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  1. If they are designed for the new Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer, then my original concern is still valid - Will they fit the old tool Buccaneer? Larry
  2. Thank you for your User "Review". I will definitely not be buying them. I agree with Selwyn, if they are marketed as DECALS, then that is just false advertising. Larry
  3. WOW!! Definitely not a very "quality" product! Thanks for that info! Larry
  4. Hi Curt, ONLY 20X the number of kits you could ever finish? I've been retired (medically) for a number of years, and at my snail's pace of building, I would need to live another 100 years to complete my stash. But I still "resemble" your comments. I "try" to not buy anymore kits, but the kit manufacturers keep tempting me with neat new products. Larry
  5. Thanks for your suggestion Curt. I think I will stick with the kit's instrument panel decals, even though they're not super detailed. I am definitely not going to spend ~$100 for the new kit, as nice as it is. With my age, and the number of kits in my stash, I just can't justify the expense. Larry
  6. Thanks, Selwyn. It's always preferred to have the opinion of an actual customer/user of a product. Can you elaborate why they will be the last you buy? The only Kits World 3D stuff I currently have (But haven't tried yet), are some 3D printed seatbelts. Larry
  7. I know these decals were designed for the new tool Airfix Buccaneer, but does anybody know if they will fit/work in the old Airfix Buccaneer kit? The new tool kit is really nice, but on my retirement income, I just can't justify tossing the old one in the bin and buying the new kit. Larry
  8. Very LATE to this thread, but I just bought this kit because it comes with Thai (What-If) markings. Will DEFINITELY be coming back for references, once I finally get around to starting on mine. Larry
  9. I just hope they also come out with the AJ-2P photo-reconnaissance version.
  10. @tempestfan Why is preferring a kit to be made in 1/48 scale so selfish? I don't criticize other modelers that like to work in 1/72 or 1/32 or whatever. Larry
  11. I am SO GLAD that I stumbled across this AMAZING build! I have the kit, which I slightly started months ago, then put it back on the shelf for a change of pace. Your excellent photos of your detail work will help my build immensely, when I get my modelling room back in order after a home remodeling. The one major change I will be going to my kit is to make it as an Aufklärer or reconnaissance version, using a spare camera from one of my Hasegawa AR-234 kits. Larry
  12. Thanks John, Maybe I should just see how well I can "Tart Up" the kit seats, basing it on available photos & drawings? I remember seeing a Canberra PR.9 close up at an airshow, back when I was stationed at RAF Alconbury. The nose was opened up and was so dark & cramped, I hoped the Navigator wasn't claustrophobic. Didn't they nickname the nose compartment the "Coal Hole"? I am looking forward to see what info you can come up with, concerning the B(I)12 cameras & pod. No rush though, as I have lots of models to work on in the meantime. Larry
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