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  1. Thats a really good point - might have to get hold of some Mud weathering from Vallejo
  2. Going to try my hand at a spot of weathering on this one!
  3. i think applying those seat decals, was the most satisfying part of the build..
  4. Just finished this lovely Porsche in Champagne Gold - really enjoyed doing this one, maybe because of the slightly larger scale? Still cant seem to get the clear parts to look 'clearer' by dipping in the Pledge clear. end up looking a bit messy..
  5. love it - was thinking about getting the Torino myself- was a big S&H Fan back in the day .....can still remember buying the monthly magazine!!
  6. yea that was my first attempt at heating up a part of a sprue - and stretching it out - might have to re-do that again
  7. Finished my Porsche, few mistakes - but i learn with each new one i put together..
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