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  1. Cool looking Puma - well done!
  2. Really good! The nice subtle weathering gives a great effect.
  3. Looks great, wonderful paint job. I like a nice Jag! I just built the 1/72 Airfix version (1970s vintage) and based on the amount of work that required to fit I can only imagine what it was like scaled up to 1/48!
  4. Looks great, and I'm sure you'll only get better as you get back into it. I also just restarted the hobby after a long hiatus (having children!) so am travelling along a similar path of re-discovery!
  5. Crikey, I've just discovered this thread - what a trip down memory lane! Thanks.
  6. Wow - fantastic! This looks more like a die-cast model than a plastic kit assembled and painted by hand - absolutely superb, well done.
  7. Looking forward to getting one of these. Not looking forward to me failing to building it anywhere near as well as you have!
  8. Fantastic, well done. Really good pictures too.
  9. Looks good, I agree with the comments about the canopy - it looks amazingly clear!
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