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  1. little-cars

    New 1/20th Cooper T51 Kits

    I had been sitting on the masters of these kits for some years. I had the wheels re-mastered by John Shinton some time ago and was approached My Martin of Coastal craft earlier in the year as he was interested in bringing them to market.... so here they are. The first two kits were released at SMW, and we now have the kits available on our website. 1/20th Cooper T51 Jack Brabham  1959 Monaco GP Winner Kit 1959 T51c Kit parts 1/20th Cooper T51 Chris Bristow  1960 Monaco GP 1960 kit parts The kits feature several different resins for the parts. Bodywork & details in standard grey resin. Suspension parts are in a harder black resin and the tyres are cast in soft black resin. Vacformed windscreens, decals and an instruction sheet is included. (Note the instructions are being redone at the moment should be ready in a few weeks). We had half of the production run, 15 of each kit and they are retailing for £100 each & we will include a set of micro mesh sanding sticks to help with the build. Thanks, Paul
  2. little-cars

    Hamex Kit Swap SATURDAY 1st December 2018

    Show update. Kitswap filling up nicely. We have a couple of second hand traders, one bookseller, Tony James - Timeless Hobbies (used to be Comet Miniatures), modellingtools.co.uk & Mat Irvine had another part of his stash to sell off. I am hoping to have a number of discontinued items to sell off at the show. Kitswap tables still available @ £5 each (£10 for traders) get in touch if you are interested.... info@hamex.co.uk Café will be open all day.... unless they run out again. Free parking. Hope some of you can get along. Thanks, Paul
  3. little-cars

    Try before you buy?

    Antb , Sorry just seen this message, have been busy since Telford ! We have a try before you buy at all the shows we attend. Not all airbrushes at the moment, but have the H&S Range and a sparmax trigger brush for people to try. Next Show is Hamex 1st December in Hanslope, about 2 hours / 95 miles south of Chesterfield. It's a small show but I'll have all the airbrushes with me. Ta, Paul
  4. little-cars

    Iwata Triple Action Handle

    I used to stock them many years ago. Always thought they were a bit overpriced, but Iwata branded stuff always is. If they are still selling them, I guess some people are buying them & they look to be cheaper than buying a standard preset handle. Paul
  5. little-cars

    PVC hose fittings/ends

    Hi, Yes will have the , hose connectors and adapters at Telford as normal. Ta, Paul,
  6. little-cars

    my H&S Ultra

    Hi Bill, No problem, hope it gives you years of faithful service. Paul
  7. little-cars

    Airbrushing=Painful & tired fingers

    Not had that problem with the GP-35. There is an O ring that stops any paint leaking out.
  8. little-cars

    Airbrushing=Painful & tired fingers

    Not had that problem with the connection, the O ring seals the cup to the brush body with the GP-35 brush. What make was the brush you had the problem with ? If it was a cheap chinese one, then I wouldn't be surprised if it leaked. Paul
  9. little-cars

    Airbrushing=Painful & tired fingers

    Hi, It sounds like you need to look for a different airbrush. The sparmax Gp-35 is a gravity fed trigger airbrush and is very comfortable to hold ( I am also left handed). Will do area coverage down for about 2mm lines. Sparmax GP-35   Price is £90 Paul
  10. little-cars

    Brampton/St Ives Model Show Sept 30

    I guess Models For Sale will be on the stage as usual & Modellingtools.co.uk will be on the back wall in the foyer as usual. Unfortunately this is by the tombola and my wife can't resist tombolas ! Hope to see lots of you there. Thanks, Paul
  11. little-cars

    Abingdon IPMS Show 2018

    Is there a list of clubs and traders attending this years show ??? Thinking of coming along as a visitor. Thanks, Paul
  12. little-cars


    Modellingtools.co.uk will be there as normal. Hopefully with some sale items...... Thanks, Paul
  13. little-cars

    East Riding of Yorkshire Model Show, 2nd September 2018

    Hi, A fair point about clubs, but not sure of how many people it affects. My thinking is based on what we have seen at a number of shows this year. A lot of the spring/summer shows have been quiet in terms of trading. We even attended one large show where we just broke even, with takings at the others being well down on expectations. I know a lot of traders have seen a down turn & If this trend continues I can see traders not attending some shows next year. If brexit happens, there will be a lot of uncertainty in the country next year with cash being diverted to living & away from optional activities like hobbies. Two shows on one weekend for traders, cuts costs, van hire costs, fuel costs, and time sorting stock and loading, Keeps the costs down. Time will tell... Paul
  14. little-cars

    East Riding of Yorkshire Model Show, 2nd September 2018

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for the date, I'll let them know. Paul
  15. little-cars

    East Riding of Yorkshire Model Show, 2nd September 2018

    Many thanks to the organizers for putting on another great show. Good mix of traders and clubs an looked to be a lot of people coming through the door the whole day. Had a great buzz all day. Will hopefully be back next year. The only thing that would make it perfect for the traders is for the organizers to liaise with the Edinburgh club, so both shows could be on the same weekend. Thanks, Paul