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  1. Great work Rob, she's a beauty. I've always admired your ability to work neat and clean and still end up with a result that looks completely natural and this one certainly fits that description. Matt
  2. This build is completely crazy and I am loving every bit of it and totally in awe of all of it. Matt
  3. Really nice work Rob, as ever. It's the kind of model I spend a lot of time looking at in person just discovering more and more details. Matt
  4. Been wondering where you were on this. Looking forward to the final pics as well. Matt
  5. Looks good. The chipping on the nose and nose art in particular look right on with what I remember from visits to the Air and Space Museum in DC. Matt
  6. Looks good. Also, a little weird since I am so used to seeing a Redstone with a Mercury capsule on top. Matt
  7. Very nicely done. The various tones and types of rust add a lot of visual interest. The figure with the downcast expression pushing the bike along a muddy rutted road really conveys a bleak mood. Matt
  8. As the others have said, really nice. The details go on and on and for a scene like this, the small details are what brings them alive. Matt
  9. Werner, Looks really good. I like all of the small details. They are easy to leave out/forget but when they are there they make a huge difference. I particularly like the finishing marks on the concrete paving, a detail that is often missed and you showed it really well. The cracks in your concrete are also right on how concrete typically cracks. Matt
  10. Looks great Rob. You must be able to taste the finish line at this point. It looks like the crew might be lagging behind a bit though, tell them to get it in gear! Matt
  11. That looks really nice and the finish is right on from how it looks today, or, at least how I remember it looking last time I was at the Air and Space Museum. Matt
  12. I'm not sure if you have a source for pilots in mind, but, I came across this the other day so thought I'd point it out. I've no association with the maker and while I did order some stuff the other day I haven't received it yet so I can't comment, at this point, on how the prints look in real life. Matt
  13. Badder, thanks for the thoughts. The roof tiles are actually a resin piece from Royal Model that was cut to fit then the bottom edge was carved/filed/sanded to get the proper edge and finally I made some tiles out of DAS airdry clay that went underneath to have something a little closer to how the edge actually looks. (I think.) As far as making molds, that is something I should look at for the future for detail type pieces but for this, I'd worry too much about damaging what I have so far. As I said, the finish line is in sight so I don't want to risk that. Rob, than
  14. So, this project is back on the front burner after having finished the other dio I was working on, seen here, and I have made some pretty good progress, not all of which got photographed. Since my last post the only real change to the base is the addition of the cap blocks on the wall along the street. After that, much of the recent effort went to getting the sides of the base complete. First step was to clad them in balsa as seen here: and here: Also, a thin slurry was added to the road to fill in between the cobbles,
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