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Found 1,514 results

  1. Well hello there and welcome to my latest endevour. "The Airfix Messerschmitt 109-e 1/24" This will be my biggest and first build at 1/24 Scale, I plan to scratch some stuff together as I want to be able to take The cowl off and expose the engine. It's a lovely looking kit to go with a lovely looking subject. I bought this while having a few swift halves on a caravaning trip to the new forest, Ebay special £19 I had planned to build it OOB only using scratch additions but that has gone out of the window already. I hope you will follow me on a bit of a bumpy ride through a wonderfully large model that I have wanted to build since I was about four years old. Oh by the way the Title "yellow nosed b*stards six o'clock high" Is a movie quote from "The battle of Britain" 1969 shared to me by the wonderful TonyTiger. It referes to the yellow paintwork on the planes nose. There is a definate custard theme running through a lot of my builds of late. If you're all sitting comfortably then I shall begin. The obligatory box. And the sprews these are really quite crisp for an old kit. aaaaand a big pile of stuff that fell off in the bag I think this must happen a lot with these large kits? the cartograph decals look smashing although I'm missing a Swastika from the tail and an IP ? what? why ? I'll be going for this scheme I think but who knows what might happen? the clear parts are divine. well the canopies are, although looking at the pic the gates look rather large. any way on with the build. The engine is first up........ oh befor I do start I bought a ref book, my first ever ref book, rather nerdy of me, here it is. Can anyone see what might be wrong with it? any way back to that Engine..... a few bits of flash and a bit of sanding. but as dry fits go its pretty good. ( sorry Tony no electronic spinning I'm afraid ) the top got some sanding as it had some weird crease lines. then glued. The details aren't bad. I'll add more but I'm impressed. The pipe on the join in the top left of the pic will ge fettled to just work rather than sanding the whole thing off. more parts dry fitted. and some rather iffy looking sink holes. where's my Mr Surfacer gone? aaah good old filling I've missed you. And that as they say is where we are. Hopefully I'll get some more time in the morning but I do have an Ivy to fight back. Take it easy and happy Telford to one and all. Happy modelling. Johnny BIG nose.
  2. This is my first build of 2016! The Original Airfix 1:48 EE Lightning F2A release. I have upgraded the cockpit using the superb Neomega resing tub and seat, along with the Eduard PE set for the undercarriage. The decals are from the RAF Germany set by Model Alliance. This is my first build portraying a bare metal finish. I have read ,amy stories about the success and problems with Alclad, so I decided to have a go with the new Vallejo Metal colours which are acrylic and I prefer to work with. Although an old tooling this kit is sublime to work with and goes together beautifully. I had no issues at all, although I was slightly concenred how old the decals in the kit which I was going to have to use for all the airdcrafts stencils. Once primed with Tamiys light grey I painted the blue spine and fin, post shaded and when cured masked. I then applied the Vallejo gloss black primer. I did this in light layers, sanding with fine grit to keep a smooth surface until it was like glass. I left the primer to cure for 3 days and then plunged into the world of Bare Metal, again lightly spraying the base colour of aluminium and once dry highliting and sccetuating indvidusal panels with a varisance of Durillium, white alluminium and steel. The under belly was done with chrome and again highlighted using different colours. Whilst this was left to cure I ventured into another realm of modelling I have never attempted! Using metal foil I managed to get a decent finish on the nose and exhaust rings. This was an important step for me as I have not come accross a chrome paint that comes close to this sort of finish, and the polished metal nose ring of the Lightning which it is famous for! The whole model was then given a coat of vallejos metal gloss coat, patience is definatley required for this metal finish look, so after a couple of days to nsure everything was cured I started on the decals. This brought the model to life, once completed another coat of gloss clear was added and I then finished of with a light grey panel wash on the metal and a dark wash on the blue spine and tail. I am really pleased with how it turned out. The Vallejo paints worked very well and in my opinion are as good as Alclad in finish.
  3. Source: V.P.
  4. After finally finishing my Tamiya Mossie, I was in a bit of a mood to do another. I have always rather fancied the silver finished Mosquitos from the SEAC theatre and picked up the recently re-issued AIrfix 1/48 scale Mosquito PRXVI, which has one of these as a decal option (684 Squadron in India). A kit review and sprue shots can be found here in the review forum. I also found some terrific reference photos from the the Imperial War Museum here, including a great colour shot of one of 684 Squadrons Mosquitos in flight. I was very taken with the roundel blue spinners, so while the painting guide has these as silver I will finish mine in blue. I started this a couple of weeks ago, so here is progress to date. First off I decided to get the job I like least, the canopy, sorted first (at the same time as I was finishing the canopy on my last Mossie). It didn't take long clean up and test fit the cockpit and assorted other bits. First for painting, spinners and propellers. The roundel blue is left over form the too dark batch of blue that I mixed for a BAe Hawk T1 last month. Too dark for that, but I think it will be fine for this as the theatre markings. Then painting and assembling the cockpit and wheels. All brush painted acrylics, including a touch pf dry brushing and weathered with a wash made from raw umber acrylic mixed in floor polish. Seatbelts from Tamiya tape. That's it for this weekend. A test fit of the wings make it clear they may be challenging.......
