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Found 1,754 results

  1. Hello folks, And another Airfix Scooter. Pure pleasure... Continuing with those colorful Navy birds, this one is from the "Flying Ubangis" VA-12 I used Xtradecal Sheet. They are thin and good, settle well too, but the instruction sheet... beware, because they're full of errors ;-) Got myself trapped on a few details with the 102 Dagger sheet and now again with that A-4. Colors used: White from K-Colors FS16440 from AK FS36270 from MRP (for the anti glare) Alclad Aqua Gloss as varnish Cheers b.
  2. My Airfix Walrus (actually two of them, but I'll save the second for another time) arrived in the mail today, and I couldn't resist getting started. Starting with the usual open box shot: This will be my first biplane in something like 30 years. It'll also be my first attempt at rigging. Is it a bit perverse that I'm actually looking forward to having a crack at rigging? Not sure what colour scheme to go for. I have the Xtradecals on order, but I'm also wondering about whether to do one of the SAR machines that was stationed at RAF Andreas, to carry on my Manx theme. thanks for looking Z
  3. So recently i got hold of one of my favourite world war 2 aircraft. The bristol blenheim was an aircraft which was both a bomber and a fighter but lacked improving technology along with other aircraft. By the 1940s it was considered the blenheim to be too outdated and was too slow against enemy fighters. Pilots and crew were awarded medals just for flying in the aircraft. So onto the kit and to begin with there is a very nice box art. And also a choice of day or night fighter included. And also some very well produced details, which is common in airfix new tooled models. As expected the parts are very well made... To begin with the undercarriage bulkheads where fitted into place and the main frames were fitted into place also. A small bit of detail will be required but already a good start. Next the main fuselage was joined together. Work then began on the cockpit sections. Including pilots seat bombardiers position and interior components. With a basecoat of green down weathering will be done with a wash and details picked out. To finish off the evening i fitted all the parts together with a dry fit to see how well the fitments are. Details and wash will be done next before fitting everything into place. And i am also looking for referances if for addimg details and other parts. Thanks for looking.
  4. I have started the new Walrus and done some initial construction and test fitting. As I only sprayed the interior green today I am letting it dry overnight then will do some of the detail painting and weathering inside tomorrow. This is going to be wings folded, hatches closed up and no rigging while the second one I will start later on will be wings extended, hatches open and rigged.
  5. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    Just arrived from those nice people at Wonderland Models for the very reasonable price of £12.99 (yes - mail on a Sunday!): Typical current Airfix instructions - note the neat treatment of the cockpit tub: Colour scheme diagrams referencing the recent Humbrol Luftwaffe colours: Decals, small but perfectly formed: Three sprues of the now standard light grey plastic: Separate mainwheel hubs and tyres -nice: Neat cockpit interior detail: Nosewheel well: Intriguing flashed over holes on the lower wing: Clear bits - note the windscreen includes part of the fuselage decking: Looks superb. John
  6. Hi Guys, This is a subject that has appeared more by accident than by design. A recent and out-of-the-blue PM from a BM’er, offered me a 1/72 Airfix Buccaneer kit with resin bits to build up. Needless to say, I accepted his offer and here it is…partially started. This will be a relatively slow build that will done during lunchtime at work The parts supplied look like they’re from an early and later boxing of the Airfix kit, kit decal set and a pile of smaller stuff, some of it resin. Here we have the fuselage halves; the lower half is fitted with a resin bomb bay that is screaming for something to put in it. Wheel wells are looking a bit anemic and will need to be detailed a little. The upper fuselage contains something that is meant to resemble a cockpit but is way out. and when you’ve got a nice pair of MB resin ejection seats, it’s a must to do the cockpit and will be a mixture of scratch and decals. There is a resin tail plane and a vacform canopy included; wonder if these are corrections? The pitot tube is already fitted, the refuelling probe is ‘pants’ and as already discussed, these parts will most probably be replaced. The undercarriage looks basic and will get some attention. Q1: With the bomb bay exposed, can I still build an S.2D and if so what can I hang in there as I have a number of bombs? Q2: I have been informed that the bomb bay should have some kind of 'fairing' to aid airflow when open? First things to do: As always, the cockpit, especially when you’ve got a pair of resin MB ejection seats. Add detail to anemic wheel wells. Get data on tail plane and canopy Purchase probe/ pitot set. Fiddle away at undercarriage. So until the next update, it's over to you guys. Regards, Stuart
