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  1. Have you visually checked the inside of the nozzle for any paint gells moving around and blocking the nozzle ? Paul
  2. I would send it back for a refund and get something that is fit for purpose. There are a number of people on here that can advise you what to buy depending on the budget you have, what you are looking to be painting & the paint you are using. Paul
  3. This hose system is very flexible in configuration, there are a number of different connectors that can be put on the 6mm clear hose including quick disconnect fittings and you can have a hose up to 100metres long if needed, the fittings on the end of your hose are pushed into the hose and secured by a locking nut, this allows you to cut the hose down to the length you need. Your moisture trap will normally collect the vast majority of moisture, but in hot humid weather it can get past the trap and get in the hose and condense there. At the moment putting the hose outside straight should help the moisture evaporate with the Suns help.
  4. Strange, I have reports from people who have had flashback fires from them.
  5. Hi, The best one around really is the Graphic air / Benchvent A300S-D https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/graphicair-a300s-d--plus-spare-filter-offer-11996-p.asp It has a sealed motor so flammable liquids can be used, a large roughly A2 sized filter and a 2metre hose (longer on request) to vent the particles and gasses out of the room. It also has a life time warranty. I have had mine for more than 20 years, they are made to order in the UK. If you make your own and don't use a suitable motor, then your house insurance would not cover you if there was a flashback fire. This is usually the same with the cheap Chinese extractors. Check the instructions before you buy. Just read the paints you will be using, you really need a good extractor and the right sort of face mask. Paul
  6. Modellingtools will only be taking a small part of our stock range to Sywell on the 26th. So if there is anything specific people need, please let me know in advance by emailing me. Please use SYWELL as the email subject & email to info@little-cars.co.uk. Fingers crossed for good weather. Many Thanks, Paul
  7. Hi, This sounds like a paint blockage in the air passage in the airbrush body. Strip the brush down so you just have the hose with the attached and the air valve & airbrush body. Check air is coming through the air valve. If OK, then attach it to the bare body and check air is getting through. If not, take the air valve off the bottom of the brush and check the bottom of the brush. You should see a small hole where the air valve was screwed in, where the air goes into the brush body. Check that this is not clogged. If that is looks clear, have a look into the front of the brush body. You should see a small open D shaped opening on the right of the inside of the body. This is where the air comes in to the . Have a look with a magnifier/light to see if there is any paint that is sealing the D shape area and stopping the air flow. If there is paint in there, use airbrush cleaner with cotton buds, microbrushes and cocktail sticks to clear the blockage. Paul
  8. Your cleaning looks a little suspect . I suspect this is causing some of the problems. Vallejo doesn't work that with solvent based cleaner, it can gel and form a movable blob in the nozzle that can cause blowback. I would clean the brushes, take the nozzles off and check for any paint gel with a magnifier. When you use a paint range, use the manufacturers thinner & cleaner. If you change to a different paint type flush the brush with lots of water to get rid of any traces from the previous paint type. Paul
  9. These things are usually simple to solve once people can see some photos showing the problem. Paul
  10. Hi, Paint bubbling back into the cup can be because of a damage/split nozzle or clogged nozzle. What paints, thinners, retarder, cleaners are you using???? Have you checked the nozzle for any damage/splits on the end? Have you checked that the needles are OK, not bent and are in the right brush?
  11. For a 2m hose, £4 for the adapter that goes on the badger brush, £9 for the quick release connector for the hose, £2 for 2 metres of hose and £4 for a connector to screw on the compressor. £4 postage (UK), £19 in all. https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/airbrush-hose-to-your-specification--from-900-11792-p.asp Adaptors for the airbrush..... to the compressor I need to sort out, what is the output fitting on the compressor ? Ta, Paul
  12. I think the badger fittings ae the same size, but I would go with a new hose with quick release adapter on the brush(es). And a new hose with quick release connector. Makes taking the brush off and on very quick & easy without damaging the thread any more. And keeps the air in the compressor when you take the brush off to clean it up. Paul
  13. The fitting is the sort that you just push into a vinyl hose. It looks to be a double action brush as well.. What you need is a smallpiece of 6mm clear hose and a quick release connector attached to it. Cost would be about £5 https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/hose-connection-18-female-to-hose-4x6mm-104153-3576-p.asp Paul
  14. You should be able to get away just plugging your hose into your compressor & then inlet of the tank. You will then need a second hose on the tank output to connect the air supply to your airbrush. Depending on the compressor & airbrush you have you may need adapters to get it all working properly. Paul
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