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  1. I'm starting my first build soon. Also a submarine. I've placed the upper and lower hull parts together and noticed that the port and starboard bow have an edge that doesn't quite marry up. I'll have to sand it back and hope it doesn't erase some markings. What grade is best for sanding a smooth finish once the edge is corrected?
  2. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I'll definitely take my time, but also contribute where I can.
  3. While I'm awaiting delivery of my air compressor I've started collecting photos of the subject. There's only so much you can find by Googling "Song" or "Type 039" with "submarine," but I stumbled across a Chinese translation for their vessel types and used that instead. It opened the floodgates to lots of detailed photos. I imagine I'll soon need to decide how much detail/accuracy is practical
  4. Hello all! Greetings from Australia As with a lot of members, I collected and built model kits as a teenager before life got in the way. Back then I prefered the size and level of detail of 1:72 aircraft, initially starting with WW2 fighters and a small number of twin-engine aircraft, before moving onto more modern aircraft (what was modern at that time). The exceptions being a Nimitz class CVN-69 Eisenhower and an IDF Merkava MkII. After a pause of a few years, the last I built was in my early 20s; a Russian T54/55, where I explored weathering. Unfortunately, I have
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