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  1. Hi FlatFlyHalf Thanks for your comments. This is my first 1/44 and first airliner. I am used to military aircraft/armour in much larger scale and with the beaten up look, wanted to do this as something completely different to what I've done before.I thought that the panel wash would make it pop out. I plan to do further civil airline kits so this has been a big turning curve and great help. You learn something new everyday, everydays a school day. I'm not offended in the response at all. Its exactly what I want so I can improve Take care Si
  2. Thanks for the feedback alxzinbox. I used the kit decals apart from the tail plane which I gave up on in the end and masked and sprayed (have along way to go with that though too). It is my first 1/144. I must say I really struggled with the decals, a couple of dexterity problems doesn't help. I used Flory wash grey on the panel lines believe it or not. After a number of 1/35 scale armour with the same problem, coming out too dark I've come to the conclusion that they are too dark. Got some Humbrol white and ordered another manufacturers pigments. This has been a great learnin
  3. Thanks Laurie. I will have to put my phone away and get the big guns out
  4. Thanks exdraken. Dont really like to do things prestine, only know too well how aircraft get dirty and how quickly
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