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  1. I've fallen in love with the Starfighter, having watched the video of the recent return to flight of the Norwegian CF104-D. I'd like to have a go at modelling one in Norwegian colours - what's the best example out there? Probably 1/48 and are there aftermarket decals out there for it? https://www.facebook.com/starfighter.no/videos/1444501105577450/
  2. Thanks guys. Agree James, the old 'crap in - crap out' analogy is a universal truth. It did seem to be pretty reliable though and I usually cross reference against several sources before I commit. I may have commented on this back in 2014 when I was last active on this forum, but it's a massive task to take on and maintain. Seems like a group like Britmodeller could support it in a sort of crowdsource way. Then you'd have all members able to contribute to it. Just a thought ....
  3. I'm just back into modelling after a 2 1/2 year hiatus. I used to use the Ultimate Paint Conversion chart that was available at www.paint4models.com but it doesn't seem to be working. It was really good, but I don't know if it was being maintained. If it is now defunct, what is the best online colour conversion resource? I'm particularly keen on Humbrol to Vallejo, Humbrol to Tamiya and Humbrol to Mr Color. Thanks
  4. Yes, Charley420, that's what I thought! And galvanised! Must be a repair job. Must be 20 years since I last dabbled with rusty motors!
  5. Thanks all. You've all seen right through my question! I actually want to airbrush automotive paint onto my car!! A rusty wheel arch on a 55 plate Audi! Didn't expect that. I want the control of an airbrush rather than the all or nothing shotgun of a rattle can and all the overspray issues with that. Don't worry, I use ordinary model paint on my models - mostly acrylic and I'm a bit of a Vallejo Model Air fan, but have a loads of Humbrol, Mr Hobby & Tamiya as well. So it's more a tools for the job question rather than a modelling question, but thanks anyway! Cheers, Andrew
  6. I want to airbrush some automotive paint - will it ruin my airbrush? The paint is a 2 pack; base colour & lacquer in rattle cans. Will it work ok? Do I use standard airbrush cleaners after? And how about decanting the rattle cans - any tips? Thanks in anticipation, Andrew
  7. Right then Fozzy. That's enough hosting & socialising - we need some more B17 action. Don't you know there's a huge bunch of forlorn modelling acolytes out there, pining for some scratch building updates! Don't keep us in suspenders for much longer ............ please?!
  8. Had an email from The Works this morning. 20% off using code Flash 20 including some Airfix and Revell models!
  9. I've a serious complaint to make, Fozzy; just discovered this build and have just paged through all 19 pages of thread. Not only has my tea gone cold, but I have the early stages of RSI forming in my hand (from scrolling, I hasten to add )!! And there's a trail of dribble down the front of my shirt!! Am absolutely inspired by this build - extraordinary - and I will now be following it with great interest. I can definitely see a book out of this. I'd have a couple of copies for cert. Just a thought, but the Sally B people at Duxford may be good to talk to (although she's a green one) about some kind of cooperation. Or perhaps one of the US operators. I was lucky enough to have a look inside Sally B and it's fantastic seeing a 1/20 version! So, once finished, are you going to take it on tour? Book an extra seat on the plane for the model?! Special stand and presentations at Telford this year (or next year, depending on how you get on?!). Keep up the extraordinary work! Andrew
  10. Picked up a set of garden clamps from Aldi the other day - a massive 99p for about 20. Not mega substantial but OK for holding parts together while glue sets. They have little locating pins on the clamping faces but these can be scalpel'd off if you need to. Brilliant little set & no way my wife's getting hold of them for her plants! Might be one of their special buys so get in quick!
  11. Thanks again. I'll be sticking with a mix of 1/76 for buildings & vehicles and 1/72 for aircraft. They'll all be separated so it shouldn't show too much. I've a set of Revell RAF WWII figures but they're 1/72 so tower over Airfix's HO/OO figures. I'll have to save them for a different diorama!
  12. Thanks all, and yes, Brian, I quite agree. The PE set didn't include a handrail for the stairs and I pondered about making one. As my confidence in scratching increases I'd probably have tried one, but you know what, it's now time to move on to the next project! Sometimes you've just got to let go :-)
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