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  1. Its always interesting to see such kits built, thanks for showing it to us. Surprisingly it doesn't look as bad as I imagined (I mean the kit, not your skills ). But that cowl, looks quite....boxy. Cheers Markus
  2. Wow, your Tomcat looks splendid Your photos aren't bad, they look much better than mine for sure. The F-14 always looks great in Iranian colours and kudos to Tamiya for including this marking option. Must be post revolution as it says IRIAF on the fuselage. Cheers Markus
  3. Hi Djordje, the Berkut looks really impressive. Great build which does not look toylike at all If one doesn't fancy doing a black protoype there is still the option to build it as the proposed C-32/Su-27KM carrier based fighter: https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/sukhoi-fsw-projects-from-s-22-and-s-32-to-berkut.2122/ Cheers Markus
  4. Hi Don, looks very nice. I have it's "Russian brother" in my stash and the M-346 looks really tempting. I bet the two would look nice next to each other. Cheers Markus
  5. Hi Loren, very cool conversion, definitely unusual. I had something similar in my head, only in 1/72. My LHS currently has the Eduard rebox of the Hasegawa kit in stock, so... Cheers Markus
  6. Hi Ben, count me in for a copy. I'm currently on a experimental/protoype trip so your Avro 707 would fit nicely into such a collection. Cheers Markus
  7. Hi Pigsty Badger-Cs were always in natural metal and nothing else. Only the glass nosed machines featured white lower sides sometimes. Regarding buildability I really recommend the following thread which covers the exact variant you want to do and may helps you regarding the NeOmega set. Generally speaking, this kit is one of Trumpeters earlier efforts so expect to dry fit everything and expect the use of filler. Don't know if you are interested in an accuracy discussion but as I have the Badger-G kit and compared it to photos and plans and I will only tell you that you that it generally looks like a Tu-16. If you want to go further, expect a lot of hacking... For decals, a few generic red stars and small numbers would do as the Badger-Cs were pretty uniform (and boring) in this regard and I've not seen any specific decals for the "C". Cheers Markus
  8. Hi Adam, the replica in your picture is indeed a Yak-3 but these were actually patterned based on the Yak-3 VK-107, a postwar, all-metal version of the wartime Yak-3 with an different engine. This version has its cockpit moved aft by 400mm (you can see that when checking the position of the glazing in relation to the belly radiator) which made it look similar in sideview to the Yak-9U. The only way to distinguish them with certainty is the wing planform which is different on the Yak-3 compared to all other Yak fighters. Furthermore, while the air intake on the cowl is no doubt a concession to the American engine it was infact present on the VK-107 engined Yaks too. Here an article about the Yak-3 VK-107 where you can compare the sideviews with your photo: https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/yak3/yak3vk107/yak3vk107.html Cheers Markus
  9. Hi, as @exdraken said, the emblem resulted from an internal competition within the (then still secret) Austrian Airforce for a new insignia. Therefore I don't think it has a specific meaning except for the colours used. I had a look at the book "Die verbotene Luftwaffe 1918 - 1938" which covers the little known history of the Austrian Airforce between the wars but unfortunately it does not really adress the creation of the emblem. It mentions though that the first Aircraft featuring the new roundel was a Junkers A 35b which featured it on the rudder (although painted upside down) already in 1934 while still retaining its civil registration "A-75". The official directive to paint the roundel on military aircraft was issued on June 24th, 1935 but the roundel appeared already in spring 1935 when the new Airforce uniforms were issued. So sorry for not helping you with your original question but I hope it still makes for an interesting read. Cheers Markus
  10. Well, looking at this picture I'd say it is not black but a very dark green: https://www.planespotters.net/photo/960769/15-2462-iran-air-force-sukhoi-su-22um3k Quite interesting too, while all the single seaters have the Al-21 engine the double seaters feature the R-29 engine. Cheers Markus
  11. No idea but if the paintjob on this machine is still original than green is correct: https://aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=7932 Cheers Markus
  12. Wow, that's an impressive assortment of aftermarket. I really like your detailed engine. A pity that manufacturers supply whole engines but no "blank" parts to display the engine itself and the kit closed up. I have the Kitty Hawk kit myself so I will follow with interest to see how you tackle this "challenging" kit. Cheers Markus
  13. Nice, like it a lot I even have a Rafale on which I could put your intakes to good use. The black cast looks good, the details are easier to see than on the cream coloured example. Cheers Markus
  14. Shorty84

    Chengdu J-20

    Nice, a "must buy" for me
  15. Hi Andrew, Caracal did decals for this aircraft (CD48119). According to this review the inside of the tanks for this machine were painted black. Their subjects are normally well researched so maybe you can drop them a mail where they got the infos from. Cheers Markus
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