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  1. Thanks sanfrandragon I do like to do something different. However my current project is hardly different, Hawker Hunter. Now I normally get this sort of thing wrong, but would I be right in saying that sanfrandragon has something to do with Wales? Thanks again Si
  2. You are very welcome Chris. Do you have the whole Flightpath set, gun pack, access ladder & towbar? Si
  3. You certainly may Chris and if I should come across any difficulties I will let you know. The kit itself though looks really really nice, even without any updates Thanks Si
  4. Thanks Alan It was a long delay indeed. She does actually and surprisingly appreciate it though. Takes a great interest and wanting to send pictures all the time to her friends, not only in the UK but Germany and the US. I cannot complain at all bless her. Struggling to put the bits from all that time ago that are loose into their rightful place. Flightpath kits are superb quality but unfortunately their instructions are a bit difficult to understand. Will get there though Thanks again Si
  5. Hi Folks My next project. To resume where I left off in approx May 2000 having to stop the hobby (I think a 3-4 month old daughter is fair reason). The kit is exactly how I left it, and the build is going to throw up a few challenges for me. Picking up from where I left off is a wee bit harder than I thought. Ive done very little PE in the past and as you can see from the below pic there is a lots of it. This includes attaching PE to clear parts (after a shout out though I have had some very good advice from other members regarding this, thank you)
  6. Thanks Colin. I'm quite a fan of Gorilla glues so will keep in mind Si
  7. Thanks Mike much appreciated Thanks tank152 much appreciated
  8. Hi Folks Im just about to re-start a 1/32 Revell Hunter FGA9 that I had to stop back in May 2000. I have the Flightpath update sets for this kit. My question is, how to glues PE to clear parts? Not done a huge amount of PE before but I am aware of the dangers of CA and clear parts Any help would be much appreciated Many thanks Si
  9. Hi Tzulscha thanks for your comments, much appreciated. My figures are shall we say a work in progress. I do feel a lot better about them now especially after some of the comments I have had. I did mention right at the beginning of the post that the base surround is a bit rough but will sort out when funds permit. Thanks again Si
  10. Thanks very much Steve much appreciated You should go for it Steve and dedicate it to your grandad. You could even display his cap badges with it. A very unique and elite force, a really small unit that ended up at on 350 men. Very brave men. A thank you to your grandad for his service Si
  11. Thanks Laurie appreciate your kind comments. It be here if t weren't for you Thanks Vince1159 much appreciated
  12. Oh poop. All shut down now so will try again in the morning Thanks Laurie
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