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  1. little-cars

    East Riding of Yorkshire Model Show, 2nd September 2018

    Hi, A fair point about clubs, but not sure of how many people it affects. My thinking is based on what we have seen at a number of shows this year. A lot of the spring/summer shows have been quiet in terms of trading. We even attended one large show where we just broke even, with takings at the others being well down on expectations. I know a lot of traders have seen a down turn & If this trend continues I can see traders not attending some shows next year. If brexit happens, there will be a lot of uncertainty in the country next year with cash being diverted to living & away from optional activities like hobbies. Two shows on one weekend for traders, cuts costs, van hire costs, fuel costs, and time sorting stock and loading, Keeps the costs down. Time will tell... Paul
  2. little-cars

    East Riding of Yorkshire Model Show, 2nd September 2018

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for the date, I'll let them know. Paul
  3. little-cars

    East Riding of Yorkshire Model Show, 2nd September 2018

    Many thanks to the organizers for putting on another great show. Good mix of traders and clubs an looked to be a lot of people coming through the door the whole day. Had a great buzz all day. Will hopefully be back next year. The only thing that would make it perfect for the traders is for the organizers to liaise with the Edinburgh club, so both shows could be on the same weekend. Thanks, Paul
  4. little-cars

    Iwata Airbrush clearance... part one

    Most airbrushes are now on the list. Get them now before they are gone. https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/iwata-clearance-15-c.asp And don't forget our Summer offers https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/product-of-the-month-391-c.asp Thanks, Paul
  5. little-cars

    IWATA Eclipse HP-BCS problem

    The BCS uses a bottle, have you checked the bottle vent hole is clear ? Paul
  6. little-cars

    IWATA Eclipse HP-BCS problem

    The other things I would double check are that the needle nozzle and aircaps are grouped correctly. Nozzles are easy to tell apart, needle's, the more tapered one should be the 0.35mm. Nozzle caps the one with the larger hose should be the 0.5mm one. Paul
  7. little-cars

    Scale Scotland 2018

    Modellingtools.co.uk will be there, we are taking pre orders as well. We'll have all our special offers with us as well. See the website, or our page on Britmodeller for details of the specials. Thanks, Paul
  8. little-cars

    Iwata Airbrush clearance... part one

    More airbrushes added o the Iwata clearance area. Iwata Clearance Grab a bargain now, the won't last long ! Thanks, Paul
  9. little-cars

    Iwata Hi Line HP-CH

    Mac valves all do the same thing. The Iwata one doesn't seal the air hose when you remove it from the hose and costs a lot. The quick release with Mac valve from Harder & Steenbeck is two parts. The first part attaches to the air valve of the brush. Quick release part for airbrush And the second part connects to the air hose Quick release with mac valve So you can remove the airbrush from the hose without loosing the air from the hose/compressor tank and you have a mac valve as well. In the UK the Iwata Mac valve is £25, the two parts of the Harder & Steenbeck system are £20. Paul
  10. little-cars

    Disassembling an Iwata TR1

    John, We have some Iwata spares, but they aren't on the website yet. Spares are on this link https://airbrushes.com/parts_info.php?cPath=400_403_1_9_46&products_id=1850 From memory the TR-1 is a vitron rubber one, when it fails paint gets on the cam and it eventually glues it to the body. Best to get the correct O ring. Paul
  11. little-cars

    Iwata Hi Line HP-CH

    Hi Tim, Mac valves are OK, and you get used to where they are on the brush. My thinking was that with the 186 compressor has a tank. It's nice to be able to remove the airbrush without loosing the pressure in the tank. So a quick release under the air valve with a wheeled quick release adds useful functionality to the setup and lowers the price for the customer. Paul
  12. little-cars

    Iwata Hi Line HP-CH

    Air regulators are great things, but you already have one on the compressor. Having a secondary one on the brush can be a distraction when you are learning the brush. And it is cheaper to add a mac valve later if needed. (Harder & Steenbeck quick release parts with mac valve is only £20 and seal the end of the hose when you take the brush off to clean it. Paul
  13. little-cars

    Iwata Hi Line HP-CH

    Personally if you are looking at Iwata I would look at the HP-C plus. The hi-line without the mac valve and cheaper. Others I would look at are the Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2in1 (very flexible, easy to clean, cheap to maintain )and the Sparmax GP35 (Side feed trigger brush) see links Iwata HP-C plus Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2in1 Sparmax GP-35 Paul modellingtools.co.uk
  14. We have a limited number of UK suppled Iwata airbrushes to sell off at 30% off list price. So we are going to clear them a few at a time. We are starting with these four models Iwata Hi-line HP-BH Features a 0.2mm nozzle set and small 1.8ml paint cup on top. Also features a mac valve for precise air pressure regulation and a pre-set handle on the back. Current list price is £259, we have two brushes available at only £180 Hi Line BH Iwata HP-C Plus Features 0.3mm nozzle large 9ml gravity fed paint cup and a pre-set handle. Current list price is £219, we have two available at only £150 HP-C Plus Iwata HP-B Plus Features 0.2mm nozzle small 1.8ml gravity fed paint cup and a pre-set handle. Current list price is £219, we have two available at only £150 HP-B Plus Iwata Eclipse BCS Features 0.5mm nozzle set, double action and a 2oz suction feed bottle. List price is £150 and we have three available at only £100 Eclipse BCS Prices include 20% UK VAT, Delivery extra, we suggest you use special delivery for UK orders. Export orders please contact us for insured delivery prices. More brushes to clear shortly. Thanks, Paul
  15. little-cars

    Cellulose thinners for clean up

    Personally I would stay with the Tamiya or gunze cleaners. Rustins cellulose thinner is a pretty good one. Paul