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  1. Really good job! I like the yellow color and the overall appearance.
  2. Thanks Marcel, it was just the same with me I will definitelly look at that page!
  3. Hi mates! Let's start my next build here after a long time. I was quite saddened since the Moa had vanished and I had no motivation to post my builds here, but I would like to share with you my new project, which is this very beautiful machine - the GAL ST-25 Monospar (a piece of art for me just like the DH.89 and other De Havillands...) And it will be no ordinary build - I decided to open the canopy roof and the side door too. The kit provides you with very detailed resin interior which I would like to show off. I made the decision to recreate the British G-ADWH Jubilee Monosp
  4. Thanks a lot! I used Agama Red Line Aluminium Dope (Hlinikovy nater in czech). Good luck with your build!
  5. Hi, is there anything new please? I just purchased the kit and I would like to see how far did you push forward.
  6. Hello there! After some time I would like to present you my next German project - little Junkers family (meant in 1/144 scale). I discovered the Junkers G.38 in an internet sale and I needed it immediately. I haven't met this machine before and it was somenthing new to me. Also I always wanted to try corrugated iron aircraft and this is the best option for me so far. Before I started the build of G.38 I also bought the Ju-52 (Eduard kit) in the same scale and the new idea was to do a dualbuild of these two corrugated iron designs. But at first, let's have some fun with
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