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  1. So why no mention of Kinetic's F-16s in 2nd? they seem OK to me, not being a professional fighter pilot OR model builder, but I have built the Tamiya 72nd C, and will build an Israeli C as well from it, and I do have the Israeli I boxing from Kinetic that I also intend to build. Cheers H.
  2. Well, you certainly can build an early F-4J(UK) out of it? obviously not the other OOB, but what about with some modifications/kitbash? the kit is cheap and reasonably accurate in shape and easy to put together.
  3. Winnie,  I may have what you need.  What specifically are ou after.  Chris

    1. Winnie



      I can't remember what I asked for, unless you are talking Sea King, in that case I got parts from Andy F117.


      But cheers for thinking of me!


  4. How about the Academy 72nd? They have a B and J out I'm sure more is coming, they are literal snap together, but build in to very nice looking jets. Cheers H.
  5. Man... I LOVE the float bottle placard in the nose! Have checked that a few times that is for certain. One of our machines was so tail heavy, we had a float bottle filled with sand (un-pressurised) for ballast, when we were flying in the no float season...
  6. Yeah, the cobra had the same belts, up to the Whiskey Cobra for sure.
  7. Well, finally something I can answer a little about! The F-5A with the Norair seat still had the original wide web belt with the large latch in the front, and nylon loops for the shoulder harness. They had a piston to open the belt, that used gasses from the ejection system to open the belt after ejection. The high and low altitude system consisted of a hook to attach to the parachute handle, that had to be removed or attached, depending on altitude. The same system was on the Lockheed C-2 seats used in the F-104. The F-16 and subsequent series use a different lap belt, as the parachute harness is worn by the pilot, and the parachute itself is attached to the seat. The Martin Baker systems used on British and Canadian aircraft use the harness included on the seat, but they have a MB buckle for the belt. The Bell mediums and heavies I have personally flown (Bell 205/212/214ST) Still keep the original belts, either in Black or Grey. Wide lap belt and narrow shoulder harness. With prescribed leather flap under the buckle...
  8. That would give you a scare for sure! A friend had that happen at a 100 knots in a Bell 212, the greenhouse window blew... Not only did it give him a fright, it was bloody cold as well, below -30C in a inhospitable area of the Canadian Arctic... But on to the model, sweet looking, and I may have to get one myself! Cheers Harald
  9. I was getting severe withdrawals... Now I just have to find someone who'll trade me the proper Sea King for the Orange Crop bits...
  10. Looks pretty dang sweet! Love the SH-2F. Wish I could get to fly one once!! I have the KH variations, and I did build 2 of the Airfix iterations over 20 years ago. My plans is to build the one that had Jimmy Stewart in it in "Airport '77" from HSL-31. and perhaps one more... Cheers H.
  11. Very attractive!! Possibly the second nicest paint scheme after the "Omega" RN FG.1... FIGHTING COCKS!
  12. Still faffing about with the internals, just about to attach the last few bits of seatbelts. I'll throw up a photo after that. In the meantime, here is a photo of the 2 others I built, with the current phrog in the background... they are decent kits for sure!
  13. A couple of progress photos as I am back at work... 5 more sleeps then I get to return to the bench. Just cabin interior with 36231 on it, and black on the floor. Had to redo the floor due to stupidity. Sidewall with decals, I did paint some of the boxes black later. took quite a bit of the Mark Fit Strong by Tamiya to make the "stickers" conform, Seats glued together. I did attempt to use the Cobra Front seats, but 1 they do not fit the support struts, and it is beyond my capability to make the supports, and the armor would not conform properly. Oh well, I got quite a deal on this so will accept that it is what it is, and leave it as is. I may give the leftovers to someone else after, we'll see... I have made up the aft Pylon, and the landing gear sponsons, but did not manange to get a picture before I had to take my work vehicle back to work after some maintenance... I have decided 99% on what color scheme I will use too, Rocky 604 of which there is a nasty video of it attempting to land on a ship, then hooking the rear wheel and rolling over into the drink... Anyway, as I said... 5 days.
  14. Not completely fiction. The CH-46 and CH-113 had some bench seating that were boxes, but I don't believe there were more than 2 on each side. Good stowage inside boxes....
  15. Apparently they put enlarged the sponsons on the E. The originals had the updated engines with the same sponson as the D... oh well... this is my third Vertol, so should be easy sailing... I am at shoot myself in the foot with the PE and Resin though. I'm using some but decidedly not all. Now to figure what configuration for seats....
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