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  1. Never thought of it that way! Several of the hitherto almost invulnerable Mosquito s were in fact lost during a short period in February - March 1945. It is believed they were brought down by 262s Allan
  2. Excellent box art! Pity Airfix hasn't seen fit yet to issue a new tool Halifax B.III to go with it. Maybe a (very one sided) dogfight double kit? Allan
  3. I don't see a problem either! Any pilot figures would be instantly binned and, I prefer single piece canopies! Quality nowadays is more than adequate to be able to see everything under the roof and, a closed canopy is one less thing to damage or break! Allan
  4. Albeback52

    Revell 1/144 AN-225 Mriya??

    Not so crazy my friend!. I have an idea for a stretched, R R Trent engine version - the Airbus -Antonov A450 based on the Antonov An-124. All I need is another An-124 kit!! Pity Revell has not seen fit to reissue it along with the new -225! Allan
  5. Albeback52

    I hope this is a (bad) joke....

    Probably because a lot of people want to ritually burn the figure! I could think of an even better diorama - Trump standing on an Aberdeenshire golf course and staring disconsolately at an offshore wind farm! (You would have to live here in God's own country to appreciate the reference!) Allan ps - sudden thought. Does anyone do a figure of Vlad the Impaler..............................!!!!! pps - Just occurs to me that the figure is fatally flawed and hopelessly inaccurate. The head is far too big for the size of his brain
  6. Albeback52

    C-130 Eggules from Freedom Kits

    Didn't eggspect this one! Allan
  7. A view which I am happy to share.. Allan
  8. Albeback52

    Revell 1/144 AN-225 Mriya??

    Details! Mere details! Allan
  9. Hard to disagree with you there but, what the hell!! Allan!
  10. Well, you could say the same for their XF-91, XF-88 and, XF-90 (all of which I have) and I have seen some very nice examples made out of all of these! But, I won't discard any kit and, the fun for me is making a presentable model out of what is in the box. I care little for accuracy or otherwise and I think these models actually make a refreshing change from modern shake & bake kits!! Yes, before you ask, I have a pair of the Lindberg X-3s as well!! Both of which will end up as "what ifs". I particularly like the Soviet version illustrated! Allan
  11. Love the idea of the "what ifs". However, this aircraft was so grossly underpowered would it actually get off the ground touting a pair of Sidewinders - unless of course fitted with the then revolutionary Unobtainium powered engines? Even then I don't reckon you'd get much of a bang for your bucks. Still, like I said! Looks good............! Allan
  12. Albeback52

    1:72 Vickers Vanguard Welshmodels

    Lovely choice of subject. Old enough to remember these beauties. And the lovely sound of those R R Tynes! Pity it has to be a resin kit though............................................................!Still, hope it does well. The lack of 1/72 airliner kits in ANY form is quite sad. I might even consider turning to the dark side if someone could produce affordable 1/72 airliners in IM styrene !! Allan
  13. Albeback52

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    Think you're right. Make sense given they have done the other V bombers but, that is of course no guarantee of anything. Personally, I'm hoping they reissue the Valiant and don't forget that there were earlier versions of the Victor and Vulcan as well Allan
  14. Albeback52

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    1/144? Well, that's a huge let down. Certainly won't be buying this one. Poor choice of scale I reckon. Despite all the ritual and predictable Trumpy bashing, I would have bought a 1/72 kit largely because, in terms of detail and engineering it would likely be streets ahead of the Airfix kit. As for "accuracy"? Well, all my models have to pass just ONE test! "Al's accuracy test" states that if Al cannot spot anything obviously wrong just by looking at the kit parts then the kit is accurate to his standards! . Seriously though, looks like no need to ditch my Airfix kits yet! Allan