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  1. I am already fully aware of these infos Homebe. My open question is directed to the Xtradecals owners / artists who are also readers of Brittmodeller.Com A+ from Québec. SharkOwl
  2. Just received from Hannants of UK, Xtradecal ref. X48203 - Hawker Hunters International Operators https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48203 Hawker Hunter F.56 - BA360A - 20 Sqn/Target Towing Flight Indian Air Force - Kalaikunda AB India 1972; Hawker Hunter F.6 - 660 - 4 Sqn Iraq Air Force - H-3 Air Base during ‘Operation Moked’ Iraq 1967; Hawker Hunter FGA.70 - L175 - Lebanese Air Force during ‘Operation Moked’ Iraq 1967; Hawker Hunter F.6 - 60-602 - 5 Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force 1969; Hawker Hunter FGA.9 - RRAF121 - 1 Sqn Royal Rhodesian Air Force - Thornhill AB Rhodesia 1967; Hawker Hunter FGA.9 - R1821 - 1 Sqn Royal Rhodesian Air Force - Thornhill AB Rhodesia 1972. A superb decal sheet ! Do you know if Xtradecal intend to eventually release another decal sheet at 1/48 scale covering Hawker Hunters International Operators of : Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Oman ? Qatar Hunters have never been covered on a decal sheet at 1/48 scale. 1/48 Decals for Hunters of Kuwait (first version of the Academy Kit), Abu Dhabi (ADS) and Oman (Cutting Edge) have been produced in the far past but are now very difficult to find. Thanks for any info about it. SharkOwl https://tof.cx/images/2019/04/25/1290b3817149c8035ef25c64b878229c.jpg
  3. Interesting news : 1. The decal sheet of this Zvezda Yak-130 kit is from Begemot of Russia. I also received confirmation that Begemot is preparing a mega 1/48 decal sheet like their current 1/72 decal sheet (illustrated below), to cover all possible variations of markings and color schemes of the Yak-130 including the Red & White Demontrator. 2. ‘’BBC РОССИИ’’ and ‘’ВКС РОССИИ’’ inscriptions explanations : VVS (BBC) / Voyenno-Vozdushniye Sily or Military Air Forces came out of the Soviet era 1918-1991 when air forces were separated from anti-aircraft forces and military space forces. Following numerous reorganizations and unifications between 1991-2014 and from 1st August 2015, they became from a special decrees VKS (BKC) / Vozdushno-Kosmicheskiye Sily or Aero-Spatial Forces. Now all the forces of the DCA and control of objectives in the Space / Air is under the unified command. The new tricolor stars with an additional blue border were introduced from 2010. The ВКС РОССИИ derivative inscriptions began to be introduced in May 2018. And the ‘’Bot’’ numbers edges has become more simplistic, including wider digits. Thanks to AlexGRD of Russia for these explanations. SharkOwl
  4. If you have the most recent Airfix Model World magazine No.97 / December 2018, there is a 7 pages build report of this kit and Andy Davies confirm on his analysis that the pieces for the FGA.9 version are also included on the sprues of the F6 version kit that will be available this December. SharkOwl
  5. Back to the Hawker Hunter topic. Is anybody knows if XtraDecals intend to print a 1/48 version of their 1/72 Ref No. 72214 ‘’International Hawker Hunters’’ ? With the arrival soon of the brand new Airfix Hawker Hunter, I really think this could be a ‘’best seller’’ decal sheet ! Thanks for any info about it ! SharkOwl
  6. Airfix has modified its approach to market its future Hawker Hunter model at 1:48. The model that will be available next November is now focused on the F6 version of the Hawker Hunter with three specific decorations for F6. Here is the presentation of this model on the Airfix website: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/hawker-hunter-f6-1-48.html A Hawker Hunter F6.A / FGA 9 version of this model would be marketed by Airfix in the middle of 2019. I doubt, however, that Airfix has (costly) modified its initial mould to remove specific parts to F6A & FGA 9 versions that we can see on photos of the sprues proposed earlier this year (photos found on this thread and here below) and I am quite sure that these parts will be included in the model marketed in November. Please share any information you may have about it that could invalidate or confirm this info! SharkOwl Hawker Hunter Fan.
  7. With this new Mirage F-1 from Kinetic we will most likely have two sets of two full-length half-fuselages for easier assembly : a set for the single-seater version and a set for a future two-seater version. The Kinetic promo video clearly shows us that the small rods of fasteners and reinforcements fuselage air intakes are present as parts. Also bet for a specific piece of ADF antenna ''Fin Fillet'' drift foot extension for Iraqis & Libyan Mirage F-1, a recce compartment faithful in forms for the F-1CR, as well as Mirage F-1CT and Mirage F-1AZ and F-1AD specific parts. This Kinetic project has just taken the lead in my acquisitions and budget estimates for 2019. In the meantime, I'm going to stock on Mirage F-1 1/48 decals sheets. A very happy SharkOwl !
  8. SharkOwl

    1/32nd FIAT G-91

    What abour the price of his resin kit ? SharkOwl
  9. Kinetic CF-18 available in Usa at Sprue Brothers Models. I am from Quebec Canada and Sprue Brothers is one of my main hobby supplier. Very professional hobby retailer. SharkOwl Reference : http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/kin48030.htm
  10. Two recent interesting decal sheets have been produced by Avalon and are available at Hannants of Uk ! SharkOwl
  11. International Hawker Hunters ! Do you agree with me that XtraDecal of Uk must eventually next fall, release a 1/48 scale edition of their 1/72 scale Ref No. X72214 '’International Hawker Hunters’’ decal sheet ? SharkOwl Reference : https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72214
  12. Wow ! Thanks to Mr. Glen Coleman for these ‘’test shot’’ photos ! (reference address below) First comments : 1. Contrary to the illustration of the Kitty Hawk BoxArt of an F-5E with rounded radome and absence of LERX o the first operational years, here we find on these '' test shot '' photos a more recent F-5E with ''Sharknose'' radome and with LERX. This certainly suggests optional parts for both versions. 2. The central junction of the pieces between the front and rear fuselage made in anticipation of the two-seater F-5F version seems particularly successful. In my mind this Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5E Tiger II could most probably be the ''2018 1/32 Kit of the Year'' ! SharkOwl Complete 9 x ''test shot'' photos here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/
  13. It seems the kit is on sale in China now ! Interesting price too ! SharkOwl https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kitty-Hawk-1-32-32018-F-5E-Tiger-II/173234505817?hash=item285594c859:g:MgAAAOSwYJNatmp0
  14. If this is confirmed it is a very good news ! The Thunderstreak will then be pushed to 2020 if not replaced by a 1/32 F-5A/B/C/D Freedom Fighter Family. SharkOwl
  15. Discussions and informations on the American Large Scale Plane (LSP) forum. SharkOwl