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  1. Leaving all the dangly and pointy bits off until the end is the best way to go that's the direction my esci/Italeri Dak is going in
  2. Revell repopped the italeri kit for a while, also Airfix did the same.
  3. Just watch out for the wings sprue B mine was badly warped and damaged. But at least Airfix were kind enough to send me a new sprue of parts within a week
  4. Always want to build one of these again must be 40 years ago I built one I even have somewhere the Airfix jigsaw of Roy Cross's box art
  5. Small update, finally finished the the control van and the humber snipe saloon: Last look inside And where it'll sit on the diorama base: Model on boys and girls
  6. While deciding that a second Lancaster will need to be built I started the runway control van. So an Internet search I found two candidates one a radio truck from wee vehicles and an actual control van from milicast. When they arrived the radio truck was put to one side for a future project, so I made a start on the milicast model. Well unfortunately Mine had been in a little bit of an accident on it's way from Scotland, shame really as its a nice kit made from a polyurethane resin and the basics are obviously taken from the old Airfix Austin fire truck: Oops there were a few more damaged parts as well as this, so I got busy and scratch built a new body and used the milicast interior: Milicast cab, suspension and wheels on an Airfix chassis: Trail fitting: Model on boys and girls
  7. Interested in this kit, but I must finish off Airfix's other mosquito their 1/24 monster. I'm wondering when as this kit is modelled on a TT35 some one will build a famous film star from a certain film?
  8. Excellent choice Lewis, will be following this. Only earlier I was thinking shall I do a quick Dak build!
  9. Must finish mine off started it when we went into lock down
  10. Such a shame to hear that you've sent it to the styrene scrapheap
  11. All the 1/72 Dakota kits came with three different intake options even Airfix's golden oldie, but some better quality than others. Only the hobbyboss kit doesn't and that has an issue with the undercarriage legs which leaves with squat
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