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  1. Great rendition of the real subject and a fantastic film. I do dabble in planes from movies and tv just as like here, airline TV series vera Lynn in her demobbed scheme:
  2. Yes it's the Italian Job bus 1/32 for slot cars. Resin cast body only the drivers compartment inside and your own custom built chassis. Unfortunately the club I raced at (RAF Marham) had to leave and ended up further away also a change in employment and working hours made it difficult to attend regularly. So it has languished in my first man cave the loft room for past couple of years. Thanks about the Shackleton the diorama was built as I found it easier than painting 24 propeller blades
  3. For an old kit it can polish up quite well. This how mine turned out :
  4. Slight update, unfortunately no modelling at the moment (boo) but plenty of man cave action (hurrah) painted lined and security filmed the windows. Model on boys
  5. Loved my days working in the GW factory. Space marines, tau, orcs and my favorite the rhino
  6. Great kit and a great bargain. My favourite memory was coming home school one afternoon with an almighty racket skyward got home and grabbed my father's binoculars and rushed back outside and watched the most fantastic dogfight between a Lightning and a.... Harrier. Let's just say it was a bit one sided
  7. Well modelling has been put on the back burner for a while as a development has occurred. The time has arrived to upgrade from shedquarters 1: And move to shedquarters 2: Just the jobs of painting, lining and wiring to do. Model on boys
  8. I always brush a coat either gloss or matt varnish to seal the edge so I get a good demarcation line
  9. Very well done, cracking result from what I think is quite a good kit for its age.
  10. Great choice and looks like you got off to a good start. Nice kit built mine in the same scheme as West Raynham is only 8 miles down the road from me.
  11. While waiting for the umpteenth coat of white to dry I decided to start my next project. Based on one of my favourite war films, appointment in London. This will consist of a lancaster with motorized props, fully crewed awaiting the green light from the van. I just hope it works!!! Here's a few images of what's occurred and will feature in it's own work in progress under the title "waiting for the green" as building starts to gather pace. Scratch built interior: Still requires a second coat of paint The lucky so & so's chosen for this mission An obligatory imag
  12. Haven't been posting as been busy with work and preparing for shedquarters 2 imminent arrival, ie the mother of all concrete bases. Back to modelling, have began the laborious task of painting the lanc with white paint this how it looks so far: The props are just pushed in place, the turrets and canopy are just sat in place And the last for now Model on boys and stay safe
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