  5. For your consideration the old Airfix Ju 52 in an early 1970's boxing. Built OOB in the recommended, ahistoric livery. My original plan was to use the original decals as well, but there was no way they could be made to snug to the textured surface of the plane. With a fair amount of softener they finally curled up and fell off. So decals from the spares box it was. Only the little Berlin bear badge could be used as it was placed on a flat surface. I originally had two kits of this Ju 52 and wanted to build the floatplane option too. But after finishing this one and finding the fit and appearance only so-so, I decided to sell the other kit. Counting the one Italeri Ju 52 I built as a kid in the early 90's, this was only my second Ju 52. Probably my last as well, since I never found that Wellblech-look so great. Maybe I get a Mach 2 Ju 352 in the future. Here the finished plane with it's original box (retail price at the time 9,50 Deutschmarks!)
  6. Unable to decide if the lack of WIP threads featuring the new Aifix Victor is a bad sign or not, I decided to take the plunge and start my own. I don't normally do build threads due to a lack of time (or rather a large number of demands on my time), but having recently rediscovered my mojo, acquired this kit and begun a 9 day break from work, the planets are all aligned for this to begin. I acquired the kit on Friday and started work almost immediately. The kit compares very well to other recent Airfix efforts. The mouldings are crisp and sharp and actually remind me of certainTrumpeter kits (and I mean this as a compliment). I've started the cockpit and the nose gear bay, as well as a few other structures which I have not yet photographed. The cockpit is almost there - it just needs a coat of varnish and a wash of thinned enamel to help the detail pop out. I'm not superdetailing this area as I imagine it won't be that visible once it has been sealed inside the fuselage. The nose gear bay has been primed and sprayed with alclad. An enamel wash awaits in order to help the detail stand out.
  7. I have three new Airfix Martlets and rashly a few days before Christmas though; 'I'll bash up a couple of them for the Mediterranean Theatre GB as the markings in the box are for two Operation Torch aircraft'. Not a good idea with three days to go and my speed of building. Thankfully sanity prevailed and I will work on them alongside by Tungsten Barrracuda at a more leisurely, and eminently sensible, pace. I'll still build two together and do one of each of the options in the box. They are both for aircraft from 888 Squadron from HMS Formidable. Both are classic Dark Slate Grey/Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky but one has the US Stars instead of British roundels so they will look quite different. Airfix also give the option of folding the wings so I'll do one with straight wings and one with folded. No idea why Photobucket has inserted the pictures upside down. I'll see if I can fix them later. There are things about Photobucket that only Photobucket knows.
  8. I know I received this for an Christmas present last year but I can't for the life of me remember when I started building this and why I stopped. Anyway when I was going through the stash recently I rediscovered this: http:// http:// http:// http:// I have come away for New Year and negotiated some car space and time to try and move this on. The first session was this afternoon which I will post in a short while. All comments very welcome. Cheers Dave
  9. No photos yet gang but simply nailing my colours to a mast and making a commitment. Plan is to finish a couple of long-term projects and thus create a bit of bench space before starting this one. I've a few examples of the new Airfix 27nd scale kit in the stash and plans for all of them but the simplest and most likely for me to realise within the GB timescale will be one from the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Air Force. From what I've read these were abandoned Taiwanese aircraft captured at various airbases and impressed into service with the rapidly growing PLAAF along with a plethora of other types including P-47, B-25, C-46, Mosquito and anything else that was servicable during the civil war in China. The few photos I've found on-line show war-weary aircraft with little more than the yellow-trimed red star and bar we now recognise as of the Chinese Air Force along with a red striped rudder and red spinner. I have, however, failled to find a suitable after-market decal sheet that covers this subject so instead am using the markings from the Airfix MiG-15 kit kindly sent to me by a fellow BM member. It'll be a wee while before progress begins with this one but in the meantime I'm gathering as much lnks and information as I can find on the subject. First off some inspiration;
  10. I like to have 3 models underway at any one time. Definitely no more. This way I have something to work on while paint is drying on two other models. So, this one got started today as number 3 in the queue. 3 shall be the number of the count, and the number of the count shall be three. Anyhoo, was quite interested to take a look at one of the latest releases from the all new and improved Airfix. I'm a lazy modeller - I no longer have any time for hours and hours of re scribing and filling. I want good quality kits that minimize the amount of that stuff I have to do. My hat's off to the serious modellers who do all that to get the most accurate representation of a subject possible - it's an awesome approach. But I'm too lazy for that. So having heard good things about the recent Airfix incarnation kits, this seemed like fun. Box: The mouldings do look nice. There are very small amounts of flash here and there, but nothing serious. I haven't found anything in the way of sink marks either - so far so good. Made a start with the cockpit tub and ejector seat. Gone are the old days of a crudely moulded seat to be placed into a bare cockpit area - now the tub is made up of several pieces, as is the seat. Not bad really - I think that will look OK through a closed canopy once painted up. Certainly not up the look of a nice resin cast seat, but not bad. I thought it was interesting that there were two seat options - one without moulded in seat harness. Great idea - but no pilot chappie to put in place on the bare seat. Oh well. Cockpit parts Front wheel well assembles on to the underside of the tub. Dry fit of the seat into the tub looks good. I also assembled up the undercarriage bays on the wings. Really, I'm quite pleased with this model. For the price, there is plenty of detail included. I think that with some basic techniques this will make into a nice OOB model Meteor. I got as far as priming some areas today, and I'm looking forward to picking this up again next time I get to the bench.
