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  1. For a realistic droop on tracks drill through the Hull both sides at the lowest curve of the droop and insert a piece of thin rigid piano wire. Clip the wire length to hold the droop down and nestle between the track links
  2. Good build! Love the eight plait tow rope. Very realistic
  3. Not so. My point was. Forty years ago there was nothing like the availability of tools as there are now.eg.sprue cutters, magnifying head gear, loupes. Airbrushes were prohibitively expensive. Manufacturing abilities meant that 1/72 and small scale models were crude and limited in range. Etc. Scratch building was normal to available plans. eg. Bellona
  4. Figures are very realistic and weathering is nice. Good result
  5. NOT. I Am trying to reduce to 1/72. More range. Lower cost. Greater ability for storage.. More tools are available to work in that scale eg. Magnifiers, adhesives, thinner paints and brushes/airbrushes to assist with detailing. Fairly satisfied with results so far but it is an ongoing learning process.
  6. Looking carefully at the door windows I cannot see the vertical split so the front portion slides back over the rear piece. It does show this on the box art. Hope this helps Beautiful paint finish
  7. Without a comparator for scale colour. The shade of colour is difficult to assess. It does look that dry rushing with graphite might achieve the sheen effect Very interesting thread. Thank you all for your comments.
  8. crowe

    Future. Sealer

    Help please. I live in France and can't seem to find Future gloss for sealing matt paint coats. Perhaps available under a different name here(France)? Or an alternative? Advice Please. Geoff
  9. What colours matt /gloss. What shades do you use to highlight detail on gun barrels that have an original gun blue/ parkerized black finish ? Thanks Geoff
  10. Sorry, please forgive my ignorance. I was referring to the 2 F1 night fighter camel. Dual vickers and a top lewis swing up mount near the trailing edge The pilot position had been moved aft to facilitate load and handling of the lewis I modded a 1/72 kit from a plan, I think from airfix magazine
  11. Would love to see a 2F1 Camel
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