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  1. 5/1 update. Spent some time on the "Motley"crew of the Gator. Spent some time adding road dust to the Gator. Probably do some "dusting" on the lower outer hull tomorrow: Pulled my next project out of the stash today, felt almost like sacrilege opening the box, even the instruction booklet is still sealed in a polythene envelope
  2. Excellent job on the PE, looking good.
  3. Happy New Year Lloyd to you and yours, thank you, looks better when it's dirtied up a bit. The liquid pigment sets from Lifecolor need a bit of getting used to but deliver nice results. Cheers, Julian
  4. A Happy New Year to you and Lady R. too Simon, thanks, needs a bit of cleaning to pull back the effects here and there. Luckily that is quite easy with these crazy liquid pigments. Wheels and tracks still quite stark but a dusting of, er, dust will cure that. Looking a bit better and not as beaten up as some of the photos of Gators suggest.
  5. 1/1 update. Happy New Year to the fellow builders on this forum, may you have a productive 2018. Washes and some playing around with liquid pigments:
  6. Happy New Year Kev and congratulations on reaching the finish Pension in Holland is a bit like like the carrot dangling from a stick: the pension age is being raised in a true liberal stealth fashion. Enjoy all the free time
  7. That's a lot of builds on the boil Simon, should keep you busy
  8. Thank you Francis, A very happy New Year to you and your family, Cheers Julian
  9. Very nice Cesar, the Big Ed set will keep you busy I am sure. Silly question maybe but is the launch pad included?
  10. 30/12 update. Taking more touch ups than I expected. Need to do some work on the track pads before I start making things dirty again More tomorrow, calling it a day,
  11. It's in a lot of small details Glynn, the rope that ties up the motorbike and has started to unravel, the tea cup on the running board, the tarps etc. I love it, gorgeous work. Julian
  12. I skipped fitting those parts so that I could still open the engine bay cover.
  13. I really like the look of this build. The tarp covering it really gives character to it. This should look amazingly sexy when you get around to painting it. Julian
  14. Hi Simon, flashy, squeaky clean at the moment. The masking was done with Panzer putty, great stuff. Best moment is when you remove the masking and see that you have either achieved a very gorgeous looking effect or have made a complete b***s-up of it Free hand spraying without masking is more fun but this had to be tight edged camo. Photos show up alot of spots that need some TLC
  15. 29/12 update. Camo applied. Detail paintwork being done before weathering and rusting starts:
  16. Hi Keith, I am approaching an armor OD at the moment so I think I'll be doing something completely different, just not sure if it will be a wingy thingy or a floaty thingy
  17. Hi Chris, Vallejo Nato green primer, Vallejo Nato brown and black. I'll get some photos up later. Just in the process of peeling of Panzer Putty and doing minor touch ups. Thanks Glynn
  18. Hi Lloyd, this is Vallejo Nato green acrylic ground and it is a bit lighter in color than the Tamiya Nato green. Amazingly these things do float
  19. 28/12 update, rather picture heavy today. Base coat of Nato green added. The gator is turning out to be a very enjoyable build and is looking very nice so far. Wine time
  20. Your wish is my command Stix, base coat of Nato green put on this afternoon, hope to dabble with the camo tomorrow
  21. Thanks again Francis, The figures give a great sense of scale but I still hate painting the little plastic guys.
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