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  1. Albeback52

    is a 1:48 beaufort coming out ?

    You could say the same about the Lockheed Hudson. Almost 3000 built, served with over a dozen operators world wide and yet, how many decent Hudson kits do we have? Perhaps I am being rather cynical here but, I rather suspect that the reaction from a lot of people to news of a hypothetical Bristol Beaufort kit would be ; "Eh? The Bristol what? Never 'eard of it!" To you, me and all other enthusiasts it will be a known and sadly neglected subject. To the bean counters at the model companies it will probably nothing more than a relatively obscure type with none of the fame of the Douglas Boston, B-26 Marauder or B-25 (to name but a few) behind it. Certainly not a subject (in their view) to generate mass sales. I'd like to see a decent kit of the Martin Maryland and, Martin Baltimore (as well as the Beaufort).!! Fat chance of that any time soon! Allan
  2. No arguments here!! To be honest, I suspect that the aforementioned "most people" probably couldn't care less and, like you and I will happily build it anyway Allan
  3. . Sensible fellow!Totally agree! Ok, the rivet counters won't like it but, for every one of them, I suspect there are probably 50 others who, like you and I , will happily accept it and work with it - especially at the price! Allan
  4. Albeback52

    is a 1:48 beaufort coming out ?

    Print scale sheet 48-140. Bristol Beaufort. It's not a misprint. There is no indication on the web site or, instruction sheet as to which kit this is intended for. At least none that I can see. I seem to recall a 1/48 Halifax decal sheet being announced a few years back which led to a lot of wild speculation ( which came to nothing) Allan
  5. Albeback52

    C-17 Re-issue?

    Was kind of hoping they'd reissue their An-124 kit as well. Don't normally do 1/144 but, when it's the only affordable game in town.....! Hopefully the C-17 might appear in the not too distant future. I don't think anyone else is planning one! I know Kinetic is supposed to be releasing a 1/72 C-17 but, it's all gone very quiet........! Allan
  6. Totally agree!. At the bargain price, I can happily put up with having to do a little work on it. If I speak nicely to my partner she might even buy me a second one!! For my birthday of course! Allan
  7. Some very interesting reissues. The B-58, SM 81, SM-79 ,F-27 and CH-53 look likely to head for a stash near me. Allan
  8. Not a 1/144 fan but, as there is little likelihood of one in a larger scale, I can make do with this!!. So long as it isn't as ludicrously priced as their C-5 kits. Allan
  9. I Should've gone to Specsavers! All I saw was the word "Dominator" and thought : "At last, a Consolidated B-32"! Boy! Was I disappointed! Allan
  10. Albeback52

    Modelcollect B-52H Sprues

    Heavy Stores Adaptor Beam. Mounted on the under wing pylons allowing multiple stores carriage ( e g 12 x 500lb or 750lb bombs each) Allan
  11. Albeback52

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    Quite correct. All of the Airfix airliner kits provided this. The idea being of course that you apply the decal, open up the window apertures, fit the windows and then assemble the fuselage! Yes. It a full kit. Original came with a transparent stand if you wanted to display it flying. Personally, I think the concept Concorde is even better looking than the real one! Allan
  12. Albeback52

    Airfix for 2019

    The Walrus wasn't exactly renowned as a fighter or bomber either and yet..................!! Allan
  13. Albeback52

    Airfix for 2019

    Ah yes! I forgot about Kitstarter. A good idea I thought but, poorly executed - especially in the rather strange choice of subjects! . In fairness, the Bassett is quite a nice little kit but, given that it hasn't surfaced since 1980, I guess it was never a good seller to begin with. I just remembered the big SRN 4 Hovercraft. Be nice to see that again as a Vintage Classic along with the Saturn 1B and, Soviet Vostok (at sensible prices - I think £44 for the Saturn V is ludicrous!) Allan
  14. Albeback52

    Airfix for 2019

    Likewise! My first kit was the Folland Gnat. Built in 1966 at the tender age of 8!. I still remember cutting out the transfers ( none of this decal nonsense...!!) and, gluing them, backing paper and all on to the model!. I never bothered about silly things like reading instructions properly!! Allan
  15. Albeback52

    Airfix for 2019

    Couldn't agree more. I'm getting a little bored with all the negativity regarding these kits. We all know they aren't state of the art but, that is scarcely the point. In any case, those that turn their noses up at them are under no compulsion to buy. I question some of the releases - the SM 79 kit for example is pretty poor and I certainly wouldn't buy it when the greatly superior Italeri kit is available. However, aside from that and the P-61 I have pre ordered all of the Vintage Classic aircraft. I am especially delighted with the 1966 Concorde. I think Airfix has been quite canny this year. They have recognised a market and tapped into. Those whining about releasing "crappy old/ancient kits" instead of "new tools" might like to consider that shiny new tools need shiny new money. Something that is in short supply right now at Hornby Hobbies. Both these and, the reissues of more recent kits more than compensated (for me anyway) the paucity of new items. I am more than happy to put a bit of effort into these old kits. I find them more enjoyable than many current shake'n'bake kits. However, that's just me The collaboration with Academy is a welcome surprise! One hopes that some of their aircraft kits might find themselves in shiny new red boxes! Another bonus of course is that these kits will put paid to the silly prices currently being demanded for these second hand.I expect to see more than a few appear on sale at somewhat reduced prices . Certainly looking forward to the next batch of Vintage Classics. Beagle Basset, D H C Beaver, B N Islander, F-80C Shooting Star, F-2H Banshee, F-86D Sabre anyone? Allan