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  1. Thanks Vyautas, I've not glued it yet so thanks for the heads up
  2. So here is my PAK 40 This is a really nice kit to build and includes PE for the shield and other small parts and a one piece ali barrel (also comes with rubber tires which I have to say Im not a big fan of). The only real problems I had (which are down to me really) is that the plastic bolts for the two PE shields are absolutely minute, would be much easier for someone who doesn’t have failing eyesight or a few dexterity problems. I ended up putting plastic rod through the holes and once dry snipped them off. However they do do a set of AF35073 Brass Shield Bolts, I fo
  3. Hi Folks Ive either totally lost the plot or doing something horribly wrong, or both. I initially sprayed what little I had of XF-86 flat clear but soon ran out, this for some reason came out a semi-gloss (Ive never had that problem before). This had been drying for over 24hrs. After reaching out for help from you guys I sprayed the lacquer flat clear. However it has also come out semi-gloss, actually bordering on gloss. I have used the following Tamiya LP-23 Flat Clear (new bottle) thinned with Tamiya Lacquer thinner to the correct consistency (a c
  4. Thanks folks much appreciated
  5. Hi Thanks for coming back to me. I have used Tamiya Acrylic XF-60, 61 & 64 and will have had at least 48 hours drying. I wanted to use the new Tamiya Lacquer LP-23 but thinking as it was more solvent based it may react with the normal acrylic leaving a glupy mess Si
  6. Hi Folks I have just completed a kit, finished it in gloss to add some weathering to find out that Im completely out of XF-86 flat clear to complete it. I have recently purchased some of the Tamiya lacquer paint. Could someone tell me please if the two are compatible or am I letting myself in for a disaster? I have an old kit that Im going to use as a test piece but have not quite done that yet. Just wanted to get this one off of the bench. Any help would be much appreciated Take care and safe Si
  7. Coming along nicely Laurie, in your expert hands. Looking forward to seeing her on the Jersey apron
  8. Ah Apocalypse Now.............have to put my hands up though, I had to Google it...not very good at music or films
  9. Hi Laurie Superb prep and interesting to see, also love the way its presented. Look forward to seeing it on the Jersey pan Si
  10. Hi Warren thanks for this, much appreciated. I have some wet and dry on order between 1500 & 7000 grit. I use Halfords Grey Primer and I have one of their colours which Im going to decant so as to airbrush. Thanks to some of the guys on this forum I can now decant, indoors without an extractor or window open, no smell at all (though I will do anyway). Will also order some of the Autoglym. Thanks again for this info, much appreciated and I will let you know how it goes Take care Si
  11. Thanks halfwit for your suggestion. I have taken one of my air-duster nozzles and hose and it fits perfectly to a Halfords spray can, Im assuming they are all standard. I then found an old Badger suction cup lid which I have never used, put this on a bottle and was going to use BluTac to seal it. However on inserting the pipe it came to a stop but with a bit of twisting went through, like a clearance fit almost, no need for BluTac. I did this all inside, I had my extractor on and the window open but could not smell a thing. Thanks again so much, Im real
  12. That's OK Warren, I really appreciate you coming back to me. I find one minute Im on the site all the time then its off a few weeks for whatever reason. Thanks for the comment on the TC. I am pleased with the overall model but disappointed with the finish. Having seen yours though which I have to say are absolute perfection (the paint job is the best Ive seen). I was hoping you may be able to tell me how you do it? Mine had the orange peel affect. Yours are so smooth and of a high gloss, like a factory fresh or a rebuilt concourse condition car. I have done some resea
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