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  1. Thanks for the info. As I mentioned in my original post, I have a Special Hobby 1/48 Nieuport 10 "Single Seater Version, not the 2 seater version. I did manage to trade for an Eduard 1/48 Nieuport Ni-11, and since I have found color profiles for both the single-seat Ni-10 AND the Ni-11 in Royal Siamese Aeronautical Service, I will keep both kits and do them in RSAS markings.
  2. Hello Jure, Thanks for that info. I guess I will get the Eduard Ni.11 and put my Special Hobby up for sale. Cheers, Larry
  3. I have a Special Hobby 1/48 Nieuport 10 "Single Seater Version", but I have aftermarket decals for a Royal Siamese Air Service Nieuport 11. I don't have any references on these planes, but I can't really see any differences between the two aircraft. Can I use my Special Hobby Ni-11 single seater version, or should I sell it and get the Eduard Ni-11 Weekend Edition instead? The only other thing I notice is the decal instruction drawings show the plane with wire spoked wheels. Does anybody make PE "spokes" for the kit, or even decals to represent the wires? Larry, in Florida
  4. I discovered those after I initially posted. Unfortunately, nobody sells them anymore. Sending you a PM.
  5. I found a Matchbox 1/72 He70F-2/He70G-1/He170A kit on a back shelf, but there are no kit decals. I looked on Hannants, but couldn't find any aftermarket decals listed. Does anybody make them? I am not picky, although Hungarian markings would be cool. Even a set of Matchbox kit decals would be okay, as long as there are enough to do one plane. Larry in Florida
  6. I have two of them for sale, but since I am in Florida, shipping would be outrageous for such a HUGE box. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/274275-kits-aftermarket-fs~ft-new-stuff-added-prices-lowered-2019-09-20/ Larry
  7. Thanks for that info. Those were the decals I was going to use, but in the 1/72 set. From what I was told on another forum, even though it was coded "F" and was a Long Range Reconnaissance Squadron, they did not install large, fixed recce cameras. but had crew members use hand-held cameras to look out the side windows. Now, if someone can prove that wrong and show me where they installed the camera(s), I would be SO HAPPY! Larry
  8. In the Schiffer Luftwaffe Profile Series No.9 - Heinkel He 111H, by Manfred Griehl, there is a color profile of a Heinkel He 111P-6, coded F.7+06 of Hungarian Long-range reconnaissance squadron 1/1, Kursk, winter 1942/43. Does anybody know if this plane was actually configured for photo-reconnaissance, and if so, where were the camera(s) located? Anybody have any more info on this particular aircraft? One final question, which is the best 1/72 He111P kit, Hasegawa or Airfix? Larry Disregard the above. I found out that the Hungarian He-111s were NOT installed with recce cameras, but just used hand held cameras by crew members. Saves me the money of buying the kit & decals, since it no longer fits into my primary build theme.
  9. I still see them flying with those pods once in awhile. Larry
  10. I have a bagged kit of Revell's 1/48 B-17F, that decided to start working on. What I want to know is if the Eduard Canopy Mask Set for the Monogram/Revell 1/48 B-17G (set EX106) will fit on the Revell 1/48 B-17F kit? I looked on Hannants, and I don't see ANY canopy mask sets listed specifically for the Revell 1/48 B-17F. Larry
  11. I'd Love to see ICM do a 1/48 RB-26C recce version, with all the new interior photo equipment.
  12. I'm quite late coming to this topic, but I thought I'd add "My 2¢ worth". I have one of the AMtech kits, but also plan to pick up an Academy "rebox". My AMtech kit is going to be built in a proposed reconnaissance version. I have copies from some Luftwaffe book, where they show drawings dated 30.10.44, for a recce version carrying one RB 20/30 camera in a centerline compartment. Instead of the underwing X4 missiles, I plan to add at least 2 fuel tanks for long range recce missions. When I get the Academy kit, I plan to install some HS298 AAMs from my Dragon He229B Nachtjäger kit. I just think they look "cooler" than the X4 missiles. The Ho229B will be converted to a proposed recce version, with two Mk 108 cannon in the starboard side and two RB 20/30, RB 50/30 or RB 75/30 cameras in the port side. I have no proof of its use, but I also plan to add underwing fuel tanks for extended range. Larry
  13. I got it yesterday, about 20:00 Central Standard Time, in Florida. Refreshed and it worked fine. Nothing since then. Just got it again 1 minute ago. Larry
  14. Thanks John, that helps a lot! Larry
  15. Bumping this to the top. Still looking for any info on where the 4.5" flares were mounted on the Seafire FR.47. Pictures and/or drawings would be FANTASTIC. Larry
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