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  1. Albeback52

    Airfix 2019

    Nasty! However, I have three of the recently reissued B- 26 kits. None of them exhibit any flaws like this. I am content for Hasegawa NOT to reissue their B-26 kit though!. Seriously overpriced like most of their kits!! Problem is, that some issues are not apparent or visible until you start building. I had to batter my A irfix Shackleton into submission! Absolute pig of a kit. Maybe 2019 should be quality control year?
  2. Albeback52

    Airfix 2019

    I think that seems very likely - this recent Workbench blog gave some hints!; Vintage Classics’ – Modelling delights still to come We are hoping that this new range of models which celebrate the heritage of Airfix modelling will be of interest to a great many people and whilst there is an interesting selection in this initial collection, we are pleased to confirm that there will be more classics to come. Everyone will have an Airfix model which has special significance for them, especially as the huge tooling back catalogue includes some releases which were unique to Airfix and as the tooling bank assessment continues, more of these earlier models will be introduced to the ‘Vintage Classics’ range. With many fantastic and unusual aircraft subjects yet to appear, it is planned that some of the introductions will be limited and special editions and whilst some will be available for quite a while, allowing model stores to re-stock the most popular lines, others will be much shorter runs and will only be available for a limited time. It is even planned that a few modelling surprizes will grace the range, giving all modellers an exciting taste of Classic Airfix modelling heritage. As well as keeping an eye out for all the latest new model tooling announcements, the ‘Vintage Classics’ range will also have us keeping one eye on the modelling past as these historic old kits now occupy the same range space as the very latest computer designed future classics. We very much look forward to bringing you more details from the ‘Vintage Classics’ range in forthcoming editions of Workbench, including confirmation of latest kits scheduled to join this growing collection and news of the limited and special release models that will have us all clamouring to reserve our examples. Knowing we will all have our particular favourites, which one will end up being your first ‘Vintage Classic’? For 2019, I'd therefore like to see in the classics range : Short Skyvan B N Islander D H C Beaver F-86D Sabre F-80C Shooting Star F-84F Thunderstreak. Centurion tank Matilda tank. Chieftain tank Scammell tank transporter Type 97 Chi Ha Afrika Korps reconnaissance set. As for new tools? Content to wait and see ps - count me in for your suggested Boston/Havoc & Ju-88A Allan
  3. Albeback52

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Another wee selection from Edinburgh Allan
  4. Albeback52

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    A few recent items from Edinburgh. Hope they may be of interest Allan
  5. Albeback52

    Airfix 2019

    Are you sure we are talking about the same kit??. I had relatively few problems with my build. Quite enjoyed it actually. Took about three weeks start to finish Funny how the same kit can be so different (if you get my meaning). I don't reckon £25 is excessive. Maybe for the 1/144 kit but, I doubt very much if you would get a 1/72 C-46 kit new tooled for much less than about £30. Allan
  6. Albeback52

    Airfix 2019

    While not exactly modern, Williams Bros released a very nice C-46 Commando in the late 70s. It can still be obtained quite readily second hand. In addition, there is a modern injected kit available but, unfortunately it is in 1/144 scale https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Platz-MODEL-PD-22-1-144-Curtiss-C-46ECM-Commando-Kit/292535058682?hash=item441c72c0fa:g:N0YAAOSwevlZ-FAE Allan ps - I do agree that a new 1/72 kit would be great.
  7. Another boring grey jet!!. Need to do something about the colour scheme when I get mine!! Bit out of my price league at the moment so, I think my partner will find this on her Crimbo shopping list! Allan
  8. Albeback52

    Airfix 2019

    . Can I help it if the rest of the world is wrong? Allan
  9. Albeback52

    Airfix 2019

    And everyone will be SOOOOO disappointed when the "big announcement" they are obviously hoping for turns out to be? Well, nothing really!! Not even yet another Spitfire - far less a Mk XIV !! Allan
  10. Albeback52

    Airfix 2019

    Honestly!! Forget the Scruggs Wundaplane! The market is saturated with them already!!. Why has nobody mentioned the Fairley Fanciful?? There must be a market for this, especially if Airfix include a bag of rivets for those so minded to count. Other than that , I will be happy if they ; 1) Avoid 1/24 altogether 2) Have at least one year totally free of Spitfires in any size,shape or form 3)Avoid any WWII subject with less 2 engines 4)Give us a brand new Concorde !! Allan
  11. Albeback52

    What Do You With Olk Kit Boxes

    Instructions? Bin them Spare parts/decals - store and keep Boxes? I bin them the minute I get the kit home. They just take up space. The kits themselves I store in large plastic crates. That way I can get a lot more into my available space. Allan
  12. Albeback52

    Another Rosebud Kitmaster Item on Ebay

    Ah! I think you're right John! Thanks for the reminder. Guess they won't be appearing in the Vintage Classics range after all. Allan
  13. Honestly Jeffrey! By offering three different "nose jobs" you surely cannot be expecting us to buy multiples of said kit??. I know you will have your hands full with this project but, dare I suggest another couple of "nose jobs" - namely the single seat A-12 and, YF-12 (yes, I know there's more involved than just a nose job!) - for perhaps the future? Whatever, top marks for producing a very long overdue kit. Best of luck with it Allan
  14. Aye!! They were also "planning" a Buccaneer as well (among other things)!!. They had a very ambitious programme but, I wonder if it was perhaps a bit OVER ambitious? Certainly, we haven't heard much about the afore mentioned Buccaneer! I suspect this SR-71 may actually queer Tan Model's pitch a little? Allan
  15. Albeback52

    Another Rosebud Kitmaster Item on Ebay

    These were really excellent kits - especially by the standards of the time in which they were produced. I have most of the locomotive kits (under the Airfix guise) and, the Stirling 8ft Single and, Swiss Crocodile in the original boxing. No, they are NOT for sale!!. I'd love the Garratt but, I simply wont pay the silly prices asked! If Airfix still have the moulds, I wonder if they might feature in the Vintage Classics range? Certainly be nice to see them again. It's a shame that there are so few kits of rail subjects around Allan