  7. New Airfix 1/48 Mustang

    The much anticipated Airfix 1/48 P-51D has just appeared on our shelves! Packed with great detail, two very eye catching schemes and a 10% discount it won't be around for long! https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/airfix-148-north-american-p51-d-mustang/
  8. Airfix 1/72 Mig 15

    Hi all, After a long absence of model building, i finally got around to completing some builds. The Airfix Mig kit was alright though it wasn't the best. Constructive criticism welcome
  9. My latest completion the Airfix 1/72 Lightning F6, almost completely OOB the only addition being a Pavla seat to replace the kit item, the kit went together without any problems, finished as a Lightning from the Lightning Training Flight, I chose it as I have seen the real aircraft thundering down the runway at Bruntingthorpe a number of times always impressive and LOUD. anyway enjoy C and C welcome. IMGP7889 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7886 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7890 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7881 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7885 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr
  10. Hello gentlemen, The Airfix Walrus was what I intended to build for this group build. But as it looked a long way off I decided to build a Aichi Seiran instead. With the Walrus now available, I had a chat with Jaime and decided to put the Seiran on hold and start the Walrus now. I'll take a few photos of the kit sprues and post them tomorrow. Thank you, Joe.
  11. Hi Guys & Gals...I present to you, my lastest completion. The New Tool Sea King. It took me 3 attempts to get the camo half decent, the 3rd of which was achieved by 8 hours of masking.
  12. Those of you who have been following my Sea King build will know that it has already lasted more than a year. This is entirely my own fault, since I'm the one who chose to detail it to such a degree (not to mention adding the odd rivet or three). I have, however, got a bit bogged down of late, and since the Sea King is a subject very dear to my heart, I've decided to take a break from it before it turns into a chore and I start to make mistakes. It will return, I promise. I expect many of you will have guessed from the title - not to mention the near certainty that that it will be a Fleet Air Arm aircraft, in 1/48. But here is the start point. You ought to be able to work that out easily enough... I acquired this kit for £5 at a show. As you can see, it has been started (though the previous owner didn't get much further than a dash or two of interior green, an opened camera port and a glued contra-prop). The kit has a good reputation, but I have ordered a couple of bits of after-market to address known flaws (to be precise: a vac-form canopy, seamless chin intake, better shaped cowling "bulges", and a new airscrew or two). It's the original boxing, too, so I might have to get in some replacement transfers - the originals look decidedly yellow, so I'll see how they look after a bit of sunshine. There is a strong argument to say that this (with its F22/24 cousins) was the ultimate version of probably the most famous aircraft of all time. There is an even stronger argument that Supermarine's subsequent offerings were either never adopted (Spiteful, Seafang) or not in the same league (Swift, Scimitar...)... so that this represents the best aircraft ever produced by that most august of British companies. So, ladeezanngennnellmeeeen… I present to you a Seafire FR46 (the clue is in the fact that I didn't show the sprue with folding wings), using Airfix's original FR46/47 boxing. To be built essentially OOB (other than the after-market stuff already mentioned, to correct known issues with the kit). One of the reasons I've chosen the FR46 rather than the 47 (wing fold apart) is the fact that I far prefer the look of the low demarcation between colours (though eventually I will probably also build an FR47 with folded wings [Edit; especially since I've now found a photo of a folded, embarked FR47 with low demarcation line!]). And yes, I know there is disagreement about whether 46s were pure-EDSG or Temperate Sea Scheme on top - but I am taking Winkle's word for it and painting TSS (and there are at least some photos where there are definitely two colours on the upper surfaces of an FR46). I am in no way a Spitfire / Seafire expert, and this is meant to be a quickish build to restore my mojo. I don't think there are any howlers in the kit, and if there are then this model will be built with howlers. I do, however, have one question for any late-mark Spit-/Sea-fire experts out there; cockpit. Black or interior green? The FAA Museum's Mk XVII suggests that it was black top half and IG lower, so if in doubt I'll go for that. Can't find any photos, though. The game's afoot!
