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  1. Unfortunately we can't make it to the IPMS Farnborough show today, I have a bad back. So people can still buy their supplies I've setup a 10% off voucher for our online shop. www.modellingtools.co.uk To get the discount, go to the checkout and on the payment page look for 'I have a gift voucher or promo code' . Click on this and enter the code Farnborough for 10% off your order.
  2. We usually recommend the Infinty cr+ with 0.2 & 0.4, then add the 0.15mm needle & nozzle if needed. But it really depends on the sort of subjects you are painting & how fine the details you are looking to paint. It's easy to maintain, flexible in configuration. You can fit any of 0.15, 0.2, 0.4 or 0.6mm nozzles and cup sizes from 50ml down to about 0.5ml. Has the pinch tip air-cap, preset handle with memory function. And spares don't cost a fortune. Paul
  3. Hi, To get ahead of the game we have set the dates for our next 4 shows. We have also been busy standardising our booking and contact procedures. Our contact email address is now info@hamex.co.uk We have also created a form for clubs, displays and traders to fill in to request space at the shows. This standardises the space request procedure as sometimes and gives us all the information we need about your needs as a display or trader & allows you to request space all or any of the next 4 shows. Trader/kitswap table prices are shows in the form. Hamex 11 Kitswap will be on Sunday 24th November 2019 The Model Market 7 is on Sunday 26th January 2019 - We will be announcing a steampunk model competition for this show shortly.... Media Modelling 3 is on Sunday 19th April 2020 smallspace 9 is on Sunday 5th July 2020 The application form is on the website www.hamex.co.uk , along with photos from the previous 26 shows we've put on. Shows are all on at Hanslope Villiage MK19 7NZ Thanks, Paul
  4. I thought it was a lifetime warranty ?? Or have they changed them recently.
  5. Spray booths are still a big bag of worms, these are the options as I see them. When I checked into the options many years ago what became obvious is that if it's not fit for purpose and you get a sparks from the motor then your insurance probably wouldn't cover any damage from the flashback or any sort of fire. The logical choices when spraying (as I see it ), are; 1 Use nothing let the over spray go into the room. - Management usually complains in the short to medium term. 2 Cardboard box to catch the over spray - cheap and easily replaced. 3 Cheap Chinese extractor. (around the £100 mark) They usually state not to be used with anything flammable and leave on for 10 minutes after use to clear the room. Usually don't clear the air as they go, so spray and fumes build up in the room. Check if your house insurance will cover any damage caused 4 Build your own from a cooker hood or fan you have around. Check the certification of the hood, oils/fats are caught by a pre-filter, they are not usually certified to clear flammable vapours Again check your house insurance will cover any damage caused. 5 Buy a fit for purpose booth, sealed motor rated for flammable material, that will do the job properly, cost around £300. https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/graphicair-a300s-d-11995-p.asp Which you go for depends on your budget and your risk level. Options 3 &4 are obviously less of an issue if you are in a garden shed, rather than in your house. I went with the last option when I started modelling again 20+years ago, it's still going strong & has a lifetime warranty, so long term cost per year is low. Paul
  6. Mike, I'm tight with cash & you wouldn't believe my overdraft ! At the time I used the fit for purpose approach and decided on a booth. All I would say is check the instructions of whatever you buy for any restrictions that could create a problem.
  7. Yes, the filter stops the particulates getting into the atmosphere, that's what they are there for. As to cost, a filter for the booth I have is £18 and for a productive modeller lasts around a year. I have a number of customers that I see once a year or two at shows who buy filters.
  8. Mike, I understand your thinking, but unfortunately it's real life problems like insurance you need to be aware of with these devices. If you are putting anything flammable through the brush and the extractor isn't rated for flammable materials then, your household insurance company would not cover you for any damage if there was a flashback fire. I think you will find the instructions to all the cheap Chinese spray extractors usually have a section that says, don't put anything flammable through the device and leave on for 10 minutes after use. Not too bad if it's your shed that gets damaged, but a bit different if it's your home.
  9. Compressors are delivered by courier, next day delivery charge is £10. Thanks, Paul
  10. Hi, A tank is a nice to have, but not critical, especially for an occasional user. All you need is a constant air pressure at the pressure level you use. We only sell two compressors ( the one's I would used myself ). Both are sparmax, one has a tank the other doesn't. The little-jet is a simple 1/8th hp single piston compressor with an attached moisture trap/regulator. Weight is 3.5kg, it runs all the time you are painting and is very quiet. I have people using them in flats & in domestic situations with the other half in the next room. It will chuck out up to 30 psi quite happily & is currently £135 with a 2 year warranty. little-jet compressor The little tank compressor is uses an uprated 1/6th hp motor that feeds a 2.5litre tank up to 60 psi, then the motor stops until the tank pressure drops below 40 psi. It has a detachable moisture trap/regulator on the front and is £210, also with a two year warranty. Little-tank compressor
  11. Hi, I wasn't aware that the limit was so generous, glad you play by the rules. Paul
  12. He may avoid direct US retail Sales tax, but will still have to pay any import duty and other import taxes due. Online stores usually have less overheads than retail stores, but that doesn't mean they are undercutting them. In a niche market it is the only business model that gives you a chance of making a profit. Retail space in a lot of the UK is expensive, I looked at a small shop locally a few years ago and worked out we would out of business in about 3-6 months.
  13. I'm looking at it from a slightly different angle to you. As you say and as I've tested out, Asia under-declare package values. Great if you are a retail customer, but not good for the small UK model businesses, who are being unfairly undercut by these practices. Still lets wait until the end of October, we'll all be paying loads for importing anything then ! Paul Paul
  14. Never had that from the US !
  15. They shouldn't do, unless someone declares an false low value for the package.
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