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  1. No worries Steve! I got it!! No apology needed! Accepted it in the spirit in which it was intended!. My response was intended to be every bit as tongue in cheek. Apologies to you if you felt I was having a dig. For what it's worth, I'd probably buy a Scimitar if offered! Allan
  2. Would they? With all due respect, I am far from convinced that "no collection would be complete without one" is a condition that the Airfix bean counters would accept as grounds for producing a kit!!. On a more serious note though, I seem to recall a story featured here (and elsewhere) about the Airfix rep at Telford who was actually approached and asked about such a kit. His response was apparently an outburst of laughter! It may of course be one of those apocryphal stories!!. Certainly no harm in hoping!. Airfix gave us a Swift, another relatively obscure Supermarine product with a less than stellar career. Who knows? They have a habit of springing surprises! Allan ps - I'm still waiting for my Airfix Blenheim V and, Avro Manchester without which my collection of WWII RAF bombers would certainly not be complete! . Not holding my breath though!
  3. Well, I am sure that Airfix's 100th Workbench is going to prove a tad disappointing to those who had got it into their heads that this magical number was somehow linked to announcement of new kit releases!! Allan
  4. I can take a joke as well as anyone but, the way your comment was phrased it could have been taken either way ( and obviously was).That said,I apologise for my obvious misinterpretation. Still want a Blenheim V though! Allan
  5. And your point is? A poor operational record hasn't deterred production of subjects like the Fairey Battle, Brewster Buffalo,Douglas Devastator or Heinkel HE-177 . Airfix managed to produce two kits of an aircraft that was junked before it even entered production (TSR 2) and which therefore had zero operational record. Allan
  6. The only one approximately close to a B1 was the old Lindberg 1/96 kit which actually represented the prototype VX777. With a bit of effort, a passable B1 could be built from the kit but, obviously the major modification would be the wing leading edge. I did this many years ago and, was quite pleased with the result. I shied away from the B1A though because I wasn't prepared to to scratchbuild the revised tail cone!!. I still have the Flightpath set that you can use to produce the B1/B1A from the Airfix kit. I'll get round to it one of those days! Yes, I'd certainly prefer them to use 1/72 for the Vulcan B1/1A! I have no interest in a 1/144 kit Allan
  7. I'd be even happier with a Blenheim V, regardless of scale. That seems to be the version everybody forgets about Allan
  8. I am inclined to agree with you. I am also not convinced that a new Vulcan is going to be the guaranteed gold mine/sure fire best seller/ sell by the bucket load (delete as required) kit that so many modellers assume. If that were the case then surely companies would be falling over themselves to flood the market with Vulcans? Allan
  9. I believe Modelcollect are issuing a couple of 1/48 I M kits this year and, Amusing Hobby has just released a Focke Wulf Triebflugel. There is definitely interest in these subjects! Quite a lot I'd suggest Modelcollect also has quite an extensive range of "paper panzers" as well Allan
  10. Yes but, are they flush riveted or, mushroom headed rivets? Are there indeed lines of rivets to count where there should instead be panel lines? Allan
  11. No argument here!! Actually, I thought that Mrs Landau ( a k a Barbara Bain ) was even more wooden in Space 1999!! No mean achievement!. Allan
  12. Almost as forgotten as the Martin Maryland!! At least there are short run kits available of both - if you can find them!! It's no more unlikely a subject than the Supermarine Swift and yet.....! I am still waiting for a Blenheim V!!! Allan
  13. Anybody actually sat through the film? Probably the best comedy ever made - even though it was supposed to be serious! Allan
  14. Not confined to the 757 Jeff! Think BAC-111,Viscount, Trident, HS-748, Argonaut, Elizabethan, Argosy, Vanguard,Comet 1 through 4, Brittania, H P Herald, Fokker F27/50, Bae -146, and a whole host of others. Now, I know that some of these have now recently been covered but, I do wonder at some of the omissions especially, as you say, the 757. Allan ps Is there actually any recent kit of the 747-100/200/300?
  15. It isn't difficult nowadays to do a little background research into the history of a kit. That said, I don't think Revell can justify charging 2019 prices for kits maybe 20,30,40 years old.However, it would be unfair to single Revell out for this policy. I don't think there is a manufacturer out there that hasn't charged up to date prices for out of date (if I may use the phrase) kits. At least Airfix has the nous to put the Vintage label on their Vintage classics range so customers know (or should know) what they are getting. Even there however, I question some of their prices. £45 for the 50 year old Saturn V kit? No thanks. My choice of course. I think most of the Vintage range is reasonably priced Allan
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