda Mi-24A "Hind A" Kit No. 7273. It was released a couple of years ago; and, puts the old Hasegawa kit of the Hind A in "nice but, wrong" category. Zvezda does offer the Hind D and E models as well; I believe that their Hind D is a good one. HTH
  13. I was going through the Model Master modelling book(yes, they had one) which has paint chips for their Model Master and Model Master 2 paints. I had forgotten that that Testors had made an aotake paint in their Japanese line. It is called an Interior Metallic Blue paint color. When I looked through my "fast and easy references"; I found that Aeromaster had a blue color aotake in their enamel line of paints. you might find the Testors line in some shops that are selling off the ones still in stock. HTH Joe
  14. Do you get The Discovery Channel in the UK/Ireland/Europe? I ask as Josh Gates has two shows on Wednesday evening(in the USA) covering historical, cryptic, and, maybe supernatural subjects. one is "Expedition Unknown", the other is "Josh Gates Tonight". Last night(Sept. 22, 2021) he was looking at the Normandy landing. While he was at the Pointe du Hoc, he was told to look at Maisy Battery(my spelling may be wrong, apologies). He found Gary Sterne(again my spelling may be in correct), who did much to bring so much of the Normandy area back into historical interest. They talked to a couple who are also studying the Normandy area. They had a LIDAR equipped drone scan the area looking for any hidden bunkers and found two that had been covered. A back hoe was brought in and dug out two bunkers which had been buried. He also likes to interview actors of his favorite movies(Josh is a big fan of "The Goonies") and television shows, other explorers, etc. I can recommend the programs he produces.
  15. The new James Bond film is getting an October 8 release date here in the USA.
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