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  1. For me, there's something quintessentially British about the Boulton-Paul Defiant. A misconceived oddball that nevertheless went on to find roles that the designer would never have dreamed of. Crews that, despite being outmatched, kept on fighting. I think of it as the fighter equivalent of the Fairey Battle, and I've always had a soft spot for it. So, of all the possible candidates, it seemed a good fit for this GB. I had a four month hiatus from modelling from November last year. I think that helped me consider my approach: it had been all about the detail before, PE, resin. But I'd neglected some basic skills. I finally located my airbrush as well, something I'd never learned to use. So the focus now is on getting good results from plastic. This won't be my first airbrushed kit; that "honour" goes to a Spitfire PRXVII. But it will be my first attempt at camo with an airbrush. And it won't be wholly devoid of aftermarket, as I'm going to try the Eduard steelbelts (I cordially detest PE seatbelts so that could go out the window!) Here's the obligatory uncut sprues: The kit has two very similar marking options: PS-V of 264 Squadron in July 1940, or KO-I of 2 Squadron in September 1940. I prefer PS-V as it has a slight tie-in to my preference to build aircraft that served in bases local to me (in this case, Duxford, where 264 spent some time in 1940, though in July they were at Martlesham Heath). At the time, the squadron was resting and training after its efforts over Dunkirk, and the various photos that I can find show little fading and only some exhaust staining, so I'm not going to weather it too much. Cheers, Chris
  2. Right. So I'm back from travels and armed with my US-Airfix "F-111F" kit. I am currently slammed for time and know little about F-111s, so this will be more or less OOB. I won't be correcting any shape errors, but I will be adding some detail because my home audience (my daughter) likes stuff like seat belts! I will therefore spend some time on making it look less toy like: * cockpit detail, possibly opened canopy * deeper and detailed wheel wells * better wheels * engine details Extra detail will come from the spares box and scrap plastic. I also have an ample supply of filler, which I am sure I will need! It will be in an Upper Heyford scheme, which ironically is in the native but not the US boxing. I will cross that bridge when I get there. So gentlemen I beg your indulgence! The box and the parts: Paint scheme could be a little clearer... That pesky main undercarriage assembly sequence explained: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  3. Some more airliners came off my busy production line last week. The old but very nice Airfix DC-9s. Despite its age,it is very well detailed,with good fit (except the doors) and the shape is pretty well captured by Airfix. I rescribed the flaps and panels on the wings as they were just raised lines on the kit,otherwise it was a straight OOB build. The "Fly",AZmodel,Karaya...or whatever the other DC-9 kit is coming from, has recessed panellines and other nice touches,but I find the Airfix kit still a nice replica of this classic and a re-release would be highly anticipated. Anyone from Airfix reading this...?? I worked on those 3 DC-9s at the same time,so they got finished almost on the same day as well. The KLM and IBERIA DC-9s,the decals came from the respective kits. The windows and details are from the superb Flying Colors MD-80 detail set. For the Aeropostal Avensa DC-9,I used the decal set from Classic Airlines courtesy of Nick Webb. The quality is superb,very thin decals but great to handle.The only small issue was that the cheatline and the tail part is slightly too long.This required some cutting and adjusting.Otherwise the decals fit perfect. I very much enjoyed building these 3 classic Douglas airliners and they will receive a nice spot in my vitrine. Hope you like them And a DC-9-30 group shot
  4. After throughly enjoying the first Made in Britain GB, I'm back for the sequel. I have the Gloster Gladiator mk1 starter set to build, just waiting on eduard etch to arrive. The starter set is purely to help me as the new man cave is not ready to use, in fact everything is still packed from the house move. Having trouble finding my modelling supplies. I have a kitchen pass for Saturday, free use of the table all day, so hope to make some good progress. Photos to follow soon.
  5. Here we go on this year's second project and my first WIP outside of a group build. Just to keep things easy for myself I'm going for two at once. I picked up the spitfire/messerschmit 110 dogfight double cheap in a sale a couple of years ago before I realised I already had the same spitfire in 1/48. However, just after the new year I saw the mk1/mk2a kit on sale and realised I could just do both using the decals and bits from both. Besides, when are there ever enough spitfires? Love that box art. Hate doing the split black/white underside though. The all important raw materials. Identical kits with the all important extra sprue on the end and the differing canopies up top. If we've not met, hello and welcome in, just be aware I'm not a big accuracy guy, this is all for fun for me. This won't be big on new or clever techniques though tips and tricks are always welcome. I've discovered if I do a WIP I tend to go along at a better pace. This weekend we break plastic! Though hopefully not literally.
