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  1. That’s excellent, just shows what can be done we these old kits with love & hard work. I’m on with this kit at the moment, be very pleased to get it to that standard, well done
  2. Some really lovely work going on here. Mac
  3. This is lovely, great to see massive improvements to a fairly basic kit by the looks. Well done. Mac
  4. Great build & very effective prop! Well done Mac
  5. Cracking job of this classic old kit, well done. Mac
  6. Truly inspiring build, wonderfully presented, easily the best car build I've seen for a long time. Just itches of stories & intrigue! Must try get hold of some of those tyres before I finally tackle mine! Congratulations again Mac
  7. Nice simple but effective diorama, suggested to me soldiers wary of some kind of ambush perhaps? One minor niggle for me is where heavily laden troops in big boots trudge through snow perhaps some footprints & staining in the snow may just add some extra detail? We all see different things & its a matter of opinion but I'm not sure Jack109s parting "Oh Wow" comment was called for. Well done Mac
  8. I used Andy's method for my build & it really works well, I also replaced the stub axles for the nose wheel by drilling through & inserting a piece of metal rod. Been taken to a fair few shows & never damaged a leg/wheel yet. Good luck with your build. Cheers Mac
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