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  1. Several modifications of the main landing gear covers and its legs.
  2. Interesting use of Starfighter from the Academy :). However, I have to make a normal model of this set in NASA or The Starfighters painting.
  3. From Greenstuff plastic, I made two bumps that were concealed by the enlarged main landing gear tires on a real plane. The photo shows the raw state of the elements which will soon be sanded and smoothed.
  4. An intermediate partition is made in the curves of the main landing gear
  5. This model requires a lot of work, as you can see, but I decided to build a Statfighter miniature from it, which will not stand out from better and more modern sets. I'm glad that you appreciate my work in this model.
  6. Very nice vintage kit. I like vintage models.
  7. The original glazing of the model was ground to the correct shape, polished and then glued to the prepared cabin cover with pieces of 3M elastic tape, which formed the frame for me. Then I filled the cabin cover with technical platelets and put it in a plastic box and covered it with casting silicone. Then I took the original cover out of the silicone mold and poured the resin that formed my hoof inside the mold. I grinded the hoof with abrasive paper, polished it, and then pressed new cabin covers onto it using the vacu method. For stamping, I used a colorless Vivak 0.5mm plastic.
  8. I started work on the front landing gear arch. A little work and he'll be ready . serwer do wrzucania dużych plików
  9. It's a great plane, so I'd like to include the model from the Academy kit as well. A weak and very simplified set, but it is a big challenge for me.
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