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  1. Great build, looks like a Hunter which has a bit too much around the hips Cheers Markus
  2. Can't go wrong with an NMF scheme. I've seen the Kinetic Zipper at my LHS recently and it looked like a great kit so you should have a fun build. Cheers Markus
  3. You forgot: rescribe, fill again, rescribe, rerivet. Oh yeah, I'm really thankful for that...
  4. Hi, great choice doing an 57th FIS Eagle, due to their regular use of CFTs they were always something special According to a post here the CFT should be slightly larger than the FAST Packs but in absence of good comparison pics I'm not sure if this differences would be really noticeable. Cheers Markus
  5. Hi Ray, a Flanker is always a good choice, Sukhoi's finest is a favourite of mine too. The Naval Su-30SMs with their multicoloured lower fuselage are an especially attractive choice. Cheers Markus
  6. Hi Darren, seems you know your Lightnings well Thanks for the summary about the 'weak' points of the Airfix kit, haven't read about them before. Btw, that F.1 looks great. Cheers Markus
  7. My latest purchase, a 3D printed (FDM) AgustaWestland (Leonardo) AW139 in 1/48. Got it from a guy in Venezuela who resized it to 1/48 for me and modified the original stl-model a bit so I can add clear windows and slide in a scratch built interior. As there is quite a dearth of modern helicopters in this scale and the price was good I purchased two. One will end up as a civil HM Coastguard machine, the other one a military example (either Algeria or Turkmenistan). Cheers Markus
  8. Servus Martin, another heartly welcome from a fellow Viennese I've been a member of various forums before but this one is the first I feel at home so I'm sure you will enjoy it here. I see we frequent the same shops, maybe we've run across each other already. As you mentioned you've wrote a thesis about the Austrian Aircraft Industry in WW1: Is this available somewhere? Would love to read more about this neglected topic. Cheers Markus
  9. Hi Loren, great start, your homeprinted improvements are really impressive Which printer do you use, looks like an SLA? Seems the kit has quite a few airbubbles. That's the worst when working with resin kits: You fill them, sand everything smooth only for new bubbles to appear. Extremely annoying, especially if one wants to do an NMF paintjob. Can't wait for your next update! Cheers Markus
  10. Hi Loren, thanks for your feedback. I've developed a taste for these "Golden Oldies" as they depict subjects not done by any other manufacturer today and have now a sizeable collection of vintage kits with the XF-91 being the latest purchase. Have started with surface preperation in the meantime (read: much sanding to get rid of all rivets) so pictures will follow soon. Cheers Markus
  11. Hi Werner, good start. Great to see some Chinese subjects. I have their J-8D and it is a really nice kit. A pity they never tooled the J-8I (the first version with the MiG-21 type central intake). Will follow with interest Cheers Markus
  12. Hi Darren, nice to see a vac-formed kit being built. The Lightning is such a classic type and I'm really interested to see how the Aeroclub kit goes together. Cheers Markus
  13. Ah, a "T-Bird" on steroids A worthy entrant for this GB and as you say a quite underestimated design. With the Sword kit there is at least a quite recent tooling available in 1/72. Would be great if that was the case for the F-94A/B in 1/48 to retire the old Hobbycraft tooling (something in the quality range of the GWH T-33 would be nice). Cheers Markus
  14. Nice progress, I'm definitely in for one in 1/48. Cheers Markus
  15. Hi Quang, a great deal of hacking and sawing going on. Interesting to see such an in-depht build about how the old (but still good) Monogram kit can be improved. Cheers Markus
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