  11. A late start to this as I've been moving to a new workspace in the spare room. Its the wives old desk but she needed something bigger as she's now working on the dissertation for her masters in education. So now I have my own space to spread out and I'll stop getting complained at for mess in the living room. As you can see, its the airfix mustang we're working with as with what feels like everyone else. Decals kindly donated by RobG for an RAF bird as I don't fancy going for the NMF. Weak and cowardly but I can live with it. This is the box art if you want a look at the scheme. Interior painting has been started but photobucket is being awkward this evening so pics will have to wait. Glad to finally be here.
  12. Well, I resisted as long as I could but the arrival today of the Xtradecal sheet with markings for a 112 Squadron aircraft with a sharkmouth and desert colours broke my resolve: I've also been waiting for a suitable opportunity to field test Humbrol's excellent new Azure Blue: John
  13. Hi, all. I've had an idea for a project brewing for a while and thought I should start to log my progress somewhere. My girlfriend's father gave me an old mould Airfix Lancaster in 1/72. As I've already got a Hasegawa Lanc Mk.I/III I thought I'd try something different with the old Airfix kit. The Lancaster in the Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland was donated to the people of New Zealand by France. It's currently dressed up as "The Captain's Fancy" of 75 Squadron (NZ), but it was previously an aircraft of the Aeronavale flying in the Pacific. There will be some modifications to make and some detail to be added. Haven't decided if I want to commit to a rescribe. Perhaps some limited scribing. I've got exhausts from a Hasegawa Lanc' (not mine), the Hasegawa Zoom kit from Eduard, and a Montex mask. First up, a bit of scratch building to busy up the interior. Next I'll start adding interior detail and ribbing modelled on the Hasegawa kit. I've got a reference book on request from the local library. Hoping it can help a bit further with the details.
  14. Please see the link to the progress page. Built out of the box with only Humbrol products and in tribute to all those who lost their lives in this exciting aircraft, XP753 crashed in the 1980's but here she is with 74 Squadron in the 1960's at Leuchars.
  15. My fellow modellers, I present my first ever model in a Group Build. I built the Airfix Lightning F6 of 74 Sqn RAF. The only extras are a HUD from the spares box & a Model Master Pitot & refueling probe tip. Paint is Tamiya Aluminium from a rattle can & everything else is Humbrol enamals brush painted. The base is a bit of MDF covered in sandpaper & painted Tamiya Nato black & the model is mounted on a 6mm brass rod. I wanted to display her in a different way so instead of just on the deck, or going vertical as most Lightnings are, I decided to display her just after take off with the wheels retracting. Let me present Flt Lt FR Ightning in Tiger Take Off. Thanks for looking, comments are always welcomed.
