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  1. That’s an absolute stunner, love love love it!!!!
  2. Keep trying Jim, because l followed your link and your model deserves to be seen here as it’s superb!
  3. that’s a lovely build, l’ve a couple of airfix B17s on the display shelf and wonder if you have built an Airfix and how they might compare?
  4. Beautiful, your rendition of the metal work is superb, l saw a P51 warbird at RIAT at Fairford and you have got it spot on!
  5. Brilliant model, and the photos are superb, incredibly life like, good job!
  6. Kinetic kits are a real challenge to build in my experience, so you have my utmost admiration for such a wonderful job you have done.
  7. Great models, very difficult to decide what to keep and what to throw away, every model built holds some memories l think!
  8. Lovely Sabre, that’s a cracking model, good job!
  9. Stunning effort, what a lucky bunch of friends you have, good job!
  10. Will follow with interest as l have built several of these a few years ago, from memory it’s a good kit but dry fitting is a must especially to check the fit of the interior ‘capsule’ or there will be problems closing the fuselage!
  11. That is pretty awesome, wonderful build, good job!
  12. Cracking job, lovely Harrier. Kinetic really need to up there instructions, they are pants!
  13. Marvellous modelling, the finish is absolutely superb on both, you should be rightly proud of them, you must also have a large display area because they look big even in 1/72!
  14. Just as nice as your Spitfire, lovely modelling, good job!
  15. That’s a very fine looking model, good job!
  16. Not a boat modeller, but l know a good thing when l see it, very smart piece of work, good job!
  17. Super work on two tiny models, from memory they weren’t the best fitting kits but you have done a great job.
  18. Hi jackroadkill, these are some very friendly in calf heifers , due to enter the herd in September, we milk 330 cows at the moment, but as we rear all our own cattle there are 735 from newborn calves to adults on the farm. It keeps me busy!!
  19. In for a penny infor a pound as they say. Just wanted to prove l am a Farmer, but perhaps no longer a boy!!
  20. Top effort Ollie, weathering is so subjective, but for a first go it’s pretty good, quite subtle which l like, so many styles and techniques out there you can quickly become overwhelmed so ‘ slowly slowly catchy monkey’ is the way to go.
  21. Bobby Dazzler, everything about your build is quality, bomb bay is brilliant, good job!
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