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Found 63 results

  1. Hey Guys, This is the old(ish) Zvezda offering boxed under Flagman, which also have their Hotel Class K-19. The kit is not necessarily basic, but its one one sprue and most of the parts go into the various masts on the sail. The kit is curiously designed in the way that the two hull halves go together to leave a gap on the top, where the decks are later fitted. Even more curiously is how they give you a flat deck piece thats meant to bend down over the bow. Furthermore the conning tower was left separate in two halves. Two towers were provided so that you could either produce the Project. 627 or the Project. 627A which was a later (and more common) variant with a different sonar set up including a German-esque chin sonar bulb. The rest of the kit was simple enough but I must say the fit was poor. The bow hydroplanes and the various stern planes locating pins were oversized when compared to the holes they were designed for. and where the hydroplanes aft of the propellers were, they seemed to be too far forward and had to be adjusted to allow the fitting of the propeller. The model was painted with colourcoats (ex-White Ensign) Hull red and NATO Black from Tamiya. Then using oil paints I streaked from all of the major inlet valves for both the main and trim ballast tanks finishing with a coat of Xtracolour Matte Varnish. And here she is with some of her contemporaries as well as successors As you may have/haven't seen my photo set up is pretty rough so hopefully you'll be able to at least see the outline! Thanks for looking Sam
  2. MikroMir Alfa Class

    Hey guys, This is MikroMir's very nicely detailed but poorly fitting Alfa. I say poorly fitting because you attempt to put the hull halves together and you end up with something that looks like a poorly peeled banana. The main fin is moulded to the upper hull half because it's so streamlined that there's no point having it separate I'd like to guess. The little (well unusually large on the real thing compared to other submarines) windshield-like thing on top of the sail was photoetch. The idea of the part was to fold it over and sandwich a piece of clear acrylic between two impressions of the windshield, creating the fold up screen that stops you ending up with a bunch of wet Russians. But I may suggest simply cutting one of the windshield pieces away and going at it without the acrylic, mainly for scale appearance because mine appears slightly too thick. The model was painted with the colourcoats (ex-white ensign) hull red and Tamiya's NATO black. This black I feel gives a better representation of the rubberised anechoic tiles the Russians slathered on the submarine to reduce the noise. The models decals were interesting to say the least. The red and white disk which is the protruding dome of the emergency buoy came in separate parts which then separated further at the first look of water. Not to mention the various other decals had about as much strength as the Warsaw Pact in 1991. Finally I added the photoetch propeller blades for both the two trim propellers and the main one of which it was mainly guestimation because the main hub-bulb thing which the blades hang off of was moulded smooth. Again, with some of my other posts you may have/have not seen, my photo set up is rough to say the least so I hope you can at least tell its a submarine! Many Thanks Sam
  3. After serving in RN subs on and off for 9 years, first serving on HMS Courageous, a brief period on Conqueror and lastly on Renown, I thought it was remiss of me not to have better collection of subs. I have some of these subs already in 1/700 scale by OKB but they're just too small and with little else on the market, I drifted to the 'dark-side' of aircraft. I have recently read threads about converting the 1/350 Trafalgar Class to the Swiftsure Class and was wondering if the same donor kit can be used to get a Valiant Class, Dreadnought or is it a none starter? Stuart
  4. I have been impressed by some of the previous conversions of Airfix's 1:350 scale HMS Trafalgar kit that I have seen on this forum; so much so that I felt a desire to do one myself. This one will be a waterline version of HMS Spartan, set in the Falklands during 1982, which I plan to incorporate into a diorama, possibly with other vessels later. Much has already been said about shortening the hull length by 7mm, to get the correct dimensions for the Swiftsure class SSN's, so I am starting this with the hull already converted. Herewith the modified kit. The horizontal indentations on the forward hull sides have been filled, as they do not appear on photo's of the period I have planned for. The model needs the twin baffles to be installed on the hull, alongside the fin; plus the tail fin and other kit parts. As this is a waterline setting, the tail fin will appear separated from the hull; therefore I have placed the model onto a card base. This base will be trimmed to the width of the hull and will be hidden by the sea setting that will surround the model. My intention, hopefully, will be to have Spartan berthed alongside another vessel; probably the Stena Seaspread which was used for repair and maintenance of vessels after the conflict had ended. Well, it's a start and I hope that I can turn this into an acceptable representation of this fine submarine. Thanks for looking. Mike
