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  1. In the Schiffer Luftwaffe Profile Series No.9 - Heinkel He 111H, by Manfred Griehl, there is a color profile of a Heinkel He 111P-6, coded F.7+06 of Hungarian Long-range reconnaissance squadron 1/1, Kursk, winter 1942/43. Does anybody know if this plane was actually configured for photo-reconnaissance, and if so, where were the camera(s) located? Anybody have any more info on this particular aircraft? One final question, which is the best 1/72 He111P kit, Hasegawa or Airfix? Larry Disregard the above. I found out that the Hungarian He-111s were NOT installed with recce cameras, but just used hand held cameras by crew members. Saves me the money of buying the kit & decals, since it no longer fits into my primary build theme.
  2. I still see them flying with those pods once in awhile. Larry
  3. I have a bagged kit of Revell's 1/48 B-17F, that decided to start working on. What I want to know is if the Eduard Canopy Mask Set for the Monogram/Revell 1/48 B-17G (set EX106) will fit on the Revell 1/48 B-17F kit? I looked on Hannants, and I don't see ANY canopy mask sets listed specifically for the Revell 1/48 B-17F. Larry
  4. I'd Love to see ICM do a 1/48 RB-26C recce version, with all the new interior photo equipment.
  5. I'm quite late coming to this topic, but I thought I'd add "My 2¢ worth". I have one of the AMtech kits, but also plan to pick up an Academy "rebox". My AMtech kit is going to be built in a proposed reconnaissance version. I have copies from some Luftwaffe book, where they show drawings dated 30.10.44, for a recce version carrying one RB 20/30 camera in a centerline compartment. Instead of the underwing X4 missiles, I plan to add at least 2 fuel tanks for long range recce missions. When I get the Academy kit, I plan to install some HS298 AAMs from my Dragon He229B Nachtjäger kit. I just think they look "cooler" than the X4 missiles. The Ho229B will be converted to a proposed recce version, with two Mk 108 cannon in the starboard side and two RB 20/30, RB 50/30 or RB 75/30 cameras in the port side. I have no proof of its use, but I also plan to add underwing fuel tanks for extended range. Larry
  6. I got it yesterday, about 20:00 Central Standard Time, in Florida. Refreshed and it worked fine. Nothing since then. Just got it again 1 minute ago. Larry
  7. Thanks John, that helps a lot! Larry
  8. Bumping this to the top. Still looking for any info on where the 4.5" flares were mounted on the Seafire FR.47. Pictures and/or drawings would be FANTASTIC. Larry
  9. Since it's NOT a reconnaissance aircraft, it doesn't matter if it's flawless. I won't be getting one, so I can save my money for aftermarket stuff to fix my other Kitty Hawk kits. Larry
  10. Any chance of getting these images reposted? All I see is the messages saying "This photo is no longer available". Larry
  11. Only plans I found for the IAR 38: http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/iar38.html
  12. Based on what I have seen of most of Kitty Hawk's recent kits (Divots, slide mold screw-ups, mismatched panel lines, parts not fitting without major trimming, ejector pin marks in stupid locations), I don't plan on wasting my money on their 1/32 RF-84F (or any other Kitty Hawk junk). Just my 2¢. Larry
  13. Wez, I have had the kit in my stash for probably 10-15 years, and have slowly been getting the aftermarket as I could find it and afford it. The PE scribing template set was the most expensive, but the most important piece (For me) was the CT-52 recce pod. I have a few hundred kits ahead of it in my build queue, so it may be awhile before I start on it. Larry
  14. I have the same kit and will be watching your build. The main difference, when I finally get around to starting on mine, is the aftermarket I have. Since I will be building mine as a photo-recce aircraft (Of Course!), I have the following aftermarket: Model Art decals 48/010 AML resin exhausts Neomega cockpit set Royale Resin wheels (R082) Model Design Construction scribing template set (SCR48001/A reissue of the Up North set) L'Arsenal BOZ103 chaff dispenser pod (AC 4863) L'Arsenal Barracuda ECM pod (AC 4809) L'Arsenal Hurel-Dubois CT-523 recce pod (AC4875) Your build really looks good so far. Love what you did with the landing gear. Larry
  15. I ordered a replacement injection-molded canopy from Special Hobby. It was inexpensive, even shipped from Europe to the USA, and was VERY well packed. https://www.specialhobby.eu/en/our-own-production/special-hobby/l-39-injected-canopy-1-48.html?cur=2&force_sid=e9rmn8uiitorailqbo6v79a4q2&lang=1&redirected=1 Larry
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