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  1. Some of the bombaimers took to marking the perspex dome their compartments with a Chinagraph pencil or a borrowed lipstick, some also used lengths of string across the aperture.
  2. According to my battle of Britain the movie book MH434 12 different spitfires with 9 different serials. Codes: AI-A, AI-D, AI-E, AI-G, AI-H, AI-K, BO-G, CD-F, CD-H, CD-M, DO-N, EI-H Serials: N3310, N3312, N3313, N3314, N3315, N3316, N3317, N3319, N3321 the problem also is that some of the other spitfires used some of the the same codes and serials. The only way to recognise MH434 is the 4 blade prop, 6 tubular exhaust stubs, 4 aperture wheels and a small dipole aerial under the rear fuselage, hope this helps. Mark
  3. I do have the book "the making the battle of Britain". I'll have to dig it out as it does have a lot information about the individual planes used in the movie
  4. Wow nice builds, just need a buffalo bird especially like the one modified for the dambuster experiment flown by Arnie Schrader
  5. Hate getting builders block. Must be that time of year where the nights are longer than the days. Seeing how much building I got done several months ago compared to recently is quite alarming
  6. When my new valiant turned up a month ago with warped wings I sent Airfix plenty of images from all angles. From sending them the email to receiving the parts took 4 days ! As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words".
  7. Leaving all the dangly and pointy bits off until the end is the best way to go that's the direction my esci/Italeri Dak is going in
  8. Revell repopped the italeri kit for a while, also Airfix did the same.
  9. Just watch out for the wings sprue B mine was badly warped and damaged. But at least Airfix were kind enough to send me a new sprue of parts within a week
  10. Always want to build one of these again must be 40 years ago I built one I even have somewhere the Airfix jigsaw of Roy Cross's box art
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