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  1. JPuente54

    What have you purchased / been given

    Oh, so that's how it works! No one ever told me that. Now I know why I haven't been able to my old ELP albums. Bad joke aside, I didn't even know that such a thing as a 'cartridge protractor" existed. I remember the one for math class; and, the map protractor that the US Army gave me to use for land nav.. My new thing to learn for today! Joe
  2. This is really taking shape beautifully! The two of you have done a great job of building the set. Joe
  3. JPuente54

    Kids and the future of modelling

    What a great thing to do! I agree totally with Chris' statement. They do seem to build them with a high standard; the models shown look great. Thanks for telling us! Joe
  4. @HowieWowie, Linden Hills Imports in Crugers, New York might be able to ship AKAN paints to you. Their acrylics(not the acrylic laquers) should be less problem to ship/mail than enamels. Contact them to see if they can. Link here: www.lindenhillsimports.com HTH Joe
  5. JPuente54

    What have you purchased / been given

    That's a good one, too. And, I did write possibly. But, I do like "Code of Silence" just a bit more; Dennis Farina as Chuck's partner adds a bit of humor. It's one of those "6 of one, half dozen of the other". Thanks @Procopius.
  6. JPuente54

    B-17F Memphis Belle

    @72modeler, I know that you have been following this one; and, good for you that you have! You seem to stumble on these treasures while searching for other things. I don't know how you do it; but, keep it up! We are all the better for it. Joe
  7. JPuente54

    B-17F Memphis Belle

    And post-shaded as well! They also forgot the exhaust stains. The "Spanish School" of weathering will fail them for sure! Sorry for the late posting, it is a beautiful job of restoring nonetheless. Joe
  8. JPuente54

    What kind of sign is this?

    @roys, so would I! @John Laidlaw, thanks, I shall check it out; Hales Corners isn't that far; have heard of Glenkinchie. Everyone else, thank you for your comments and suggestions, all are very helpful. @Gorby, thank you for compliment, I shall need it. My understanding is that I am to spoil him/her rotten; then hand 'em back to the parents! Oh, and the only way for me to know whether they are to my liking; is to taste them. Thanks again. And Beardie, thank you for educating me on the spelling and its origin. Very helpful! Joe
  9. JPuente54

    What have you purchased / been given

    On Blu-ray, "Big Jake" with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, need I say more? And, "Code of Silence", Special Edition, with Chuck Norris, Dennis Farina, and Henry Silva. Possibly Mr. Norris' best movie of the '80s.
  10. JPuente54

    What kind of sign is this?

    @Beardie, they may have it in stock; I was just doing a quick look in the that aisle. I spent a bit more time in the aisles featuring the beer; ran across a brand that my university room-mate recommended; so, bought it. But, I shall give it a try. Thanks. @Black Knight, I have heard of Black bush; may try it just to learn how it is. @hendie, thanks for your suggestion, sounds good. Off topic, look forward to more of "Molding 101". @Harley John, and @Julien, what do you recommend? Oh, and, thank you Hendie for your answer about the sign; it is appreciated. I must admit that I expected a bigger reaction by the Scottish members to the spelling on the sign than has occurred so far. But, as always, BM members come through with their comments and suggestions. I look forward to more. Thanks again! Joe
  11. JPuente54

    What kind of sign is this?

    A couple of weeks ago, I was in a local purveyor of adult beverages(liquor store) close to my home(the store is located in NE Illinois). While inspecting its many fine products, I wandered into the aisle showcasing its many whiskeys. The aisle's signs were labeled: "Bourbon Whiskey", "Irish Whiskey", "Rye Whiskey", and, "Scotch Whiskey". Yes! It was spelled that way. The question I ask the many BM members from the northern end of your great island is if this is a sign of barbarism, illiteracy, or the apocalypse. Incidently, they do offer a quite good selection of fine Scotch whiskys; to include Johnny Walker, and many others to include Glenfiddich(single malt). This latter is priced around $70.00USD a bottle. Is this price too high(I am aware that various taxes are part of the price)? Or about right? Last, my former step-daughter and her husband are expecting their first child at the end of November. While I am divorced from her mother; I have been asked to help with all the usual duties of a grandfather(which I happily accept). Would buying a bottle of the aforementioned Glenfiddich be an appropriate way to celebrate the birth of said child with opening it and pouring a libation to all at the hospital(relatives and friends) upon the birth of the baby? I would, of course, consider the nectar of the gods as a medicinal draft to keep the hospital "busybodies" away. Joe
  12. JPuente54


    Hello and to Britmodeller, it's a great place to be. I am Joe, live in the SE corner of Wisconsin. My interests are 1/72nd scale aircraft, any era. I look forward to your builds, comments, and questions. Joe
  13. JPuente54

    Hello everyone

    Hola, and to Britmodeller, it is a great place to be. My name is Joe, live in the SE corner of Wisconsin, USA. My interests are 1/72nd scale aircraft, any era. I look forward to your comments, builds, and questions. Joe
  14. JPuente54

    Airfix Sea Harrier FA2...

    Mike, Chris, and Andre, I just checked my Airfix FRS.1 and FA. 2 kits; and, the new-tool GR. 1, GR. 3, and GR7A/GR9A kits. The intakes that you(Andre) described are missing from the FAA Harriers. The RAF ones have them molded on the fuselage; just aft of the blow-out doors on the top. They are not separate parts on any of these kits. You could make them from any spare tanks, etc. as Mike suggested. Joe
  15. JPuente54

    ' afternoon from Scotland

    Hello and to Britmodeller, Mick, it's a great place to be. I am Joe, live in SE corner of Wisconsin, USA. My interests are 1/72nd scale aircraft, any era. However, like most here, I can appreciate any well-built model, any subject or scale. And, as has been noted above; there are a lot of people here from your end of the isle. You are in good company. I look forward to your builds, comments, and questions. Joe