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  1. I know that Encounter At Farpoint ( along with some other 2/3 episode shows)had a limited cinema release last year in the States, that met with great reviews
  2. Don't get confused with this one http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/revell-172-dgzrs-95-m-class-lifeboat/ or 05211 which were the cheap ones. 05238 was £40-£50 when it came out. I know of a shop that has one in at £69.99 (its a bloody big box!), but £200 is still steep
  3. chadders

    Thinners ?

    I used to thin Tamiya acrylics with tap water when I ran out of X20a. Never seemed to make a difference
  4. Just had this from Culttvman. Downscale of the MKII and MKVII to 1:72nd and strangely a 1:5th resin Batgirl. Strange because Batgirl isn't listed as part of the Batman 1:10th set that they have announced, but they're putting it out in resin at twice the size. http://culttvman.com/main/moebius-announcements-from-wondercon/
  5. If it's a problem with the Kit, its free, but if you have broken/lost a part or you want spares for a conversion they charge about three quid for postage. They've been doing it for a couple of years. I think it was due to the actions of a few idiots who were ordering "spares" on a weekly basis trying to get all the parts for a particular kit instead of just buying the kit
  6. Its been available from culttvmanshop for a few weeks, Mines waiting at Coventry at the moment apparently
  7. I was going to drill the windows in mine, then I noticed they were oblong. I took the easy route and just bought window decals, sod lighting them!!
  8. Available to pre order now. Interesting subject http://www.culttvmanshop.com/Colonial-One--Battlestar-Galactica-from-Moebius--PREORDER-RESERVATION_p_2828.html Mark
  9. Very cool. I'm building these at the moment as well
  10. Here's my first completed build for 4 months. It's the Testors Roswell UFO in 1:48th scale. I actually built it last September, but I rushed to finish it prior to moving house and was never happy with it. So I stripped it back, re did the seam work, and did a repaint. I decided to go for a distressed look, to better convey the subject matter. The base silver is just a HumbroL rattle can with weathering a mix of Tamiya acrylics, Flory washes and Tamiya powders. Really sorry about the pictures, I can't figure out Gills camera.
  11. XL319 has its own website and was attached to 617 http://www.avrovulcanxl319.co.uk/history.php
  12. Model Design Construction do a pretty good range
  13. There's a discussion somewhere on here where a member of the Tornado SIG gives the correct colours for this kit. It's also on the Airfix FB page
  14. Sounds like a thinning problem more than anything else. Who's paint and what thinner are you using?
  15. It's just the old Airfix MCRA Tornado, with a sprue for the GR4 bits and new decals. Nothing to write home about, I only got one because I collect the A73*** series kits
  16. The DC3/ Dakota is a new tool in 3 boxings, Dan Air, Military, and a twin box with a Jeep that fits nicly inside
  17. I was supprised when Jamie posted about the signed cards, because R2 said that the cards would be inserted in random boxes. I wonder if he's done a deal for all the ones containing signed cards
  18. Can I just say the it looks like the nose part has been installed upside down.
  19. Have you tried the importers?
  20. Ive just finished getting the hull together on the ghost ship. The only downside I see (and this is being really picky), is that you only get 4 cannons. Aftermarket cannons are available for a few quid so its no biggy.
  21. Zvezda do a 1/100th Ghost Ship which can be built as a generic pirate ship. Its also boxed as the Conquistador. The only difference is that the Ghost Ship has "torn" sails, which would look better on a pirate ship. The Ghost boxing is 1/3rd off at hannants at the moment. Hannants also do boxes of pirate figures in 1:72nd as well as Zombie pirates based on the characters from Pirates Of The Carribean. I've picked up a couple of the boxes of pirates for my future Black Pearl build. http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ZVE9042 http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ZVE9008 http://www.hannants.co.uk
  22. chadders

    Humbrol Clear....

    Ive used it over Tamiya, and Humbrol acrylics and never had a problem. I just watched the video, and read the instructions, and everythings fine. The key is multiple thin coats. One wet coat will eat paint and decals. 5 or 6 thin coats, left to dry, will build up a nice sheen and not attack the paint or decals. I think Humbrol products just arent as forgiving as some, so you just adjust your painting style, if your not used to thin coat build ups. I use it just the same as I do with Klear, that needs multiple coats for a good sheen as well
  23. In my opion Milliput is one of the best modelling fillers around. Sculptable, sandable, works well with water to blend in. Its been my number 1 choice for 20 odd years. The thing I like about it is the fact the it DOESNT react with the plastic, and I've never had any crack either
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