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Found 22 results

  1. What colours for Thai Airways?

    Hi, I resurrected an old idea of mine of building a Thai Airways Airbus one day which got me thinking which paints are actually available for the specific purple. Does any one of you have any suggestions? I'm mainly using acrylics but having a something from that line is not a must. Many thanks in advance! Cristian
  2. Hello - I hope you good AFV folk can help me out - again... I will shortly have a tank commander and some truck and halftrack drivers to paint in 1/72. They are British / Northern Europe / 1944 - market garden type stuff... I am looking for help with basic uniform / helmet / beret colours. I use Vallejo Model Air - but I do have conversion charts for... Humbrol Gunze Gunze Mr Colour Tamiya XF Testors Can anyone throw a few colour numbers this way please. Thanks in advance - Steve
  3. P-39 Colours in Mig AMMO

    Good evening, I'll soon be starting my Airacobra in Soviet markings and I want to use Mig AMMO paints. Trouble is that I'm finding it hard finding the right colours from Mig. The paints I need are for the camouflage (olive drab and some form of grey), the cockpit, undercarriage and the flap interior. Can anyone come up with any close matches? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Italeri Su27D Sea Flanker

    Hi I am currently building the above mentioned kit and am not far from the painting stage. However, like the last flanker I built I am struggling to get my head around some of the colour call outs. I think I have the greys covered but for one of the main three camo colours it calls for a metallic black? Is that right, just sounds a bit odd to me. Google searches haven't helped much apart from showing me lots of pictures of the box art for said kit. Any help in what colours I should go for would be great. Thanks
  5. He 111 H-3 2/KG26

    I've a picture (below) of the He 111 H-3 that I'm planning to model; 1H+EK of 2/KG26 No doubt someone out there has the answer, but I'm stumped as to the spinner and rudder colours of this aicraft. To me the spinners appear to be red, it being a 2/KG26 aircraft, but is the rudder red too? It there are any wise old heads out there that can give me some guidance I'd be grateful.
  6. Tamiya Colours & Federal Stadard

    Tamiya colours are my best preferred ones even if I use often Xtreacolous, Lifecolor, Hataka and Vallejo Air. The main problem with Tamiya is to find the proper Fderal Standard reference. Searching in the web I found this intersting link http://ipmsrealcote.pro-forums.org/t832-tamiya-mixes-for-some-fs-colors-full-up-to-date-list-in-english Ezio
  7. I am currently converting a Liberty Ship kit to a Royal Navy repair ship of the Xanthus class as in 1945. The few images available show HMS Assistance and HMS Diligence in a sort of measure 22 (5H and 5N); however, one ship served in home (UK) waters and the other in the far east theatre. My question is: would the deck be painted blue (20B) for both these vessels, considering their different operating areas? Mike
  8. Am I being silly here or is there nothing out there in 1/48 with the correct pointy nose? The A version isnt the same is it? What about the pitot? Yknow that feeling when youre sure youre missing something? Well, thats what Ive got. Ive got pretty much all versions and colours nailed down now, but Im not sure about the pointy one. Can you guys kick me in the right direction, please? Or just kick me for being stupid.
  9. Meng Models Colour Chart

    ... because this is useful information... Hyperdy wrote: And the Dragonborn replied bestest, M.
  10. DH 84 RAAF Ambulance colours?

