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  1. That looks like the aircraft..i am interested in 1/72 scale but also in the real aircraft , I know nothing about them in service with the french at this time..
  2. Does anyone know much about these and are there any decals available? Van
  3. why should it be free? Duxford is not wholly government funded. The money to run it needs to come from somewhere.
  4. Your point being? IWM HMS Belfast charges £16.00 The thread is about the Duxford may 2016 prices being too high (for some). My point being the Airshow is only £11.50 on top of the museum price.
  5. IWM Duxford costs £18 per adult WITHOUT an airshow, so exactly how is £29.50 for the May show expensive? Van
  6. perhaps an issue with the glue? Unless the pylons have special physical properties that resist adhesives?
  7. Why not reply here for all our benefit??
  8. Why just the Shackleton? By the same logic the same goes for mzny aircraft of a certain vintage..
  9. The "older" Airfix mould is very very recent (2012). As I said, looking at the actual aircraft that was scanned the errors can be seen. Note that the lifting tube is just forward of the tail bulkhead and the opening for the tail gear doors just aft (both on the real aircraft and on the 72 scale kit but not on the 48th version...
  10. I was so pleased to see at Telford that Airfix are bringing out a new early P-40. Then I got home and went on line... normally I am not what some call a rivet counter-but when I saw how Airfix have messed up parts of the new P-40 (pointed out on another forum with really good pictures of the new sprues compared to the 72 scale version). I thought I ask the members of the forum how this mess could have occurred when Airfix used LIDAR on the Duxford aircraft. Looking at pictures of the Duxford P-40 even I can see the lifting tube hole is miles too forward as is the tailwheel opening and access
  11. I built my TSR when the kit first came out. No superglue was used and it still sits happily on its undercarriage years later...
  12. Why on earth Airfix did not release later Skyhawk vaiants I do not know...they began to think about it as the wing has flashed over holes for outer pylons...
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