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  1. ReccePhreak

    Legato decals questions

    My friend & I are both starting on the Legato 1/72 Fairchild F24, and I was wondering how well the Legato decals work. They look really nice, but are there any special techniques to use on them? Any preferred setting solutions? TIA, Larry Engesath
  2. ReccePhreak

    Bf109E-5 or E-9

    Dave, Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but you are saying that there never was any actual recce versions of the Bf109E? If so, it figures that everybody keeps repeating the same incorrect info on the Bf109E-5 & Bf109E-9 versions. Did any of the Bf109E versions carry cameras other than gun cameras? Larry Engesath lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net
  3. ReccePhreak

    1/72 Airfix Blenheim kits

    Mike & Elgar, Thanks for the Hyperscale links. I a bit hard to make out exactly how much (and where) of the nacelle plastic was removed. One thing I found frustrating is that a half dozen (or more) individuals quoted the entire post, with ALL the photos, to add just a few words of praise. I still have to decide how much I want to modify my Airfix Blenheim kit. Larry
  4. ReccePhreak

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    That's okay then. as I already have too much invested in the Airfix Blenheim kit, and the two aftermarket sets, so I guess I will stick with them. Larry
  5. ReccePhreak

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    All these "issues" with the Airfix 1:72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IVF makes me wonder if I would've been better off just getting the Special Hobby 1/72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV (Kit 72063)? Larry
  6. ReccePhreak

    Has anyone used Hataka Paints?

    Since the Hataka Orange Line lacquer thinner is almost impossible to find here in the USA, I was curious how Mr Color lacquer thinners worked. You say they work really nice? Do you use the Mr Color Levelling Thinner or just their normal thinner? Larry
  7. ReccePhreak

    Hataka acrylic paint questions

    I want to get Hataka's Israeli Air Force acrylic paint set (Red Line HTK-AS34), and was wondering if I had to use their own acrylic paint thinner, or if another brand would work as well. Their paint sets are available in the USA, but their own thinners are usually out of stock (and VERY expensive). Larry
  8. ReccePhreak

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    Mike, Thanks for the links, great pics! Larry
  9. ReccePhreak

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    Okay, thanks for that info.
  10. ReccePhreak

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    Is it possible to use the engine nacelles from a FROG Blenheim on the Airfix kit, or is it not worth the effort? Would these aftermarket engine cowlings & exhausts be of any use? https://www.ebay.com/itm/SBS-Models-1-72-BRISTOL-BLENHIM-ENGINE-COWLINGS-EXHASTS-Resin-Update-Set-/361531121088?hash=item542cef1dc0 Larry
  11. ReccePhreak

    Airfix Blenheim Mk IV

    It's a good thing I read through the thread, before I went out to order the "NEW & IMPROVED" Blenheim kit. I guess I will plod along with my Finnish Blenheim Mk.IF recce conversion. Larry
  12. ReccePhreak

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    Thanks Mike, I will do a search to see what I can fix on my kit and what I can live with. I have already spent too much on the kit & 2 aftermarket sets, to just give up on it. Larry
  13. ReccePhreak

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    I did a search for Blenheim on the Hyperscale GROUP BUILD "Airfix, Frog and Matchbox - Classic British Kits" subforum and got ZERO kits.
  14. ReccePhreak

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    Mike, Thanks for the info on the yellow that was used on Finnish aircraft, that will make my job easier. Since I plan on doing a bunch of WW2 Finnish aircraft, I think I will take a fresh bottle of ModelMaster FS34096 and start adding a little brown at a time, until I think it looks right. Based on what you use for Finnish War Black, I think I will try ModelMaster Aircraft Interior Black. Larry
  15. ReccePhreak

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    Is that "Official" from Airfix, or just wishful thinking?