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  1. Been wanting to build one of these for a long time. I love the shape and the whole concept behind the bent wing bird. Just adds that bit extra. Last year I finally set to work as part of a Pacific build off with some others. Took longer than I expected. The Tamiya kit was excellent other than fitting the engine cowl around the engine. Spent a fair amount of time rebuilding the cockpit and adding more detail. I didn't want to weather this bird but rather have it in, shall we say, museum condition, all lovingly polished.
  2. Thanks Crushkill. Hope I did them justice. They're looking good on the shelf. Sometime in the future I'll knock up some part of Baghdad for them.
  3. Thanks for the comments. It took me a bit to get the enthusiasm going for the Tamiya version after I'd completed the Meng but at the end of the day it seems to have worked out. Its flying thingies next for a bit. I've a 1/32 Corsair on the bench but after that there's a Centurion needing some urban camouflage. Cheers John.
  4. Nice version of the Merkava Llyod. Looks like the Meng version went together rather well. As to antislip I had a few experiments in that area. Eventually I used some Mr Surfacer 500. I painted on a thin layer and once it had set a little bit I used a rough brush to pickle the surface. Didn't look too bad when I was finished. In some of the other kits Meng provides an antislip surface and at 1:35 its quite fine so don't overdo the Mr Surfacer. Cheers John.
  5. Ok, finally finished so here's some decent pictures of the end result. At the start of this thread I said I'd compare the two Bradley kits, Meng and Tamiya. Here they are together. Things were going well then this happened: It has since been repaired and returned to service on the display cabinet shelf. As to which kit was better; detail wise the Meng version wins hands down right down to the detail on the various tool clamps. No brass needed in the case of the Meng kit other than what was provided. Decals were of high quality compared to Tamiya which just fell apart in some places. That said some decals in the Meng kit were in places that are hidden from view and then when they would be in view they are missing, somebody made a few strange choices. The clear plastic provided for the optics on the Meng kit make it look a lot more realistic than the lack of in the case of Tamiya. More need to follow this route but it does mean that they have to be protected (or added later) when painting the main vehicle. Construction wise the Tamiya is childishly simple and it all fits together well without the hours of fettling that almost every part of the Meng kit required. Even my kak handed efforts with the Eduard PE on the Tamiya weren't too difficult although I didn't replace everything with PE. On the whole I'm pleased with the combined result and happy that I'm not going to be looking at another Bradley for some time. There's still one in the stash but its staying there for a few years. In both cases the track delivered with the model was used rather than after market. The Meng set will withstand close inspection, the Tamiya rubber bands maybe not so close but I'm happy with the results. That's all folks, thanks for looking in and the appreciated comments.
  6. Turret paint job repaired and assembly complete. It really does have a two tone look. Try and reduce that later. Adding the decals was a pain. Maybe they were old but did have the tendency to fall apart. I'll have to paint over the missing parts. Some of them really were a bit of a joke. Tamiya seems to expect the decals to fit over the massive rivets on the armour plate so spent a lot of time lining things up and cutting holes in the decals only to have them then fall apart when applied, aargh!! Problem with pictures is that the parts I missed show up rather well, back to a bit of weathering.
  7. Hi Gaz, Thanks for the link. There's some interesting stuff on that site and the flexible foil looks like a solution for a few things. Up to now I've been using the lead tops of wine bottles. Cheers John.
  8. Some minor work but turret nearing completion. Need to find more time to work on this and push it to the finish. Turret bins completed. Time to put it all together and paint it up. Had hoped to complete the sighting mechanism on the front of the turret but had a minor paint explosion with the airbrush due to bad drills on my part. Need to sand down some of the paint job and start again. Shouldn't be too much and being a little rough it should add some patina to the overall effect.
  9. Truly amazing attention to detail. I'm enjoying watching this taking shape.
  10. Time for the turret. Eduard provide about 50 grab handles which is just as well. I still haven't mastered creating four folds in a piece of metal that is roughly the size of the end of the tweezers. I'm convinced Eduard are secretly sadists. After perseverance I managed the requisite 12 grab handles with most of the rest being binned. Quite happy with the results, now hope I don't lose half of them when I use the airbrush. Next job is the bins for the ammunition cans.
  11. All brass bits added to the hull and side skirts added. Didn't bother replacing the ladles on the sides. After looking at the Eduard effort decided that with a bit of paintwork the Tamiya ones looked better. Sometimes PE is a bit 2-dimensional.
  12. Finally some progress o the Tamiya Bradley. Wheels and tracks fitted along with basic paint job on the hull. I used the rubber bands provided by Tamiya. Had to soften them up a bit as they were bent to the left. Fine if you want to go round corners but not much use on the model. As the tracks are covered by the skirts decided it wasn't worthwhile going for any of the aftermarket stuff.
  13. And now for the Tamiya Bradley. Its an M2A2 ODS version. Its taken an effort to get this moving as I lost interest when comparing it to the Meng effort. Even given all the fitting problems that the Meng kit threw up the level of detail is streets ahead of Tamiya. I had a set of Eddie's brass for this one. I haven't replaced all the parts that Eduards give but at the end of the day I added a fair bit. Here's the hull before I put on the first coats of primer and paint before adding the brass grills and exhaust system.
  14. Now the M113A2. Its supposed to have a bunch of packs and stuff dangling from the sides and I've still to find something to simulate the straps to hang the sacks on. I guess Tamiya thought they were fitted magnetically. The kit is a straight forward bash out of the box with no added extras. Will do for something in the back of a diorama sometime. The figure came out of a Tamiya Abrams. And finally a comparison between the Bradley and the M113, the Bradley being a sizeable beastie.
  15. Ok, this Bradley is considered done. When I started the thread I was going to do a comparison build with a Tamiya Bradley. That's on the way so the story will continue for a bit. I also knocked up an M113, for no other reason other than it was on the shelf but it makes a nice comparison size wise. Here's the Meng Bradley:
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