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  1. Matt Parvis

    It's a whitewash,Tamiya Stug iv.

    Ahh, the very interesting challenge of trying to make the paint job look poor without making your paint job look poor. From where I am sitting I'd say you accomplished it very well. I like that whitewash looks very naturally worn/dissolved away. It looks like you missed a pin mark on the front left schurzen. If they aren't secured, I'd think it might be a relatively easy fix. All in all, I really like it. I can just picture soldiers standing around it in an early spring rainstorm, soaking wet and miserable. Matt
  2. You do know that having said that, you will come across an original picture, likely right after you finish? Matt
  3. This is a project that was started early last year or perhaps late in 2017, I don't remember exactly, but has languished since last March due to a somewhat turbulent 2018. With life settling down, hopefully, I am able to get back to some modelling. This is a relatively small diorama set, as the title says, in Italy in 1943. The vehicle will be a Sdkfz 10/5 with some figures around, a street with a low wall and a partial building. I had started and gotten reasonably far, on a base but realized it was just going to be too small, so, over the last few days I have been getting a new base underway. The base will be made primarily of insulation foam with a couple of different kinds in use. The main bulk of the structure will the pink foam that can be found here in the US with the detail pieces done with styrodur that can't be found here. (At least as far as I know.) Reading other threads online I have seen comments that the two are the same thing and while they are similar, they are not the same, the styrodur takes and holds detail much better. I would use it entirely, but, to get it here means having it shipped from Europe which gets expensive real fast. Anyway, enough rambling. The first thing I did was cut out a piece for the base (Big enough this time hopefully.) then I added the raised groundwork portion that will be behind the wall that the building will sit on. (It'll make sense in the pictures.) Once that was complete I traced and cut out a thin piece of styrodur for the road bed. This was detailed by first making shallow cuts where the cobbles will go. Those cuts were then widened by going over them with an awl. Here is the roadbed prior to the initial cuts being widened: Here is the same piece with the above cuts widened: This will get a layer of very watery plaster that will fill in the gaps and tie it all together. I have also finished the wall, here it is with just the initial cuts: And here it is after the cuts have been widened and details have been added. This actually shows very well what you can do with syrodur but not with the pink foam here, the texture of the block has been added by pressing sandpaper into the foam, the styrodur will hold the detail, while pink foam does not. Here it is together with the base structure with one of the figures to give a sense of size: Thanks for looking in and comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Matt
  4. Matt Parvis

    Calling in Panther support

    This is getting down to some of the smallest details, but, if the Panther is just coming onto the road from the field/earth, then a certain portion of the track faces would still have dirt since they wouldn't come in contact with the road until a certain distance was traveled. Part of the reason I suggested the clumps is that the track faces are still dirty so my thought was if you are showing the tank just going onto the road there would be a bunch of clumps around the tracks but the faces would still be covered, at least partially. Matt
  5. Matt Parvis

    Calling in Panther support

    Maybe think about some more clumps of soil like it was compressed into the tracks and then released once on the roadway? Matt
  6. Matt Parvis

    Calling in Panther support

    Looks really good. One thing to consider, which might help pull things together a little more, is to show the tracks shedding mud/soil onto the roadway. Matt EDIT: Looking at the pictures again, it looks like you might have added what I am describing already.
  7. Looks really good Rob. I may have missed it earlier in the thread, but, is there any crew planned for this? Matt
  8. Also, I see you've discovered the joy that is 1/48th ICM figures. Some of the best IM figures I've come across in any scale and, to me, the best in 48th. Matt
  9. Great to see this done Rob, really nice work, as ever. I remember when you got this kit. I don't remember when you got, but I do remember it was a ways back. Matt
  10. Looks good to me. One thing I have done in the past for helmet straps is to stick some Tamiya tape on my bench, cut strips the width I want with a straight edge and then stick them on the figure head where needed. It makes the strap raised a bit which looks good, but, most importantly, it makes it much easier to paint. Matt
  11. Matt Parvis

    MTB 380 Vosper Type 1 73"

    Looks really nice Rob, as ever. Matt
  12. Matt Parvis

    MUSEUM display base 1-32nd scale

    In looking through the pictures I was thinking that the display looked a LOT like something you would see at the Air and Space Museum in DC, so, when I checked and saw you are in Towson, I was not at all surprised. Rally nice work and certainly evocative of one of my favorite places. Matt
  13. Matt Parvis

    Hello from Maryland, USA

    Hello all. New here so to be neighborly I thought I should introduce myself. Like many of us I was away for a long period starting with my teenage years. I came back around ten years ago and had been relatively productive up until the last year or so. Various real life things have contributed to not getting much built, but, I suspect that much of my lack of progress has been related to lack of participation in a forum like this. Having been active previously I am hoping that if I get back in the habit my engagement in my projects will increase and I’ll actually finish some stuff. As a modeler my primary focus is on dioramas. Not any specific time period or subject matter, but, much of my work has been in 1/35 armour, since between the vehicles, figures and accessories available, there are lots of options for telling stories. Otherwise though, most all subjects interest me and I strive to improve my skills on many different modelling subjects. Here are some of the projects I have finished over the years: Thanks for looking in and I look forward to taking part. Matt