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  1. Very nice indeed. This is top of my todo list at the moment, should start on it next week hopefully
  2. Great work. I've built this kit OOB just to practice some paint effects so, I know just what you're up against. The model is now in my sons aircraft toy box! At least it went to a good home......lol
  3. Seriously impressed with this build. Your attention to detail is awesome.....
  4. Thank you for the kind words gents..... I think I've been quite lucky so far with most of my purchases abroad and not had to pay any extra to HMRC or the post office (touching wood right now....lol). I reckon it's just blind luck though......
  5. And you're quite welcome to do that
  6. Mine arrived over the weekend.... My video review here.....
  7. This project has impressed more than any other! Truly a work of art and incredible imagination...... Love it is an understatement...!!! PS.... I have a little bias as I'm a huge fan of Blade Runner
  8. Ordered mine today - Looking forward to this one
  9. I'm a member and would be happy to get a couple for you when they come out. I am in the UK though so, might not be any good for you, but if you want we can sort something out
  10. Cheers for the heads up. Just got the stingray and the falke shame the nutcracker's sold out
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