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  1. chris57

    Bovington Tank museum show

    I'm glad someone posted on this. I was beginning to think the show hadn't happened.
  2. chris57

    Flanker project questions

    Hi Florent and welcome. Either do a search for Flanker or PM a member whose so obsessed with them, he's titled Flankerman. hth cheers Chris
  3. chris57


    That's the problem with modern cars, our 03 Astra SXI (23,000 miles) hasn't played up yet. maybe when we run it in.
  4. chris57

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    It's one thing popping down the road to Halifax, but if your coming this far South don't forget your passport and survival pack.
  5. chris57

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    You learn something every day! I was under the impression there were two brothers, one as Superscale and the other as Microscale. Obviously Fake News.!!
  6. chris57

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    But didn't Microscale cease to exist when the brother passed away?. I know I picked up a lot of mine from Squadron.
  7. chris57

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    Have a chat with Ray at Fantasy Printshop, see if he's up for it. I have most of them in the stash if he needs a pattern. Alternatively Paul Davis might still have some
  8. chris57

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    Looking through my S/Scale catalogue I see that 72-188 is US Air Force fuselage lettering(various sizes), 72-189 is USAF wing lettering, 72-216 is US ID letters & numbers(60 degree)' 72-234 id letters. There are various sheets of individual subjects with blue lettering ie 72-176,177 (F-100's). hth cheers Chris
  9. chris57

    Eggplant grey/purple!!!

    Gentlemen at the risk of being boring, reference post 5 on this thread. cheers
  10. chris57

    mark 1 guide gripen decals

    Might be worth checking out Wendy at Guideline Publications, Justin at Avid Reader, and Simon at Aviation Bookshop. I've spotted the publication at shows but not examined them. Have you been in contact with Mark 1 themselves?.
  11. chris57

    Russian Military Blues

    Martin at Coastal Craft distributed this range but I think he no longer carries them. Your best bet might be Peter at MAN models with the Hataka range. Perhaps a call to him to avoid disappointment. hth cheers Chris
  12. chris57


    Austerity!! you've never had it so good, the papers say so. Why do you think there's such a push on these robots lately, humans are surplus to requirements.
  13. chris57


    Don't worry John "The butler done it"
  14. chris57


    Following Beardie's point, when are the BBC going to extend their weather forecasts beyond Hadrians wall. Scotlands not the only place that has weather.
  15. chris57


    She missed her chance seven years back, instead of checking the insurance paperwork she punched me in the chest, restarting the dicky ticker and called an ambulance. I did tell her that sequence was all wrong.