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  1. Thank you for the comments and interest, and also for sharing photos! @2996 Victor, your wagons look great! I've done a bit more, starting with a Peco 7mm NG coach. These are pretty common, so I've done a little bit of extra work - footboards, end strapping, new handrails - for a bit of individuality. To be painted in due course. I've also built a freelance open wagon using a Smallbrook Studios underframe kit. Nothing clever, just a bit of fun Matt
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but is the digital edition available to download? I've never even considered a digital edition of a magazine before so don't want to pay for a download if it doesn't exist.
  3. Nice work @Army_Air_Force. Sorry, I missed your comment until now. Bit of freelance loco progress:
  4. I'm really pleased to see this going to a good home and getting built at last! Looking forward to more progress Tony!
  5. Lots of masking... ...and I have this (still managed to get overspray where I didn't want it)... I actually added some X-14 Sky Blue to the X-3 as it was too dark. I now need to let it fully dry for a few days before doing any more masking. Matt
  6. Thank you @Fritag, much appreciated! Painting has now commenced. I'm using Mr Hobby H1 for the white, and Tamiya X-7 for the red. The blue will probably be Tamiya X-3. Shortly after starting painting the red, it was clear I was going to have to stop. I used a different airbrush to normal, and experienced loads of overspray. So this explains the random nature of the painting in the next picture! The patch of white on the intake is to act as a primer so the red isn't darker here due to the filler being applied at the wingroot. Matt
  7. I've finally managed to fit the intake nozzles - it took quite a bit of effort to get an anywhere near acceptable fit. Obviously I lost some surface detail as a result so I'll rescribe what I can. Note the unpainted rear of the IP's will not be visible once the coaming is fitted! Next I need to sort the underside - I predict more filling and sanding... Matt
  8. Here another long term, and random project that I've dusted off. It's destined to be a freelance 7mm Narrow Gauge loco, loosely based on a Quarry Hunslet. Long way to go yet... Matt
  9. Thanks for the comments @Gondor44 and @Robert! Empty house today has led to some progress. Although I'm no fan of "black-basing", it is useful for cockpit and internal parts so they received a quick coat of Mr Hobby black acrylic last night. Then this morning they were oversprayed with light grey and weathered using a mix of acrylic and oil washes. Instrument decals are from the kit. The airframe goes together ok-ish although as predicted, there are quite a few gaps - the worst of which is where the wing assembly meets the fuselage. I filled the gap with some scrap plastic sheet which will be cut and sanded to shape once the glue has set. Finally, the bits of AM I ordered have arrived in the shape of a turned pitot from Master and some ejector seats from Pavla. More progress soon (hopefully!) Matt
  10. Hi all, I know there's been a Hawk GB here recently, but I'm doing this as part of a small, local "anything with a Welsh connection" themed GB. I've moved away from 1/72 scale in the last 12 months, and sold the majority of my kits in this scale, however I didn't fancy paying 1/48 scale prices! There are basically 2 options in 1/72 scale: Revell and Airfix. I'm not a massive fan of smaller scale Airfix kits, because I think the panel lines are way overdone, so that left me with Revell. This is a typical Revell kit, and has some frankly ridiculous sprue attachment points... ...and lots of random flash. It goes together OK, although it's going to need a bit of filling and sanding in places. Although the markings provided by Revell are that of a 208 Sqn RAF Valley aircraft, that's not really how I remember them. I spent many happy hours at the end of the runway in Valley with my dad in the 90's and in those days the Hawks were all Red and White, or Red, White and Blue so I also picked up these decals so I can do something more familiar and nostalgic: I've also got a few other AM bits to add, but I'm not aiming for anything other than average with this build. Thanks for looking Matt
  11. Very nice work! I'm currently building the A3 weekend version too.
  12. It's looking great and nice work on the freehand camo! I have this kit in the stash so I'll be following your progress!
  13. Cracking subject- looking forward to this!
  14. Thanks Ian! You need to get building some F1 (or Tornado's) soon too!
  15. Another day, another small step forward. The radiators had originally been painted (badly) by brush in Humbrol Gunmetal. Once I'd removed that, they were resprayed with Vallejo Duraluminium, and now look pretty nice. You can (just about) see the carbon fibre decals I've applied here too. Engine is also now approaching completion apart from some more detail painting. I've added some subtle heat staining to the exhausts (or at least I've tried to!) Ford logo now highlighted too. Matt
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