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  1. Nice one, must dig mine out from the stash and repair the aeroclub anson
  2. One of Barnes Wallace's finest: Only just realised I haven't weathered the wee beastie, it's been one of those days!
  3. While waiting for the weather to cool a bit, I immortalised myself in lego with a scratch built Dakota and in my favourite T shirt:
  4. Found this image of the Wellington that Airfix based there's on: Now the green is going on:
  5. Found this image of the Wellington that Airfix based there's on: Now the green is going on:
  6. Nice one Pete, it was a bit of a shock when they just cancelled the second series. TV times was really riding the waves and doing interviews and articles with loads of photos of aces high getting the constellation ready for filming.
  7. Looks like a nice kit to build no hidden horrors. Looks like it's one of the first made in China, hope those decals hold up
  8. I really like this kit, I think I've built this kit 3 times
  9. Just add a bit of tamiya X-20A thinner doesn't dry out too much. It may tell you it's an acrylic paint but it contains n-propanol which is alcohol and evaporates. This the second coat, I left it to dry over night before applying a second coat. But remember brush once in an area never try to go over it again too soon or it will start lifting. But if your humbrol man it's #83
  10. Satin black on lower flying surfaces, fin and fuselage. Masked and sealed with a coat of varnish and the first coat of earth going on:
  11. Being furloughed due to underlying health issues allows me to retire (hide) to shedquarters and fettle polystyrene to my hearts content! Well thats after doing a bit of laundry - teenagers create a lot of washing but are limited in the use of washing machines also a bit of gardening/lawn mowing just to keep wifey happy. Cheers Mark
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