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  1. Hi, I bought it from UMM-USA Here is the description UMS11 Adjustable ANGLE Gluing Jig [UMS 11] $28.95 $22.99 Adjustable Angle Gluing Jig: Designed to facilitate difficult gluing challenges, this tool provides a stable platform to keep separate pieces at a specified angle while the glue dries. Made from polished aluminum, the back plate has precise angles measured through 180 degrees in 1 degree increments. The support base is a bar, also of polished aluminum, as is the moveable support arm. Model pieces can be secured in place with clamps, tape
  2. All completed the finished models can be seen here
  3. Three V2 Rockets from the Post War White Sands Test Program The models are displayed alongside a flown fragment from a V2 test-flight in 1946, and a postal cover that bears the signatures of four of the original launch crew members Working left to right 1. Takom 1-35th kit with a 3D printed WAC Corporal second stage, Built as Bumper 5 which at the time of its flight set a new altitude record of 248 miles 2. Kora Models 1-72nd, Built as test flight No47 which was one of the Blossom series of rocket that had a lengthened body which was to accommodate a parachute r
  4. Thanks Robert. I didn't until l i started doing some real digging about, it all started with trying to find out some background information about a piece of White Sands V2 memorabilia i have
  5. Been pretty much hopping between the three models over the last ten days and here is where I am at. No47 has had the decals applied, and a coat or two of Winsor & Newton Galeria. I am pretty happy with the Galeria and have got the hang of using the Matt and the Satin. The gloss is a different story, as of yet every time I used it I made a right pigs ear of it, good job it was on the test model Hopped across the No13, this was dirtied a little with some panel line wash, I used Tamiya grey panel line accent The firing tables ha
  6. Bumper 5 & Number 13 had been receiving a lot of attention lately, and since the RUD incident No 47 was feeling a bit left out. The fins were reattached, and some of the scribe lines were filled and redone and it was painted white. The same jiggery pokery as used for the Bumper with an excel spreadsheet was employed to produce a set of dimensions for masking up to paint the black & silver sections The Silver was painted first, using Vallejo White Aluminium. I know that Vallejo paints are like marmite, and certain sections of the modelling fraternity seem to abso
  7. That's a lovely looking job. Definitely from a great era inF1 history, i remember standing at the bottom of the dip between Paddock and Druids at Brands hatch in the mid eighties watching these beasts, a great experience
  8. what a lovely looking car, fantastic job you have done
  9. Thanks Eric, No in abswer to your question, lol if i did i think i would starve to death before i got the first paycheck
  10. Made some more progress over the last week or so As there is going to be lots of black and white in various combinations on the three models a quick dry run with the Albino lightning, and hey presto part of it is now the Zebra Lightning. Also played around with laying down coats of Winsor & Newton varnishes. Tried the Matt, gloss and the Satin. So far all is good with them, particularly impressed with the matt To help with a more accurate and consistent set up with spraying pressures i have cobbled together this set up. The gauge is accurate to 0.5PSI. I instal
  11. Cheers for those kind words, i really used to enjoy the Australian GP, more so when the races were at Adelaide, some real good memories form there
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