  13. Hello All, I recently tried and failed to build the old Airfix Phantom in 24 elapsed hours here in the Blitzbuild 2017 GB. I've only just managed to get back to the modelling bench for the first time since then (in the UK for a whole day, before travelling out tomorrow), and so obviously the first thing that needs doing is to undo some of my previous work! The intakes and the fuselage had a gentle curve down to the join, so I've sanded the whole area flatter to make the join less conspicuous. It's progress, right?? Thanks for looking, Adrian
  14. Hi everybody, I'm going to try a build log. It will be slow but hopefully it will get there. The subject is Airfix's 1/44 Boeing model 314 Clipper, a fine example from the golden age of luxurious, noisy and vibration-rich air travel. All detail is raised lines but in this scale I think that works better, though repairs will be tricky. I intend to omit the glass and use Krystal Klear instead to save masking. The 1989 boxing from ebay looks complete, here's the sprue shot, though actual sprues are few and far between and the breakages and escape attempts have already started. My first dilemma is which scheme? Airfix include NC18605 "Dixie Clipper" in pre-war silver or G-AGCA "Berwick" though both paint schemes are full of known errors (Berwick should be DSG not Dark Earth which also makes her look fat). A USN blue Dixie would (I think) be possible with the decals if I can find a profile. Opinions welcomed, I'm honestly stumped which to do. I've also just spent ten minutes trying to find the 'missing' central tail fin... Cheers John
  15. Howdy chaps. A tradition, me and the good wife, started a year or so ago was to take an airfix starter set on holiday with us. This year we have just arrived at flamborough, for a week, and we have both decided to build the recent airfix jet provost..... My wife is only a beginner at this game, but she does like to have a go too. This will be a log of my own build, as she doesn't fancy having her work put on here. It will be totally oob, using only the supplied brushes and paints, with the exception of tamiya extra thin glue being used. So far, in a couple of hours I've assembled most of the cockpit. I've decided not to use the two pilot figures as they are possibly the worst part of what is a beautifully molded kit. I cut the fuselage halves of the sprues to test fit it. A dry fitting session shows it fits nice and snug. Everything lines up perfectly. I also dry fitted the lower wing section, and that too fits well. In line with the newest output of airfix, test fitting is paramount, as everything has tight tolerances. The front section, just behind the nose wheel well, was a bit tight and needed a bit of sanding to get a snug fit. The area around the intakes fits neatly too. Next up is to paint the cockpit, and fit the instrument panel. More updates to follow, but they might be a bit sporadic, as we are on holiday. Matt.
  16. Here is my "what if" Thunderbird Mustang. The kit was much fun to build. I used Warbird Decals, MRP white, Testors MM Insignia Red for the spinner/touch up and Tamiya X-22 & MLT for the clear coat. This is my first go at using such a large decal set...made some mistakes but learned some things along the way too! They were a little tricky but several applications of Solvaset and the use of a hairdryer made them comply. I decided not to use a panel wash as the kit panel lines seem to show up just fine as is. Thanks for looking!
  17. I'm occasionally struck by madness. I think that this was one instance... I decided that the Airfix Bentley could be turned into Tim Birkin's Brooklands car. So far I've: Lengthened the chassis Built a complete new body - from plastic strip over formers Made a new bonnet from aluminium Here's where it is so far. You may recognize a few Airfix parts...
  18. I have been at a bit of a loose end today – trying to decide what to build next. I really fancy a go at some AFV stuff – I have just bought a load of ‘quick build' type stuff at 1/72. But at the same time I still have a load of 1/48 Luftwaffe stuff that is really appealing – BF110 / JU87 / JU88 / DO17… So to take my mind off all this difficult decision making nonsense I thought I’d fish out my 1/24 Airfix Hurricane that I built last year – as it always makes me smile… 1/24 / OOB – except for the decals – seatbelts - IP / finished with humbrol rattle cans… Here she is... You’ll notice she is ‘wheels down’ – unusual for me. I didn’t do any WIP shots though – I was too nervous when I joined here last September – but I was quite pleased with the ‘office’. Trouble is you can’t really see anything when you ‘button them up’... …and here she is on the runway… I hope you like it - she makes me smile. Yes the Humbrol 'dark green' is dreadful - but before I joined here - I knew no better... What do you think???
