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  1. Simon Dyer

    WWI Biplane

    Thanks Stephen. Lovely build, very nice indeed
  2. Simon Dyer

    WWI Biplane

    Thanks folks for all your replies and advice its much appreciated. Not been on the site for long but you folks are amazing with your your replies and knowledge, thank you Once I get my head around it all I will hopefully be able to contribute a bit more myself Thanks again Si
  3. Hi John You are very welcome. Not being too used to the site and not very tech savvy but do PM's appear in the envelope notifications? If not where do I go? Many thanks Si
  4. Hi John This is a bit of a long shot but I have a Spit Vb that I wasn't ever going to build, however with all the response I got from you folks for the Hurricane Im at some stage Im going to do it a a trop version wheels up and all panels on (hang from my man cave ceiling). I have no idea if the part is the same but hey we have a 50/50 chance, even if there is a little adjustment to do (see pic) I am more than happy to send this to you and its OK and you can get up an running again. Let me know Si
  5. Hi John thank you for your comments, very much appreciated. Im not sure I will be able to help but what parts are you missing? Si
  6. Thanks so much folks for all your kind comments. I feel so buzzed up now I have an Airfix 1/24 F6F-5 in the pipeline and Im even looking at an Airfix 1/24 Harrier GR3 on eBay for £75.00....really really tempted.
  7. Thanks Noelh Im with you on the most supportive forum and once I get my head around it all I will contribute much more. Really impressed. Im with another forum and most of the folk are lovely, however some of the........well probably best not to go there
  8. Thanks again for all your kind comments folks, much appreciated. Wooooowh sorry if this is long winded again Firstly I would like to apologise if Im not replying to some of you (again still new to the site). I seem to get notifications on the bell icon but when I click on it it takes me to my original post but there is nothing there, seems a bit hit and miss. The last one I have seen is from Joachim, thank you Joachim for your kind comments and your experience with Airfix. There have been a few prior to that that I cannot see, just dont want folks to think Im ignoring them. Not being that tech savvy anymore its probably something Im doing horribly wrong. Ive contacted support to see where Im going wrong Ive thought long and hard about this, well hard as its not been very long and taking onboard what you folks have said and your kind comments, like FlatFlyHalf (hope thats OK as Im used to first names). Ive made a decision With my favourite supplier I have in the cart an Airfix 1/24 Hellcat F6F-5 and about four update sets, one item is out of stock but will hopefully hear from them on Monday with an ETA and the button is pressed. Quite a few other bits with other suppliers but will wait until I get confirmation on the others until I order. Have a 1/72 CMK A4/V2 near completion and the rest is on hold. Thanks again for this folks, getting really excited now. My even do a work in progress Si
  9. Hi Still new to the site, getting there albeit slowly . Ive recently posted something on WWII aircraft ready for inspection to which I have had lots of replies. However, Ive had some notifications come up (a couple just a few minutes ago) but when I click on the bell and then on the sender it takes me to my original post, I scroll to the bottom but there is nothing there! Not being that tech savvy Im obviously doing something horribly wrong, if you could guide/point me to what I should be doing I would very much appreciate it. Many thanks Si
  10. Simon Dyer

    WWI Biplane

    Thanks for all the info folks much appreciated. I shall read through again carefully, digest and let you know Thanks again Si
  11. Thanks for all your kind comments folks, much appreciated. (must admit I quite fancy the Mosquito, one day maybe)
  12. Thank you for your comments The thing that has put me off of them is (probably down to my stubbornness and the principle) I think their customer service is appalling. I have contacted them on a number of occasions quite recently, the first for this Hurricane. I emailed them to see if they had the tires as spares as mine were not brilliant. The reply I received was 'we hold thousands of spare parts but not for these', that was it, not even Hi Simon thanks for your inquiry or our apologies for this. Similar thing when I inquired about the 1/12 Bentley spares. I then heard they were re-releasing this kit so I asked them if it was new molding, answer 'no old ones'. Then I saw they were re-releasing the Messerschmitt 109E BoB, asked the same question and got a similar reply. Sorry about it being a bit long winded. Im looking at 1/24 WWI biplane or 1/24 Trumpeter or something at the moment Thanks again Si
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