  6. Half way through but is anyone interested in seeing the remainder of this? It's been on the go for months and has been a of a build...
  7. For some time I've been thinking of putting a small railway scene together using Airfix kits in a static display. Colin Marrow sparked this idea with his Airfix Village project. Alan Bean (Beany) and others added fuel to the fire with their projects, and with my recent railway builds I decided it was time to stop prevaricating and actually make a start. Firstly I measured all my kits - buildings, platforms, all statics - and cut out scale templates. I only have two platform kits, so decided this would be a terminus station with the Booking Hall facing the buffer stops. I was looking to use a single 607mm x 1220mm baseboard, and my crude plans indicated this may be possible - the determining factor would be the track geometry. Having reclaimed some track from my long-stalled loft layout, I laid out the point-work to discover that the station throat alone would need the 1220mm length, and an additional board was required for the station area. I purchased two hardboard sheets and four battens to support them an give them some rigidity, and set about gluing and screwing the frames to the boards. This had to be a simple construction as my woodworking skills are lamentable. The two boards bolt together giving an overall area of 2160mm x 607mm (that's 7'1" x 2' in old money) The tracks are glued down and only tacked at the ends. The turntable ring is dry fitted and positioned only. Likewise, the level crossing is an old one, merely laid down to check dimensions. I have found locations for the two footbridges I am working on.
  8. Today (May 13th) is official Top Gun day! Don't believe me? Take a look here: As I browsed the hobby shop looking for a new model, it occurred to me that now would be an excellent time to build an F-14, something I've wanted to do for a while. Nearby I spotted Airfix's A-4 Skyhawk and realised that with some extra decals (currently en-route), and decided to put together a trio of aircraft. The thought for now is to pose them "in flight", lined up to represent the conclusion of this scene: Not much progress yet, but I wanted to prove that I started it on Top Gun day. The Skyhawks will need a bit of cosmetic work to turn them into "E" models, but they were the only type I could find in the shop, and close enough. I've built that kit once before and very much enjoyed it. F-14 Contents A-4 Contents. This should be fun!
  9. Managed to pick up a Mozzie for half price at ScotsNats yesterday so I can finally throw my hat in to the ring. Hardly original but been wanting to do one so now was as good a time as any, plus it was a good chance to make my GB debut. Multiple birds and all that. Box, sprues etc... Due to various constraints of real life and what-not it'll be an OOB job. Tempted to go with the NF.Mk II as something different from the standard scheme on the Mk.XVIII option, and I've cried enough doing a couple of NMF birds recently to put me off trying the Aussie Mk.IV option. Let's go...
  10. I thought that this would be an ideal subject for this Group Build. Produced by British Executive and General Aviation Limited (BEAGLE) the Basset 206 had it's first flight at Shoreham in August 1961. After a fly-off between the Basset 206 and DH Devon as a replacement aircraft for the Anson, an order was placed by the RAF for 20 B206R's (Basset CC1) and this will be the subject for this build. I will be a little while starting because I have a couple of builds going on in other GB's to complete first, but hopefully there will be enough time left to squeeze in a second build that will allow me to make something outside of my comfort zone again.
  11. I have finally finished. This kit gave a few problems being fit issues on nearly everything but I have really enjoyed doing it as it gave me a chance to try a few new things. I am really pleased with the result and after reading references on the Pucara I can see why people loved it. Anyway here are the photo's and I am sorry there are a few. Before I forget thanks to everyone for their advice and support through the build which can be found at
  12. Well, I didn't notice this one coming but I'm in. With all the firsts in the world to choose from, I'm surprised how aviation this bg looks and wanted to broaden it out. I'm going with which is The world's first steam locomotive, can't show you it yet as I've only just ordered it! Have to say not my first choice which was going to be the first locomotive to break the 100 mph barrier, City of Truro but Nimrod54 did this so brilliantly that I wouldn't come close, if you missed it here's his build Hunting around I came across the Airfix kit for Trevithick and a cheaper Minicraft version but that is a strange 1:38 scale while the Airfix is the more conventional 1:32, which is gauge 1 for railway modellers, so it might get a crew to attend to it. But all that to come, first I need the Postie.
  13. The quality of the Airfix 48 scale Lightnings is well known. I have a dream to build one of each Lightning mark in 1/48 - I have all the base kits, we'll see whether it happens. Anyway, made a start by obtaining a resin cockpit set to give the office a little more oomph. I'll model the canopy open on this one. Quite a nice bang seat: Cockpit fit seems OK at the dry fit stage: Started painting and washing it. Not too happy with it just yet, but I am hopeful that as I wash a bit more, dry brush and start to pick out some detail it will look better. In the meantime I have been working on other sub assemblies. The wing tips need a little attention for sink marks: But that shouldn't be too hard to deal with.
