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  1. Morning Paul,


    Hope you are well and have avoided the dreaded Covid ! - Will you want space at our next Show on May 22nd 2022 ??


    Kind regards


    Jeff Brown, IPMS Gloucester

    1. little-cars


      Hi Jeff,   No it got me before it was popular, that wasn't a problem though, I thought the bright red feet looked quite good.  It's the  long covid and, depresion, plus the arrythmia that restarted at SMW2019, plus depression thathas been the problem a couple of months later.    I've had it about 18 months and have only glued a few bit of plastic togeter in that time. Think I'm finally fighting it off. Caught up with the vat returns yesterday and looking forwards to building some kit and putting the 3d printer through it's paces.......

      Anyway,  the simple answer is space yes please.  Not sure at the moment what I'll be selling. Am looking at dropping about 40% of the products wecurrently carry. There is a lot of duplicate in the stock And a some slow selling lines,  so am looking at that & will sell off some stock and have some new lines that I like the look of that I would like to carry.  Simple answer is yes please pu me down for your 2022 show.  Thanks for asking us along.

    2. Gundylunch


      Hi Paul,


      Thanks for the response and being willing to attend again !


      Hope you are feeling better soon,





  2. The problem with pulling the needle forwards is that the new needles have an etched back end that could damage the O rings by chipping bits of the O ring away, or filling the entry air hole can get full of paint if you pull the needle forwards & let paint get in the front of the brush. Personally I always take them out the back of the brush, but it's personal choice. Paul
  3. Drop me a line info@little-cars.co.uk. There are a number if quick release connectors available, depending on the fittings you have & what you want to achieve. We usually have them all in stock. Paul, modellingtools.co.uk
  4. If you have a glass window that is handily placed, then you can get a sheet of glass/Perspex with the right sized hole cut in it. Then put a louvered front on the outside to keep insects etc on the outside when it's not in use. Paul
  5. We have sold a number of people a setup and it works OK. It looks like the compressor has a 1/8th output coming out and an adapter to a 1/4 fitting for the hose you have. All you need are the same two connectors that you have on the other end of the hose duplicated A £4 male quick release to screw onto the compressor output and a hose connector the 6mm clear hose ( (£9). Cut the old connector off the compressor end of the hose. slip the locking collar over the hose. Push the pointy bit at the back of the quick release adapter into the hose & screw the locking nut up. Doesn't need to be very tight. Paul
  6. We are all different and one companies approach to the brush will suit some a different one for other people. The Sparmax brushes I would look at the Max-4 , traditional airbrush 0.4mm nozzle, 7ml paint cup . Gives you a brush for larger area and preset handle on the back. The other is the Sparmax GP-35. o.35mm nozzle, side fed cups. It's a trigger brush with an amazing range from fine detail to reasonable area work, & has a preset handle at the back. Very simple to use pull the trigger back until you feel resistance, this opens the air valve, then pull it more to start the paint flowing. There are also larger nozzle versions 0.5 & 0.7mm. Paul Sparmax GP-35 Sparmax Max-4
  7. Looks like £190 with 30 paints on amazon at the moment. Sounds a bit steep to me and you probably won't use all the paints. Separately £65 for the brush, £10 to £20 for the hose depending on spec. Then you can buy the paints you need,..... Paul
  8. Hi, First check that the nozzle isn't cross threaded or has paint in the threads Then check the O ring is on the nozzle. ,Check the nozzle is fully screwed into the brush. If are still getting air escaping I would try some airbrush lubricant or sewing machine oil on the thread of the air cap to seal the gaps the front of the brush. Paul
  9. Yes no problem : https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/quick-release-27mm-to-18-m--for-18th-hose-104403-3554-p.asp Paul
  10. The one on the Infinity is a 1/8th connection on the brush and a 2.7mm on the other end. There is a choice of quick release adaptors. Standard connector for a 1/8th hose: H&S 1/8th Quick release. With an air regulator https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/quick-release-27mm-air-regulator-18th-male-thread-for-hs-iwata-hose-104703-3555-p.asp
  11. It is, but the Ultra brush is a simplified entry level brush to keep the price down, but using the same needles & nozzles as the main Evolution & Infinity range.
  12. The standard preset handle(123573) will sort of work on the Ultra. You need to unscrew the limiter all the way out. The ultra is shorter at the back end compared with the other brushes, so you need to make sure you don't force the needle through the nozzle when fitting it to the ultra. I haven't tried it yet, but you could possibly add the the rear handle extension which should extent everything so it would work OK. Handle extension Evolution or Infinity 126803 (modellingtools.co.uk) Paul
  13. Sounds like you need to change the needle O ring. Part 7A in the attached parts diagram. https://airbrushes.com/parts_info.php?cPath=400_403_1_9_46&products_id=1850
  14. Yes we stock them and normally supply one and cleaning brushes with the airbrush. PN 128990 They are a yellow plastic cap you put over the airbrush to force the air into the brush to mix paint or help to clean the brush. A little cheaper than the £3.20 that badger charge for a rubber cap. When we charge it's £0.30 If anyone needs one send me an SAE and I'll drop one in the post. The address is under contact on the home page of the website H&S Yellow cap Paul
  15. The only thing I would say if you are having problems is to stick to the manufacturers products. And use the thinner and retarder that the manufacturer recommends for each paint range. Vallejo paint doesn't generally doesn't like solvents, it can gel the paint a little and it can collect in the nozzle and could be part of the problem you are having with the Evolution. Paul
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