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  1. just finished this - had some weathering paints for xmas which i have been trying out!! critique welcomed
  2. Hi Ok, after bit of advice, pretty awful first attempts at chipping with a sponge. Should i have gone for a darker colour on the sponge ? ( This is vallejo Buff) I have a bottle of light rust wash that i want to try out also
  3. Wow, great channel - never come across before - been watching all day !!! LOL
  4. no, i'm not into wargaming - i just like to do them sometimes, that and the odd tamiya kit.
  5. Hi everyone It's been ages since i posted on here Recently picked up this kit in Hobbycraft Never done anything AFV since i was a kid, would anyone have any tips please Just primed black - and Airbrushed Tamiya dark yellow Fancy trying my hand at weathering - chipping, rusting etc..
  6. ZkRkRmFacA by andrew marsh, on Flickr
  7. damn, been ages since i posted - is Flickr no longer working for posting URLs ?
  8. test pic... https://www.flickr.com/gp/165033412@N02/5p97Ec
  9. Thats a really good point - might have to get hold of some Mud weathering from Vallejo
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