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  1. I was just curious, are there any modellers here from Spain? and if so what in your opinion is the best hobby store or warehouse there?
  2. I've been looking at Tamiya's airbrushes but I have an Iwata studio series sprint jet compressor. Would any tamiya airbrushes be compatible with this compressor?
  3. After completing my first ever Zoukei-Mura kit I can say that the company is... okay, not as great as I may have propped them up to be but still a good manufacturer. Their interior structural details are astounding but the fit (on this one at least) was not always great, especially in those damn gear legs. Despite some minor issues like that I did enjoy this one and I'll probably get other kits from them, but maybe not as many as I planned to. Also I have more photos of the Ta 152 on my Facebook @David Peckham
  4. Thanks for your responses guys. If this kit is basically the exact same molding as the others than I might as well save some money and just get the old Bf 110C one.
  5. Just had a quick question. I have heard that Eduard's 1/48 Bf 110s have some fitting problems. Has anyone built this new limited edition kit? and if so does it still have the same fitting issues?
  6. Have slowly made progress with this one. A kit with this much detail requires absolute patience.
  7. Hola comrades. Does anyone use Tamiya's enamel paints? My favorite silver paint i've ever used is Model Master's chrome silver but since they're discontinued i've been considering what to get to replace it if I can't find any more. Metallic paints in acrylic suck in my opinion so would you recommend Tamiya's enamel chrome silver?
  8. Due to complications with my move I will be stuck in my current location for the winter so looks like i'll be back at it for the meantime. My next kit will be this ridiculously detailed kit from Zoukei-Mura, their 1/48 scale Focke Wulf Ta 152. I have been modelling for about 13 years and amazingly I had never heard of these guys until recently and now I eagerly await what else they will make in 48 scale in the future. If you've ever built any Zoukei-Mura aircraft please feel free to share your experiences.
  9. Happy Halloween. My 1/8 scale Dracula by Moebius has risen from the unholy plastic that laid within it's earth box and molded into the undead creature of the night. What music they make.
  10. He's right behind the door. The unholy creature of the night will rise on Halloween.
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