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  1. Thank you for the comments @Wulfman, @georgeusa and @wellsprop. Glad you like the RN scheme!
  2. @Samuraiwarrior, @RupertTheBear and @Roberto thanks very much for the positive comments! @Roberto
  3. Thanks for the positive comments, much appreciated! Let's hope the next model doesn't also take 7 years! Matt
  4. Hi all, Only took 7 years to finish this! Started originally just after the kit was released and worked on in fits and starts ever since. For some reason I just never had the motivation to finish it until now. Matt
  5. Exhausts painted and fitted tonight. Hopefully get the rear section of the canopy masked up tomorrow. Matt
  6. 6 years and counting... Finally standing on her own wheels. Matt
  7. According to FB, this book is now being printed and will be available/delivered soon.
  8. Hi all, Not posted in a while, but I have been plodding along in the background! And a whole new scale to me - O gauge: Thanks for looking Matt
  9. I've been building buildings and a tree: The house forms a view blocker on my layout and is based around the Fair Price Models pub kit, just used back to front and not used as a pub. The tree is twisted wire and modelling filler for bark, with unidentified scatter for foliage. Matt
  10. Hi Mark, The pub: is it a Fair Price Models kit? If so, I'm also using it on my layout, albeit back to front and repurposed as a house. Good effort with the texture! Matt
  11. Hi Mark, thanks for the comment. The texture is simply household filler applied directly to the surface. Initially it was too coarse so it was sanded right down to give a smoother, but still visible, texture. Matt
  12. Finish line in sight with this one.
  13. Black bits done - decals next... Matt
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