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  1. @tempestfan Why is preferring a kit to be made in 1/48 scale so selfish? I don't criticize other modelers that like to work in 1/72 or 1/32 or whatever. Larry
  2. I am SO GLAD that I stumbled across this AMAZING build! I have the kit, which I slightly started months ago, then put it back on the shelf for a change of pace. Your excellent photos of your detail work will help my build immensely, when I get my modelling room back in order after a home remodeling. The one major change I will be going to my kit is to make it as an Aufklärer or reconnaissance version, using a spare camera from one of my Hasegawa AR-234 kits. Larry
  3. Thanks John, Maybe I should just see how well I can "Tart Up" the kit seats, basing it on available photos & drawings? I remember seeing a Canberra PR.9 close up at an airshow, back when I was stationed at RAF Alconbury. The nose was opened up and was so dark & cramped, I hoped the Navigator wasn't claustrophobic. Didn't they nickname the nose compartment the "Coal Hole"? I am looking forward to see what info you can come up with, concerning the B(I)12 cameras & pod. No rush though, as I have lots of models to work on in the meantime. Larry
  4. Thanks @David Womby , that's what I was afraid of.
  5. John, thanks for that info. I'm not in a rush on building the Canberra kits right now. Just getting all the data & needed aftermarket together. Can the Navigator seat even be seen, on the PR.9 & B(I)8, if you don't open the nose? Larry
  6. Thanks @stevehnz, @canberra kid, & @David Womby for all your replies. I probably won't get the book "Canberra in Southern African Service" as it sells for over $100 + shipping. Too pricey for me, on the off chance it might have useful info. The MB Mk3CS seats are done by CMK: https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Martin-Baker-Mk.3-type-3CS-ejection-seat-for-Canberra-PR-Mk.9-1-48-for-Airfix-kit.html Does the Pilot and the Navigator both use the same type of seat? I see that Pavla does a Martin-Baker Mk.4QS that is listed for the Navigator: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PAVS48033?result-token=8KOmw Can I correctly assume that the Pilot and Navigator used different marks of seats? Is that also the case for the Canberra PR9? I will definitely get those Model Alliance decals, and my friend can use some of them as well, as we will both be working on the same kit. I just hope they have some markings for the later SAAF paint scheme of overall PRU blue. As for the camera fit, I may just use my recce experience and do a SWAG (Scientific Wild-Assed Guess) as to their location in the gun pod. Larry
  7. Thanks for the reply, but I doubt that 1/72 set would fit into my 1/48 kit very well. I have seen the 1/48 sets with either just the Pilot's cockpit, or both the Pilot & Navigator cockpits. They're both a bit pricey, and I think I can get away with just the seats, but there is conflicting info on exactly which MB seat was used for the Pilot (and/or the Nav). Also, are the Pilot's seats the same on the B(I)8 and the PR.9? Larry
  8. I tried searching the forums, to see if my questions were previously answered, but no joy. I want to convert my Airfix 1/48 Canberra B(I)8 into a SAAF B(I)12 with a recce pack installed. I found the following description online, but need more info: "The SAAF received the first B(I) Mk 12 aircraft in 1963. Six B(I) Mk 12 bombers (451 to 456) and the T Mk 4 trainers (457 to 459) were operated by 12 Squadron. A second-hand B Mk2 nose was acquired from Rhodesia and T Mk 4 trainer 457 was converted to a bomber. The bomber version had a glass nose to enable the navigator/bomb-aimer to aim the bombs through a gyroscopically stabilised gunsight, while the pilot say under an off-set tear-drop canopy. The reconnaissance fit on the B(I)12s of 12 Squadron was contained in the conformal gun pack 'canoe' which came with the airframes from the UK. The cameras included the Zeiss F-96, using 9" x 9" film stock (B/W and IRFC ) and typically 6", 12", 24", 36" and 48" FL lenses and, from time to time, the Omera 6". Up to 5 - usually 3 - Zeiss cameras would be arranged in a fan, with the 6" Omera giving a wider field for PI orientation. There would be a 36" Zeiss F-96 arranged as a vertical 'pinpoint' camera, but the 48" lens was used rarely, as it proved too difficult to keep 'points of interest' within the 'banana slide' aiming device used to manage good tracking. There was a circular rear camera hatch/bay in which the prime vertical F-96 camera was typically mounted. This was utilised, after quite a while, during low-level strike missions for BDA photography by mounting an optical mirror looking at ~45 degrees aft/down. This recorded sequentially where the Alpha weapons were about to/had just struck. That simple idea saved a lot of time, and saved sending another aircraft back later." Does anybody have more detailed info (Photos or drawings would be fantastic!) on the camera fit that would help me on the conversion? Also, I have read that the kit's seats (Including the seats on the Airfix PR.9) are not that good and need replacing. Any suggestions on which aftermarket seats to get? My final question was on the markings & paint scheme. I read that the B(I)12 was painted overall PRU Blue, was that correct? What markings would they have had? I doubt there is an aftermarket squadron marking available for the fin? TIA for any & all help. Larry
  9. Thanks for that info. I searched YouTube and found his review video. Very helpful, especially since I saw all the RAM panels in decal form as well as raised on the kit. I can sand down the kit panels and then use the decals. No tinted canopy, but I think I can handle that. Now to get one on order, so I can do it in the markings of the Royal Thai Air Force. They requested to purchase some from the USA. Whether the sale will go through or not, it'll be an interesting model for me. Larry
  10. Thanks for all the helpful responses. It looks like I will need to go with the Academy 1/72 kit as it appears to be the least worst representation. Larry
  11. I didn't find my question answered anywhere on the forums, so I'll try this. Is there any kit (1/48 or 1/72) of the F-35A that has "reasonably true to scale" RAM panels on it? On all the ones I saw, the RAM panels looked like 1/2" thick (or more) panels. I would think that thicker decals would do the job nicely. Also, I would need a kit that has the tinted canopy, as well as accurate RAM panels. Thanks in advance. Larry
  12. Thanks for the tip, but I have no access to that magazine here in Florida. My references consist of forums like this, and whatever books & magazines that I can download in PDF form. It was different back in the 80s & 90s, when I was stationed in Germany and the UK, while still in the USAF. Larry
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