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  1. But didn't Microscale cease to exist when the brother passed away?. I know I picked up a lot of mine from Squadron.
  2. Have a chat with Ray at Fantasy Printshop, see if he's up for it. I have most of them in the stash if he needs a pattern. Alternatively Paul Davis might still have some
  3. Looking through my S/Scale catalogue I see that 72-188 is US Air Force fuselage lettering(various sizes), 72-189 is USAF wing lettering, 72-216 is US ID letters & numbers(60 degree)' 72-234 id letters. There are various sheets of individual subjects with blue lettering ie 72-176,177 (F-100's). hth cheers Chris
  4. Gentlemen at the risk of being boring, reference post 5 on this thread. cheers
  5. Might be worth checking out Wendy at Guideline Publications, Justin at Avid Reader, and Simon at Aviation Bookshop. I've spotted the publication at shows but not examined them. Have you been in contact with Mark 1 themselves?.
  6. Martin at Coastal Craft distributed this range but I think he no longer carries them. Your best bet might be Peter at MAN models with the Hataka range. Perhaps a call to him to avoid disappointment. hth cheers Chris
  7. Wonder if they'll follow Magna and do the Peregrine engined version?
  8. This takes me back to my mis-spent youff lurking around Lasham trying to avoid security. Put me down for one.
  9. Hi Dennis Airfix did a Scottish Aviation Bulldog ages ago, kit number 061. In fact a guy in Germany is listing some on THAT auction site at the moment. cheers Chris
  10. Excuse me young man this is the Mig 17 thread, I'm glad to say. The Buc thread is five further up. Go and play in their back yard and vacate this playground. Blooming kids!.
  11. I might as well play silly B's to. 1/72nd Belfast &/or Beverley.
  12. Hi Scimitar Had a quick look at my North Wings U-125 and as per Sword they use the Mr Color references. Their calls are:- Upper surface 80% (No 1)+ 20% (No 323) Lower surface 70% (No 1) + 20% (No 74) + 10% (No 26) Wing Leading Edge 60% (No 8)+40% (No28). hth Chris
  13. If you keep your eyes peeled at shows you might be lucky with the Roman nose. DB productions produced one when Noah built the arc, I know I have a couple waiting for a Togolese C-130. Good luck.
  14. Alex If you go on down to General Discussion there is a sub forum for members wish list. hth, if you could just change the scale. cheers Chris
  15. Have a look at the Asian Air Forces SIG, There might be some info there. hth Chris
  16. Is the resin effort from NMC still available?
  17. Whoops!! Fake news. Andre please ignore
  18. Funnily enough I have the Harrier FA2 with me, packing it up for Farnborough. I've had a look through the instructions & sprues( which are still sealed), and on the sprue containing the parts for the seat(sprue b) are two parts numbered 32& 33, but no mention of them in the instructions!. Could this be what your seeking?. cheers
  19. Cheers Martin, reason for enquiring was I've just done a Peruvian version using the Authentic Decals nose art on a Bilek/Italeri SU22 M4 then realized it should have been an M3( file away spine air intake). I was wondering how to re-construct the intake? PHEW!! Chris
  20. Looking at my Bilek SU-22M4 they give colour options for Czech & Slovak examples citing Model Master 1540, 1567, 1710 & 1716. cheers Chris
  21. From my dealings with Hannants, contact them and they'll probably just send you a replacement. cheers Chris
  22. All silver B-25 letting down into Fernberger three minutes ago. And now some two seat red jet trainers just made a very low pass heading towards Blackbushe. Can't see much modelling getting done this morning.
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