    Hi, I am trying to build DH 84 RAAF ambulance, likely A34-54. It is in WIP...- a scratch work. Here: http://www.goodall.com.au/australian-aviation/dh84-pt2/dh84-dragon-pt2.htm within record for A34-54 there is a photo described like that: A34-54 at Mareeba Qld in 1943 with No.2 Air Ambulance Unit. The factory paint scheme has been replaced by jungle green camouflage with red and white ambulance cross. Frank F. Smith collection I've seen in net someone's model of the same machine (not sure that exactlu "54") which was painted in DKEarth/Foliage Green with light blue undersurface. So - was it one or two colours from top on DH 84 RAAF Ambulances? And the bottom - white or light blue? Besides my doubts about the colours, which I should apply on this machine - the another problem is that I think that there was (perhaps) a nose art on this machine on left side (bee or something like that). I will appreciete also some info on this. Was it on "A34-54" or on another Dragon? Best regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  11. Well over the weekend I finally put all my enamels (100+!) into a big tin in the garage. That tin will be making an appearance on Ebay shortly... I have just topped up my acrylics collection with some purchases from Hamleys (pretty much the only model supplier in central London). And when I say "topped up" I mean trebled... I use Humbrol with some Revell and Games Workshop paints, and I have a load. So I needed to work out what I've got, painted on my Airfix Ju88 and phtographed in decidedly non-sunny daylight: Hxxx is Humbrol, Rxxx is Revell and (xxx) is the RLM number. The first thing I noted is how different some of the acrylic colours are from the enamels - for instance H66 is more grey than olive, and H117 is much darker than its equivalent enamel - I presume this is by design. H154, which is a superb deep yellow enamel, is a sticky barely translucent mess (inboard end of port aileron) whereas H24 covers pretty well in a couple of coats - quality control problem? The new tins with the screw top lids seem to offer a consistent quality - the old pots with the flip top lids are almost always half full of over thick paint, and I refuse to buy them any more (I am hoping there will be new stock in the new pots). White is always a problem, but I am now using either Games Workshop or "Crafters Pick" white acrylics, which seem to cover much better. My "go to" DG/DE/Sky (inboard port wing) is H116/H29/H90. Revell offer R68/R82 for green and brown, which seems too bright but maybe I'm not used to it. For DG/OG/MSG I use H116/H106/H64. R79 might make a better Ocean Grey because it's bluer. Desert stone/earth seems to be nicely covered by H225/H29. For Azure Blue I used a mix of 6 H34 white to 1 H24 blue in enamel land... For TSS EDSG/Dark Slate Grey (inboard stbd wing) I think H79/R67 looks good - previously I've been mixing my own Dark Slate Grey. For the lighter shades, H27/H224 seems to hit the spot, R79 looking a little too blue. For US OD/Grey I guess H155 is my best option, H66 and H86 (which I used to use in enamels) don't look right. For the Grey I used a mix of H24 white and H27 Dark Sea Grey in enamel land. For US navy I think H104 with H79 would work over white. For RLM 70/71/65 I will use H241/H242/H65, although the contrast between 70 and 71 is very low - maybe I need a touch of black in the 70? I think the modern trend is to have a higher contrast between 70 and 71 than is realistic, although I don't know how they weather relative to each other. RLM 72 and 73 look like great colours and it might be the perfect excuse to crack open the Airfix Arado 196 to try them out! H150 is not available as an acrylic so I will have to re-think my early war Soviet colour schemes, and I have still to try and work out how to apply these colours to Italian WWII colours. Now that I can see them all in one place, I can mix and match. The port tailplane is done in H241/H117/H249 and seems to be a good match for US in Vietnam colours! Hope this is helpful to someone. I know a lot of you use Vallejo or other brands but I tend to stick to the devil I know!! Regards, Adrian
  12. Akan Paint Set for Coastal Craft Coastal Craft To accompany their book on Vosper MTBs/MGBs Coastal Craft reviewed [url=http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234980720-coastal-craft-history-volume-1/HERE, in company with Akan paints have released as set of paints that match those in the book. The six paint set includes:- APC 507A Dark Grey (1920) APC 507B Grey (1920, renamed 507A in 1940) APC 507 C Light Grey (1920) B-15 Grey-Blue G-45 Grey RN White Now, having used Akan paints before they are a very good colour match to the originals. They are a great alternative to the enamel paints on the market which will please those modellers who work in less than ideal environments for enamel thinners etc. I’ve found that Akan paints do need a good quality thinners to get them to flow well through an airbrush, but for those who brush paint, they are very easy to work with straight out of the pot. Conclusion It’s not always easy finding the right paints that not only give the correct tone, but are in the format you may want to use. This set is just the job for that, as it gives you six of the most widely used colours and in conjunction with the book you can get the exact scheme you want in one purchase. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  13. USMC kc 130j

    I need to know the colours on the USMC KC130J Hercules. Its the current 3 tone scheme. Warbird decals say white undersides. On their stencil sheet they have the walkways in white. Are the Warbird decals correct.
  14. RAF Colours BOB

    I am sure this has been debated and delay with elsewhere and I recall some seeing colour pictures which show a more lighter red and blue for the Battle of Britain period for Spitfires and Hurricanes, However "Official Camo and Markings 1939-1945" indicates roundels to be painted in Red and Blue which if one compares the colour chart in the book is the darker colours. Kit manufacturers seem of little help when comparing decals. Was there indeed a lighter shade that was then later changed to the standard seen after 1941?
  15. So did the RAF biplanes hastily camouflaged in 1938 have the "shadow shading" or whatever it was on the lower wings? What colours would those have been, if so? Also, does anyone make acrylic colours of them?
  16. Hungarian mk 4s

