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  1. Thanks for your care, I tried to scrape off some wash on thenoil tank trough the varnish with tip of the very sharp tweezers, some went of but then I had to paint a small stain with beige again. Fortunately it will be under the oleo leg, so it is not big deal I hope today I will manage to glue the landing gear together and finish some other details and after the weekend there will be also the wheels! Hurray!
  2. You both are right! I can see why you advise me to remove the wash. I was not sure about that either, but I wanted to represent this machine after the long distance flight from one branch of the Baťa company from Czechoslovakia to the Indian Baťa branch at Calcutta and back (over 25 000 km) and during the flight, I thought that oil tank and the engine covers were a little bit worn. And also the effect was ment be more shade than the actual oil stains. But I am just convincing myself that it is not so bad (even though I knou that it should be less distinctive...) It is bad becaouse the wash is under the layers of the varnish now, so it's even more tricky situation. We will see what can I do with it. Nevertheless thank you for your comments! I am glad to recieve them from you. Thanks Marcel, I hope you will also present your build here or at the MF I am courious too!
  3. And the WINGS ARE ON!!! Here we go - the whole aircraft together for the firts time! It was quite easy I have to say, well constructed kit indeed. But lets start with wash - I completed weathering on the fuselage, then painted a black hole at the bottom of the nose and after that the varnish session came to the scene. I did different finish on the metal parts and on the fabric parts - these are matt, metal ale semi-gloss. During the curing, I prepared the rest of the small parts (except the wheels - those I have to scratch...ugh...) And after that came time for adding the wighs to the fuselage. I used the CA glue for everything, so I hope it will not break somewhere until it's finished. Tomorrow the rest I hope.
  4. The fuselage is painted beige and decals are on! It was a real pleasure to work with them. There is white underlayer for the codes and Baťa logo. I also started with the wash on the wings and tail. The pace is steady! De Havilland Puss Moth Logo:
  5. Thanks a lot Marcel. It's hard to tell, because I sanded the nose section too much (on the flat sanding paper) and that's why I had to use it. It's around 1 mm but again - that's my fault. If you do it correctly, there is no need for the spacer (I hope).
  6. Really nice double build, my Puss Moth will nit be alone here. There are really beautiful machines You do have my respect Sir - those A-models can be a real challenge!
  7. WOW that's wonderful kit and you are doing a great job!
  8. Thanks! I was hoping so, but after a short research I found out that many colourful aircraft had many modifications in their construction such as extra fuel tanks or different windows so maybe that's why there are not such options Sadly... Thanks The needles are just for handling, I trust those pegs connected to the wings and the struts and the CA glue I don't have much experience with the highwing structure - this is my first one so we will see... Thank you Moa, I am glad to see you there! The grief came just at the beginning after the purchase but now it's fine - just me, plastic and tools
  9. And there is the Sunday progress I started with wings, then went for the tailskid and the rest of the small parts. After that, I masked the clear parts and glued them with CA glue to its places... ... and after that, I started painting the wings with Agama Aluminium dope and then varnished them with Mr. Super Clear. After a good curing I applied the decals on the bottom of the wings. I have to say - they are really really thin! Perfect behaviour, fast progress. They are a real jewel in this box. The last part was painting the silver canopy frame with C8 Silver. Good day today!
  10. Thank you all, I really appreciate it! Todays progress - sanding, polishing, scribing and some engine details. There are seats in the cockpit finally! The fuselage is ready to paint as same as the tail section and wings. I will play with the struts and landing gear now. The clear parts have very distinctive layers from the master 3D printing so I had to cover them in the Future varnish. It seems to be better now, but I will glue them after a proper drying up. Wish me luck with them After the first control surfacer: And the clear parts - they fit quite well I have to say!
  11. Thank you guys, I am glad to read that. Today I painted the interior and now it's ready for putting the fuselage halves together. Small parts are prepared too, only the throttle lever is missing. I also made a luggage rack above the rear seat - I have to say it's quite a nice detail but not visible when the model is completed. I chose the light beige ceiling, redbrown padding and seats, and the wooden floor. I am looking forward to see it finished. Thanks! Cheers, Andrew
  12. Woow, that's stunning! Perfect job!
  13. Today, I worked on the cockpit and now it's ready to paint with the interior colours. I chose red for padding but the colour for the floor is still mystery. I also scribed the doors and made the padding and map pouches on the other side of the doors in the interior. The rear bulkhead with the seat was also made from scratch as same as the visible part of the engine. The clear parts are ready to glue into position too, but there were a lot of dry fitting I have to say . So there are the photos of the parts prepared for airbrush. Enjoy and thanks for reading!
  14. I bought this kit few days ago and after a short viewing I decided to start immediately. There are lots of imperfections in this kit at first sight such as missing doors, no instrument dials at all, air intake is sealed and both types of tires are wrong for the markings included in the kit. That's why I want this kit to be over before it grounds forever in my stash. I started with wings (they are quite nicely featured) and then with other major parts. Next step will be interior enhancements and creating the first engine cylider into the air intake. I am not sure about the marking yet, but the Czechoslovak Baťa company is my favorite so far (but it needs a pair of new wheels). At first I wanted to build the famous G-ABXY "The Hearts Content" but after a short realisation I declined it. There were just too many differences on this record machine that will put this build to another level but all I want now is just a calm pleasant build only with necessary enhances. So there we go, first images: Windows:
  15. Thank you very much you all! I am very pleased. I just love the golden age of aviation and it's inter wars machines.
  16. This job is finally done and you can see it there: Thanks for support and watching.
  17. My quarantine build is finally finished. The last step was also the longest - small details like antennas and rigging. But it's done and AEOLUS goes straight on the display. This build was really fun. I would like to thank to my friend Pavel for those decals and masks, again. I hope you'll li the result, . . . I do. I am thinking what my next projet will be... That's very satisfying feeling. And a few details: Cheers, Andrew S.
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