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  1. I know that Encounter At Farpoint ( along with some other 2/3 episode shows)had a limited cinema release last year in the States, that met with great reviews
  2. Don't get confused with this one http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/revell-172-dgzrs-95-m-class-lifeboat/ or 05211 which were the cheap ones. 05238 was £40-£50 when it came out. I know of a shop that has one in at £69.99 (its a bloody big box!), but £200 is still steep
  3. chadders

    Thinners ?

    I used to thin Tamiya acrylics with tap water when I ran out of X20a. Never seemed to make a difference
  4. Just had this from Culttvman. Downscale of the MKII and MKVII to 1:72nd and strangely a 1:5th resin Batgirl. Strange because Batgirl isn't listed as part of the Batman 1:10th set that they have announced, but they're putting it out in resin at twice the size. http://culttvman.com/main/moebius-announcements-from-wondercon/
  5. If it's a problem with the Kit, its free, but if you have broken/lost a part or you want spares for a conversion they charge about three quid for postage. They've been doing it for a couple of years. I think it was due to the actions of a few idiots who were ordering "spares" on a weekly basis trying to get all the parts for a particular kit instead of just buying the kit
  6. Its been available from culttvmanshop for a few weeks, Mines waiting at Coventry at the moment apparently
  7. I was going to drill the windows in mine, then I noticed they were oblong. I took the easy route and just bought window decals, sod lighting them!!
  8. Available to pre order now. Interesting subject http://www.culttvmanshop.com/Colonial-One--Battlestar-Galactica-from-Moebius--PREORDER-RESERVATION_p_2828.html Mark
  9. Very cool. I'm building these at the moment as well
  10. Here's my first completed build for 4 months. It's the Testors Roswell UFO in 1:48th scale. I actually built it last September, but I rushed to finish it prior to moving house and was never happy with it. So I stripped it back, re did the seam work, and did a repaint. I decided to go for a distressed look, to better convey the subject matter. The base silver is just a HumbroL rattle can with weathering a mix of Tamiya acrylics, Flory washes and Tamiya powders. Really sorry about the pictures, I can't figure out Gills camera.
  11. XL319 has its own website and was attached to 617 http://www.avrovulcanxl319.co.uk/history.php
  12. Model Design Construction do a pretty good range
  13. There's a discussion somewhere on here where a member of the Tornado SIG gives the correct colours for this kit. It's also on the Airfix FB page
  14. Sounds like a thinning problem more than anything else. Who's paint and what thinner are you using?
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