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  1. I pre ordered 6 of them. Going to be seriously miffed if this does not appear. If indeed the reason for the disappearing from the website is lack of pre orders then Airfix should at least have the common decency and courtesy to advise its customers who DID order the kits. I have yet to recieve a response to the enquiries I sent to Airfix direct and, posted on their Facebook page Allan
  2. Agreed! I actually found it a struggle to sit through the whole film. That, and the much overhyped "Dunkirk" were two of the years most disappointing films. I shudder to think of what any hypothetical reboot of something like the Battle of Britain would be like. Probably be something like the truly execrable "Red Tails and, be full of politically correct afro Caribbean /Hispanics flying P-51s bedecked in RAF markings while fighting off FW-190s flown by stereotypical, evil scar faced Germans called "Pretty Boy"? (or some such) Allan Ps - cynical mode OFF PPS. And before anybody jumps on me, I mean absolutely no disrespect to the members of the afore mentioned ethnic groups (and others) who fought courageously and honourably for so little reward or recognition
  3. No, definitely not possible. It would an achievement of galactic proportions to make any film as bad as Pearl Harbour. Titanic came close though as did the shocking 2011 remake of Conan the Barbarian! You know, I still think that Tora! Tora! Tora! is immeasurably superior to the abomination that was Pearl Harbour! Allan
  4. Know the feeling!! My cat simply opened her eyes, yawned and gave me that typically feline look of contempt as if to say " what is that pathetic human on about now!! Allan
  5. Now, all Revell need to give us is a G or, R , or a 188 or, a 388 ...............! Allan
  6. You can keep your Mustangs!!. What this kit really needs is a 1/35 figure of the late Eric "Winkle" Brown, in full flying gear, looking up at it and sadly shaking his head!! Allan
  7. As Steve states, it is based on the original A-4 kit. I already two A-4 kits and, two of the C-6 reboxing. The kit is an absolute delight. It's like a mini version of the lovely 1/32 kit! IOt's a tad fiddly to build, especially the cockpit but, I don't think you will be disappointed Allan
  8. Probably because it was quicker ,easier and cheaper to simply remove the appropriate parts from an existing kit than it was to modify the tooling? Strange kit? Well, I tend to agree with you here. I don't see the need to delete the under carriage at all. They could just as easily have put a stand in the box of the standard kit and given modellers the choice? If they wanted to produce a "level 3 " simplified kit for the market for which it is clearly intended then they could surely have produced specific items for their Easy Kit range but, I guess costs may have had something to do with that? Incidentally, you are presumably aware that Revell has issued a "level 3" version of the An-225? . Be interested to see how that pans out Allan
  9. Fair enough. I haven't seen a confirmed price for the level 3 kit but,on the Revell.de website, its advertised at 79.99 Euros. That's £68. The full kit can be had for about the same. My partner paid £65 for the kit she bought me last year. I guess shopping around would be a good idea. Allan
  10. Maybe so but, I cannot help feeling that this is a bit deceitful on Revell's part.They seem to be banking on customer ignorance in not knowing they can get the full kit for the same price. Allan
  11. I will pass the greetings on to the big guy!! I take your point about trying for more sales. That's fair enough However, quite how they hope to achieve that by charging pretty much the same price for a kit that actually has less in it is beyond me!. Of course, I'm not a Revell marketing executive..............................!!! Allan
  12. A reasonable assumption although how we define "important" is another matter and, one that is VERY subjective! We still have the full 2020 programme to look forward to. I do not anticipate many new releases but, Airfix are quite adept at springing surprises. Allan
  13. Doesn't look like it. A previous post indicates a price approx. 80 Euros. That's £68 or, $88 US. The full kit is available for less ! Allan
  14. Thanks for the info Paul. That's very disappointing. Guess I will scratch the Revell one off my list and go for the Zvezda reboxing instead!. Another post indicated a price in the 80 Euro range for the reissued Revell kit so, basically you're getting less kit for the same price. (Mine cost £68). The idea seems a bit redundant to me because, they could have actually supplied a stand (for those that like such things) with the original kit instead of leaving bits out and charging customers the same price for less model? Allan
  15. So I didn't read it wrong. Absolutely nothing new at all? Not very impressed. Might get the Typhoon and another An -225 ( memo to partner for Christmas 2020 prezzie!) but, other than that, nothing on that list for me. Hope Airfix does better Mind you, it it a only the list up to April?. Maybe more news in the new year? Allan
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