  19. 1992 vintage Airfix kerb-side/motorised kit, apparently quite rare nowadays. Tamiya paint from the rattle-can, followed by three coats of X22 clear, Studio 27 decals and more X22, finishing with Turtle Wax again. The decals were outstanding but measured for an entirely different kit !! :bangs head . The kit may have been from Japan originally either Doyusha or Nichimo or someone like that. It fits where it touches and sits way too high, but as you don't see too many (any) around, then why not, eh ? Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. AFN Ian.
  20. BAC Lightning F3 53-692/L 13 Sqd RSAF, Tabuk 1977 Ok so just finished this today and rather pleased with the outcome! It is one of two Saudi Air Force machines they did in camouflage in 1977 - this being the one with the wrap around camo. The other one had a sky blue underside with camo top. It is the Airfix F6 kit and I used Model Alliance decals and some aftermarket for the bang seat. Paints are Tamiya and Gunze and Alclads and I am particuarly pleased with the nose ring as I must have re-done that 10 times to get it right! Chris ty pleased with the nose ring as I must have re-done that 10 times before I got it
  21. In another post, someone asked about what our first models were – mine, via an assist, was an Airfix Do217 (‘red stripe’ box in those days) but it prompted me to dig out an old photograph that I remembered my Dad taking. A bit of a deception of course because the writing on the back says ‘1969, over the River Tay’! The picture was taken at the family home in Dundee with the River Tay just at the bottom of the road. The models were suspended on threads from the window frame. Hats off to Dad because he must have spent a bit of time in getting the angles right – looks like a beam attack from port in progress. (Wasn’t that the year that the film ‘The Battle of Britain’ was released?). I can remember him saying ‘Achtung, Spitfeur’ but he was of that ‘war generation’, after all! However, since I am getting going on modelling again and need a theme to really push me along, I thought I would re-do an Airfix Dornier Do217E-2 and a Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX both in flight and try to re-create the scene in the black and white photo. I do have both of these kits in the stash so firstly re-lived the ecstasy of opening the red stripe Do217 box – look at that sky blue plastic! In the spirit of these things, I put together as much of the kit as I could, just pausing to paint in the engines in black and the crew areas in what I imagined to be a reasonable ‘cockpit green’. The general fit of everything is not too good and I remembered that some time ago, I saw the previous excellent builds ‘A brace of Airfix old timer Dornier 217's ‘ by Mottlemaster, September 11, 2013 in The Obsolete Kit Group Build (photobucket images now not visible) and this really made the penny drop as to the limitations of this kit – totally ignored in 1969. The ailerons had to be trimmed to be moveable and had sink marks – I’ll leave this as ‘battle damage’. The dorsal turret was a very tight fit in its mountings so much sanding and filing was required before I could rotate it easily without bending the protruding machine gun. So, when it came to putting the flight deck together, I raised it in the fuselage by adding in a couple of layers of corrugated cardboard – this Do217 had the thickest armour plating in the whole Luftwaffe! I positioned the seats slightly differently to bring the control column and instrument panel within reach of the pilot and to allow the seats to come up into the canopy space. Unfortunately, the pilot ended up sitting slightly ‘side-saddle’ as I wasn’t keen on taking a file to the insides of his legs, poor guy. Now that the crew is going to be visible, I gave them brown overalls and black boots (with a shine), varying the brown on helmets and life preservers. The detail of the crew is basic but I had a go at putting some silver on their large round goggles – hoping it will all look OK behind the canopies. Cut out the instrument panel fascia from the Instructions and fixed with PVA glue. Getting the propellers in place was a bit of a nightmare because I was determined that they were going to be able to rotate when subjected to a breeze when finished – they would not press together satisfactorily and the final fit was wobbly. The engine cowlings would not assemble to the nacelles without a great deal of sanding/filing down and all of the exhaust/flame dampers required a large dot of plastic removed from the top surface as well as flash removed. Some filing back of one side of the engine nacelles was also required to get a decent fit. The main undercarriage all went together and remained ‘retractable’ but the port wheel has an off-centre axle hole on one side and will need to be filled and re-drilled later. There are no bracing struts on this undercarriage so leaving them moveable will be dodgy unless I come up with a method of bracing. The undercarriage doors seemed to fit well once a little flash was removed so the idea sprung into my mind that I would try to have them ‘hinged’ in some manner so that the undercarriage could be stowed and the doors shut for ‘flight mode’. Grey duct tape was available and I was able to cut thin strips with my wallpaper scissors. The tailwheel doors will have to go flat against the formed well to be flush with the rear fuselage but I initially found this to be impossible because of the thickness (albeit slight) of the duct tape ‘hinges’. A bit of filing in the hinge positions with a small square file has sorted this out. The tailwheel is not a tight fit in the rear fuselage so when the rear wheel doors are open, I’ll need to keep the tailwheel in place with a blob of blue-tac – just re-created a ‘castoring’ tailwheel. After a couple of attempts at the main undercarriage doors and a little removal of flash, I managed to insert small strips of the duct tape and press in place in the hinge tab positions. It is a bit fiddly to close the doors and set them in place flush with the undersides of the engine nacelles but it can be done – I don’t plan on demonstrating this often! I think a blob of blue tac can be used as something to close against when the doors are shut and something to ‘lock’ the main undercarriage legs in the vertical when they are open. Dry fit of wings on fuselage - looks reasonable but a bit more sanding required. On with the painting…..
