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  1. Better believe it. An extremely wet squib!
  2. Albeback52

    hasegawa 1/72 F-111 reissue

    Agreed. These were really excellent kits but, I will simply do without them at that sort of price level. Allan
  3. I kind of lost interest about a week ago!
  4. Albeback52

    Airfix Advent Calendar

    Sorry! I forgot about those ones! Allan ps and almost forgot "surely a guaranteed best seller"!
  5. Albeback52

    Airfix Advent Calendar

    You forgot to add "iconic", "no line up would be complete without" and, "why do this when modellers are screaming for (insert)". To name but a few popular clichés! Allan
  6. I love this company!! Several very tasty items on their Face Book page for forthcoming projects.. They'll definitely be getting a lot of my money in future - particularly the Fist of War vehicles. I don't have any problem with subjects like the A-12 or, the fictitious subjects. They're as valid a choice as any Sci Fi subject and, hardly anybody seems to complain about THEM! Allan
  7. I think the two separate versions of the Grumman A-12 might qualify as other nations concepts?. You 're right though. It would be nice and, there is a wealth of material to choose from. Allan
  8. That's useful to know. Haven't started either of mine yet but, I always close the canopies because open ones are just asking to get damaged or knocked off!. I'm aware of the fit issue with the rear fuselage. I'll worry about that when I start building! Allan
  9. Assuming they even made it off the drawing board to begin with! Still, I like ModelCollect's thinking. I already have several of their fictional (if I may use the term ) German AFVs. If this is the start of a whole range of Luftwaffe 46 or, other similar types I wont object. Wonder if they've read British Secret Projects etc? Allan
  10. Not really that massive. I think the wing area gives a false impression. In 1/48 the E555 would be similar to the Airfix Vulcan in terms of wing area/span.I brush painted my Vulcans so, I wouldn't have a problem with the (hypothetical) Arado.. I don't own an airbrush anyway!. When I built the Revell E.555, I stuffed weight into the wing leading edges. As it was forward of the main undercarriage, it worked fine. I suggest a similar approach might work with this model unless of course the manufacturer kindly provides weights? Allan
  11. Albeback52

    Revell 2019 releases

    The Revell kit is £29.99. Last I heard the Airfix kit was £24.99. Allan
  12. Hopefully they will be dusted off so that the kit can resurface as part of the Vintage Classics range Allan
  13. Far too expensive! Would you consider items made of Unobtainium instead? Allan
  14. Albeback52

    Revell 2019 releases

    Interesting. I never knew that. Guess that will teach me to read the publicity better!. Think it's a rather strange decision myself because, I would have thought that if they wanted to maximise sales of what is sure to be a popular item, they would have released them the other way round? There is obviously a market for the "Platinum"series kit(s) but, just how much? Personally, I am not convinced that most modellers will want a kit with all the expensive, additional frippery included and, would prefer the bog standard edition. However, I am not a Revell marketing exec and, I guess they know what they are doing. I am content to await the standard kit next year Allan