  16. Evening all. The lightning is done. For me a fairly quick build but mostly a really enjoyable one. The kit is one of the best I have ever built. So obviously I ballsed it up several times. I had a few problems with the Klear amongst other things, but any issues are mine, not the kit's. The instructions could be better - I often ended up referring to pictures of the real thing, but that's no hardship with a laptop next to the desk. This makes 3 builds now for this year, since around ..err. July. I had forgotten how relaxing and theraputic modelling can be: It's helping a lot with the mentals. Paints were mostly Tamiya Acrylics, which I love for airbrushing, with some Vallejo acrylics for some of the brushed stuff - every time I try and brush Tamiya it all goes horribly wrong and behaves like paint stripper. I have no idea either, but there you go. There is some Humbrol enamel here too - an old favourite but a lot of the new tins don't seem to be anywhere near as nice to work with as my old ones. Clear coat is Johnson's Klear mixed with a little Tamiya flatting agent, and this is one area when everything went all horrible. The stuff bubbled like there is no tomorrow. I've not had this happen before - I brush paint the stuff as it's self levelling ( and you need to clean airbrushes with ammonia if you spray it ) and normally get a flawless finish: I went over a paint mule with it and it worked fine so I must assume the brush I used for the lightning was contaminated with dust or something. The model is nowhere near perfect, but it's good enough for me and it really is a beautiful kit. I think of it as a two footer: it looks great from a couple of feet away :-) I know lightnings weren't generally parked with flaps down and brakes out, but I like the way it looks. Right here you go:
  17. Since my very first modelling expieriences as I was a young boy, the Airfix Gnat kit will be the first of that brand after many many years. After opening the box I was absolutely impressed, don`t know what I`ve expected. It seems Airfix has meanwhile reached the rank of well known asian brands. Nevertheless the cockpit is well detailed I couldn`t resist to add some minor improvements. I`ve started with some knobs and lever out of Evergreen and Plastruct plastic and drilled out the instrument bezels. About the Instruments I`ll explain later more. The ejection seat are nice moulded with a lot of parts.I`ve tried to sculpting the cussions out of Green Stuff, and replicated the belts with thin tinfoile. The strabs are photoetched parts from Reheat. Here we can see both seats try fitted into the cockpit.
  18. My poor poor winterized Harrier hit a big snag recently, so much in fact that Ii put it back in the box for a while. To cheer me up a little, I decided to have a deeper look into my Christmas gift: 31 different decal options, but only 2 complete set of kits. I really hope that Eduard will offer more Overtrees soon! First, I thought that I should do one of the Grey Nurses, since I do have a thing for Sharkmouths... And I definitely want to do a brown/green one, and a desert one with the blue/light blue roundels and one green one with bomb racks... So, instead of botching Bobby Gibbes rather spiffy looking machines I decided to start with this to learn how to build an Eduard Spitfire. Pictures to follow! //Christer
  19. I'm a bit mystified by this gap to the left of the port engine of my Bf.110: I believe the trop kit has an air filter that fits here, so I guess it's an air intake. Did Airfix forget to include a part, how should it actually look?
  20. Hi all, The Seafire is coming to a close, so this is what's up next. Ok, I was expecting to do a Revell Lanc (Dambuster) and an Airfix 727 next, but as my other half got me the Red Arrow's boxing of the Gnat for Christmas, which was very special considering she can't stand model aircraft, I thought I'd get that up the build list along with the original boxing from the stash. Plan is to make them side-by-side, Tamiya gloss red for the red arrow, and Citadel silver for the high speed silver version. I'm guessing the Red Arrow's version wouldn't have an ejector seat in the back? I'm going to put it in anyway rather than have an empty space ! They'll be OOB with the exception of seatbelts which will either by milliput or Tamiya tape. And this is where we are up to, no dramas so far....: More to follow. Val
  21. Airfix is to release a new tool 1/72nd (Wrong scale. I want the same in 1/48th!) Avro Shackleton MR.2 kit - ref. A11004 Expected on October 30th, 2015. Source: V.P.
  22. Airfix's 4th(?) foray into blue-nosed Mustangs. I'm sure we're all familiar with the plastic, so here's the new bits: Box art: Painting guide: Cartograf decal sheet:
  23. Hi all Sirs, here my latest tiny beast. Absolute love for these new kits from Airfix. I still had no idea on how to proceed, this way I gave a (wrong) paintcoat to the interiors, and closed the fuselage. Then taking things a bit more calm, a bit of putty was thinned in water and spread in 1 to 3 coats into gaps, avoiding overdoing. This way only some cleaning of the excess with ethanol was enough for a neat surface on wing roots. The bomb support provided into the box,cut and resized, is welcome to build the "drop" for a camera equipped machine Cartridge ejectors pierced into the lower wing.
  24. Finally another model is finished! The last one was a 1/24 Typhoon 6 months ago... Well, here it is, in all it's splendid jungle colors. Almost OOTB with the exception for some Eduard belts in the cockpit, rigging wire from Uschi Van Der Rosten and scratched fuse wires for the rockets. Here are the pictures: //Christer
  25. It's time to open a dedicated - and easy to find... - thread, I think. Original: So the future Airfix new tool 1/72nd Hunting Jet Provost T.3/T.3a - ref.A02103 - last news Source: V.P.