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  1. I should give up on the motorbikes and stick to aircraft, that’s a beauty!
  2. Nice Fortress, the Airfix kit makes into a pretty decent B17, good job!
  3. That’s a lovely build of my favourite helicopter, very impressive, good job!
  4. I think you nailed it, looks war weary and the rockets are something new to me, only criticism is that the exhausts look to clean compared to the rest of the aircraft..
  5. Beautiful builds, the Chipmunk is surprisingly big or is the Vampire surprisingly small!
  6. Everything you have done with this build is inspired, the interior is fantastic, really good job!
  7. You might not be happy with this model but it looks mighty fine to me, thanks for sharing.
  8. That’s a very well built and finished Bucc, absolutely terrific, good job!
  9. Excellent rendition, well deserving of all the praise you have received, good job!
  10. Three great models, what a talented family you have, and well done for introducing your girls to modelling, we need all the youngsters we can get to keep this great hobby alive.
  11. Proper modelling, well worth the time and effort, good job!
  12. Super, smashing, lovely, as somebody once said, that interior is drop dead gorgeous and the chipping has worked a treat, good job!
  13. Yet another superb model, Mike are the figures off the shelf or can you specify a certain pose, they look like they are made to order?
  14. Ah now l see, Chameleon in disguise , l thought l recognised your work, brilliant as ever.
  15. Where have you been hiding? That is absolutely magnificent, figures are really good, where did you get them? Good job!!
  16. That is an ambitious re entry into scale model building, but what a great result, yes there is room for improvement but that will come with every build you do and you had a blast doing it! That’s what’s it all about, good job!
  17. Pretty dam good, that’s one to be proud of, good job!
  18. Beautifully built and finished, the paint work is exceptional, nice to see a clean machine, good job!
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