  5. Kick-off Hello, I have spent the last 6 months working on a scratchbuilt Mig 15 and that project is now drawing to a close. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235012524-mig-15-scratchbuild/& Consequently, I've been thinking a lot about my next project and after much deliberation, including considering a very, very wide range of possible subjects, I have decided to try something completely different to my usual aviation related fare. I am going to try to build His Majesty's Australian Submarine AE2. This is a project that I has been in the back of my mind for over a decade now and when a fellow modeller offered to lend the following set of plans to me, all thoughts of other projects evaporated. In my view Allied submarines in WW1 are under represented in the modelling world, so I'm going to try to do my little bit to correct this. AE2 was an early E-Class submarine operated by the Royal Australian Navy. On the evening of 25 April 1915 (while the Gallipoli landings were underway) she successfully penetrated the extremely formidable Turkish defences in the Dardenelles Straight and proceeded to 'run amok' in the sea of Marmara. During a short-lived but very intensive period of raiding she caused considerable disruption to Turkish attempts to reinforce and supply their defences on the Gallipoli peninsula. On the 30th of April AE2 was damaged by the Turkish torpedo boat Sultanhisar and, unable to dive to safety, her captain decided to scuttle her. All hands survived the scuttling and spent the rest of the war as P.O.W's in Turkey where they suffered terribly. Four of the vessel's compliment of 32 died during their incarceration. In 1998 the wreck of the AE2 was located and found to be in remarkably good condition, mostly due to it's partial immersion in anoxic mud. A thorough campaign to preserve the wreck in-situ continues to this day. The possibility of recovering the wreck has been discussed at length, and although probably technically feasible would be a very high risk and highly expensive project. So - in the meantime a model will have to do! I have not yet started any physical construction - so there's not a lot to see yet but, most unlike me, I have been conducting some additional research. And just as well too because it turns out that the drawings above are for a mid-war configuration E-class submarine which in some significant regards was different to the early war AE2. For example, the mid war submarine had a gun mounted ahead of the conning tower and had two forward torpedo tubes instead of AE2's single tube. There are other differences also. Suffice to say that this set of plans from the RAN's historical page on their website will help me nail down the correct configuration. The model itself will be: 1 / 100 scale Waterline - surface trim Scratchbuilt - although I might resort to some aftermarket details here and there. It will not be a cutaway (despite various people suggesting the idea) Predominantly made from wood, but expect to see some brass and plastic sheeting and a few other bits and pieces as well. I am hoping to have physical construction under-way this week and am aiming to have it finished by the end of 2017 but really don't have any idea how long this will take as I'm completely new to this maritime modelling lark. My plan for this job is basically to 'muddle through' so any encouragement and expert advice from the sidelines will be most appreciated! Best Regards, Reconcilor
  6. Lots of extras, check out build thread below. Build thread!
  7. Swedish submarines I had earlier built the HMS Gotland in 1/350 from OKB Grigorov and started a search for the other Swedish submarine that have been made as a model. That was the HMS Västergötland from Sea Wolf. The searchtook a couple of year but finally I got one. it isn't a very large kit in 1/350 scale. The finished kit. Two of the submarines in this class got modified with Stirling engines and I wanted to build one. I was lucky to find a second kit so I could start one. This conversion fought me. After all work with putty and sanding was done I managed to break it apart so I had to glue it together again and start all over. To finish it I had to make a similar propeller as on the HMS Gotland. (Plastic card and the tip of an aircraft missile) Here they are together. Gotland, Södermanland an Västergötland. Named after provinces in Sweden. (The Gotland build: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234930841-hms-gotland-finished
  8. A Danish expedition has found the wreckage of a German submarine from World War I. The wreckage was found around 10 kilometers (six miles) off the west coast of Jutland, Denmark. It includes 18 intact mines and six torpedoes, according to the diving expedition firm, JD-Contractor, that found it. The submarine is reported to be UC-30, but this is yet to be confirmed by the Danish Maritime Authority. UC-30 was a German minelaying submarine used during World War I. The U-boat was ordered in August 1915 and commissioned the following year. In four patrols, UC-30 was credited with sinking five ships, either by torpedo or by mines laid. UC-30 was mined and sunk off Horns Reef on April 21, 1917. In June 1917, the remains of a man in German uniform were washed ashore in Bjergehuse, Denmark. The remains were buried at the local parish and later identified as the captain of the submarine, Kapitänleutnant Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Maximilian Stenzler. In November that year, Stenzler’s remains were returned to Germany and buried in the family grave in Stralsund. The Danish Ministry of Defence will now assess what to do with the unexploded ammunition on board the wreck. General characteristics Class and type: German Type UC II submarine Displacement: 400t surfaced, 480t submerged Length: 49.45 meters (162 feet 3 inches) o/a Beam: 5.22 meters (17 feet 2 inches) o/a Draught: 3.68 meters (12 feet 1 inch) Propulsion: 2 × propeller shafts, 2 × 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engines, 2 × electric motors Speed: 11.6 knots surfaced, 6.7 knots submerged Range: 9,410 nautical miles at 7 knots surfaced, 53 nautical miles at 4 knots submerged Complement: 26 source and video: The Maritime Executive
  9. Trumpeter are releasing a very exciting item later this year: A massive 1/48 German WWII U-Boat Type VIIC U-552 Kit! Included with this model will be a transparent Starboard side to display all the interior detailing, and 48 submariner figures! With over 1100 parts this models is sure to get enthusiasts talking. Pre orders will be open sometime in the next few weeks, so watch this space! For full details, please see our newsletter.
