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  1. Hi, I would contact the importer, they should know which of their resellers keeps airbrush spares http://hobbycompany.co.uk/ Paul
  2. NO, but we have three+Frank as a frequent visitor email addresss is info@little-cars.co.uk
  3. Hi, Just to let everyone know that our online shop is currently closed. We are taking a break from online trading while we regroup & remove slow selling &drplicate lines. We will be attending a number of shows this year, but won't be taking our full range, so get in touch if there is something specific you need. info@little-cats.co.uk Thanks, Paul
  4. Which model airbrush do you have ?
  5. I would have a look at the Sparmax range. They have a range of brushes that covers most of the modelling range for around £50. My personal favorite in the range is the GP-35 at about £90-£100 It's a brush with hand grip and a trigger. To open the air valve, pull the tigger back until you canf feel resistance , then as you pull back more the paint starts to flow. For a standard double action start look at the max3 or max 4. Paul
  6. If you are looking for a good quality. quiet compressor we normally suggest the little-jet compressor. £140, no tank, but can output 30psi without a problem. They are made by the same group as your airbrush & I've been selling them for getting on for 20 years. I've had only one duff compressor in that time ( something inside had broken). 2 years guarentee price will be going up shortly, currently £140. Little-jet compressor. Will haveone at the Shuttleworth Show Tomorrow. Paul
  7. Hi, The show is filling up very quickly this year, we only have a couple of spaces left. I'm not sure what covid related restrictions will be in place, but they will be posted on our website : HaMeX.co.uk closer to the show date.
  8. Or if you are vegan you can use PTFE tape !
  9. Hi Tony, I'm not to far from you (Olney about 30 mins drive) I have some demo air brushes that you can try out. You need one that feels right for you. I have sparmax & Harder & steenbeck double action airbrushes as well as Sparmax double action & trigger grip style brushes. (email info@little-cars.co.uk)
  10. A shame, but at least you have some notice, I'm hoping to be there whatever date it is. Paul
  11. Morning Paul,


    Hope you are well and have avoided the dreaded Covid ! - Will you want space at our next Show on May 22nd 2022 ??


    Kind regards


    Jeff Brown, IPMS Gloucester

    1. little-cars


      Hi Jeff,   No it got me before it was popular, that wasn't a problem though, I thought the bright red feet looked quite good.  It's the  long covid and, depresion, plus the arrythmia that restarted at SMW2019, plus depression thathas been the problem a couple of months later.    I've had it about 18 months and have only glued a few bit of plastic togeter in that time. Think I'm finally fighting it off. Caught up with the vat returns yesterday and looking forwards to building some kit and putting the 3d printer through it's paces.......

      Anyway,  the simple answer is space yes please.  Not sure at the moment what I'll be selling. Am looking at dropping about 40% of the products wecurrently carry. There is a lot of duplicate in the stock And a some slow selling lines,  so am looking at that & will sell off some stock and have some new lines that I like the look of that I would like to carry.  Simple answer is yes please pu me down for your 2022 show.  Thanks for asking us along.

    2. Gundylunch


      Hi Paul,


      Thanks for the response and being willing to attend again !


      Hope you are feeling better soon,





  12. The problem with pulling the needle forwards is that the new needles have an etched back end that could damage the O rings by chipping bits of the O ring away, or filling the entry air hole can get full of paint if you pull the needle forwards & let paint get in the front of the brush. Personally I always take them out the back of the brush, but it's personal choice. Paul
  13. Drop me a line info@little-cars.co.uk. There are a number if quick release connectors available, depending on the fittings you have & what you want to achieve. We usually have them all in stock. Paul, modellingtools.co.uk
  14. If you have a glass window that is handily placed, then you can get a sheet of glass/Perspex with the right sized hole cut in it. Then put a louvered front on the outside to keep insects etc on the outside when it's not in use. Paul
  15. We have sold a number of people a setup and it works OK. It looks like the compressor has a 1/8th output coming out and an adapter to a 1/4 fitting for the hose you have. All you need are the same two connectors that you have on the other end of the hose duplicated A £4 male quick release to screw onto the compressor output and a hose connector the 6mm clear hose ( (£9). Cut the old connector off the compressor end of the hose. slip the locking collar over the hose. Push the pointy bit at the back of the quick release adapter into the hose & screw the locking nut up. Doesn't need to be very tight. Paul
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