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  1. That's the reasons why I prefer this one to the Tamiya kit. The latter may be twice the price but, is it really twice as nice? There is of course no answer to that because, it is personal choice. My partner is ordering a pair of these kits for my Christmas. If it is going to be as cheap as that. I might be able to stretch it to three! Allan
  2. . Is there really any difference between the two with regard to such matters? The UK record on defence procurement issues is, shall we say, less than stellar! Allan
  3. That's about £45. Don't know what the price is likely to be in rip off UK yet but, if it is at a similar level, that's about 40% less than the prices I've seen for the Tamiya kit Allan
  4. Not to mention political dithering and indecision, arguments over budgets, the inevitable huge cost overruns,redrawing the specs to "save " money, changes of policy/government, software/hard ware that does not work.....! And that's just got starters. To say that I am a tad sceptical is perhaps a bit of an understatement Allan
  5. Interesting news. I've never liked 1/144 scale . With many airliners,particularly the Airbus -320 series and, Boeing 737 series being of relatively modest dimensions, I felt that 1/72 is a perfectly practical scale. It's the small scale that's put me off building airliners for the most part so, this is welcome news.Hopefully, they can provide an option to allow it to be modelled in dirty configuration with everything hanging! I think the larger scale might have more appeal but, that's obviously just a personal observation. Now,before anybody has a go at me, I would just like to state that I am a very practical person and, if a subject I particularly want is only available in 1/144 then I will turn to the dark side as a matter of necessity! A 1/72 An-225 would be too much, even for me! Allan
  6. Something I'd have to agree with. I feel the same way about the Tiger Moth that so many modellers are drooling over. But, as you say, horses for courses! Whatever Airfix ( and others) release for 2020, you can guarantee they will please as many people as may be disappointed Allan
  7. Fair point. However, I still don't accept that sales of the Phantom were adversely affected by issues that, in all reality, very few probably cared about. However, that's digressing slightly. I guess it is unlikely that 2020 will see Airfix produce a brand new J-79 Phantom. Plenty of them around but, they seem to be predominantly the short nosed versions. Maybe there is room for a new F-4E/F/G/RF-4? Allan Ps. Yes, the new Canberra options are very attractive. Just a pity they weren't in the one true scale (1/72)
  8. Well, money permitting, I aim to buy one for every decal option provided for in the kits! Allan
  9. I don't actually have the sales figures. I was simply speculating. If, on the other hand, anyone has verifiable evidence that sales were affected, then perhaps they could please share it with us. I suppose it all depends on your target market. Out of the thousands who have already bought the kits, how many are aware of the "issues" and, out of them, how many actually care? How m any are content to build the kit regardless? The mere fact that we now have different boxings /versions of the same basic kit suggest to me that sales of the kit have in fact been very good and, that the kit, warts and all has been a great success. Now, if people feel they cannot live with the Airfix kit and,prefer 30+ year old Fujimi kit, then that of course is their prerogative and I would not presume to argue with them. Personally, I think the "issues" are minor, they don't spoil the look of the model and, I can totally live with them. I now have 5 of them in total! Allan
  10. It's almost as ludicrous as the high price for the Roden C-5 Galaxy kits Allan
  11. It's back on Airfix website. Kit with Motorhead decals only. Available early next year Allan
  12. Ouch!! Sorry but, I reckon that is SERIOUSLY overpriced for what is actually a pretty small model. Cannot see them shifting many at that price level. Personal choice of course. Guess it depends how much people want them. Allan
  13. Yes, I'd heard that. It's a damn shame. I think this was yet another of those aircraft subjects that modellers were apparently "screaming out for"only to leave it on the shelves when it appeared. I don't think S & M would have done it unless they were sure of demand. A pity they got burned this way. Agreed it's pretty basic but in such a small scale I don't reckon that matters too much. Allan
  14. I thought the Kardashians were an alien race on Star Trek? Allan
  15. No argument here! . Allan
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