  14. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Airfix Mustang P-51D (Kit #A01004A) built straight from the box. Decals represent the mount of Lt. Eugene W. James, 352nd FG, 328th FS, Bodney/Norfolk, England 1944. Painted with acrylics from Gunze/Mr.Hobby and Alclad II. This kit is cheap, easy to build and has very good surface detail. The plastic used by Airfix is quite soft, which resulted in some broken or bent parts. I broke the control column and the blade antenna when trying to remove it from the sprues. (I scratch-built a new control stick and replaced the kit's antenna with a photoetch item.) One of the undercarriage legs was badly bent. Due to the softness of the plastic, the model is in a "wobbly" state, when you touch it, it rocks from side to side! This is the only weak point of the whole model kit. If I build another one, I will invest in a metal undercarriage from Scale Aircraft Conversions. Ok, here's the pictures ... as usual, taken by Mr. Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Best wishes from Vienna! Thanks for your interest! Roman
  15. As if by magic a couple of days after completing my P-51D the postman delivers a special package Unopened still in its original cellophane wrapper complete with its original price tag £3.50 ( I wish !! ) I am bringing to the workbench 1970's / 80's chic - the Airfix B-26 Marauder , and rather than grumble and curse at my wife - I will share my fun and frustrations with everyone The grand reveal for me will take place tonight - 30+ years in the box - how will the decals have faired - hence the thread name - will 'Mild and Bitter' have become dark and cloudy ?
  16. Hello I have just started a new build - the very new Airfix set - B-17 in 1/72 scale. First video is as always with an unboxing (maybe some of you think of buying this set - see it first).
  17. I like to have 3 models underway at any one time. Definitely no more. This way I have something to work on while paint is drying on two other models. So, this one got started today as number 3 in the queue. 3 shall be the number of the count, and the number of the count shall be three. Anyhoo, was quite interested to take a look at one of the latest releases from the all new and improved Airfix. I'm a lazy modeller - I no longer have any time for hours and hours of re scribing and filling. I want good quality kits that minimize the amount of that stuff I have to do. My hat's off to the serious modellers who do all that to get the most accurate representation of a subject possible - it's an awesome approach. But I'm too lazy for that. So having heard good things about the recent Airfix incarnation kits, this seemed like fun. Box: The mouldings do look nice. There are very small amounts of flash here and there, but nothing serious. I haven't found anything in the way of sink marks either - so far so good. Made a start with the cockpit tub and ejector seat. Gone are the old days of a crudely moulded seat to be placed into a bare cockpit area - now the tub is made up of several pieces, as is the seat. Not bad really - I think that will look OK through a closed canopy once painted up. Certainly not up the look of a nice resin cast seat, but not bad. I thought it was interesting that there were two seat options - one without moulded in seat harness. Great idea - but no pilot chappie to put in place on the bare seat. Oh well. Cockpit parts Front wheel well assembles on to the underside of the tub. Dry fit of the seat into the tub looks good. I also assembled up the undercarriage bays on the wings. Really, I'm quite pleased with this model. For the price, there is plenty of detail included. I think that with some basic techniques this will make into a nice OOB model Meteor. I got as far as priming some areas today, and I'm looking forward to picking this up again next time I get to the bench.
