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  1. We have finally managed to negotiate a reasonable price with the new importer. So we now have the sanders back at £1.50 each. modellingtools ; Sanding sticks Thanks, Paul
  2. little-cars

    What is this, please?

    Dry in Scotland, that's a first Paul
  3. little-cars

    Any point in buying 0,2 airbrush?

    0.2mm nozzle sets are very usable, I'd looks at the Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline solo for a 0.2mm nozzle brush. Reasonably prices, spares are cheap, easy to clean & it has a preset handle included. 0.2mm nozzle is the standard one on H&S brushes, paint range 1mm up to about 13mm width. price is about £100 https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/harder--steenbeckbr--evolution-silverline-solo-airbrush--02mm-nozzle-set-and-2ml-paint-cup-3707-p.asp Paul
  4. little-cars

    What is this, please?

    Can be useful as a secondary moisture trap if it's humid. Paul
  5. little-cars


    Sorry for the delay in replying... Round lenses yes, they come in packs of 6 for £2 Little-lenses But be aware mailorder is a £10 minimum order. Thanks, Paul
  6. little-cars

    Northern Model Show - June 3rd

    Great displays and turn out from clubs and traders. Organisers did a really good job as usual. Unfortunately it followed the trend of other shows this year due to the uncertainty in the economy. Paul
  7. little-cars

    Northern Model Show - June 3rd

    Should be OK for a signal by the window !
  8. little-cars

    Northern Model Show - June 3rd

    Just picked up the Van for the weekends show. Should have a very special offers on this year. Meng paints at £2.50 each or any 6 different for £9.00 We;ll also ave some Great offer prices on.... Xuron Professional Sprue and PE cutters. Modelcraft Portable & rechargeable LED work lamp. Modelcraft Standard Headband Magnifier with lamp & 4 large interchangeable lenses Modelcraft LED Solder / workstation. Limited numbers, first come first served ! This year our stand has moved, we will be in the diagonal opposite corner from the public entrance to the hall. Thanks, Paul
  9. little-cars


    The last I heard are still hoping to get to the Red Space suit at the smallspace show (1st July 18) for it's 50th, if anyone wants to get photos. Not many relics from the film around, unfortunately, the other thing we hope to have is the Typewriter the film script was written on..............................if Mat can find it in his store ! Ta, Paul
  10. little-cars

    Airbrush RIP

    Sounds like the nozzle, either worn on one side by a bent needle or split if the needle is pushed in to far. If you are thinking about a new airbrush I would have a look at the Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2in1 as a good allround workhorse. Flexible in configuration and easy to clean. H&S Evolution Silverline 2in1 I'll have a demo one for people to try at the Northern Show if you are going on Sunday. Paul
  11. little-cars

    Any advice or thoughts on AS176 mini-compressor ?

    Personally I wouldn't bother, it's a little step up and expensive for a Chinese compressor. For me the next step up would be something like our little-jet compressor. Well built and portable weighing about 3.5kg. Gives up to 30psi with a duty cycle of 40 minutes, motor runs all the time but is quiet. It has a good moisture trap as well as a bleed valve to regulate the air pressure, as well as a 2 year warranty. little-jet Paul
  12. little-cars

    Northern Model Show - June 3rd

    Making a weekend of it this year. Looking forwards to the show, visiting family & having slow drive home so we can visit a few other places on the way. Modellingtools.co.uk will have a our usual offerings and a few new items and our June special offers available at the show. Ta, Paul
  13. little-cars

    Yet another "I'm thinking of buying an airbrush" thread

    Hi, It depends on the sort of models and scales that you are going to be painting. You mention post war jets, but not the scale you are building. So I'll assume you are building a variety of scales/sized aircraft, some with camo and some with larger areas of paint. As a good quality starter brush there are two that I would look at. The Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2in1 (@£80) This is a traditional double action airbrush ( pudh the trigger down for air and pull it back to let the paint flow. It has two different paint cups a 2ml for small areas and a 5ml for large areas. It also has two different nozzle sets 0.2mm for details down to about a 1mm and a 0.4mm for area coverage. It's easy to use, clean and strip down. H&S Ultra 2in1 The second brush has less of a learning curve to use, the Sparmax GP-35 (@£90) has a 0.35mm nozzle and side feed 7ml (&15ml) paint cup. This is a trigger action brush. it has a nice hand grip. You pull the trigger back until you feel resistance, this has opened the air valve, then as you pull the trigger back more paint starts to flow. The more you pull back the more paint flows. A great general purpose brush that will paint areas and down to 2-3mm for detail work. Sparmax GP-35 You'll also need an air source. There are plenty of cheap chinese compressors out there, if you go down that route, I'd get one with an air tank. Our standard offereing is the little-jet compressor( £135). Made by sparmax has a 2 year warranty, about 3.5kg in weight. It will give you up to 30 psi and has a duty cycle of 40 minutes. It's very quiet in use and you regulate the air pressure using a bleed valve at the bottom of the moisture trap & comes with a hose to connect to your airbrush. little-jet compressor We also do starter bundles with airbrush, compressor and all the other bits to get you started £5 on top of the airbrush and compressor price. And have them all to try at model shows. Ta, Paul
  14. little-cars

    Razor saw

    JLC saw is the best one I've found by far. Resin blocks are what we originally brought them in for, before we found that they were great for plastic, and small metal pieces. The secret is to let it do the work and not twist the blades. There are two versions, the standard saw plus a spare blade Standard jlc saw And the full set with two spare blades and a set of spacers so you do parallel cuts JLC Anniversary set They also produce three jigs to go with the saw, one for round sections and a small & large jig for square sections that give you three pre-set cutting angles For circular sections For rectangular sections For larger rectangular sections Paul
  15. little-cars

    Scottish Nationals 2018

    Getting the Van for the show on Thursday, hoping for a good run up this year. Will pack all that we can, have a few special offers on some new lines........ Looking forwards to a Great Show. Paul modellingtools.co.uk