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  1. A regular build I am sure and oft seen here so nothing new and too interesting guys After 35 years absence, this is the first aircraft to inhabit the upcoming BoB shelf/s in display cabinet. Many things have changed, when I was a young fella we had never heard of such things as panel & pin washes, weathering, detailing etc. Still, I am loving the 'learning curve' though God, it takes far longer now than when I was a young fella! I knocked them out at the rate of one or more a week then! It is all Out of the Box (OoB) except for the aftermarket 5 spokes. The aircraft has recently landed and the Ground Crew have not yet attended. It was built as open cockpit since I needed the handsome pilot to replace the Orc (see my Avatar) of the upcoming Airfix Spitfire Mk1a! The weathering has been kept light since as has been stated by your good selves, most BoB aircraft just didn't survive for very long. There are many bits I am not happy with but I am sure we all feel the same of every model we build. A perfect model is unattainable, at 1:72 even more so I feel. It has been slow progress and the poor thing too often handled, being used as mule to a fair extent and being the first built in so long a time, whilst trying to learn new skills. Hence the slight, odd visit by a very drunk 'Rosy the Riveter'! You can play 'Where's Wally' there guys if you know the kit Big thanks go out to fishplanebeer (Colin), Black Knight, Noelh, Vildebeest, Fukuryu & Werdnd for all their help along the way and special thanks to Troy Smith for my now much improved knowledge of Mk1 Hurry's and Mk1a Spitfires and the wealth of knowledge and images supplied Anyway, here goes: I scratch built some wing tip lights from clear sprue. Much nicer than just a drop of paint. I placed the Gas Detection Patch where Airfix show it and everybody else puts it but I would have thought it should be inboard of the port upper wing roundel? For interest, the elevators were down as seen on many images (Mk1's anyway) and the rudder turned (pilot may have been desperate for the bathroom?) Sutton Harness is made from brown envelope paper. It is far more 3d than decals. There is also a scratch built mirror and gun sight The aftermarket 5 spokes as replacement for the incorrect (and too large a diameter) 4 spokes. I can't stop myself drilling out the exhausts! They don't look right without a hole and a dot of Matt black isn't very convincing or 3D to my mind Thanks for all the help guys from what is a great forum Regards, Lindsey
  2. Thanks Chuck1945. I presume these were long gone by June 1940? Regards, Lindsey
  3. Why does the Tamiya Mk1 have the outer two 0.303's peeping out of the ports to differing extents on each wing? Is it because they think they are in BF110 noses? Lindsey
  4. Thanks Colin I found an image of one of the Spifire's that I can just see under the port wing & no roundel! That's good, I have no underwing roundels! lol Regards, Lindsey
  5. Thanks Colin I will do a bit of research. Another quicky, would it be valid to put a gas detection patch on Hurricane Mk1 L1592 (Fabric Wing RAF Kenley, August 1940-'one for Troy') and the Spitfire starter P9495? And other early BoB? There seems to be many debates and threads here also and many timelines depending on aircraft type. From what I gather, these were standard paper patches but were not necessarily applied to all aircraft, even within a squadron. They were phased out from fighter aircraft around mid 1940. I suppose having one on port wing is valid or not for each aircraft from early BoB and I am probably making work for making myself here! Thanks Lindsey
  6. Right. Stash has just grown! To add to the lonely Airfiix (A68206) Mk1a starter kit (now started) I now also have in the 1:72 stash: Airfix Mk1a (A01071B). France 1940 so not BoB. Tooling is exactly the same in these 2 airfix kits but this gives far more decals, i.e. the small markings for fuselage and wings, gas warning patch etc. Tamiya 60748 Spitfire Mk1. 2 options- 1. L1043 DW-O, 610 Squadron, June 1940 (so Biggin Hill) or 2. X4561 QJ-B, 92 Squadron, Dec 1940 (so RAF Manston, Kent). Will be option 1 for me but there is no aircraft serial no. decals on option 1. I gather not all had this no. on fuselage? The A68206 kit which is also 610 Squadron but July 1940 Biggin Hill has serial numbers. Also no underwing roundel. Would these have been added on delivery? Nice decal package though no decal for flight instrument panel. KP Spitfire Mk1b KPM0055. 3 options - 1. R6908 QJ-F, Dec 1940, 92 Squadron Biggin Hill. 2. R6776 QV-H, August 1940, 19 Squadron, RAF Fowlmere, Herts. 