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  1. Excellent! Was missing already a Kinetic F-16 around here. Which boxing is it? The nose issue is almost gone. I know Kinetic altered the moulds to address the nose but there's doubt when was that done and to what boxings.
  2. Nice build! These days every livery is the same: big extended tail logo + throw the name in front and off you go, they must be giving away the white. Shame that Lufthansa fell to that, where's the yellow? I think I'll keep building them like the good old days like this beautiful model.
  3. Nope Romeo Alpha Yankee, Safari on ios and Firefox on a Pc. Sounds interesting the plugin though, what's its name? Beautiful work Alex! As usual. Thanks for the explanation on the nose in the original post btw. Somehow I still can't render in my head the changes you describe. Do you have pictures of the necessary modifications to the nose?. Or maybe in a future build. The nose looks good to me, great work again. As I have several Revell -400s in my stash yours is very inspiring in not throwing them away and going for Authentic Airliners. That -200 looks great too! Landor is very cl
  4. Hi Alex! Is there a way to be able to see the pictures? I am planning this build and your experience will be invaluable.
  5. Astonishing. I've seen them in action and they do battle harsh weather indeed. Got mine pending as well!
  6. Well done. I've always liked BCal aircrafts, specially the Dc-10, and the bus looks the part as well.
  7. Sweet! I was wondering about getting rid of mine, yours is telling me not to.
  8. Great as usual Alex! The nose is absolutely convincing, you tackled it superbly.
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