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  1. little-cars

    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution - First impressions

    On V1 needles only the 0.4 & 0,6mm had notches on the end. The new needles have a lot of the needle cut away to indicate the needle size. This could damage the O rings if brought out through the front of the brush. I'll double check with H&S about removing the new needles. Paul
  2. little-cars

    H&S needles

    Hi, We had the first batch early November. With the exception of one 0.4mm & the ones that are in airbrush sets we have now sold out. I have had an order in with them for well over a hundred needles. When these arrive all new brushes will be supplied with V2 needles. Codes for the needles don't appear to have changed, they are just marked 'V2' on the packaging. Once the order is on it's way here I'll update our website to reflect the change, Thanks, Paul
  3. little-cars

    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution - First impressions

    Sorry for the delay in replying. We had some V2 needles and airbrushes in before Scale Model World, but I assume H&S have been waiting for most of the dealers to get stocks before putting out the press release on them. At the moment we have sold out of V2 needles, but are expecting loads in next week. Then all brushes, needles and needle sets we sell will be shipped with V2 needles & I'll update all the products affected to let people know that they are supplied with V2 Needles. It looks like the manufacturers code is the same for needles, but have a large V2 after the code to let you know. I haven't checked all the needle-nozzle-aircap sets or brushes yet, but assume they are the same. Ta, Paul
  4. little-cars

    Revell Airbrush Set with Compressor

    Difficult to advise anyone on what they have when you don't say exactly what you want people to comment on. Paul
  5. little-cars

    New compressor? Advice needed

    I'd have at look at sparmax compressors locally. They usually have a standard Iwata/Harder & steenbeck fitting on the compressor, but we have adapters that will drop this down to a Badger fitting. or we can make up a hose of the length you need that will do the job. Paul modellingtools.co.uk
  6. little-cars

    Try before you buy?

    Unfortunately companies put on training days to try and get you hooked on the brushes they sell, that's the way the world works. We have a try before you buy at shows on H&S and some sparmax brushes. Mainly because any tool like an airbrush has to feel right in the hand. If you can't comfortably operate the brush, it's time to try a different one. Paul
  7. little-cars

    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution - First impressions

    We've been shipping some V2 needles since November, but they are selling well. Am just about to put in another order ! and will be supplying the V2 needles with all new airbrushes once the order arrives. Paul
  8. little-cars

    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution - First impressions

    Most customers go for the silverline over the standard evolution because of the preset handle, but it doesn't cost much to add this on after. Harder & Steenbeck Preset Handle Paul
  9. Our regular January show, traders & displays. A great time to catch up after Christmas and bag a bargain or two. Entry is £2 (under 16's free) Show opens at 10:00 Plenty of local parking, K-9 cafe open all day Contact Paul & Mat for availability info@hamex.co.uk Venue Hanslope Village Hall, MK19 7NZ Thanks, Paul
  10. Little piece in this months Tamiya magazine about the kits. Paul
  11. The eclipse feels a little chunkier to me than a lot of other brushes. Grex produce an add on grip that fits a lot of airbrushes, Grex Airbrush Handle/Grip
  12. More Cooper kits sold, must be Christmas, Get them while you can ! Cooper T51 1959 Monaco GP Jack Brabham Cooper T51 1960 Monaco GP Chris Bristow Only £100 each inc VAT Thanks Paul
  13. little-cars

    Trigger Grip Airbrush for Primer/Varnish Coat

    You could always buy either the 15 or 50ml cup for your Evolution.... 50ml is plastic and has a lid with it, so not heavy, 15ml is metal & the lid is extra... H&S 50ml cup & lid 15ml metal paint cup lid for 15ml paint cup Paul
  14. little-cars

    Trigger Grip Airbrush for Primer/Varnish Coat

    So not massive areas, but large areas. Several options in the Sparmax range, all variations on the same trigger brush: GP-35 good for general purpose painting, can get quite fine & can cover areas quite nicely, but would take a few passes. The next one up the GP-50 last a larger area pattern, can still paint fairly small areas. The brushes are Gravity fed, have two interchangeable side feed paint cups about 10 and 18ml ( from memory and you can get an 80ml bottle feed for really large areas. There is also a 0.5mm version with a fan pattern spray( GP-825) which would be perfect for the large area work. They are all the same price £90 inc VAT and the compressor would be OK with any of these brushes. For more details : Modellingtools Sparmax Airbrushes Paul
  15. little-cars

    Hamex Kit Swap SATURDAY 1st December 2018

    Lots of people selling kits, new and second hand. Mat has some more of his stash for sale. Model for Sale will have a selection of kits, I suspect new and old, Tony James (Timeless Hobbies) will have his usual set of unusual SF kits, collectables and magazines and modellingtools will be there with a small selection of our offerings, plus the new 1/20th Cooper T-51 kits. And New City SMC will be in the back room with a model display. The main room is full this year, show opens at 10:00 on Saturday, entry £2, K-9 Cafe will be open as normal. More details on www.hamex.co.uk and the smallspace show facebook page. Thanks, Paul