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  1. chris57

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    All silver B-25 letting down into Fernberger three minutes ago. And now some two seat red jet trainers just made a very low pass heading towards Blackbushe. Can't see much modelling getting done this morning.
  2. chris57

    Airfix 2019

    S&M Models currently have the Williams C-46 available in their range.
  3. chris57

    I realise that this is not the right spot, but

    If your travelling from Yeovilton on the 7th to Lincolnshire for the 10th and your at a loose end on the 9th you may as well pull in at Farnborough for the IPMS Farnborough club night and say hi. The beers cold and the natives don't bite. Well not to draw blood anyway. Just a quick thought, as your at a loose end on the 9th you may as well take in the FAST museum at the Borough where amongst plenty of exhibits they have a replica of Samuel F's bi-plane
  4. chris57

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    Don't worry Eric, I'll have a word with the Salisbury lads and get them to root around for a new venue
  5. chris57

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    No doubt helped out by the mid-day excursion
  6. chris57

    Amari AB Estonia - Yesterday 25 May 18

    Thanks for that info Mark, much appreciated. I know there's an Italeri AN2 in the vaults, just need to check out the markings.
  7. chris57

    Amari AB Estonia - Yesterday 25 May 18

    Mark Have the Estonian's done away with the tri-angular markings now. cheers Chris
  8. chris57

    Milton Keynes goes XXL for 2019

    Yes Duncan, that's the first question. How much for the tables?. Next question, how much for the public. Bold move.
  9. chris57


    Hi Mick I'm not belittling the club or the show, just pointing out the issue I had and warning fellow members. My computer acumen is zilch. Hope it's a good show but a bit to far for me to travel.
  10. chris57


    I get a message telling me this site is insecure and advises me to disconnect immediately??
  11. chris57

    Su-27SM paints?

    I've had a quick look through the AKAN paint list I got from Coastal Craft at last years NATS and it lists a scheme for the Su-27SM in the Russian Air Force 100th Anniversary. The set is numbered 47332 and contains paints:- 73167,73168,73169,73058,73146 & 73060. hth chris
  12. chris57

    IPMS Torbay Model Show

    Shout for this show as I've seen nothing about it yet Added bonus you get a free paddle!!
  13. chris57

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    Interesting thread this. Luckily not my area of interest per se but the membership seems to be getting somewhat aggressive, even dictatorial. CaracalModels must be looking forward in anticipation to the multi sheet orders heading his way. Just as well there's nothing else to occupy his time.
  14. chris57

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    They'll be difficult to spot under those chem hazard outfits
  15. chris57

    IPMS Gloucester Show 2018 - Traders and Clubs added

    Agree with Neils comment, another very good show. Nice to catch up with old friends and say Hi to Duncan B. Thanks again this year to Robs mum for the culinary expertise.(Eat your heart out Mary Berry)