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  1. I‘m pretty certain those you mention were among the arsenal, and should occasionally be shown in pics. IIRC they were also able to carry Bullpup, not if that one also required a guidance pod.
  2. Does anyone happen to have looked into Luftfahrt Dokumente #20, by Karl Pawlas? Possibly a long shot, but the series (and Luftfahrt International) used some quite good archival material; at least at times. I have it upstairs (once again) but at the moment am on a much delayed train. If only I could find the Monarch at a sensible price…
  3. That may get a bit tricky if the reports by former contributors quoted elsewhere here are true. Burnt bridges may hinder recruitment significantly. Back when at Uni, I wrote some articles on Airfix for a very short-lived collecting mag here in Germany which went belly-up soon. The editor denied me my money claiming that my articles were so bad that he had to completely rewrite them (well he changed a lot, without knowledge of the subject, rhyme or reason). Needless to say I just would have shown him a single finger had he asked me to write for him again...
  4. So 10 B-52s look like a Thousand-Bomber-Raid on radar. Nice deceptive capability
  5. Not sure how far this will take you, but the Warbird Tech books are usually very good in detailing variant and block differences - IIRC both the B-24 and B-25 books are quite exhaustive in that respect. I have the B-17 book upstairs so will have a look and get back. Otherwise, Squadron has/had a host of B-17 titles which may also be of use; the one specific to F's I have in mind (Pride of Seattle) however only coves the first 300 so your's will be out of scope.
  6. The DaCo Uncovered has standard scale drawings, but that doesn't include a back view. Time for the superheroes - over to John @canberra kid
  7. I assume all Sioux's, Alouettes and Beavers were Army property then, so not included? F-111K and Phantom included together will likely have been the only edition doing so...
  8. Well done Giampiero! Would it make sense to also ask Axel Urbanke with his excellent network? I am sure he could make an interesting architectural feature out of an LiF issue if he gets/has info...
  9. Not the regions where I usually post (for massive knowledge deficits), but seeing the Commander mentioned always causes amazement why such an important GA/commuter type has been almost overlooked in kit form. Well almost - Aurora also had a 680 Commander, apparently née Comet. OK, it's to the internationally acclaimed standard scale for GA types of 1/81.5 ... but I don't think that rare, and given what Atlantis already have unearthed from the Revellogram toolbank, I wouldn't be surprised if it comes on the list soon.
  10. Not sure how accurate the markings are, but the Kiko/Revell P-47 had an NMF machine on the box - most attractive artwork IMHO!
  11. This is one thread which explains really well what is going on, but I thought we had another one this spring...
  12. It's not painted white (though often depicted as such, see Airfix S.79 artwork), but it's the part in front of the exhaust collector which does not get discoloured by heat. There are I think several threads here on the topic, a recent one must have been in spring.
  13. I doubt they’ll be doing more than a batch check, so something like those particles will likely go unnoticed. Revell has moulded in Poland since they shut down moulding at Bünde - 1994? Mostly their legacy stuff, but also Matchbox, Monogram and ex-Heller moulds bought off Lodela.
  14. It has been Revell (and Airfix) policy for 60+ years to NOT bother the retailers with defective parts replacement, but to take that task on themselves. They simply can't do that and at the same time charge for replacement of DEFECTIVE/MISSING parts. That's having the cake and eat it. If they actually do that (I'll ask a friend with contacts), they will get the wrath of the retailers who will inevitably flood them. But surely they have a QC agreement with their moulder... but then this may not necessarily have been a filthy mould, but just as well contaminated granulate. And as I have been told Revell exactly prescribe their Polish injectors at least which plastic to use.
  15. @Tail-Dragon, not sure if it is relevant for you - but as you're in Manitoba: I just fetched Paul Monforton's brick from the post office. You may do worse than to check out his site; s&h certainly will be a lot less than the whopping 71 CAD I paid.
  16. For the Revell copies - only circumstantial evidence, as I said they were apparently never issued by Marusan; but a Japanese site confirms the Eldon's as Marusan. As far as I'm aware, there were other ca. 1/100 MatchKits, of Marusan origin, that were also boxed by UPC, possibly right before the MatchKits. The MatchKits were Made in Japan. The Revell copies went to Nichimo, who also took over a number of proven or very likely Marusan 1/48/50 kits like the Aichi E13A1, Lindberg-copy Hunter and 262, Monogram copy Spit IX, 109E, P-38J, Dauntless...
  17. "Running out of stock" is not the same as "being out of stock" or a "stock shortage", the latter two are the words they used as far as I can see. "Running out" implies that they once had stock, the alternatives may also be used if they never had a single copy.
  18. Those Eldon MatchKits were by Marusan, though apparently The Revell copies @Paul Thompson mentions were never sold as such - Nichimo, Fuji, Sunny, Esci, probably Entex in between. But I guess they are too early to be the ones concerned here.
  19. I think the 70s Revell kits are their own, mostly being based on their H-600 kits for the "western" types - not so for the scarce Japanese types (that apparently were tooled in Japan). Early/mid 80s B-17, B-24, 25, 26, Lancaster and jets are Crown. The Revell (their own) became available again sometime in the mid 90s - @Richard Humm will likely have dates. Were those you look for @Richb77kits or ready mades? The Bachmann Miniplanes - also sold by Airfix for some time - came in square boxes, but were finished, and I don't think the Bachmann's were available beyond the early 80s.
  20. There was a thread not long ago which I think related to someone building a specific Tempest with a family background, IIRC from the 1/32 SH kit (or a Revell boxing thereof). While that thread probably is not directly connected with EJ705, there were some excellent close up pics of the intake region. I downloaded one, and it was on 11 February. Found the RFI - and here's the WiP. Not sure if it's helpful, but right the first pic shows just about the clearest pic of the "trapdoor" filter I remember. That thread was a delight!
  21. tempestfan

    Japanese Zero

    I‘d second @MDriskill: Top down - AeroDetail - FaoW - in action The in action is possibly a bit dated now, but I have absolutely no idea if anything spectacular was discovered since it was first released. Anyway, it’s written in English and by a Japanese (co-)author if I am not mistaken. I’d always go for a reference by an author who prima facie is able to read any source material. Which also applies to the AeroDetail, which is mostly bilingual. The FaoW’s are mostly Japanese, but should be easy to obtain. From the same source, there was also a comprehensive “modelling manual” feature in KokuFan (probably 1984) which may be useful. Most likely very dated by now is/are the works by Richard Bueschel, first published as Aircam and still available by Schiffer - I guess @Nick Millman would be the go-to person to tell whether it would be a waste of time and money; for the other ones too.
  22. Kari, that's terrific! The one overall drawing right at the start gives overall length as 8,845 mm, so 25 mm shorter than the drawing above.
  23. The JF-17 looks like a Gripen went to bed with a Tigershark... As every modern fighter is full of electronics, I would expect any export models to have some sort of switch at some neuralgic point with which the seller simply makes the aircraft unflyable by remote action if the buyer does something nasty - this was rumoured I think re the Iraqi F.1s during the second Gulf War. In case such mechanisms exist, the easiest way for Argentina probably would be to go for F-16Cs, in case they can get some aid package to make them affordable. Those F-16s would pose no threat to the UK, as Argentina would be well aware that they would be out of action at the speed someone at the State Department needs to flick a switch.
  24. Many thanks John, this certainly will be a big help!
  25. But that is a "phenomenon" not confined to modelling, but to all sorts of researching science (hope this doesn't sound too grand). Get outdated material and one will be stuck in the middle ages. I mean, the earth IS flat, isn't it?!
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