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  1. That’s a fantastic build of this old kit, lovely detail added in all areas. Looks like it fought you in a few places but you nailed it. I am inspired to build mine but so far haven’t been able to get the LVM detail set so far as they are no longer producing it. Hopefully pick one up one day! Mac
  2. It’s not mentioned on Scalemates in the kit description? could be more of an oversight in the article write up. Cheers Mac
  3. Ok thanks, that’s a shame, typical you find what you are looking for then the rug gets pulled under your feet! I will ask on here when when “Wanted” is running on here again. It’s mainly the logos on the forward fuselage that is the issue, the rest are straightforward. If anyone has them or the 1/48 ones & could send me a scan, I can get them printed. Failing that if anyone has any decent images of Meteor WF791 that would be appreciated. Thanks Mac
  4. Does anyone know if Ram models are still trading/ producing decals? I’ve found a set of decals they done on the net but can’t seem to find anyone who has ever supplied them? The set is RAM 72-012 The vintage pair. My club are putting together a permanent display of models for RAF Leeming & I am building the Meteor T Mk7 WF791 which operated from there at one point. Please note this is not a specific ”wants” request but a general question regarding availability. Any clues would be appreciated. Thanks Mac Leeming
  5. That’s excellent, just shows what can be done we these old kits with love & hard work. I’m on with this kit at the moment, be very pleased to get it to that standard, well done
  6. Some really lovely work going on here. Mac
  7. This is lovely, great to see massive improvements to a fairly basic kit by the looks. Well done. Mac
  8. Great build & very effective prop! Well done Mac
  9. Cracking job of this classic old kit, well done. Mac
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