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  1. Very nice belgoan Zipper. I liked :).
  2. The weekend was marked by the last corrections and assembly of the sub-hull pylon to carry the Orpheus reconnaissance reservoir mines as well as the imposition of another layer of primer on which I will draw the grid of dividing lines.
  3. Glazing already installed, infrared sensor made of Green Stuff as well as the inner sides of the chassis covers (they need to be slightly refined).
  4. Starfighter's renewal is moving forward. The fuselage received wings and horizontal tail and air intakes for the engine. The cockpit is already completed and ready to close with a pressed and trimmed VIVAK fairing.
  5. Thank you, I try to make this model resemble the most real plane.
  6. Welcome to the new year 2020 and wish you all the best for the new year. My first post concerns self-made Starfighter cabin covers. I made them on the cast hoof on the corrected original fairing of the set (improved windbreak frame). For pressing I used a vacu box, a vacuum cleaner and a VIVAK 0.5mm colorless plastic plate.
  7. I like and think that it is worth renewing such old models that are historical. It requires more work than gluing a new model, but you are aware that by renewing such a historic model, you give it a second life and a second youth.
  8. Work on the F-104G Starfighter is still ongoing. I made a canvas cover behind the instrument panel and applied wash to make the cockpit more plastic.
  9. The Starfighter's cockpit from Matchbox is more colorful and still a small ball and you will be able to close the cabin .
  10. Today, it's a bit fun to make a canvas cover to protect the devices behind the instrument panel. Very thin paper soaked in diluted Wikok and wrinkled with tweezers. I hope that after painting it will look even better.
  11. Both sets are similar to each other, there are a few differences, such as concave sheet dividing lines and different glazing - the hump behind the cabin is on the hull and is not an integral part of the cabin cover.
  12. I am glad that you like my relationship with the renewal and valorisation of this model. I made all the additions from polystyrene. I don't use photoetched or resin elements. It's supposed to be pure vintage.
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