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  1. I'll more than likely got for the Armory (full) wheel set as the Airwaves set is just the tyres and you use the kit's wheel pieces but those Drawdecal decals look great.
  2. I'm thinking of filling in the windows and using decals for the windows instead. Has anyone does this and what is the best way to fill them in? Back with styrene then fill with putty or another method? Better get some resin wheels as well.
  3. I just received this kit this morning and I can't believe its size. I knew it was big but didn't realise just how BIG! I like to think I know the pros and cons of this kit and it was definitely a lost opportunity for Airfix to do something special with this, being such an iconic British aircraft and could have been so much better. Oh well. It is what it is. Regardless, I will enjoy it all the same.
  4. The bottom of the fuselage sits lower under the wings than it should. It should be shallower and the way the rear of the wings blend into the fuselage is wrong as well.
  5. Thanks Pin. I see what you mean and it's a shame they got it so wrong given the modern mold making technologies they have these days and would of had when they were tooling this kit. I think there is still a market for a retooled kit so I hope they revisit this one day.
  6. This looks fantastic. One of the things that sold me on this kit (I've just ordered one) was the sheer size of it. I can't wait to get this in my hands. Any chance of digging it out for me? I'll take it
  7. No I'm not and no I haven't. I am on some in the same FB groups with you though. Due to circumstances I haven't been able to do much in the past 18 months but hoping that will change next year.
  8. Thanks Ray (S?). It will be in hand next week. BTW I'm also in Canberra as well. Cheers
  9. Thanks John, and that's exactly how I see it too. For me it's definitely a "goer".
  10. That really looks amazing. I've been looking at the instructions and have read as much about the kit as I can. I decided early to build it with the nose up because things like the movable nose is just a gimmick that belongs to an earlier time. Not sure I wast to do it wheels up or down as the landing gear looks extremely fragile so I'll look at maybe getting the white metal replacements. The best thing I like about this is the sheer size of it. Love the AWACS scheme too.
  11. Thanks all. I'm not into civil airliners at all but when I realised this was available I just had to have it, even after reading all the negative things about it. Regardless I'm getting it....and it's BIG too (the bigger the better I say). I'm not sure how much it retailed for in Australia at the time but at $58 AUD (plus postage) I'm not going to pass on it.
  12. G'day fellow plastic addicts, I have the opportunity to get this kit but have heard that it's a dog of a kit so I'm interested to know just how bad it is. Is there any reviews that highlights the pros (if any) and cons or any progressive builds at all? Putting aside its faults what is a reasonable price for this? I can get this for $58 AUD (Aussie dollary doos). Good price or not? Thanks in advance
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