    Hello I'm looking for info Hungarian mk4,s I ve seen one pic which wasn't the best but showed one in overall green scheme .Any one have better refs as to the colours and markings Also does anyone have a knowledge of a mk 4 turret mounted on a Panther hull?? Seen one pic of it on a train the blurb said it was a field mod late war poss 44/45 D
  17. Hi all, Some of you may have followed a thread previously on the Hurricane my grandfather flew in Burma for 11 RAF squadron. Now that that build is done and dusted i am onto the next of the "planes my grandfather flew" series which is a CAC Wirraway he flew in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia at 7 SFTU. I have got some photos from his own album as well as others from the net i have found of planes i know he flew. Any information you could provide on what colour scheme these planes would most likely have been painted would be great... Here are the two photos i have from his album... Here are some others from the net of planes i know he flew (from his logbook)... Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Sandy
  18. Can anyone give me details on the colours of RN ship's boats, launches and captain's barges for the post-war period? Specifically, on a/c carriers during the Korean War, but any info on 1950's/60's boats would be useful. I find a few b+w photos online, but nothing in colour. TIA!
  19. This Meteor is in the RAF museum at Cosford but pictures from when it was in the St Athan collection show it in overall Light aircraft grey with dayglo bands and a Malaysian "roundel" on the tail. Can anyone confirm it actually flew in service in overall LAG/Dayglo bands (i'm assuming 1 or 2 ANS service)? I assume the Malaysian marking appeared when it was used as a maintenance airfame at Saints, but does anybody know what was the tail letter or marking of this aircraft in service? All the pictures I can find are of the aircraft at St Athan or repainted for the RAF Museum. Many thanks, Selwyn
  20. German War Colours 1937 - 1944 AK Interactive There is a huge choice when it comes to German armour kits, with almost every manufacturer having a good selection in their portfolio. But what do you paint them with? Now, AK Interactive are well known for their weathering products and are increasing their line of paint. This set has been designed for German Armour from 1937 – 1944, and contains six Wehrmacht colours, • Polizei/Waffen SS grun, • RAL 7021Dunklegrau • RAL 7017 Dunklebraun • RAL 6003 Olivgrun Opt 1 • RAL 6003 Olivgrun Opt 2 • RAL 7028 Dunklegelb According to the blurb on the bottles they can be both brushed or airbrushed which please a lot of modellers. Once the bottles have been shaken very well colour density looks pretty good, but until I’ve used them I cannot definitively state how well they spray or cover. On the back of the box there is a useful colour chart of which colours go together and depict five armoured vehicles/tanks in various schemes. Conclusion This looks to be a very useful and well thought out set of colours from AK Interactive and will prove a boon to both the beginner and expert alike. Without actually trying them though I can only recommend them with from my use of other products in their range. When I get to use them I will amend this review accordingly. Review sample courtesy of
  21. USS Lexington colouring.

    Hello all, A quick question for the more knowledgable amongst you if I may? My nephew Matthew has treated himself to a model of the USS Lexington in 1/700th scale. He is curious about the colour callouts and wanted to know how accurate the instructions are? Unfortunately I know very little about ships so can anyone help with this thorny issue please? Cheers.
  22. 627 Sqn. Mosquitos' Strange Colours

    A few weeks ago I linked a series of youtube videos released from AV House of Canada, and one in particular shows 16mm colur footage taken at Woodhall Spa in 1944 by Brian Harris (also published in DVD form by the 627 Sqn. association under the title "Mosquitos Airborne": http://www.627squadron.co.uk/videos.html ). It struck me that at least two (and more likely several) aircraft belonging to 627 Sqn.seem to sport unconventional camouflage colours: AZ-B would appear to be in a scheme of Dark Green and Medium Sea Grey over Azure Blue (a scheme first quoted or hypothesised by Paul Lucas in Combat Colours No.5, I believe). Other aircraft, such as AZ-F seem to be painted in overall night, which again was not prescribed in any official orders: It might well be possible that the particular "elite" status of 627 Sqn. afforded them quite a bit of freedom in their choice of colours, or that their aircraft might have come from customised sub-series, but being no Mosquito expert I cannot really say. The video is here: Interesting photos of the aircraft of 627 Sqn. can be found here: http://www.627squadron.co.uk/album.html Any thoughts welcome. Flavio