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  1. I would like to build a Corsair 2 that served in the vietnam conflict, although the aircraft decals provided with the kit are from ANG units at the time of the conflict MN and DC dit these units actually go to Vietnam with these tailcodes ?
  2. Does anyone else find that the colours of Xtracolour paints are slightly "off" from the normal accepted colour match, I've just got RAF hemp and it looks nothing like the right shade for a Canberra, Nimrod etc, but then maybee its just my eyes
  3. Can anyone enlighten me with and details of which aircraft are being used at the moment, also whats the best 1/72 kit of such and are decals available U S naving is not my strong point but would like to make something current other than Tornado, thanks guys
  4. I'm selling all mine as have no more room for them !
  5. Nearing completion of my first vulcan, 617 sqd grey/green from modeldecal sheet, I used the frightdog 201 series engines and am very pleased with results. seeing yours Robb inspires me to build another, maybe in Nuclear flash finish to go with my Valient. anyone know of any after market decals for such ?
  6. How can i achieve a decant allover white paint scheme for my valiant without using an airbrush and making it look "toy like" I'm sorry i just cannot get on with them
  7. Just got hold of this old kit for £1, it arrived today and i've started to re-scribe the panel lines. Does this kit need much more shapewise or is it ok
  8. Its just a damn shane that yes we remember the Spitfire, hurricane and Lanc, and rightly so, its a pity that such a dependable workhose will not be seen flying again aftern such stirling service in Bosmia, Iraq, Afgan and now Iraq again, what a pity !
  9. Does anyone have any idea about weather or not any RAF tornadoes will be retained for flying display or museams once they are de-commisioned, it would be a great shame if this formidable aircraft was only remembered in pictures and videos
  10. I have the old Frog/Novo Sea Venom kit, which i belive is derived from the Venom NF3, whould it take much to convert it back to an NF3 other than simple deletion of the arrestor hook, many thanks for any help
  11. silver of grey for Fiat br 20 thanks guys
  12. Tamiya paint is only available in Norwich and as i've heard it's not to good for brush painting so that rules that out for me, I have also found Revell enamels a bit thick and streak badly so i do stick with Humbrol as a second choice
  13. Would the fact that the Humbrol range is carried in many more stores than other paint ranges be affecting peoples choice somewhat, particully with the stupid Post Office ban on transporting enamel paints. My first choice has always been Xtracolour but what with postage charges it is a lot easier to bulk buy Humbrol when nipping into town ( Kings Lynn )
  14. Must say, i've been brush painting Xtracolour over grey spray primer for over 20 years and am very pleased with results, mottling can be troublesome with gloss though so i revert to Humbrol matt and gloss coat afterwards
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