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  1. Deleted - 100 post rule
  2. Well I suppose the title says it all...thinking of getting NS pe for my dreadnought...any toughts!
  3. Well the pic should say it all i hope..... Pegasus UFO's with lighting....and a bit of humour
  4. You could always do what I did.....scratchbuild one! http://chianna47.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=57799822 This one is 1/144 scale, next one will be 1/72!. ( or larger)
  5. Hi Jockster, Thanks for dropping by site....there are a couple of albums on my site that belong to friends,(DR Mike and J MIles) but everything else is mine!. as requested took some extra shots..
  6. Will try and get some more shots for ya!....build up log is on my webpage "Stephanie's Interstellar Garage" (with other stuff of course!) go take a peek. you can get to it by typing chianna47.webs.com
  7. Well as promised here's a better pic, now working on base
  8. Okay so a slow update.....(check out my Gunstar post for reasons), but it's getting there.... Keeping the German theme,The shuttle will be named Schultz (Hogan's heroes character) and is based on the ill conceived Zeppellin class starship Hindenburg!..
  9. Well it seems like an eternity since I started this beast! (august 2011 in fact)....but we are now on the way to completion, sorry I haven't been able to keep up to date with my posting but a little battle with a nasty cancer thingy, grabbed my attention for a while. Just about to add final colours then build a base. Trying to get this finished for Dave for xmas (think he has waited long enough!)
  10. Need help!!!! just bought a Revell 1/16 Wells Fargo Stagecoach model kit from a car boot sale, it was cheap cos there are no instructions. Does anyone own one of these kits and can they maybe copy and email me aset of instructions. I know the kit is a re-release of an old lindberg/Marx kit, so any version of instructions would be helpful.
  11. The red roofed thingy, is in fact a trailer top from a Micro machine lorry!.....thought it looked kinda interesting...now has been glued to the front of scene by the gantry.
  12. which "bus" thing?....or do you mean my VW Shuttle craft!
  13. If you check out my site "Stephanie's Interstellar Garage" at chianna47.webs.com you will see that i have been playing around with some cg designs for good old Annie and the Zylbat as well.. Now that I have the Haynes book, I will have to tweak Anastasia a bit....hope to make a paperkit of this later, already printed out my Zylbat kit to try out. The plan is to build them in paper then again in plastic....an idea i call papermorphing, using the paper as templates for plastic, it worked well for both Gunstars and my Serenity and V ship. By the Pete in Riyadh, if you want i could email some
  14. sorry you can't see pics Pete...so here's one to wet the appetite
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