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  1. Hi, is there anything new please? I just purchased the kit and I would like to see how far did you push forward.
  2. Hello there! After some time I would like to present you my next German project - little Junkers family (meant in 1/144 scale). I discovered the Junkers G.38 in an internet sale and I needed it immediately. I haven't met this machine before and it was somenthing new to me. Also I always wanted to try corrugated iron aircraft and this is the best option for me so far. Before I started the build of G.38 I also bought the Ju-52 (Eduard kit) in the same scale and the new idea was to do a dualbuild of these two corrugated iron designs. But at first, let's have some fun with
  3. Thank you very much Moa! You are absolutely right, they did a good job back then... Thanks for your kind words I'm glad you like it! I am happy that you didn't keep the information for yourself! I like to do a research for every model I build but sometimes there is not enough time for that Thank's Dave! I hope that the Humbrol Baltic Blue with white or silver underlayer will be just fine. Cheers! Thank you very much you all!
  4. Hello Roger and thanks a lot for the information you provided to me. You are absolutely right with that last sentence. My process of thoughts was that I will recreate the interior as it is in the museum and then I chose the marking. I was aware of a few original Air Bleu photos but I did'n notice the missing seats. The colour was advised by my friend who builds the Caudron Racers but obviously it doens't mean that they were the same on racer and the Simoun. I have little knowledge about the British aviation and this was my first French aircraft. I think this is definitelly my new field of rese
  5. Hello once again! I would like to present you my latest work which wasn't shown here in WIP. My friend Pavel and I decided to build the same model kit and the choice fell on this beautiful Caudron. He planned to recreate the artbox F-ANXM (which was silver not yellow!!!) and I wanted the blue F-ANRO which is also in museum). The kit is really advanced even for it's old age. Except for a few mistakes made by the producer there is only two bigger issues - the shape of the undercarriage and the problematic two piece windscreen. I decided to work on the details in the interior so my bu
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