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  1. What sort of subjects are you painting ?? I can see 1/35th Armour, will you be doing anything else? Are you looking for a setup that will give you overall coverage or the ability to paint details as well.
  2. Modellingtools.co.uk (& Models for sale) will be on the back wall, same position as last year. Hope to see some of you in a few hours ! Paul
  3. Modellingtools.co.uk will be there , hopefully in the same pitch as last year. Hope to see some of you there.
  4. There are a lot of shows these days, they are so relatively easy to put on these days. But we need a mix of the larger shows and smaller local/specialist shows for variety. Finding when shows are on on can sometimes be difficult, the IPMS website has some on, but relies on people letting them know. Modelminiatures.com is a little more proactive and usually has more shows listed , which is useful when you are looking for a free weekend to put an event on. In the past I have let show organisers know there is a clash with their provisional show date and have avoided a clash, I just wish more people would talk to each other to sort out these problems Paul
  5. MK show has moved dates a few times since the first one in I think it was 2002 or 2003... (will have to get the paperwork out"). The Scottish nationals has always had the same slot, last weekend in April other organisers should know to avoid that weekend . They also usually have next year years show dates sorted out before the years show has taken place and it is already counting down on their website: Scottish Nationals Webiste Paul
  6. Vinyl can be affected by solvents, could this be the problem ? Paul
  7. Chris, Vince had the Saturday Night Rush to MK before, but I'm guessing it was more than a bit knackering. I had thought of doing the same.... but not for long, it's a long drive down. Lets hope MK choose a date that doesn't clash with the Scottish Nationals next year...wherever the show is staged.
  8. Modelling tools will be just to the right as you walk down onto the main hall floor. Hope to see you all at the weekend. Paul
  9. It all depends on the problem, does it sound right ? Are all the hose connections tight/any leaks ? Is the regulator working properly ? Does it bleed air out when you open it up ? Have you tried connecting a hose directly to the output from the compressor, bypassing the external moisture trap regulator. Paul
  10. Both are good brushes, as has been said the Ultra Solo is more expandable & easier to strip down & clean. Sparmax max3 is also a good traditional design gravity feed brush, fixed paint cup, slightly larger nozzle size and small cup. Spares for both are reasonably priced, it's really about how if they are comfortable in the hand. Personally I would probably go with the Ultra as it does have some upgrade options and is easier to strip down & clean. V2 needles were first seen last November, as a dealer we now supply V2 needles with all new H&S brushes. Paul
  11. I'd look at a different more flexible brush from the Sparmax range the DH-125. 0.5mm nozzle set, preset handle on the back & has three options for paint delivery via the side feed attachment. Firstly a 7ml gravity fed cup, for larger areas a 22ml suction feed bottle and for seriously large areas an 80ml suction feed bottle. Link to spec and photos below, price is currently £52 Sparmax DH-125 Airbrush Ta, Paul
  12. Assuming you are looking to paint areas as well as smaller details, I would look at the Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2in1 as a great starter brush. Easy to use, clean, disassemble and spares don't cost a fortune. https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/hs-ultra-2in1br---02mm-04mm-nozzle-and-v20-needles--2ml-5ml-paint-cups-3703-p.asp If you have a bigger budget, then the Evolution Silverline 2in1 is the next logical step up. https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/h--s-evolution-silverline-2in1-airbrushbr---02mm-04mm-nozzle-v2-needlesbr2ml-5ml--cups-3708-p.asp Both have 0.2mm nozzle for detail and normal work and the 0.4mm for area work. They both have a 2ml and 5ml paint cup. The Silverline has a preset handle at the back to allow you to set a maximum paint flow and also accepts the micro paint cup and larger paint cups. Compressors are best bought locally, get a chinese 186 with a tank if you can get a good price, check how long the warranty is. I personally wouldn't touch one that has a 3 or 6 months warranty, make sure it's at least a 12 month warranty. Hope that helps, Paul
  13. Sorry missed your message, haven;t been on here much last month, Needles now showing in stock. Paul
  14. Hi Chris, Infinity comes with the pincer cap. And should be at the Hinckley show in May. On Iwata, one thing to bear in mind, is that the mid range HP brushes with a 0.2mm nozzle come with a small 1.8ml paint cup and the 0,3mm ones come with the larger 9ml. So if you find the 0.3mm nozzle is the one you need you need to take into account that the 9ml cup could get in the way when you are painting very fine details. Paul
  15. Chris I'd be inclined to get another infinity CR+ 0.2 and the little tank compressor. Gives you a reliable air source, an airbrush that doesn't need to be learned and your old brush as backup and possibly spares. You'll get the new style needle and a reliable air source. https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/little-tank-compressor-3442-p.asp Paul
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