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  1. Try finding an Italeri Dakota that's the best kit to start with, accurate and low parts count
  2. Well I'll be watching this one unfold. Its a nice kit, shame all that detail gets hidden. At some point I will build ZA947 in all her liveries. Oh if you don't already have it get the Haynes dakota manual it uses ZA947 as it's primary source.
  3. Well it would look different, I had toyed with idea but was running out of ideas of what to build it out of and balsa wood was the last thing I would have used as the dust gets everywhere. As you're offering I will take you up on it if you don't mind. Thank you. Mark
  4. Started this kit last week, going to build it as a post war coastal command lancaster. At least being a post war aircraft I can cheat with the interior colour and go with black as most later lancaster went with this
  5. Fantastic tonka, do miss them in the Marham circuit
  6. Time for a little update, the airframe is now all together except the glazing and paint has been thrown at it mainly Tamiya flat aluminium XF16 which seems to like the cold when brushed on as it doesn't dry too quickly. I'll allow 24 hours before I start masking for the white fuselage top the black anti dazzle panel and the de-icer boots Model on
  7. I may dig out my 1970s boxed blenheim that I started. Molded in the light blue plastic and with a lot of flash and try and finish it, but I must finish off my latest dakota project first!
  8. Very nice build, built one for my late father as when he was in the RAF he flew around Britain delivering radar spares with a very excentric pilot (if wasn't flying the anson he was flying the nearest bar!). Always wanted to build another but when they come up they go for silly prices.
  9. A magnificent build and I do miss these chugging around the Marham circuit and over my house.
  10. A little update as been a bit busy and that it's also been rather cold. Mated the flying surfaces to the fuselage also added the various lumps and bumps and part of the undercarriage:
  11. Got this kit in the stash, keep toying with the idea of a post war coastal command Lancaster. You've made an excellent job of it by the way.
  12. Nice DR1 steve, always like the DR1 as there's practically no rigging!
  13. Makes me feel like I should dig out my part started 1/24 mossie
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