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  1. Very late to this thread as well, but, the best piece of advice I can give for learning about building a diorama is Sheperd Paine's book, "How to Build Dioramas". Some of the techniques are a little dated, but, as a source to help you avoid the various pitfalls and give you a good foundation of knowledge, it is tough to beat. Matt
  2. Rob, how about some unraveled speaker wire. Like so: Matt
  3. Looking good Rob. The tails look a little fuzzy to me. I wonder if some PVA thinned with water and brushed over them might knock down some of the fuzz? Matt
  4. I remember this project! Looking forward to seeing it progress once more. Matt
  5. Not sure if this will be helpful in tracking down the issues, but, over the last two days or so I've seen an error (That seems to be the same issue as noted in this thread) crop up in a constant, repeatable way. Each time I do a search of the forum it sits and thinks for a bit and then coughs up the following: "Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Additionally, a 503 Service Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the r
  6. Paul, Love the painting, makes me thirsty. Were you working from actual bottles of what is shown? That is quite a collection. Matt PS. The models look great as well.
  7. Cool project. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Some figure options you may not have come across: Here are some that somewhat fit the original drawing. And here is one that might work, but would change the story somewhat. Matt
  8. Beautiful work Rob. You have brought it to life and transported us back 80 years. Wonderful. Matt
  9. Really, really nice. The use of various elements (Trees, fences, support vehicles, equipment, etc.) adds a lot of interest to each of these and certainly gives me some ideas for future builds of my own. Matt
  10. Very nice build and an interesting story. That the Douglas World Cruisers were contemporaries of this attempt increases my interest in this since I credit, partially, the World Cruiser diorama that used to be displayed at the Air and Space Museum in DC as one of the reasons I love models and dioramas in particular. Matt
  11. Really nice and it is good to hear you enjoyed the kit as I've got one in my stash. Matt
  12. Looks really nice to me, especially considering the low time investment. Ain't technology grand? I bet your idea of adding some more detailing at the seams would really pay off. Some static grass poking up through the seams might add just enough colour to make the whole thing pop. Matt
  13. Looks really interesting Rob. The Micromaster stuff looks brilliant. Makes me want to build a floaty thing. Umm, for the roundel, why wouldn't you just paint it? The small size might make masking difficult, but, the small size may also mean you can use a punch to get the circles you'd need which would make it easier... I think. Matt
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