  22. It's been a while since I've done a WIP, as I've been busy with non-Spitfire builds, but, having recently purchased DK Decals Spitfire V aces sheet and some KP kits from MJW Models, it's time to do one. This is the decal sheet: I'll be doing the Bader Va, using an Airfix kit, and five (or six) Vbs before progressing to MkIXs, MkVIIIs, MkXVIs, Mk22s and a Mk24 (there may even be a MkVI, MkXI, MkXII and Mk21). My problem is that I can't decide which ones to do so I've decided to ask you good people to suggest some (what could go wrong with a referendum?). Please let me know which ones you like and I'll do the most popular.
  23. BLACKBURN NA39 Holme on Spalding Moor, 1959 Nostalgia or what? I think I was about 11 or 12 when I first build one of these, having saved my pocket money to find the substantial sum of 4/6 before going into the local Woolies to buy one after school with great excitement. This one was built about 7 or 8 years ago but recently came out for dusting and a photo session. I kept most of the original working features apart from the silly retractable nosewheel (with fixed doors and fixed main gear!) In fact the undercarriage on this one is from the later Airfix Buccaneer S.2 kit. I went a step further and added working airbrakes – Airfix chickened out on this in their kit, presumably because of the complexity. I based the working airbrakes on an article in an old Scale Models magazine which I had intended to scan and post here, but I couldn’t find it! The folding wings lasted a bit longer this time around – back in the early 60s they suffered from too many carrier landings on the HMS Dining Room Table and needed repair after a day or two. Anyway it was enjoyable to build something with a bit of artistic licence for a change rather than bothering about scale and accuracy. Chris
  24. zZUMmmm, zZUMmmm zZUMmmm zZUMmmm zZUMmmm (uneven hum of unsynchronised engines approaching) – hear that? It must be a one of theirs! “…Messerschmitt!...’Einkel!…. Messerschmitt!...No, it aint, it’s an ’Einkel!….”argue two small boys, knee deep in the river below (remember the scene from the film B of B?) Dornier Pilot “Teufel - ve are lost! That looks like the wrong river down there. Where is the iconic Forth Rail Bridge (mit der painters) that we were told about? I can only see a bridge which looks like it has taken two attempts to build.” Dornier Co-pilot “Kapitan, the compass is kaput, not that I can see much of it from this new seat position! Or through these big goggles!” Controller “Bandit, Angels Zero, over the River Tay. Johnny, you are nearest – can you please intercept?” JE-J “What?? I’m at 25,000 feet over the Channel! Where did you learn your Geography?” Controller “Sorry Johnny. The only other aircraft available is a ‘Lizzie’ and he has been out all night on a spy mission. You’re all we’ve got. From your height, you should be able to see him from there?” JE-J “OK Control, but it will leave me short on fuel and I don’t know how much ammo I’ve got left…….I see him….going down now………..(VVvvvvrrrrrrooooooowwwmm …..sound of loud Merlin) ……attacking from port…..BRP…..!?!?” Dornier Observer “Achtung, Spitfeur!!” Dornier Pilot “Hans, your aircraft recognition is excellent but now the guns man!!” Dornier Top Gunner “Kapitan, I can’t move – I’m stuck to the seat and can’t reach the turret or the guns!!” Dornier lower gunner “Kapitan, I can reach my gun but you are flying too low – the Englander is above us!!” Dornier Pilot “Donner und Blitzen! No compass and no guns! Men, if we make it, it is half a bottle of beer for each!” (my favourite line from ‘Das Boot’). Wry smiles from the German Crew, each thinking of a gallon of Alt Bier or even