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  1. Hi Chris Im sorry that I have not replied sooner. I have been off long term sick for roughly three years now. Still not 100% but recently got a job as a support worker/carer. Although part time it has taken up most of my time with very little Im able to do modelling etc.. Chris your Hunter is superb, a really great build and looks the part, how I used to remember them, far better than mine. All the aircraft were obviously different and I seem to remember that 21, 22, 23 were a bit of a so and so, the odd ones. Think it was because they were older. I love the idea of the magnets for the outer pylons. 90% of the time it was only the 230gal drop tanks on the inner pylons. Occasionally the MATRA Sneb rockets and on really rare occasions the 100gal tanks. In fact the only time I remember them being used was on a detachment to RAF Leuchars in Scotland. Wonderful build Chris and thanks for sharing it. Take care Si
  2. Very very nice indeed Paolo. The weathering is superb and I like the way you have done the different panel slightly different shades. Great work and I look forward to seeing the final build Happy new year to you. Lets hope its better than 2021 for everyone Take care Si
  3. Hi Bertie Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Ive always used PVA for my canopies etc. Some time ago I got an Ammo Mig book set on aircraft and they are fantastic. In one of the volumes they mentioned an acrylic glue suitable for transparencies and PE, obviously their own . I got some of this but only just used it on the Mustang. At first I felt a bit disappointed as it looked like a small jar of PVA. However, it is a lot more tacky than PVA and very good indeed. Im really looking forward to using it on my future builds. Its also great for PE which is great too Thanks again Take care Si
  4. Thanks Paolo much appreciated. Look forward to seeing your next build Take care Si
  5. Thanks very much Gary much appreciated I have learnt huge amounts on this build. I have a Vickers Valetta which is part NMF. So looking forward to that. As they say "practice makes perfect" Thanks again Si
  6. Hi Joachim Ive had this a couple of times now but the people that mentioned it managed to get the pics somehow, I dont no how unfortunately. All the images are Jpeg and saved at between 300 & 400kb Sadly I know nothing about Mac so unable to help there My apologies Si
  7. Thanks Murfie much appreciated Next up the 1/48 Wellington MkIII Si
  8. Thank you SAT69 much appreciated. I must admit that my favourite is the P51B as apposed to the D. Its like a lot of aircraft I prefer the earlier versions like the Bf109E, the early Fw190's, Spitfires etc. Thanks again Si
  9. Thank you Chris for your comments, much appreciated
  10. Hi Fellow Modelers Completed P51B Mustang. First of all I did not finish the Work in Progress on this. Modelling is my escape at the moment and I get so engrossed in the build I forget to take pics as I go along. I now have a sign right in front of me 'BUILD PICS' so hopefully that will work on the next project. This kit was given to me by a friend from another forum who I have only known for a short while, a very kind and generous person (he would like to remain anonymous, which I totally understand and respect). This is the first time I have really properly attempted a bare metal finish. Also the first time using Alclad II (which are brilliant). Enough waffle This hasn't quite turned out how I would like but I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of it which is the whole purpose of the hobby isn't it. Ive also learned huge amounts. In the not too distant future I have another part bare metal kit to do so I can use what Ive learnt, and hopefully improve. Next up is the Trumpeter 1/48 Wellington MkIII which again was also given to me by a friend Mr. Laurie Stewart, again a very kind and thoughtful person, thank you Laurie Thanks for looking Take care and safe Si
  11. Hi CJP I did have one person ask the same question, not sure if it was for this WIP though, I replied that I could not find anything wrong this end. Shortly after he replied saying my end can see them now. All the images I save as Jpeg at about 300 to 400 and send via ImageShack. If you are still having problems let me know, Im happy to PM them to you. Im sure you wont be disappointed as its a great kit to build. All the best Si
  12. Hi folks Just a bit of an update Just a couple of things before I carry on. I would have liked to have done this kit as a Tuskegee Red Tail, However, the decals seem to a bit few and far between (in general & suppliers who dont have them in stock), unless you get them from the US and then the carriage is more than the item. So Ive decided to do the kit version. (bare metal). Bare metal is the other thing, did funnily enough a 1/72 mustang as a kid, I seem to remember I think it was Humbrol No.11 silver with a hairy stick, no weathering or anything. So now armed with Alclad II. Ive heard great reports of it and I sprayed the Mustang the other day and I totally agree. It went on really well (see pics below). Now the metallics, hopefully they will go on just as well? So this will be a proper first bare metal for me. If you dont get any further posts on this you know why haha Apologies for the pics, it looks much nicer in the flesh so to speak. Take care all & safe Si
  13. Hi Fellow Modelers Tamiya P51B Mustang, Eduard Cockpit & PMask canopy mask. This kit and bits were kindly given to me by a friend. Few personal things going on at the moment this end so modelling keeps me focused, Unfortunately on this occasion I got a bit engrossed and carried away and didnt take pics from the start of the build. Having said that though there is not anything really to report thus far, its a Tamiya after all. However there is one very minor point with the Eduard set, in that the film sheet is black with clear holes. When placed over the gauges/instruments PE you can hardly see them. So I would recommend using a thin clear piece of acetate sheet. You will see what I mean by the pics below. You could barely see these instruments with the Eduard film Aaaaaagh dreaded exhaust holes to be drilled out (below) Bit of work to do here with the wash and the belts Not quite sure at this stage as to what colour to to do, there are so many brilliant schemes out there. Im leaning though towards a Tuskegee Red Tail. for a number of reasons!! Hope you like, thanks for looking Take care & safe Si
  14. Hi JammedKenney I was sent your link for this by Laurie Stewart who is a very kind, thoughtful and generous person and friend, who has given me a kit of the T3. What an absolutely cracking build you have done, I would go to say that I personally think its damn near museum quality, superb work. It has really inspired me to do the one I have from Laurie, it would mean 3 on the go which I've never done Well done an absolutely cracking job, I love it Thanks Laurie for giving me the link to this superb build. Take care All the best Si
  15. Hi noelh As promised a story, I have two but will have to do the other one tomorrow as I have quite a bit on. I have replied via the quote so not sure if it will be just you getting this, Im assuming that all else should too!!! Im not absolutely certain if this is true or not but I dont have any reason to disbelieve my brother. Two USAF F4 Phantoms landed to refuel or something. Both aircrews got together with a chat and bit of banter. It was remarked by one of the American pilots that the Phantom was a far superior aircraft to the Lightning. One of the RAF pilots laid down the gauntlet and challenged a first off the runway challenge. This somehow was authorised, may be for a morale boost or something for both sides? Both aircraft at the end of the runway, green light given and they were off with the Phantom quite a lot quicker than the Lightning. But soon after the Lightning did its infamous power climb, I seem to remember that it almost looked as though it stopped then went almost vertical and disappeared. Unknown to the Phantom pilot who had just got his nose wheel of the ground in a loud and confident voice said "how about that limey Im off the ground" response was "what are you talking about Im 15000ft and climbing. Everything went a little quiet then but I wonder who won that one. The Lightning was famous for a climb rate of between 15,000ft to 20,000ft in a minute, incredible. Like I say I have no reason to disbelieve my brother and as we all know that these sort of stories over the years get flowered up to make them more exciting. I will leave it to your own imaginations but I think a good story none the less. Tomorrows story though I know for a fact is genuine as I was a very very close witness, almost myself. Take care all Si
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