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  1. Really nice work there, I think that the colour is great!
  2. Hi! Is there a chance to have the resin parts of yours? Good luck to your build!
  3. Beautiful work, well done. I love the job you have done with this kit!
  4. Thanks a lot! I see the canopy is very obvious mistake I made. I tried to attach it into best possition where the frame will sting the least. Next time, I will probably use the vacu canopy... and the next time will be for sure!
  5. Thanks! You are right, this is my best effort.
  6. Another Zlin completed. This time, it's an early type of the whole line "x26". It was really relaxing and fast build without upgrading the model or correcting the kit. I made just a few small necessary upgrades. This Zlin flew at nearby airfield - Olomouc Neředín, that's why I chose it I hope you'll like it, enjoy. Cheers, Andrew S
  7. Thanks a lot! It worked in the S.6b pretty well, but the application on this Type 224 wasn't much effective. It had problems with breaking the pipes with steam in high altitudes and many small illneses was connected to that too. But they had no other engine option in that time. You are right with the mechanic though.
  8. Thank you all fo your feedback! It really motivates me to another builds to start!
  9. I am sorry for a very late answer, but I forgot about it honestly... Thank you for your constructvie feedback, I appreciate it a lot! About that motor oil under the center section - I used a photo as a reference. It's not 100% accurate, but I added some author's touch. And secondly the tyres (I apologise for that ) - you are right, I forgot to do any dirt streaks, I made just the dust effect od the tyres themselves. It's a good point and suggestion for improvement I'm glad you like the life in it.
  10. Thank you! It's a masking tape plus painting Thank you Sir! all of you
  11. Hello there! Another Zlin completed. This one (OM-MNQ) is from flying school in Košice, Slovakia. I really love this colour scheme nevertheless, the white and yellow is really hart to work with... The model is not perfect, but it was fast and nice build to me. I would like to thank KPM Prešov (model club) for the perfect decals. I hope you'll like it! Cheers, Andrew
  12. How is going the S.5 please?
  13. Thank you, and I agree with you. At the start, it was a quite ugly plane for me, but in the end I take a very different attitude (positive) Thanks Mike, I am happy that you like it! The tires are nothing special - just tire colour->matt varnish (four layers because the Vallejo Matt wasn't cooperating with me quite well)->CMK dusts and that's all. I think the best on it is that you can actually see some of the lines/details of K2890 which led the common path to the K5054... Thanks, you are right. The Junkers prototype went to the air for the first time a year after the K2890, but I think some connection is possible consider those years of spying... What we know is that Mitchell chose this gull wing for better performance in high altitudes.
  14. Thanks a lot all of you! I used oil paint and a brush for cleaning it in the direction of flight. Then I painted the new oil stains with Vallejo Burnt Umber and black colour and airbrushed it with super clear varnish. After that I used a matt varnish for the exhaust and the burnt area behind the exhaust and for the last touch I applied some soot from CMK dusts. The "224" leaked oil under the engine a lot (I suppuse as seen in the photos) so I wanted to recreate that.
  15. The Supermarine is finally in the gallery! Thanks for watching!
  16. *This model was finished during January, but I made myself to take pictures of it only now... The mechanic took a week to make (Tamiya + Vallejo colours). After 5 years I declare this model FINISHED! The history of this build starts at the Heritage Aviation Models Ltd stand at the Scale Model World Telford in 2014. I bought the most expensive kit to that day (£40) there and I was so excited that I started building it at our autumn traditional model club weekend right after the show. There, I made the biggest mistake (due to really bad advice) and dipped the whole wing in to the Surfacer. I DO NOT know why I did that, bud it gave me a really hard time with sanding and mostly recreating the corrugated iron on the leading edges of the wings (more in the building thread). Due to this, the Supermarine was very often put back in to the stash for rest and, mostly, to forgot the mistake I had made on the most expensive model (I was 17 then...). Year after year I tried to continue and some minor progress was always made, but nothing serious. But, the last September, I found that poor box in my stash again and I pushed myself to finish it once and for all. And it was a successful attempt. I DO love Spitfire, I really do. And this is a part of it´s story, which was my motivation. I would also like to create the line of 1/48 Spitfires starting with S.6b, "224", K5054, K5054 (blue), first productional Spit, Speed Spitfire and so on... I really enjoyed the last term of modelling on this model. I tried many new things (NMF surface, HGW rivets - which can not be seen there , some scratched parts...) and mainly - this build kicked me into the serious modelling again after a long time. My friend Pavel helepd me with the masks (roundels and letters/numbers and Dunlop decal) and also with the figure of the mechanic (he painted the face ). I also added the base of the Southampton Supermarine factory together with the ladder and the airscrew cone. I used all the photos which I could found, from all over the internet, available books (The Spitfire Bible helped me the most) and the model portrays the K2890 before the RAF Pageant at Hendon at 30th June 1934. There are the most photos of the K2890 in this state and also I like the number "2" on the fuselage. You can see one error in the photos which is the hanging aerial, which changed its position due to the transport in cold weather. I hope it will not spoil your impression much. I hope you'll like the first Spitfire and do not worry to ask anything related to this kit/airplane/photos, I will gladly help with anything. Cheers, Andrew S. And now the model only:
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