3. X4272 QJ-D, December 1940, 92 Squadron, Biggin Hill. This will be R6776 since I am after a BoB Mk1b. The kit looks far better in the flesh than over the internet. Nice detailing though it looks very fine and I will not know how well it carries through until painted. It's gone the other way than the Airfix's huge wide panel lines! The lower wing dihedral is huge but maybe this reduces when the kit is built? Decal set includes Sutton Harness (though it is grey!) and a huge amount of panel markings. I like the clear gunsights. just paint the non clear parts. Clever and saves me scratch building the clear glass plate. The kit has many redundant (here) parts so obviously the tooling covers many other marks (eg. Desert filter, 3 prop options, etc.) I will give this one my best since it is a rare Mk1b and I do not yet have the knowledge base, decals etc. to create a Mk1b from another kit. In the absence of a definitive kit I will 'go at' all these Kits and see how I/they fair. Pro's & con's to each no doubt. I have much work ahead of me and at this rate I will never get to the Luftwaffe stuff! (keep quiet about the 2 Special Hobby BF109E-3's that seemed to have jumped into the box too! ). Regards, Lindsey
  7. Indeed Colin. I will have to find my 'happy place' with each model. 1-2mm extra wingspan or fuselage length will hardly be noticed but some things may well be! Just redrawn, on the Airfix box paint scheme, for reference, the camouflage scheme for Hurricane L1592 based on the original in Science Museum and other original images, for the marking and painting of the model. I think I trust the Museum and the original aircraft more than Airfix and the very wiggly lines they show. Many lines have straightened n moved a good bit! That puts me in a happier place with this model Rgds, Lindsey
  8. I will be building the €7.99 A68206 kit I have anyway. It will take me a good while to cut out the undercarriage from the brutal flashing that completely encases the top of the port landing gear however and the Orc pilot (see Avatar) is going to be replaced by the Mk1 fabric wing Hurricane pilot me thinks! This made the Starter Kit A68216 Mk1 Hurricane an open cockpit job and slowed me down considerably! lol. Still, all good fun Regards, Lindsey
  9. Shacklady? The only one I can find is a Pro Golfer Any more info on these image location Colin? Thanks, Lindsey
  10. Wow. Thanks Colin. If you get a chance I would love to see the plans. The more info I have the better as far as I am concerned. I like learning more about the actual aircraft themselves and modelling is providing this extra, unforeseen benefit. Thanks Lindsey
  11. Thanks guys, It is all as I had guessed. No definitive MK1a (or b) kit out there. I will get a KP Mk1 in my next order though to me the detail looks fairly poor on it. Maybe I am being unjust here and if I see it in the flesh it may be better than it looks on 'Tinternet'! Regards, Lindsey
  12. Hi Guys, I have found various threads re: Recommended/Reviewed Mk1 Spitfires at 1:72 but nothing recent and not sure if any can help. I am slowly working away (read: when I get the time) on my BoB shelf. Fabric Wing Hurricane has got to painting stage and Panel Wing in Stash. There seems to be a dearth of Mk1 1:72 Spitfire kits! I have the Airfix A68206 starter kit for my ongoing BoB aircraft shelf/shelves but am looking for better. Am dreading it a little given the horrendous flashing on the sprues! Might start the BP Defiant next. lol The only others I can find at present are the Tamiya 60748 & Airfix 01071B. There are lots of great Mk1 Hurricane & Me109E-3 Kits (some of which I have obtained already). I presume to build one of the 30 rare Mk1b, one would have to fit the canons etc. and create/find a decal set? Any thoughts/info welcome. Regards, Lindsey
  13. Definitely Bill. You are absolutely right. I am just pernickety if I know something is not correct. It annoys me every time I see it standing there! A fault of my personality! We all do this for relaxation and enjoyment and the help here is great. I too have already learnt much on this forum and am very glad I signed up. A great place to advance our scale modelling. We have much to aspire to here! I am looking forward to the rest of my 'little stash'. Regards, Lindsey
  14. Hi Maginot, Nice to hear I am not alone in the re-instituting of a former modelling career (and I don't mean the 'Cat Walk!'). Sad news on the stash. Some of the fires you guys are having and we are seeing on the other side of the 'big blue marble' here are very scary looking! I too am flirting with the idea of an airbrush before I hit the German stuff. They have camouflage schemes, that seem to me, will be near impossible to achieve by brush! (Any tips or links to existing threads greatly welcomed here too guys). Thanks, Lindsey
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