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  1. For not much more than £90 you can buy a large, super detailed, complex kit like the Airfix 1/24 Typhoon or F6-F (albeit in a 25% smaller scale) so, they might very well just compare like with like and.,in all innocence, think "Wow! an absolute bargain"! However, if they have seen the actual pictures of what's in the box first, then I would certainly agree with you. I think that this is very much a case of let the buyer beware? I personally consider £250-£300 to be an outrageous price for any model kit so, from my perspective, I wouldn't even consider looking at an all singing, all dancing 262 at anything over half these prices but, that's just me! Allan
  2. Nice options. Just a passing thought but, would it not have been just as easy to produce one kit with those three options included? Not that I really mind buying multiples.... Allan
  3. If you look at the RAF Brize Norton Facebook page, they are are announcing daily where their aircraft are coming out to play. So far,in Scotland, Prestwick has been visited by all RAF transport types, including Voyager. Edinburgh has been visited by A-400,C-17 and, C-130. Glasgow and Aberdeen have had A-400 visits ( as far as I recall) Allan
  4. Looks magnificent!. While the kit is completely unaffordable for me, I totally understand that the price of the kit has to be set at a level that will recoup your costs and, still make a profit. I hope therefore that it is a success. I personally like Mikromir's imaginative choice of subjects. Long may they continue. Allan
  5. Count me in. The XP-55 is an excellent kit and, these will go nicely with it. Modelsvit are to be commended, in my view anyway for their imaginative choice of subjects. Allan
  6. . I get that GordonD. Don't worry. It's like Ryanair passengers flying to Oslo actually flying to Torp or flying to Paris and actually landing at Beauvais. I suppose one should be thankful that their Dublin flights arrive at Dublin (Dublin) and, not Dublin (Shannon) Allan. Ps yes yes I know the true destinations are always in the small print.. Pps, I actually rushed to the window yesterday upon hearing an actual aeroplane! Guess what! It was Ryanair.....!
  7. Well, strangely enough, I want to go to Glasgow! My partner lives there!. Haven't seen her in weeks . Allan
  8. .... if there are any IM kits of the TIE Defender and, TIE Bomber in a decent scale (1/72 or larger). I know there us a resin kit of the Defender but, I don't like resin and, such kits are usually not only exorbitantly expensive but, only produced in small numbers. Yes, I know, I could try Scale mates but, I don't think it's the most reliable database and, I find the wealth of knowledge here a lot more useful. I have the FineMolds TIE fighter and, TIE Interceptor. Excellent models. Be nice to have their other incarnations to add to the collection. Allan
  9. Excellent job. I tend to agree with your comments about the kit. I thought it was ridiculously (but, admittedly cleverly) over engineered. Fit of the parts was pretty poor, especially in the areas you describe. Very frustrating. That said, in overall terms of detail and kit options, I think it's streets ahead of the old, albeit quite decent Fujimi kit. I can live with the panel lines!? I actually binned about 70% of the decals though! I really hate all that stencilling! Allan
  10. I have long thought that 1/100 is a sort of nice "in between" scale. It's a shame it hasnt been more widely used. Allan
  11. There was an Irish Air Corps PC-12 in yesterday morning. A very pleasant surprise. Allan
  12. You're welcome! Actually, I think that many airliners, being of relatively modest dimensions are, quite practical in 1/72. Certainly, types like the 737/A320 series, Comet, Caravelle, Trident, 727,BAC 1-11..... I better stop now! . Allan Ps I wish you well with your 747!. Just a tad too big for my liking on 1/72!
  13. The RAF museum was content to let its own Beverley stand outside to rot and corrode to the point it actually became dangerous and had to be scrapped. I Certainly would not count on any assistance from that source Allan
  14. All is not Doom and gloom!! We have TWO SCHEDULED FLIGHTS in to Edinburgh today!! Flight QR031 arrived from Doha at 06.32 and, AF1486 is due from Paris at 0846!. I'm so excited at the prospect of actually seeing two planes in one day, I am going to break out of confinement /house arrest and hobble out for my daily exercise and watch it arrive! That it should come to this! Getting excited over an Air France A-320... Allan Ps - if it ever gets so bad that I rush out to watch a Ryanair arrival, it's time to send for the guys on white coats!
  15. All is not Doom and gloom. We have TWO flights in to Edinburgh today! ! Flight QR031 arrived from Doha at about 06.32 and, flight AF1486 is due from Paris at 08.46! I'm so excited! I'm going to hobble out for my allowed daily exercise to see it. Have things gotten so low, I'd get excited at the prospect of an Air France A320......! Allan!
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