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  1. Thought of the day : The more we hear about the Special Hobby Mirage F-1 family of kits at 1/72, the more we think of the future Kinetic Mirage F-1 family of kits at 1/48 ! Sharkowl Quarter Scale Modeller
  2. The google traduction of this ''Ano, pracujeme na něm'' stands for : Yes, we are working on it ! One thing sure, this 1/48 scale Super Mystère SMB.2 will be a Special Hobby best seller. SharkOwl
  3. The 1/48 scale Kinetic Mirage F-1 already announced as a teaser a few years ago will certainly be a ''surprise release'', like the excellent 1/48 F-104G/TF-104G family of kits and reboxings. One thing sure, this Mirage F-1 will be a top best seller for Kinetic. SharkOwl
  4. I would say to you Mike that the entire international plastic model manufacturers + Special Interrest Group Modellers + Top Gun Modellers + Decals manufacturers + Resin parts manufacturers + etc... are all on facebook. You have no idea what you are missing not being on facebook. SharkOwl
  5. Plus : ''Another highly attractive model will no doubt be the first of the 1/72 Mirage III/5 family !'' Another very good news indeed from Special Hobby ! SharkOwl
  6. LP Models: 1/48 scale acces ladder for the Revell Rafale C / M ! The craftsman of 3D printing ladders and accessories "LP Models" confirms to me this morning the plan to create an access ladder for the Revell 1/48 scale model of the Rafale C / M! Interesting. SharkOwl Facebook reference with my question and LP Models answer: https://www.facebook.com/lpmodels.eu/posts/249154813289864?comment_id=249155579956454&reply_comment_id=249156949956317&notif_id=1610451801621168&notif_t=feed_comment_reply&ref=notif
  7. For your information. Here is the comment I have left about this quite interesting reissued kit on the AFV Club facebook page : Thanks for this re issue AFV Club ! It could also be quite interesting for you to reissue your 1/48 F-5E Tiger II kit with the ADF antenna extended fin, with colors and markings for Morocco, Tunisia and Kenya. This ‘’rebox’’ could be titled ‘’African F-5E Tiger II’’ SharkOwl
  8. Take a look here Peter, it is quite detailed. SharkOwl Complete F-86 Sabre reference : https://finescale.com/~/media/files/pdf/online-extras/sabre/sabretable.pdf
  9. Do you have the address of ''Track 48'' ? Many thanks ! SharkOwl
  10. By the way, this morning I have posted this VIQ message on the Airfix facebook page : ''Here is the question that the entire worldwide quarter scale modellers community is asking about this quite interesting project : Will this 1/48 scale Canadair Sabre F.4 be followed by Canadair Sabre Mk.5 and Mk.6 versions ?'' If somebody already have the answer to this VIQ (very important question) please do not hesitate to share it with us. SharkOwl
  11. A very good news indeed. And on an historical note, what is the link between the F-5E, Yemen and Taiwan ? Yemen F-5E Tiger II have been flown by Taiwanese mercenaries ! SharkOwl
  12. Lets hope the 1/48 scale version to come later from Special Hobby will have two separate clear parts, enabling an ''open cockpit'' presentation of the kit. SharkOwl
  13. Meng has just embarked on a good development path for several years. In addition to this operational Block II single-seater Super Hornet, we can easily predict at Meng a family including : A single-seater '' Block II '' Super Hornet from the '' Blue Angels ''; A single-seater '' Block II '' Agressor Super Hornet ; An operational two-seater Block II Super Hornet; then: A single-seater '' Block III '' Super Hornet; and A two-seater '' Block III '' Super Hornet; ... with single-screen cockpits, conformal dorsal fuel t
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