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  1. I was going to post some of my recent images here but refuse to use hosting sites. The other model sites I go to allow you to upload from your computer. How novel and easy can this be? Time for others to "own up" maybe?
  2. Thanks, I am going with the Airfix scheme, rubber wheels, no ambush dots and white 301. The decals may be the downfall but it's close nuff for me.
  3. I have the Tamiya kit and it has markings for a tank number white 301. It looks similar to Airfix's Panther V, number 301 decals. Is that a valid scheme? I can't find any actual photos of it but there is mention of it and some color artists versions of it's scheme. The one Tamiya does has dots for the ambush scheme, I like Airfix's version better.
  4. I just tried that and it doesn't work for me. I am a new member, is there a time limit before I can edit this? I totally have a dislike for the silly simple title of NEWBIE, sounds a bit childish for my age!
  5. Thank you both for the information and images, it helps me now to know the correct colors.
  6. Hello I have just started a 1/72 F-14A Tomcat of VF-1 in a 1978 scheme. What would be they sub types for the Sidewinder and Sparrow? Also out of curiosity did the Tomcat ever use the Phoenix in any conflict?
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