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  1. The best way to get a color match for the Eduard modern Soviet jet PE sets, is a mix of three Mr Color paints. 20% Mr Color 66 - Bright Green 20% Mr Color 80 - Cobalt Blue 60% Mr Color 34 - Sky Blue The mix is listed in the instructions for the Eduard 1/48 MiG-21R ProfiPACK, and it looks really good. Larry
  2. I don't know if this has been covered elsewhere, my "search" failed to turn up anything. I just noticed some Kits' World 1/48 3D printed seat belts for Luftwaffe & USAAF fighters. Has anybody had any experience with them? Are they easy to use? It looks like you can do 2 A/C with one set, correct? I am thinking of trying a set of each, to see how they compare to Eduard's PE seatbelts, including their "Steel" ones. Larry
  3. I just KNEW if I procrastinated long enough on converting my Classic Airframes P-43 into an RAAF recce P-43, that someone would come out with a kit of one! Oh well, I can always get that Dora Wings kit and do a joint build. Larry
  4. I'll remember that when I get around to working on my Airfix 1/48 Canberra PR.9. Larry
  5. Thanks for that info. Completely unlike the RF-4C Phantoms I worked on for over 13 years. Larry
  6. I just came up with 1 more question on my Airfix 1/48 Meteor FR.9 build. 1. Since the gun port fairings are still on the jet (But no guns installed), were the gun port opening blocked to prevent air flow into the compartment? Thanks in advance for all your help. Larry
  7. Thanks @Hook I figured it out after I posted, and saw more photos. Larry
  8. Thanks @Rabbit Leader & @CharlieGolf2009 for that info. I will definitely check out what they have. Larry
  9. Hi @AaCee26, Thanks for that info. I still think I will go with a VERY light gray, and maybe weather it even more. Larry
  10. @Xavante Thanks for that info. I will check out their list of products. Larry
  11. @dov Thanks for those pics. What's that under the pylon on the first pic, a jousting pole? Larry
  12. Hi WARDOG, Good point. Now to figure out the sizes & shapes for all the recce "bumps". That's always the interesting (AND challenging) part of my research. Larry
  13. Since I also plan to convert my HiPM 1/48 MiG-19S into a Shenyang JZ-6 reconnaissance variant, the next thing I have to figure out is what color the aircraft is. Let me see if I can post a link to the photo on airliners.net, instead of the actual photo. https://www.airliners.net/photo/China-Air-Force/Shenyang-JZ-6/1618438/L I doubt it is overall white, even a faded white, as that doesn't make sense to me for a recce aircraft. I think it's a very light gray. Larry
  14. Point taken. I think I will stick with 10 thou plastic. It may be too thick, but at least it'll look much better than the kits' fences. I just checked the fences in the HiPM MiG-19 kit, and they are 25.5 thou! Larry
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