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  1. ReccePhreak

    Alconbury RF-4C paint schemes

    Yes, that is the new ARN-101 antenna.. I believe the part is in all of the Hasegawa 1/48 RF-4B/C/E kits, but haven't personally checked them recently. The old ARN-101 antenna was what we called the "towel bar" antenna.. Some of the planes I worked on in Thailand during the Vietnam War had them. I tried to find good pics online that show the different noses, but came up short. And contrary to what some SASMEs said on Hyperscale, just because you can change the lower camera doors & windows on the Hasegawa RF-4C kit, it DOES NOT mean that you can do the same on the real aircraft. Larry Engesath Phormer Photo Phantom Phixer (SASME = Self-Appointed Subject Matter Expert)
  2. ReccePhreak

    Alconbury RF-4C paint schemes

    Be sure which aircraft you want to make is represented by the Italeri kit. 557 has a refaired nose, while 583 is a non-refaired nose. They are also both ARN-101 equipped jets. When I last built an Italeri 1/48 RF-4C, I don't remember it giving you the refaired nose parts, nor does it have the ARN-101 antenna in it. Of course, my kit wound up looking like this: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal2/1001-1100/Gal1026-kitbash-Engesath/00.shtm Larry
  3. ReccePhreak

    Finnish MiG-21BIS chaff pod questions

    Antii, Thanks SO MUCH for those excellent pictures & measurements!!! They really help me so much. That ejection seat looks really sharp, just like in a fancy sports car! LOL The other question I had was about the color(s) in the main wheel well. You mentioned one color, but all the photos I have seen (including yours) appear to show two distinctly different grays. A tan gray up in the top of the well, with a lighter gray on the bottom and the doors. I looked at walkarounds, including MiG-21bis aircraft in Russian museums, with unrestored paint jobs, and they have the same two different tones. Then there is this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taN0PGktBnw Look at the 45 second mark, and you will see the two different shades of gray. The "tan" gray looks to me to be close to Light Gull Gray, while the other gray appears to be the same as the aircraft undersurface color. Cheers, Larry
  4. ReccePhreak

    Seafire FR47 wing bomb racks

    Thanks, John. The pictures help a lot. Now I just have to figure out how they managed to load two 4.5" flares on each pylon. Larry
  5. ReccePhreak

    Seafire FR47 wing bomb racks

    How many wing bomb racks could the Seafire FR47 carry? Is this "rendition" from a computer sim game accurate? https://warthunder.ru/upload/image/Dev Blog/Spits/Seafire_FR47_2.jpg I am figuring that is where they would've carried the 4.5" reconnaissance flares, but if they only had 2 racks, how would they carry 4 flares total? Larry
  6. ReccePhreak

    Finnish MiG-21BIS chaff pod questions

    The ones in that link are standard MiG-21R wingtip pods. These are the pods I am talking about: https://cdn.airplane-pictures.net/images/uploaded-images/2016/7/31/758314.jpg https://cdn.airplane-pictures.net/images/uploaded-images/2016/7/15/750456.jpg They are also in picture # 17 here: http://www.pienoismallit.net/galleria/referenssi_13421/kuva_125226/#kuva Larry
  7. ReccePhreak

    4.5" flares on Seafire FR.47

    Still looking for any info on where the 4.5" flares were mounted on the Seafire FR.47. Pictures and/or drawings would be FANTASTIC. Larry
  8. Hi Jerzy, Thanks for that info. Too bad I don't have such detailed drawings for the A-100. Oh well, if I ever locate the kit in my stash, I can start the research again. Larry
  9. I had one of those A100 kits decades ago. A modelling penpal from the Czech Republic sent it to me, as he knew I built recce aircraft. I never started on it, as I could never find definitive proof of where the camera(s) was/were installed. I may still have the kit in my stash somewhere. Larry
  10. ReccePhreak

    Finnish MiG-21BIS chaff pod questions

    I just found another added detail, that I didn't notice before. It appears that some of Finland's MiG-21bis aircraft (Including the recce mods) have a pod on the wingtips. Does anybody have more detailed info on it (dimensions?). Larry
  11. ReccePhreak

    Finnish MiG-21BIS chaff pod questions

    Antii, I got back to working on my MiG-21bis this week, and I had another question that wasn't answered in your excellent photos. What was/were the colour(s) on the nose wheel well? Were they the same grays as the main gear wells? TIA Larry
  12. ReccePhreak

    LF DB 1/72 Victor B.2 intakes instructions scan

    Scan received, thank you. Larry
  13. Title pretty much says it all. I recently got a set of the DB Productions 1/72 Victor B.2 Air Intakes, but with only partial instructions. They mention drawings to follow, but I don't have them. Can some kind soul scan the instructions and email them to me? Larry in Florida lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net
  14. ReccePhreak

    Beech 18 & C-45 post war schemes

    You could always do it in Royal Thai Air Force markings, like I will do both my 1/72 & 1/48 kits. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/img/prod/full/8/1/68480_0.jpg Larry
  15. ReccePhreak

    Photo Phantom Phun!

    Iain, You may have misread my post. I said that none of the Spanish RF-4Cs I had pictures of had slatted wings, they were ALL unslatted. Larry