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  1. That cutaway is really nicely done. Good piece of work
  2. Very good work.i like the detail stowage on the engine deck. What are you using for antenna elements? They seem a little overscale
  3. Love your avatar. The Wherry Albion. I was one of her skippers in the late nineties

    A heavy graceful creature. 


  4. The track links fixed to the side of the turret look like they need some serious weathering
  5. That's a lot of fiddly parts Following
  6. You made an excellent job of the snow and the Ammo container complements the work
  7. Your attention to detail is amazing. Beautiful work Geoff
  8. Stunning piece of scratch building. My hat's off to your riveting detailing.
  9. That's how I spend most of my time
  10. Should there be an antenna element it the rear of the turret?
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