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  1. Great job! I guess that kit is the italeri mould
  2. Great build, congratulations. Thanks for the heads up on how to treat heavy glue decals as well. I was about to ask if that was southern California, looks nice!. Would you showing us your collection? It looks interesting even blurred in the pics, I couldn't stop noticing it.
  3. What a nice work Ian, congratulations. It is a well balanced work, and a very convincing finish you achieved, I was stunned by the metal as well. I have some of these kits in my stash, they kinda frighten me as I've never tackled a kit of that type and to spoil it would be expensive. Do you have any advice for a rookie on these kits? I am also afraid of the landing gear breaking down under the weight. My father flew the 707 among any other airliner I dream to just see live today, not to say fly. I guess I was born in the wrong era.
  4. Great work, been looking for these decals but the isradecals sheet is so expensive for just one plane that I want. Thanks for sharing
  5. Nice South American colors! What happened to this acrobatic group?
  6. Nice work! I am always amazed by the wingspan of the Hs748
  7. I just love the big nosed Tornados, thanks for sharing a great build.
  8. Great finish and build. Loved the shape of the kit, the closed canopy allows to admire the figure of the aircraft, what a beauty.
  9. Great one, congratulations!. And I just happen to be reading "The Flight of the Intruder"... Very inspiring build
  10. Fantastic, perfect sheen too. Needs nothing more, totally real. What is the crowbar?
  11. Now that's a stunner!. Looks very 1/48, but I guess it is the 1/72. What paints did you use? especially on the exhaust. Great attention to detail, even the yellow trim on the windshield. Totally pro. Congrats!
  12. Wow this is top notch. Totally realistic finish, weathered but not overdone at all. Could you please give us some advice on what paints you used and how? pre/post shading? I'll build the 1/72 italeri and yours will be definitely my goal!
  13. Oh I just love the C-46. My father flew them. Thanks for bringing it back! And yes, could we please have a new mould one? I can live without a (another) new tool Me109, Fw190 or Spitfire. We'll survive.
  14. Lovely and elegant choice!. Have you considered using an airbrush or s spray can? I've seen great results with "Haltfords White" , or something like that. Keep it up!
  15. (8) Bring back... that Lovin' Cheaaaatlines.... Wooaa Lovin' Cheaaatlines (8)
  16. What a great looking viper! Looks like 1/48 How does the Revell kit behave? I have some waiting in my stash
  17. Top notch, congratulations! It is always nice to see a scale comparison as well, nice kits
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