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  1. I've begun painting this past week, The Shape is taking form.
  2. Thanks for the info everyone. I guess I'll try the glass dropper bottles and experiment with just one paint first to be safe.
  3. Hola comrades, I just had a cunning plan but I wanted to see if anyone else has ever tried this themselves. I have decided to switch from Vallejo to Tamiya for Airbrush painting but Tamiya's jars are so inconvenient to me compared to Vallejo's dropper bottles. So i'm curious, has anyone here ever tried transferring their Tamiya paints to dropper bottles (either plastic or glass)? I'd like to know if it would work or just instantly dry up due to a adverse reaction.
  4. I think it's the same kit, this one has a lighting setup for the jack o lantern.
  5. Contact me for your own Michael Myers Chia Pet lol.
  6. For my annual october horror figure build, I will release this mold from 15 years of captivity so that he may stare menacingly at me from my shelf. I will begin work on Moebius' 1/8 scale Michael Myers and I will try to do John Carpenter justice.
  7. Hola comrades. I'm building a subject that I don't quite want to reveal yet, all I can say is that it's a japanese second world war dive bomber built by Aichi. I got some eduard photo etch seatbelts for it but the instructions only mention belts for Mitsubishi, Nakajima & Kawanishi. Would anyone here know which belts Aichi aircraft used?
  8. Thanks, I found the kit okay for Eduard standards. It had some flash but the detail was pretty good.
  9. My latest subject complete is my personal favorite aircraft of all time, Manfred Von Richthofen's Fokker Dr.I. And I know you're all well informed enthusiasts but please, I already know that he didn't like the Dr.I and that he only got a few kills flying it. Anyway this was my first World War 1 subject in quite a long time and the process was way different than what i've grown used to so please let me know how it looks. If you want a closer step by step look you can check out my Let's Craft video on Youtube @Of Models & Monsters.
  10. I thought it was excellent, the only minor flaw I can think of was sink marks on the exhaust pipes but regardless I highly recommend it.
  11. I may be wrong but I thought that RAF pilots were told to keep all control surfaces level for inspection.
  12. The Spitfire is finished and you can see the final result here.
  13. My Eduard Spitfire is complete. Being one of my favorite planes, I always try my best with Spitfires and this may be my best work yet. If you're interested you can check out my entire building process on Youtube at Of Models & Monsters.
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