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  1. a wonderful childhood memory.........
  2. andmarsh

    need help on clearcoat/varnish.....

    Just wanted to let you know I rubbed off the clear, did a few coats of paint. Then just went with some car polish and wax.... Its not anything amazing, but looks so much nicer
  3. andmarsh

    need help on clearcoat/varnish.....

    That looks well nice Have ordered Mr color Italian red for a Ferrari body.........
  4. andmarsh

    need help on clearcoat/varnish.....

    Is the Mr surfacer primer any good?? I have been using the zero paints primer
  5. andmarsh

    need help on clearcoat/varnish.....

    Which laquer paints do you prefer! Mr hobby. Alclad..?? Do they require specific primer? Thanks for the advice btw....
  6. andmarsh

    need help on clearcoat/varnish.....

    Yes correct its the tamiya x, xf paints I have been using.. I agree with you about the clear causing more problems than I need, I've rubbed it off and will give the car another few coats of the tamiya. And then go with lacquer paint for the next car that I do Because I have quite a few tamiya and vallejo model paints I guess I thought they would be ok.
  7. andmarsh

    need help on clearcoat/varnish.....

    I think you're using the wrong type of paints for auto modelling, especially on body work parts ok, i thought the Tamiya paint looked pretty good airbrushed - the problems seemed to be with using the clear/varnish afterwards i will look into the Mr Hobby paints cheers
  8. andmarsh

    need help on clearcoat/varnish.....

    Hi there I was after some advice regarding the paint i recently applied to this Tamiya Mitsubishi Happy with the Sky Blue Tamiya paint that went on- instead of clear i airbrushed a few coats of vallejo polyurethane gloss varnish mixed with thinners and a bit of flowcontrol medium, and allowed to dry. I was intending to leave for a week, then lightly sand and polish. looking at the car now it seems patchy and not at all glossy ? can this be rectified when i sand, i hear so many different things about clearcoats and varnishing and polishing, thinking about getting hold of the 2k clear pack https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4824/32049191358_8cb5ed4ac7_c.jpg will post pics from my phone shortly............ thanks andy
  9. andmarsh

    which one to build next?

    funny isn't it the Revell kits sort of look great - but Tamiya seems to have the edge, I just finished an MKII Revell Spitfire - if I had known the panel lines were raised i would have never bought the Flory model dark wash..!
  10. andmarsh

    which one to build next?

    yes, 111 parts sounds a bit daunting at the moment
  11. andmarsh

    which one to build next?

    As it's only my second car build - I have this more complex build of the 458 Ferrari or I have this which looks like a more basic build- I just can't decide!!!!
  12. andmarsh

    Red paint for Ferrari??

    Hi there Could anyone recommend nice red paint for this I picked up off eBay thanks
  13. Christine - wow i love that film never knew they did a model of the car.....!!!
  14. oh boy - yet another kit I now want..............