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  1. Nice work! Not an aircraft or manufacturer I'm familiar with but you're doing a super job with it!
  2. I've enjoyed reading this thread, top work with an old kit and looking forward to seeing it finished now! Oh for a new tool 1/48 Bucc!
  3. Things have really slowed down recently, which is a shame because the finishing line is in sight, but I've been distracted by other projects. I've found a little time to repaint the spinner and prepare the undercarriage (very flimsy by the way) and wheels. I used the rather nice Vallejo Metal Colours for the gear legs. Thanks for looking. Matt
  4. Hello all, Not a lot of progress to share, but I have completed the decals. Other than the effort involved in multipart roundels, the decals themselves were excellent. Matt
  5. Thank you both for the information, much appreciated. Matt
  6. Hi all, The profile of the aircraft I'm modelling in the Aviation Workshop booklet shows the spinner painted black, however I've seen other examples of 880 NAS Hurricanes with the spinner painted grey to match the fuselage sides. Any suggestions which is more likely? Also, I'm guessing that being a Naval aircraft, any minor damage (scratches etc) the props suffered would have been quickly repainted too. Would people agree? Matt
  7. Still crawling along but paintwork finally completed. Decals next... Matt
  8. Thanks Col! Both wings now painted and all of a sudden it seems to have progressed rapidly! I need to figure out how to mask around the tail, so this seemed a good place to stop for tonight. Annoyingly, despite my best efforts, there's been a bit of paint lift on the starboard fuselage side, immediately above the wing so that'll also need fixing. Thanks for looking! Matt
  9. Hi all, The Hurricane is back on the bench after a bit of a break. There not actually too much to do, it's just a case of getting on with it. Anyway, I've made a start on the upper wings tonight. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I always approach painting in blocks to try and minimise boredom and preserve concentration. If I try to do too much at once, i.e paint both wings, I just mess it up usually! This way enables me to handle it easier too. Hopefully you can see some of the subtle shading around the wingroot. As I like to spray camo freehand, I
  10. You're probably right but I also agree that it makes it look pretty cool!
  11. I think this kit was released in 1994. Thing with highly detailed cockpits in 1/48 scale is little can be seen anyway, especially in a Spitfire so I don't think the simpler cockpit is a big deal. And your right, the Trop filter is a bit special! Matt
  12. I've got this kit in my stash, and I've also just recently finished the Airfix Vb. Despite its age, I think this is the easier kit to build. You can't go wrong with a trop filtered Spit anyway! Matt
  13. Thank you @Nikolay Polyakov. Some more progress, which may just show the amount of filling required to fair in the engines (not finished yet) Matt
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