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  1. Some more progress. While there still obviously areas that need finishing, and other parts that need correcting (I'm leaving the wingtips for now for handing purposes), hopefully this gives an idea of where this is going. Matt
  2. I also assumed I'd just been unlucky. I contacted Airfix but they advised replacement parts would not be dispatched until after lockdown ends, whenever that may officially be. I could however purchase a replacement kit from their online shop which was available for immediate dispatch though . Like you, I just repaired it!
  3. Interesting to note the issue with the hole in the lower wing. I had exactly the same issue with my Vb: Seems its not an isolated issue. Matt
  4. Progress continues to be slow, but I've made the effort to press on with the painting tonight. Boundaries between the camo colours will be done another time when I have more patience, as will the starboard wing! Matt
  5. The painting looks excellent, especially considering it's a two tone scheme. Looking forward to seeing more. Matt
  6. Yep, annoying isn't it. For me the vague attachment of some cockpit parts like the rudder pedals is as disappointing as the overall fit.
  7. Hi all, Managed to get the painting started last night. Slow but steady progress... Matt
  8. Thanks @woody37, definitely agree with your comments about ease of build. Managed to get the underside finished and gloss coated last night so hopefully might get a chance to start the camo tonight...if I'm lucky!
  9. Superb finish on both. If my Spit looks half as good I'll be happy!
  10. Thank you for the very informative response. I get that these profiles are not the most accurate (the fact he has it as a Vb and the airhistory website as a Vc highlights this), I just like the scheme with the filter part painted in dark earth as opposed to other schemes I've seen. I'm not at the stage of painting the upper camo yet so I have time to think about it some more. Matt
  11. On the same website https://www.markstyling.com/spitfiresmkv5.htm Profile 47 (which is actually a Vb! Obviously can't read based on my initial choice!) 601Sqn TZ AB535. In your opinion are the code letters sea gray? Really difficult to tell. Matt
  12. Thanks for the reply. I actually noticed, immediately after posting, that it was a Vc. At first glance, as the majority of the previous profiles were Vb's, I didn't look at the captions properly! Useful information about the sizes etc so thank you, this is an area that always confuses me.
  13. Aaaand painted... Still a few touch ups to do here and there. A quick question for those more knowledgeable than I - if I were contemplating the scheme below: Can anyone advise me what the roundel, code and serial number sizes are likely to be please? Matt
  14. Thanks for your interest Alex. Painting of the undersides in Azure Blue has commenced and should be completed tonight with a bit of luck. I'm using Vallejo Model Air for the first time and it's been an interesting experience so far. Matt
  15. Hi all, I'm nearly ready to start painting. The cannons need a bit of work to blend them into the leading edges, but they actually fit reasonably well. I made the effort to drill out the ends which makes a difference. I took this photo before adding the second cannon. I don't find the plastic that Airfix use particularly easy to sand, or maybe it's more to do with my technique (or lack of!). Matt
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