  10. Having just started the Blue Ridge resin kit of the USS Albacore - I was struck by how similar she was to the Royal Navy's first submarine, HMS Holland. The same teardrop-shaped hull, rear mounted propellers etc - it seems that nothing is new. Anyway, I thought I'd have a go at scratching HMS Holland - so I found some drawings and photos online and scaled them down to 1/350 scale. Conveniently, the hull is 10mm dia in this scale - so I carved out the teardop shape using a 10mm dia plastic knitting needle.... The flat decking is from plastic card cut to shape - and blended in with filler - (it still needs work)...... It won't be museum quality - it is only 56mm long and my eyesight isn't what it was - but it will show just how small she was and will add to my growing submarine collection. Ken
  11. I have just been having a trawl around on Google Earth and found, what appears to be, a WW2 or early postwar era submarine in Malta Dockyard's basin, Grand Harbour. At first I thought it was a U-Boat but I don't think any survived to be in a floating condition. Does anyone know more about this and confirm the class, better still the name, of this submarine which is afloat? Mike
  12. Look what's just 'surfaced' in my mail..... It is a solid resin model of a Soviet Golf-I class submarine. Made by Polar Bear models of Severodvinsk - they are sold as ready-made models - but they also sell the parts as 'kits' - minus instructions or painting details. This is not a problem as there isn't much to construct, the parts are self-evident and a view of the ready-made model shows the colours :- http://www.subs-n-ships.com/pics/subs/ussr/golf/400_golf.jpg The hull is a one-piece solid chocolate-coloured resin casting with a joint seam along the centreline, but is superbly moulded with no flaws or air bubbles... There are large holes in the keel to take the brass stands of the ready-made model - so they will need to be filled.. Once cleaned up it should prove simple to build.... A decal sheet, rear deck dome, forward dive planes, shnorkel, masts and propellers are included. I ordered the kit on-line and payed via PayPal - delivery took a while - but not a problem. I shall certainly be purchasing more of these kits from Polar Bear Ken
  13. The Mikro-Mir kit is supposed to be HMS M.1 - but as I already had a resin model of M.1, I decided to make HMS M.2 - before she was comverted into an aircraft-carrying sub. The only changes I made were to source the M2 decals from my spares box - white characters on top of black to get the 'shadow' effect. I also left off the deck gun - Internet photos show it not fitted.... The M-Class were nicknamed 'Mutton Boats' - because the 12in gun mounting looked like a leg of mutton. HMS M1 and M2 together...... This is another in the expanding range of 1/350 scale subs from Mikro-Mir I understand that they are planning to make HMS M2 with a hangar and floatplane - plus M3 when she was converted into a minelayer. Ken
  14. Chinese Jiaolong Manned Submersible Item No.: 07303 Scale: 1:72 Trumpeter will release deep submarine very similar to the Hasegawa Shinkai 6500:
  15. Just received the latest in Mikro-Mir's growing range of 1/30 scale submarines - HMS M.1 The M-Class were conceived and built after WWI as gun-armed Monitor submarines - fitted with a massive 12in gun. This new kit from Mikro-Mir is welll executed with injection-moulded hull and superstructure, an etched-brass fret of smaller parts and a small decal sheet with markings for HMS M.1 in two different colour schemes. The box art shows her in the earlier 1920 disruptive scheme..... The kit contents..... Instruction Sheet..... .... and colour scheme/ marking options....... As I have already built a resin M.1 in the disruptive camouflage, I will be painting this new model in her 1921 scheme.... Mikro-Mir are planning to kit all 3 of the M-Class - HMS M.2 as converted into an aircraft carrier and M.3 when she was a Minelayer. Mikro-Mir seems to be ploughing a lone furrow with their continuing release of early British submarines - more power to their elbow. Ken
  16. Another one to add to the collection - Mikro-Mir's Project 673 design study for a small SSN.... It was never actually built - just one of a series of experiments.... Note the lack of a separate conning tower. A few more photos of the parts here Ken
  17. Bonjour, CECI est ma petite Surcouf (1937/1942), je l'ai Construit il ya 4 ans
  18. This is a remodel and repaint of my previous entry HMS Safari. I filled in the hull sections and added some additional pieces to make HMS Sealion. I inspired by other modellers work and my recent visit to the museum at Gosport so I had a crack at a more unusual paint scheme. The picture is not in colour so I made an educated guess and I'm quite happy with the results.