some of the local Tennants ‘Export’. JE-J “Blast! Out of ammo. I might have got one shot away though! He’s not dropping bombs and he’s not firing back – let’s take a closer look!” Dornier Co-pilot “Verdammit, we are hit! A small .303 bullet has bounced off our under-deck armour plate and hit the compass – but it is working again!” Dornier Top Gunner “Mein Gott, the Spitfire is flying alongside – look at that shape! Now he is looping over the top and back again!” JE-J I thought that victory roll would impress them. Super splinter camouflage job, though. Love the greens and those swastikas on the tail really make that Dornier look the business! Dornier pilot This reconnaissance mission is a washout! I’m waggling my wings to let the Englander know that we are packing up out of it! Look at that speed……I wish we had Spitfires in our squadron! That’s funny, he has a green maple leaf under the cockpit – the ones I’ve seen before are red – I wonder why? Drop long range fuel tanks and set course for home! Dornier Co-pilot Jawohl Kapitan! Tanks away! Heading East! Two small boys, still knee deep in the river below “Fuel tanks… mini-subs!…fuel tanks… mini-subs!” Dornier Top Gunner Next stop Norway! Wait until I get my hands on our ground crew – the modifications to the flight deck are great but the paint still wasn’t dry when we climbed in. It must have been done by Helpie Helperson, the world’s most helpful Norwegian (On the intercom…”Hello!”) – Not now, Helpie! (That Plusnet radio ad always has me in stiches!) Dornier Co-pilot Kapitan, I need steak and Guinness but since there is a war on, I’ll settle for Zigeuner Schnitzel mit Pommes und Mayo! Dornier crew (in unison) …and a half bottle of Alt Bier!! Controller Bandit moving away. Divert to the nearest landing field in Dundee, Johnny. JE-J Roger, Control. Breaking off…..out of fuel…I see a patch of grass in front of a house down there and there is a boy giving me the thumbs up from a window. Home for tea….what’s on the menu in the frozen North? Controller It may be Wallaces’ ‘Peh’s’ or even Forfar Bridies! JE-J Good egg! I believe I’ll ha’e an ingan ane an’ aw! (Only a Dundonian will understand this!) Controller Eh? You are breaking up, Johnny! Boy at window in 1969 Wooowww!! What are they dad? Dad Let’s check these aircraft recognition cards, son… Boy Whoa…. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX – that’s got a 1600hp Merlin engine, two 20mm cannons and can do 410mph! It’s squadron letters are ‘JE-J’ so it must be Johnny Johnson (all useful info from the Airfix Header Card!) - but that twin-engined aircraft doesn’t match this card for a Heinkel He111! What is it? Dad It’s a Dornier Do217, known as the ‘Flying Pencil’. I learned that when I was your age! zZUMmmm, zZUMmmm zZUMmmm zZUMmmm zZUMmmm zZUMmmm…... The undercarriage did come down again after all but it looks like the aerial wire took a hit! The whole point of the build was to 're-construct' the photo from 1969 (see the middle of this sequence). Original photo is in the build thread here: The build was great fun, re-creating the picture was a stretch and I got carried away in making up the story but I was really keen to incorporate all the input from Britmodellers from the build thread! Many thanks to all!
  25. Hi guys, I will be building the 1/48 Airfix Javelin. It is already started, but just. So it will be under the 25%. I have just started the cockpit and some parts are of the sprues, but noting more. It will be build out of the box. I might get me some seatbelts or some resin seats. I have also got a sheet from Xtradecals Javelin part 1 (X48-125). I think I will make the 5 Squadron Javelin. Pictures will follow later. Cheers