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  1. That bedsheet sadly is missing from my copy... Are the basic drawings the same as in the Aero Detail (IIRC also by Mr Nohara)? If you'd like anything specific translated, drop a PM after arrival.
  2. While the Fujimi and Hase kits in 72nd are much more refined, there were also mid 60s kits of the B by Airfix and Revell, with both being reasonably accurate for a B (but not the later versions they later had add-ons for). Both kits were in production literally for decades, in particular the Airfix, so should be rather easy and cheap to find - not so sure regarding the Fujimi in the "easy" aspect. It may make sense to use a cheaper older kit in light of the required chopping, in particular if you do it from scratch. As @Giorgio N said, the -1s were a rather diverse breed. IIRC, the radome diameter and length grew considerably, with the final ones looking quite similar to the B, apart from the "flush" canopy. In particular if you are going the scratch route, potentially helpful could be a slim booklet I bought at the Aviation Book Shop in 1991 (those were the days :-)), but it covers only the early stages and is probably unobtainable these days. No idea if the planned further volumes were released? The Aeromodeller range had some drawings that did not look that bad (reprinted in one of the Aircraft Archive Post War Jets volumes). But if you want THE reference on the -1, get the Ginter book by the wonderful gentlemen Tommy Thomason @Tailspin Turtle. It wasn't cheap when I bought it and has now a significant "ouch" factor (at least the offer I just had a look at), but it is the only publication I am aware of that systematically and comprehensively traces development of the early Toom.
  3. OT I know, but... Reinsehlen is a mere 35 miles south of Hamburg city centre The MPM kit really is from the Dark Ages, but quite some improvement over their early Smer/Heller-based 262 versions... Those u/c retraction struts remind me of the Italeri D-9.
  4. As I need something to touch, I ordered the book a year ago. Not cheap especially with the ancillary cost, but worth every Cent/Penny IMHO.
  5. Well...the rear part of the starboard cowling/nacelle looks rather brownish, but this is probably exhaust discolouration.
  6. Otherwise, Verde Vómito would have done a great job @GiampieroSilvestri - I just had a look if I have HDL 48-25, as I bought the entire remaining decal stock off a Hamburg shop when it closed down, including loads of HDL - but unfortunately the 48ers do not go higher than #20. Probably the shop never ordered any newer sheets "because we have so many of the older ones". That's the spirit @Diego: I guess you do not need any of your older sheets for documentary purposes? Long time no see, by the way I still get shivers when I remember our Dortmund trip with the team - was that in 1999?
  7. @fightersweep - oh well, life has been rather busy in the past 3 years in particular... Well, I bet there are some on a certain collecting forum that would be interested in your Heller kits, in particular as many of the black boxes are rather scarce and have gorgeous Bergèse artwork. Well, I branched into Heller, too, back in my active collecting days... To get back to the Potez, a quick google brought up this thread which is not particularly relevant to your question, but may be of help re interior colours. And it confirms that there must have been something in Replic not later than February 2002...
  8. Tsts... you should be building Airfix kits from T6 boxes Which makes me wonder how your collection has developed in this respect? Long time no see, somewhere else... I had a look in some ancient Polish booklet which covers Polish units in Armée de l'Air and RAF service, as I thought it might have a diagram of a 631 in it, but regrettably not. I ***think*** Replic had a big feature article on the 631, but that must have been some 20 years ago. I'd have a look if you told me where the box(es) with the Replics is/are...
  9. Just the same regarding Frog 45 years earlier - the Frog moulds were NOT "sold" to the USSR because DunbeeCrombexMarx went bankrupt (IIRC that happened, but somewhat later), but as an attempt to be able to offer product at unbeatable prices. Or as regards Airfix in 1985 - "they" (actually there was no "they" as Airfix was merely a trademark then) did not "break down", but General Mills as ultimate owners decided to divest non-core businesses including toys. Perhaps it makes people feel better if someone's exit from business is down to bankruptcy, or it is an unconscious reflex to think this.