  19. I had some issues when building this kit. I do like the model, the castings really good and only needed a bit of sanding to get a good fit. My big issue was the photo-etch (again) and numerous repaints which led to some of the detail being lost. Anyway a British sub is always worth the time and I'm pleased with the result. Hopefully Micromir will bring out the K-class with the bow buoyancy tank I think they look great. If you want to see how good this kit can look check out Flankerman as usual.
  20. Really nice kit, the moulds are great and it goes together nicely. Shame its all black but it doesnt look too boring I hope
  21. I scratch built this small sub out of a piece of dowel and plasticard. I wanted a model of this sub after building the micromir kit, I just couldn't get the larger kit to look good so I concentrated on building one in my favourite scale. Heres a bit of info from Wikipedia. The Project 1910 Kashalot class submarine (NATO reporting name: Uniform) is a class of research andspecial operations submarine constructed by the Soviet Union during the late 1970s and early 1980s.[1] Two boats of the class were constructed, AS-13 and AS-15, with the first boat of the class being laid down in 1977 and commissioned in 1986, the second being laid down in 1983 but not commissioned until 1991.[1] A third class boat, AS-12, reached the fitting-out stage before being cancelled in 1998.[1] Displacing 1,580 tons submerged, the Kashalot class was constructed using a single titanium hull design, and is powered by a nuclear reactor; they were the first Soviet nuclear-powered submarines to have a single hull.[1]The boats each have a crew of 36 officers and men.
  22. My internet has been down for the last 3 weeks so i've had to wait to post pictures of one of the most fun builds i've ever made. This kit is fantastic, the detail is great and the flash minimal. Everything in the kit was quality and I thoroughly enjoyed building it. Painted with humbrol acrylic spray and revell acrylics.
  23. HMS Meteorite

    Just finished this simple build - HMS Meteorite was a captured Type XVIIB U-boat (U-1407) - used by the Royal Navy to test the Walter High Test Peroxide closed-cycle engine that required no external air.... This is the Mikro-Mir box art.... The kit is the same as the existing MM Type XVIIB - with the addition of a new sprue for the revised conning tower and a set of RN decals...... The build is very simple....... here's the finished model ...... all of 12 cm long! I put a crew member on deck for size comparison.... It isn't the best 1/350 scale sub I have ever made - but it fills a gap in the collection. Ken
  24. To add to my collection of US Navy early cruise missile subs....... USS Tunny.... .... USS Grayback.... .... and USS Halibut.... I decided to have a go at making the first of the breed - the USS Cusk. This was a Balao Class wartime sub converted to launch a US-built copy of the German V1 flying bomb - called the KGW-1 Loon. AFV Club to a range of Gato class submarine kits - so I selected the 1943 boxing - with its cut-down conning tower - as the nearest thing to a late-war Balao......... Apart from the upper hull, this sprue is common across all versions.... This lower sprue is unique to the 1943 boxing...... AFV Club include an etched brass fret for the propeller guards, railings etc.... and a 'generic' decal sheet...(but no 'USS Cusk' title for the rear decking) They even include a pressure hull inside - totally hidden from view.. All I need do now is build the model more-or-less as kitted, then add the hangar, launch rail and scratch-built Loon!! Watch this space.... Ken PS - The rest of my 1/350 scale submarine builds (including the US Navy Ballistic Missile subs) is here
  25. Models from left to right: British T class, IJN I19 with Kaiten, Type XXI Uboat, Type XXIII Uboat, Wilhelm Bauer, Type 212, 033G Wuhan, USS Menhaden.