  18. Hi guys, I will be building the 1/48 Airfix Javelin. It is already started, but just. So it will be under the 25%. I have just started the cockpit and some parts are of the sprues, but noting more. It will be build out of the box. I might get me some seatbelts or some resin seats. I have also got a sheet from Xtradecals Javelin part 1 (X48-125). I think I will make the 5 Squadron Javelin. Pictures will follow later. Cheers
  19. Good morning folks, Today's problem for the wise patrons of Britmodeller is - I have been priming with stynlrez through my airbrush & then over painting with vallejo model air. It looks great - until I mask it & spray a second colour. When the masking tape is removed or the whitetac on occasions - it is taking the paint & primer off - right down to clean plastic. new airifix kit (Bedford mwd) thoroughly washed & dried silverline 2 in 1 brush / 20psi / 4mm needle / 2 moisture traps / littlejet pump primed in 2 thin coats - stynlrez vallejo grey primer also tried as an alternative painted in 2 thin coats - vallejo model air drying time 30 minutes to 1 hour between coats masking tape - tamiya whitetac also tried as an alternative to tape atmospheric conditions - 20 degrees c at all times The result when the tape or tac is removed is the paint & primer lifting - right down to the bare plastic. On closer inspection if you get a blade under a lifted area it pulls off almost like a stretchy plastic film. This first happened a couple of weeks ago with the vallejo / whitetac combination on some plastic food containers I was using for practice with the brush - before moving on to ruining a real model. I initially put it down to the fact that the food containers may have some kind of coating that the paint didn't want to stick to - but I moved to stynlrez as a precaution - as it has rave reviews all over the forum. Now I have the same problem with the tamiya tape on the airfix kit. Previously I was rattle canning using humbrol cans & using tons of masking tape or whitetac & I never had a problem with paint coming off - EVER!!! Any ideas would be gratefully received as always. PS - I'm not going to let it spoil my day this is too much fun. Thanks in advance, Steve
  20. Time for a new build. This time I was looking for a quick easy build. So something new, without the need to rescribe, and an easy paint job. A quick delve into the stash and I came up with this. I've already built the Airfix FS1 Gr1, Gr3 and Gr9 versions, so this will be a nice addition. I also love the way these kits go together so it should be an easy build with very little filling and sanding. I'm going to build it as option A on the Airfix colour sheet. This is is a Harrier XZ457 from the Hermes battle group during the Falklands war. It should look well in my cabinet next to the other 4.
  21. P9495 took it's first flight on 15th April 1940, issued to 610 (County of Chester) Suadron RAF and was struck off charge on 24th August 1940 after being damaged by Bf-109s near Dover on 12th August 1940. I've made dozens of the most recent boxing of the Airfix Spitfire I but never using the decals in the box. Here's my attempt, out-of-the-box, apart from the rudder actuator and aerial (both made from stretched sprue), cockpit armour from plastic card and, a piece of clear plastic for the gunsight glass (which you can't see anyway), brush-painted with Colourcoats and Humbrol enamels, weathered with gouache and, a Windsor & Newton matt coat. Should you care to look, WiP is here: The photographs were taken with my phone so aren't the greatest. Thanks for looking.
  22. Hi all, I am about to start the Airfix 1/72 Harriers GR.1 and Gr.3. Both have this strenghening plate on the fuselage sides which I can't find on any pictures in my reference books - but then again, this area is almost always in dark shadows. Does anyone know if all Gr.1/3 Harriers had those or only certain aircraft. I am in doubt wether do leave them or to sand them off. picture see below.
  23. I have reached the stage with Ark Royal where there is a lot of sitting around waiting for layers of paint to dry fully, so it's high time (as Fritag and others have reminded me...) that I return to the world of flying machines. So here we are: Airfoil 1/48 Vixen, with Ally Cat resin conversion to FAW1, Quickboost small intakes, Heritage seamless big intake, Eduard PE and a donation from Madmusky, a fellow Britmodeller, of 4 Firestreaks which he didn't need for a Lightning build. Those of you who are familiar with this kit will see that I have already taken the plunge and cut the top half of the original cockpit off, ready for its resin replacement. (Original visible far top left, and the replacement on the right of the lamp.) This to be built as an aircraft that my next door neighbour flew as a Sub Lieutenant first tourist on 890NAS in the early 60s, and to be given to him for his 75th birthday later this year. Besides, I think the Mark 1 Vixen was a superb-looking aircraft, even if the Red Tops and extra fuel made the Mark 2 a more potent machine in real life; it just looks so much better without the sticky-out bits on top of the wing. I haven't quite decided how to pose it yet, but the current favourite is just catching an arrester wire, with everything dangling / hanging out. This will be the first time I have painted a figure in around 40 years, and that's the bit that is currently giving me the most worry! Welcome aboard; stand clear of intakes, jet pipes and exhausts - start the Vixen.
  24. Can anyone shed light on why The Airfix Bedford MWD shows a paint scheme with RED & WHITE wheels nuts - as seen here... It is probably a daft question - but vehicles are not my normal area of work. Thanks in advance for any pertinent information - Steve
  25. I am going to join this GB if I may with another Airfix Vampire. We almost have enough being built for a separate gallery ;-) I will leave out the spurs shots if I may as there are plenty already posted. I have the Xtradecal Overseas Operator sheet which I purchased with the Swedish camo markings in mind. However Averdeda has already started building a T.55 in the Swedish colours so I may go for something different (I have 2 more Vampires in the stash so the Swedish markings will get built!). Any requests out there...? Cheers Dave