  10. Hey, that would be cool, buying without paying crazy customs duties and handling fees! But I assume stocks will not last till Lingen - if that one will happen in the first place... Looks like I'll have to fold the rear seats flat and drive to Delmenhorst in January - 1.800 liters should accommodate a couple of kits
  11. Some people would consider getting divorced like being released from jail...
  12. @Blimpyboy: Oh yes, the Gakkens! There were also at least two volumes on the Zero in their "Pacific War history" series - regrettably, one of mine was missing a chunk of pages, which may have been the scale drawings I was after (the Raiden book had a very good looking set of drawings). Anyway, the Gakkens and many other Japanese-only books are really tough to find unless one has the ISBN - with the latter, one stands a chance on the usual book sites, but without it's almost impossible. No idea how they stood the test of time, but I always liked the Maru Mechanics. I think they had three volumes on the Zero and a "special" combined issue, but the MM's are generally tough to get in Europe, and the Zero books apparently even harder, as I first noticed them only recently when trying to compile a list of the series.
  13. While we're at bad kits, also avoid the Starfix, which you may come across and think it's a bargain. Though I'd probably prefer it over the PM blob...
  14. I am pretty certain the Matchbox kit was designed taking very long and hard looks at the Bentley drawings. The surface detail is Matchbox‘esque, but not as bad as others. I still consider this one of MB‘s best.
  15. Jumpei Temma's drawings show both features, though without further explanation - his -4 stbd side view is labelled "early production". Given his (I repeat myself) is the only set of drawings I am aware of that feature the small blister in front of the outboard shell ejector, I think he did a very serious study of pics. I have no idea if he could answer your questions if you contact him via the "mail to" feature on his start page - but it may be worth a try.
  16. Is that the one shown on the artwork of Airfix's BV-107/Hkp-4, out of the snow?
  17. Ouch - that was a serious brainfade on my part! Of course Verlinden was Belgian, not Dutch... However, I believe there was some coordination and collaboration between both countries regarding maintenance and upgrades. Would have to check the book if it says something on those aspects. In any event, it is a great source for "general details" (if that makes sense), and something like the mother of this style of book (yes, D&S was earlier, but at least the first six Lock Ons took that concept to a new level). However, I haven't spotted one on my favourite used book platform going up to 50€ combined price - which with all sympathy I wouldn't pay for it.
  18. The Verlinden Lock On may also be worthwhile - I think it appeared ca. 1983 and so would probably cover the KLu birds in their twilight days.
  19. Where are the wheel masks when you REALLY need them... Great pic! IIRC I read somewhere that also Luftwaffe self-sealing tanks were reddish (the colour of the unvulcanised rubber used as sealant). The Tempest tanks you posted look very dark, too dark (?) to be this brick orange colour - unless the film type shifted the darkness.
  20. Sometimes size does matter I was just having a look into my old "Encyclopedia of the FAA" by Paul Beaver which IIRC bought on HMS Belfast in 1991 - oh, that was a great summer It has a pic of an AS. 4 (as captioned - p. 113) with what looks like the pod you're after. However, the pod is neither depicted in the accompanying drawings nor is the sensor named - for Barracuda 5 and Firefly AS. 5/6/7, it's specified as the ASV Mk 9, and shape and size look quite close. However, the pod in the Firefly drawings looks too small to my eye, both in length and diameter. Ian Huntley did a two-piece on late Fireflies in SAM way back when (I'd guess 1992/3/4 as I'm quite certain I was at university), which may contain a drawing of the pod - if it's the correct one.
  21. There was a small book called "Transporter - wer kennt sie schon?" by Karl Kössler, former head of the German Civil Aviation Authority, published in the early 80s. This may be helpful regarding Ju 52 units if it can be found at the usual sources. I bought mine a fairly long time ago at Luftfahrtmuseum Hannover-Laatzen, as Dr. Kössler headed the organisation behind it. I have no idea really if the museum still exists (I think its founder and main financier died some years ago), and if so, if it still has stocks of that book, but it may be worth a try, EDIT: The museum still exists, and amazingly the book is still visible in a glass cabinet on their HP under the "shop" section. Apparently they do not do any e-commerce, though.
  22. This thread is a goldmine for an amateurish Wildcatista like me! A first thought that crossed my mind was CoG - if some weight up front is deleted, it would make sense to move an ostensibly relatively heavy part like the mounting bulkhead forward a bit to compensate. But if that bulkhead applies to all P&W versions from some point on - -3, -3A, -4, FM-1 and Martlet II - then probably not. Possibly "only" a move to introduce a lighter structure to gain some kgs in comparison with the A6M, while improving access to the accessory bay?
  23. Williams had a Lockheed Electra (late 30s model) at the slightly eccentric scale of 1/53.
  24. The original meaning of DPD was Deutsche Paket Deppen - process this through the translator of your convenience
  25. Seconded! One of the easier "rare" ones to find...
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