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  1. For that price range you'll only get a chinese made compressor (AS186) if you are looking new, spares may be available, but may not. Best looking for a second hand one with that budget. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airbrush-compressor-reservoir-Fengda-FD-186/dp/B019CKXBOU/ref=asc_df_B019CKXBOU/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=271967412945&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1784614213141358469&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006971&hvtargid=pla-377493041925&psc=1
  2. I remember one in 2003, but not since.
  3. They developed the new needles after they were taken over last year. I've seen nothing about releasing a new nozzle, but some have been coming through with different markings on them, so I suspect one will be announced soon.
  4. If you suspect the nozzle, but don;t have a magnifier, you can usually feel any split in the tip by running the tip of the nozzle down your finger. Also check that the needle isn't bent. Paul
  5. Bubbling back into the paint cup: Split nozzle - Replace Air cap not tight - Tighten Nozzle O ring not seating - Can be ware or damage to the O ring ( you can turn it over to check if you don;t have a replacement to hand.) Or it can be there is a little bit of dries paint/ grit on the face of the airbrush where the O ring butts up to. Paul
  6. Or it could be a tiny bit of gelled paint in the nozzle, a build up of paint on the aircap, (small hole or shroud), or possibly a slightly bent needle. Paul
  7. Compressor is a good cheap & chearful. Will do for the power source. I can't see any warranty period. Should have at least a year, but I have seen some with warranty down to 3 months, so needs checking. On the airbrushes, the free ones can be hit and miss. If you want a decent one that will give you area coverage and finer detail, have a look at the Sparmax GP-35. It's a trigger airbrush, you pull the trigger back until you feel resistance, this starts the air flowing. When you pull it back further the paint starts flowing, the more you pull the trigger back, the more paint comes out. It's a more natural feel than a traditional double action brush. It also features a preset handle on the back to set a maximum paint flow and has a choice of side feed cups. Cleaning is fairly easy & spare parts are available and inexpensive. The brush is £90 with a 2 year warranty. See: http://www.modellingtools.co.uk/sparmax-gp-35-3723-p.asp for more details and photo. Paul
  8. Yep, we have demo brushes for people to try at shows. I would suggest the Ultra 2in1 and our little-jet compressor. https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/airbrushing-set-br--harder-and-steenbeck-ultra-2in1-02mm04mm-nozzles---2ml-5ml-paint-cups-12695-p.asp Compresor will chuck out up to 30psi, regulator is on the moisture trap, it's nice and quiet, we have people using them in flats and with people in the next room without a problem. Ultra 2in1 is a good quality easy to clean and flexible brush has been mentioned earlier. Set with face mask, cleaning pot, cleaner cleaning brushes & H&S dvd is currently £235+postage
  9. I'll have them at the Hamex kit swap in Hanslope just north of Milton Keynes if anyone is interested in trying a H&S brush. Paul
  10. You only get what you pay for, you may be lucky, you may not. Check that you can get spare o rings, needles and nozzles.
  11. Just a reminder that Sunday is the Hamex Kit swap. We are full this year, loads of bargains, onsite cateriing & modellers to chat to. see www.hamex.co.uk for more details. Entry is £2. Doors open at 10am. see www,hamex.co.uk for full details. Paul
  12. Just a reminder that Sunday is the Hamex Kit swap. We are full this year, loads of bargains, onsite cateriing & modellers to chat to. see www.hamex.co.uk for more details. Entry is £2. Doors open at 10am.


    Hope to see some of you there

  13. H&S have removable cups which makes deep cleaning a lot simpler. Personally I don't miss the 'quick pull back' that is on some Iwatas, the back handle just unscrews in a couple of seconds.
  14. Difficult question, is this an in theory question, or do you have a specific setup and problem? Paul
  15. The only thing I can advise is take the paint nozzle off, & clean the inside. Paul
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