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  1. @72modeler Thanks Mike, I will be using the SiamScale decals, as it's one of the 104 SiamScale decal sheets I have in my stash. I also have 16 different Thai decal sheets by JEAB, as well as numerous other Thai decals in my stash. I was asking about the Roden decals in case I needed to use any of their stencils or other markings that might not be on the SiamScale sheet. Larry
  2. Thanks for those words of encouragement. It can't be any worse than the Mach 2 kit I have, and AM PLANNING on building. In fact, I plan to convert it to a Royal Thai AF C-123T turboprop version. As far as "FLAWED INSTRUCTIONS" are concerned, I have seen that most of the Chinese kits seem to fit that category. Larry
  3. This topic could probably go in many subforums, but since I am planning on building the Roden 1/72 C-123B, I am putting it here. A fellow named John Eaton did post on another modelling forum about his building that kit, and I was amazed at what he had to do to get the kit decals to settle down. He said he used a Top Flight heat gun that is normally use to shrink mylar film on R/C models. Has anybody had issues with Roden decals not settling down, and if so, what did you use to get them to work? Are there any decal solvents or setting solutions that are strong enough to do the job without destroying the decals? I have a number of Roden kits in my stash, and some of them will be built using their kit decals. Others will be finished with aftermarket decals. Larry
  4. Hi Ray, Thanks for that detailed explanation. I don't have any of the SPACE decals yet, but I will remember your tips when I get some. Larry
  5. In the 2021-03 issue of INFO-EDUARD, they have an article about applying their Eduard SPACE cockpit "decals". They mention using some "dispersion" glue under the decals. I have never heard of dispersion glue, is it some form of super glue, white glue or what? Larry
  6. Thanks for that info. I guess I will keep checking his listing on Hannants, to see if he does decide to redo the flash pod in 3D Print form. Larry
  7. I hope this is in the correct subforum? If not, please move it to where it belongs. I have been trying to source one of their Transport Wings 1/48 RAF Phantom LS-93A Flash Pod conversion sets (TWC48001). I had it on "Backorder" at Hannants, but now they show it discontinued. I suppose I could try to scratchbuild the flash pod assembly, if I had detailed drawings. Larry
  8. That's just what I need! Now to see about getting one. Larry
  9. I am wanting to build a 1/72 Mil Mi-17V-5, as used by the Royal Thai Army. https://www.asiapacificdefensejournal.com/2019/01/thailand-receives-two-more-mil-mi-17v-5.html I knew my ancient KP 1/72 Mi-8 wouldn't work as a basis for it, so I ordered the Hobby Boss 1/72 Mi-8/Mi-17 Hip H kit, thinking the "newer" kit might be a better choice. After breaking the plastic seal, I discovered it would be a MAJOR conversion, if it was even possible. Has anybody tried this conversion? I didn't find any aftermarket conversion sets, so it would all have to be scratch built. I obviously need to completely redo the tail entrance, as well as the nose profile (Radar), and the side fuel tanks. Larry
  10. A lot of the "Naysayers" are already criticizing it before the first kit has been released, saying it's either just a "rebox" or a slightly retooled Heller or Matchbox kit. I will hold off until it actually gets released. I still have my 2 Heller kits to work on. Larry
  11. Thanks for that info. Unfortunately, Hannants only have one in stock, and I need 5. 2 each for my two Alpha Jet kits, and one for my AMT/ERTL 1/72 AV-8A Harrier that I am doing in Royal Thai Navy markings. Larry
  12. I have gotten the urge to do a 1/72 Alpha Jet in Royal Thai Air Force markings, but I am trying to decide which kit to get. Based on Scalemates, it appears that most (Except Matchbox) available 1/72 kits are just reboxings of either the ancient (1977) Heller kit or the "not much newer" Airfix (1980) kit. They appear to be poorly detailed and more representative of prototypes, than the planes that Thailand used. What would my best option, without having to do a complete rebuild of the kit? I need a relatively accurate cockpit, since it will be quite visible, but I can always use aftermarket ejection seats. NOTE: I do have a bagged Heller Kit #257 and a boxed kit # 80257. Since Thailand got their Alpha Jets from Germany, would they have been equipped with Martin-Baker Mk.4-AJMR seats or the Stencel S-III-S (SJU-4) seats? I need to order the correct aftermarket seats from Hannanrs. Larry
  13. Thanks for that link. Impressive build, especially the bits & pieces he added to the cockpit & elsewhere instead of using commercial aftermarket parts (If they even exist). Larry
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