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  1. Not directly, from what I've read in the various discussions KH sits a huge backlog of kits in their warehouse as demand from retailers was only a fraction of what was assumed. Why this is the case (did retailers cut back their orders? And if yes, why?), no idea. But it seems production outstripped demand by a huge margin lately (on the, now closed, Facebook page KH assumed it will take them 1 year to sell off their stock of remaining kits).
  2. I don't know if it was intended, but this really comes across as lecturing. No modeller must do anything except enjoying the hobby as he/she pleases. Many modellers, casual or not, will not assume that a colour defined may not be the best representation on the market (why should they?), nor do they necessarily care or be aware about modelling forums and such discussions. Because of that, they are for sure no 'sheep' as you called them Others which are interested in colour accuracy discussions and paint schemes most likely have their favourite paints anyway and research which part of an a
  3. That depends, there may be no initial shortage but remember it's a psychological thing too. You can compare it to a bank run. At first people start to fear the bank will not be solvent soon, so they all try to withdraw their money at once, which then leads to the insolvency all feared in the first place. You can see it already starts when you read similar threads on different forums. Many modellers decide now to buy the kits they eyed on for a long time. This will for sure cause some kits to get out of stock soon at many vendors, and this in turn will fuel the purchase of the remaining st
  4. That's what puzzles me too. I've read the comments on their closing post on Facebook yesterday and was shocked that some people cheered on the fact that they were going out of business, claiming they deserved it for the **** they released and belittled the modellers who liked their kits and may pick up the remaining stock (... the ones easily pleased). I cannot understand how one can take certain faults in their kits that personal to spew so much vitriol at them. The dark side of social media I guess Personally, I'm really sad to see them go. Even with their faults they did s
  5. It is just the newest trend in the modelling world. At some point it will go the way of all previous trends which were a 'must do' in the past (highlighting the centre of each panel, preshading, heavy weathering, ...). Don't get me wrong, I'm not against showing rivet lines in general. Wingsy usually does them in a very subtle way, and they are quite appropriate on an NMF subject. I just think it would help if one wouldn't highlight them all uniformly with a dark wash. Like panel lines, some areas get more highlighted due to dirt and grime accumulating, than others. In many cases I think
  6. I'm always happy if 'rivet counters' chime into a discussion and share their knowledge about the finer details of a certain subject. Key is to share this knowledge in a respectful manner. I'm of the opinion that such discussions often derail because the information is brought across, on purpose or not, in a snobbish way which just creates a counter reaction. Then, when the fronts are hardened, it usually escalates quickly. Of course, like every hobby, it sometimes attracts certain 'characters' who have to show off their superior knowledge and let everybody know. Me personally,
  7. Shorty84

    Covid Jab

    I agree with you that it is not especially effective. I mean, we don't even vaccinate during weekends and bank holidays, only between Mo - Fr. There are already experts who warn that we will not manage herd immunity (70% or more) till autumn and risk a massive 4th wave (like the Seychelles who have a surge in coronavirus cases even though 60% of its population was inoculated). Problem is that certain occupation groups enjoy privileges which were granted to them decades ago (basically monopoles) and they and their unions fight tooth and nail against any change or reform to the status quo.
  8. Shorty84

    Covid Jab

    No, it's not specifically related to Covid. It just came up this time as pharmacies offered their services in order to speed up the vaccination effort. In general, certain occupational groups in Austria tend to be very protective if others try to offer similar services. But I guess it is also about money. Doctors receive a fee of €25 for each jab and get an hourly rate if they work in vaccination centres. That way, some family doctors earn more per month than some chief physicians.
  9. Mr. Paint does it too as MRP-90: https://www.premiumhobbies.co.uk/mrpaint/russian/mrp-90-lemon-grey-russian-aviation-primer I guess they also use it to check out the landing zone when dropping supplies or parachuters. The standard Il-76 has a secondary bomber role too, so maybe the MD-90A retained that feature because of this? Or the work to redesign the whole front was just not considered worthwhile, and the navigators complained about the loss of their panoramic view Cheers Markus
  10. Hi Colin, that is quite a rare bird you've built. You have my utmost respect for actually finishing a Unicraft kit, especially so well. I have one kit and a conversion from them and 'rough' would not even nearly describe the quality of the supplied parts. Cheers Markus
  11. Hi Alex, great build and I really like the livery. It is always nice to see some Russian operators other than Aeroflot as they are not that often done. Cheers Markus
  12. Nice, didn't know the Sabre tested the Firestreak. You learn something new every day Cheers Markus
  13. Very well done, I especially like the Argentine example. I was quite surprised (and very happy) when a new tool Martin 139/B-10 was announced as I've not expected that. Cheers Markus
  14. Nice build, the Gaspatch kit seems to be a really lovely little kit. I'm quite impressed with your execution of the fine mottling at the tail Cheers Markus
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