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  1. Hi, Have you checked that you have the right needle, nozzle, aircap in each of the nozzle of the two sets? Is the problem still there if you put water through the brush? Do you flush the brush through with water when changing paint types ? One thing to try is to stay with one range of paints. Vallejo doesn't like Tamiya thinners. Paul
  2. Apologies for the delay in order of lenses over the last month. We have been snowed under with orders, some days we have been getting a months worth of orders in a day. We have been giving priority to tools, pints glues etc.... We have now finally caught up enough to process the orders for lenses and wires. We hope to get most of those over in the next day or so. Thanks and hope everyone is keeping safe. Paul
  3. H&S have the same 1/8th fitting as Iwata , but have a quick release adapter on the bottom of the brush as standard. You can either take this off or buy the other half of the quick release adapter to attach to your hose. ( https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/quick-release-27mm-to-18-m--for-18th-hose-104403-3554-p.asp ) This has one advantage, if you have a compressor with a tank. When you remove the brush from the hose, the quick release adaptor seals the hose. Paul
  4. HI, If it's mainly larger models with details, I would suggest either an H&S Silverline 2in1, has a 2ml & 5ml paint cup, 0.2 & 0.4mm nozzle set & preset handle. You can add a finer 0.15mm needle & nozzle and you can add the micro paint cup for very fine details and/or a 15ml paint cup, or side fed bottle & a 0.6mm nozzle set if you need very large areas if you need really large area coverage. You could then the Ultra for primers and/or clear coating. Evolution Silverline 2in1 Another option would be to buy a general purpose brush for the larger areas & the Ultra fir the smaller work. Something like the Sparmax GP35 or GP50 ( one has a 0.35mm needle, the other a 0.5mm needle set) would be worth looking at. These are trigger operated brushes and have side fed removable paint cups, which allows you to see straight down the centre of the brush. They also have a preset handle at the back to set paint flow. Sparmax GP35 Paul
  5. Hi Nick, Spares are reasonably priced, so you could just change the 0.2mm needle, nozzle & other little bits that need changing. And / or get a second brush I'd look at the H&S Silverline 2in1. Has a 0.2mm & 0.4mm nozzle, 2ml & 4ml paint cup. You can add a 0.6mm nozzle set and larger paint cups; 15ml, 50ml for overall & area coverage of large models. Evolution Silverline 2in1 The other option would be to keep the ultra for detail use something like a sparmax GP-35 or GP-50 for the area work. These are trigger operated side fed brushes. You pull the trigger back a little to open the air valve, then pull back more for paint. Great for area work, but has a preset handle so you can get fairly fine spray out of them. Sparmax GP-35 Paul
  6. What size you need depends what your requirements are. What are you going to use it for? Building, painting, airbrushing, displaying completed models, power requirements, holding the stash ? Do you need a simple shed for summer builds, or a secure all weather heated palace ? Overlap or tongue & groove ? You'll need a flat site, slabs or a purpose made base to put it on. Check there are no trees that are likely to grow and disturb/damage the building. Double check that you don't need any planning permissions or covenants that stop you building. Shop around online and at local suppliers. I find garden centers are great for ideas, but prices are at a premium. Paul
  7. Hi, I forgot to mention that the shutdown only lasted a few days, to many people wanting to order. It's been a very busy time, we are often getting a weeks worth of orders a day, so it's taking a little longer to get orders out & we have dropped the priority of orders of lenses & hope to catch up with these by the end of the week. If the website shows no stock for an item, we may have it in the show stock, so drop me a line. Hope everyone is staying safe..... Paul
  8. If you already have a Ultra, you have the 0.2mm needle & nozzle, so it's a no brainer. Go for the 0.15 & 0.4. The 0.2mm needle & nozzle can be used with your 0.15mm Infinty aircap.
  9. little-cars

    cancelled shows

    I need to see which Model shows are still hoping to go ahead this year. We were scheduled to put on 9 events this year, we managed 2 at the start of the year..... everything else is on hold !
  10. little-cars

    cancelled shows

    That's a shame was expecting that to be one of the first to be back as things settle down. Fully understand the reasoning, , but a lot can change in four months.. Paul
  11. Strange I never have a problem with H&S and Model air. The only other thing to check is that you have a matched set of needle, nozzle and air cap, then a visual check inside the nozzle to make sure there isn't any dried or gel of paint in there. I have had customers have a problem if they are switching paint types in the past. Paul
  12. little-cars

    cancelled shows

    We may hold it later in the year if things settle down quickly & guests, clubs and traders are available.
  13. Interesting that's the way I felt about most of the Iwata brushes when I used them, different spares set for each brush, tiny paint nozzles, fixed paint cups and limited nozzle sizes for each brush.
  14. If you want standardisation, I would move to the Harder & Steenbeck Range. Paul
  15. The airbrush company are Iwata specialists, so you won't get any specific H&S help. What problems are you having ??? Paul
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