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  1. andmarsh

    Tamiya 1/16 Sengoku Period Samurai Warrior

    I wouldn't mind having a go at this - so used to painting 28mm miniatures Where did you buy the kit from?
  2. andmarsh

    28mm British Union Brigade

    They look really good I might buy these myself, yet to try painting horse's... Can I ask how you do your basing?
  3. andmarsh

    95th Rifles

    I think maybe its a 'metal' thing plastic miniatures don't look like that to me
  4. andmarsh

    95th Rifles

    Thanks for your comments.. I'm still a novice with painting miniatures, have done some napoleonic miniatures in plastic, there's just something about metal though!
  5. andmarsh

    95th Rifles

  6. andmarsh

    95th Rifles

    A work in progress ........
  7. andmarsh

    1806 Prussian Musketeers

    Look great. What manufacturer are they minis from?
  8. Quite like these Reaper miniatures, a break from painting the 95th Rifles that I'm working on.......
  9. andmarsh

    What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    ACW 28mm from 1st Corps - never tried this company before out of the box, i am a little unsure about them - maybe some paint will change mind
  10. andmarsh

    What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    they look really nice - will have to check out that website - I'm a sucker for a new brush!
  11. andmarsh

    Airfix T.1 Tucano 1/72

    thats a nice work bench!
  12. thankyou i did apply a Matt varnish, the damn thing turned out to look like a gloss though!
  13. Hi Thought I would post some pictures of my latest attempt at painting 28mm miniatures. Bit of a departure from the Napoleonics My painting is still the same though, not great so no real close-ups!
  14. andmarsh

    95th Rifles Paint colours?

    thanks, everyone thinks I will go with the grey primer - as I already have a load of Vallejo colours I will add 70-970 to the collection ...!!
  15. Just about to start on the Warlord 95th rifles lovely looking 28mm metal figures, but I'm not sure which paints to go with as the base layer? Has anyone had good results with Vallejo Black/Green? Also, Would you prime in black or Grey? i may give the Halfords primer a try Thanks Andy